IRE Asks: Do you consider the balance system real-time or turn-based combat?

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Wikipedia has an article titled "Time-keeping systems in games" which attempts to break down the sub-genres of MMO combat systems. It suggests that, while real-time combat allows players to act at any moment, turn-based combat gives players time to plan their next attack. It then lists several hybrids of real-time and turn-based, but none of the definitions really match what Iron Realms combat feels like.


In Iron Realms games, the combat is happening fast and in real-time, but there is a waiting time between your attacks; a few seconds for your character to "regain balance", like a spell cooldown for every action. It creates a situation where your opponent can time your attacks and capitalize on any mistakes you make by using your balance against you. It could be argued that while Iron Realms uses mostly real-time combat, the balance system adds a certain layer of turn-based since you are waiting for your next attack, especially in PvE.


What do you think, IRE fans? Does Iron Realms fit any of Wikipedia's combat-system definitions, or do we bring an entirely unique flavor to MMO combat?

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Real time for sure.

it's really just like cooldowns in other games, so real-time

a little of both, perhaps?


or perhaps those two definitions are just the ends of what should be more properly considered a scale?

I'd say real time. all actions take different amounts and a pause loses you time

The "tick and round" subtype is close-ish, but still not quite right.  Whatever you call it semantically, I enjoy the IRE style of combat.

when against an experienced opponent, it feels real time from their side (fast weapons, traits to make it even faster, chasing balance) and turn based for me (I still miss steps on my offense).

Credit comment.

Turn based games require clear distinction between when individual players are allowed to act; IRE games are definitely closer to real time.

I'd have to say real-time, only because turn based would mean people would have to wait for me to hit in order to hit again,a nd I might have a better chance :P




anyone who thinks it's turn based is an idiot. no offence



Seems realtime to me. 

More of real time, but with turn-based elements.

I'd have to agree with most of the first comments, the system is a hybrid between real time and turn-based.

It's definitely a mixture of both. Vs mobs, more turn based, against players, more simultaneous

A hybrid of both