IRE Asks: Do you read the MMO mythology?

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Most MMORPGs provide an accompanying mythology, for curious players. While some players merely click their way through the quest dialogue, others want to know the history behind the rich, vast lands they're exploring. If you're one of those players, chances are you got into Iron Realms games because of the attention to such details. The Achaea mythos, for example, is largely based on elements of  Greek mythology.


An interesting thing about the video game industry is that a game can often spawn a book series for avid fans. Titles from Halo to Doom can be found on this wikipedia list of books based on video games. Where are the IRE novels? Would you read a book based on your favourite Iron Realms game? Do you read the mythology for the MMOs you play? Comment below!


I'll be honest I wanna play and do the things I find entertaining and fun. And that is not one I really enjoy

Neither my character nor I really read books.

Do you burn them?

This is a remarkably common perspective.


I read it during my free times sometimes or when I need a bit of background knowledge

Heh not in a house that requires it?

It is stupid for houses to require it. It then really is just hazing. Different people not only enjoy different things, but different people can contribute different things. Forcing everyone into the same hole is horrible management.


If houses want you to know a certain minimal amount of information, they should prepare that information as suscinctly as possible. This go there and figure out what we really want you to know is really just hazing along the lines of, "We had to do this, so everyone else should." Then you all wonder why so many don't want to help you with the makework you yourselves created.

I do this too!

same here

nice avatar, man.


Can't say the same for you.

nor you.


I never seem to have free time. There's always something else I could be doing.

Just read the relevant bits.

Unfortunately, I haven't actually read it all the way through. I TRIED once, but it's hard enough getting through the first chapter of Moby Dick, let alone HELP MYTHOLOGY.

Haha. Moby Dick. Whoever wrote that musta been drunk.

the mythos is an easy read. 

If only they did the mythology graphioc novel or better yet put it on youtube, possible read by Patrick Stewart

I do, but only the bits I find interesting. I skim over the rest and am not likely to know much about it unless someone points it out to me.

Usually the most relevant bits to me, and any I find interesting, otherwise, not really.

Same here

Same for me in Aetolia.

If its important someone normally lets you know.

If its for an organization, definitely.


Though it helps to add backstory, etc etc.

I've never really looked into the Lusternia mythology, but I do like looking at the history. It would be cool if there was a book about it, too.

Its a gift. I've read through most of the books on the lusternin Mythos. Its really entertaining and sad at times.

For the most part I actually do read through games mythos and classes before wanting to try and play the game itself. If there was a book I'd probably not pick it up. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure will be people picking up the book, but half the fun is playing it. Theres just so much there to write about as well with each character (and I'd probably get addicted to the books and forget about the game as well)

The lusternia histry is fantasticly writen and awsome. I though would compleatly read a book  writen about lusternia.  I guess it'd be on the same level of people and midkimia though the game was developed from a series of books insted of the reverse.


This seems a tad ironic.

I really enjoy the Lusternia history as well. It's nice having first person recordings from ages past. I find it makes for a much more interesting read.

good for you!

that wikipedia list of video game books was huge. 

Yeah, it was crazy!

I'll wait for a video of the list.

I read the creation story and bit on the Taint Wars to get an idea of what I was getting into. The Elder Wars I only read it when required to since they seem rather... distant and related only to the Divine.

I read some of it. Helps flesh out some of the grand schemes of the RP world.

I found the books before the game, and actually found midkemia online through a google search just in case it existed (I tried it for some of my other favorite series to no avail, not that I was surprised).

Lusternia's histories are incredible, really entertaining and worth a read in their own right

I love the mythos.

If you're going to RP with any frequency, it's really necessary. 



I love it and offers great place to decide on your roleplay if you need focus. Honestly I digest "history" better though if it is told to me than "reading" it

Heheh, just what I was about to say!

i'm the same way 


It is one of the most intresting pars of the game.

if youever want to have a ligitamate opinion, you kinda have to

It helps with developing your character's RP.

and it also helps if you make an alt. Being someone who's been playing the game since it started, it's sometimes hard to explain why your character is only 18, but you slipped up and mentioned knowing details of something that happened 200 years earlier. It's times like that you can just RP being a history buff and fall back on "I read it in a history scroll". 

good point. i'll try that.

Overall everything I need is in the help files




Without the roleplay aspect, Achaea loses the vast majority of its appeal, and the mythos is a major part of that aspect.  (I also expect it to be extremely useful when Werin begins debating and similar actions...bringing proofs and examples from history is always good.)


Unfortunately, I've only been able to find the first two parts of the Seleucaran Empire trilogy (hint, hint...)


In Lusternia. Yes, you have to.


Have your character get engaged to a scholarly mythos nerd who reads through 200 years of events posts for fun. Then ask him any questions you need the answer to because HE KNOWS DAMMIT.

I don't think I could do that...and my character has been there since beta.


Truth be told, it's not the kind of thing you can just sit down and do. I've been workin on it more or less steadily for the past month, and am only up to 183 of 220something. But then, I only do it when doing something else that's tedious and requires no thought, like harvesting or guard influencing.


Still, it's been well worth it, since there have been some pretty amazing events recorded. And a bunch of lame ones, too, but mostly, there's been just fascinating stuff.


I can never make an alt though. I suck at pretending I don't know everything.

I love the rich history of Lusternia but it is a lot, so I agree having someone around who does put in the effort to read through everything helps a lot! Also, when people around me tend to reference the histories and mythos a lot I find myself getting more drawn into it and more encouraged to do some of that reading myself. 

I love reading in Lusternia. Learning about the game world is what I spend most of my time doing, which involves trawling through mythos.

That sounds fun, I was thinking of making a home away from home in Glomdoring's Library but that sounds far more portable and it leaves me free to do other things. The Library books decay too fast to really take them anywhere in bulk.


The Events...that's just a bit much >_<

sure do

The histories in IRE games give the worlds plenty of depth.  I like to be able to think of a character as a part of something ongoing and bigger than them.

Agreed, and it gives my characters a lot to talk about from a rp perspective

The mythology are rich info

I always read the mytho, totally captivating though I always forget them again

Problem isn't having them, its people who tend to 'obcess' over mythos to point of over-dramatization over what happens in world.  I found in Lusternia when the release of the 2 new cities became apparent, all the time lords were arguing over 'facts' while the hippie lizards were all busy wanting to pick fights with them for what they did.  Overall it was fine and dandy because its all in character!  This is excellent when it stems such passion.  It got problematic when it became dramatic to point people in city chat began to argue and banish so~so name for mis-interpeting the point of a conversation and deeming what was said invalid because just 'didn't wish to argue it anymore'

Only read it if I'm serious about the game.

I read mythos in school, especialy greek mythology. I do not have a lot of time now, but I am sure it is worth to read it. No question about it. It also gets you deeper in the game.





I skim.

I do read the ones that are recent/the ones I'm around for. I delve about as far as a couple hundred years, and a couple friends who were around during the "beginning" help - just reading isn't that fun.


rarely do

read most of it, good to know about it, and makes time fly by when your waiting for 20 hours play time so you can learn more. Also read a lot of the imperian and lusternian mythos too

I read some it and find it useful most times

Because what really interests me about this game is what I bring to an already original history. As long as they do that well, I have a hook.

I am scarred from the Mythos... firstly it is a hugeee scroll to read and secondly I was once required to read and understand it for a certain house requirement at the time... So I went on to read it 3 times and was absolutely sure I understood it. When I was interviewed a certain person failed me and so it turned out I was supposed to study this like a parrot? Ok seriously some of us do have real lives too you know... I was quite bitter for having spent hours studying this only for some ridiculously strict adventurer to decide it was not good enough... some people really go overboard and set their standards way too high... talk about power going to your head... anyway at least I kinow the Mythos of Achaea now and am comfortable where I am as a Spiritwalker.

It can be really frustrating when requirements end up feeling like college history finals or something. I suppose if you were testing to recieve the title of "Master Scholar" or something, it would make sense. But not for most other things. I'd much rather be tested on my ability to fight, cure afflictions, etc. Or even better, if the house has values such as honour, I've seen someone test someone's honesty by recruiting a newbie to suggest to the person that they do something dishonest, while the tester secretly observed. A test of their character. I like things like that. They're much more involved and interesting than just Q&A.

Much for politics or anything



Yes. Tons of times. Even printed out the Mythos once.

Yup, I had to know it to give oral tests.

I tried to read some of it but was just to anxious to start playing.

I tried to read some of it but I didn't read it all.

I really should

no, why bother? im in it for the kills

Lusternia's History of the Elder Wars is the best MMO mythology I've ever read. It explains so much of why the world is the way it is, and a lot of it is incidental - the explanations just happen to be part of the story being told. They aren't forced or anything, they're just there.

What really got me hooked on the game was when I was poking around the old Lusty website and found the History of the Taint Wars. That is one of the most fascinating things to me, especially the way it was told. And then they started doing the Books of the Elder Gods and... I seriously quit Lusty so many times but kept coming back to the Lusty site to read the new Books and then would get back into the game. And it finally hit critical mass and now I'm stuck for good.

Prefer old Lusty website!!

Ok, didn't know it existed. Will read.

Depends on the game really.  I have read Achaea's mythos though and at least skimmed most of the other history.

but I keep meaning to!

for my House. You don't make HR3 without understanding a lot of history, including the Mythos.

The mythos are a wonderful way to get more emersed in the game and the roleplaying expeience. Achaea's is well worth the read!

yes I do.

It seems a certain House has been not quite mentioned by at least two sperate posts here, I too am part of this House and consider the requirement to learn the history and mythos of Achaea a vital part in the growth of any adventurer, whether they are part of the mentioned house or not.

To quote someone "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it, those who do not learn history correctly are just doomed." Not that I claim to know the whole history of Achaea, but I am trying.


On a lighter note, I have read and enjoyed the Mythos many times and I will, without any doubt, read it many times more. But that is just me.



I had read some books of Feist, but I did not read the help files in Imperian about mythology, was bored about it.

I don't read it, actually. I think it's great that the developers took the time to implement all of it, but it doesn't personally entertain me that much; especially compared to everything else you can do in the games.

i actually read it, but not in one go, and I have to admit I did not memorise everything, not even nearly. It was a great way to kill the time when I either had to sleep (below level 80) or when I slept because of a huge venom milking order. It's pretty interesting and detailed, but really... I don't think anyone should have to know the entire thing.


The Mythos of Achaea is rich enough and deep enough to establish just enough historical context without being overwhelmingly encyclopedic.  I've read it thoroughly and go back to it repeatedly.  If you view it as homework, you're not getting it!

You have to understand the religious, historical and political context to rp with any degree of authenticity.  Even if you are a committed PKer in it just for the 'kills', you need to have some context to establish the rivalries, prejudices, and offenses that make conflict enjoyable and exciting.

Very true, well said.

In a good RP environment, you don't have to read that history. You'll pick it up in context.  How many people in the RW read all their histories?  We pick it up in RL. Thankfully Achaea (at least parts of it) have a good RP environment. I know I learned a lot more by talking with housemates than I did from the mythos.  And the stuff I learned was pertinent.  The mythos really haven't been too pertinent for everyday life in Achaea I have found.  But for some classes (e.g., priests) it may be a different experience.


The lore of Achaea is very deep and immersive, and offers a whole lot of opportunity for entwining oneself firmly into the world at large.

I'm a terrible reader, so I usually stick with what interests me or what is important to my character. The result on Lusternia is that I've read very little of it. Also, I usually just read a book that does interest me when I want to read something!

Elder Wars is as good as a good book.



I read the history first when I started playing, now..I guess I need to reread

Not a bad idea.

Yes, definitely. Lusternia's story is divine.

Cthulu, anyon-- Oops, I meant Kethuru.

Here is my answer: MMO's have mythology? What are you talking about? :D I've yet to meet a single soul that cares haha

Apparently either it once was, and no longer is, or else you simply don't get out enough even in your own city.

I have seen RP in Mhaldor, but have NEVER heard any of the mythology discussed there outside of Lords Sartan, Shaitan or Apollyon and other divine. Just because one does not care about the mythology does not make them bad either. Just saying. I was a serious RP'r for years in other games and just got tired of it. More about power now, belonging to something bigger, and causing trouble within policy.

I have not read any accompanying literature for Midkemia

Same here. It would probably help if there was an in-game account of the history that lead to where MKO is in the game right now. Something easily accessible, too!

Also, who would really know all the history of their world anyways


Plenty of crazy people...walking encylopedias in some of these games

I usually read it.

I read it once or twice when i started which was a long time ago.

Yes. Yes I did.

No. If I wanted to read some poorly written lore, I would play a text game or something.

Occasionally, just to get some context. 

Not for graphic games...there really is no point. Text games I do though.


Loved the read.

I did read the Achaea mythos but didn't learn it by heart. A bit like having taken history in school. I know what happened in broad strokes but I'd have to pick up a book to get the details back in my head. It works for my character, she has a working knowledge of history but when it comes to details she'll refer to other sources.

theres far too much to structurally read it anyway

I didn't want to read the huge thing but I did anyway because it was a house requirement. Eventually I'm glad I did. :)

I have read bits and pieces of the history but I think I would read a novel for sure.

an eBook, and I'll read the hell out of it.

Your eReader should be able to display PDF files, right?


Have fun.


Haven't read it and don't really plan too.

Love MKO. I was introduced to the game by a friend and after about a month of playing I went out and bought Magician, Silverthorn, and Sethanon. I definitely like to know what's going on because I work lore into my roleplay

I read the books a long time ago but don't think they are necessary once you have been playing for a while - you would just be more confused by the departures from the books.


The Mythos in Achaea lays a lot of the basis for the conflicts in the game and really deepens your roleplay and the directions you can go with it if you know your mythology/history.


The Achaea Mythos is integral to understanding the relationships between the cities, the gods, and the even many clans. Without a knowledge of the Mythos, I say you're missing a large part of the experience. It's a different game when you know the history, the conflict, and you find your part in it.

Definitely, it makes the quests and descriptions fit together even better.

"Would you read a book based on your favourite Iron Realms game?"


Come on... We're gamers! We don't read! Reading is for.. for... oh, right. We take part in the stories that are these games. Midkemia aside, it's not a matter of reading a tale vaguely connected to the world you're playing in, it's a matter of reading the history of the world you're taking part in, and connecting the differences of the various tellings of the same events, seeing where the winners had a bigger part in writing of the events. It's one thing to know that some event happened some time in the past involving these three people... it's another thing entirely to know those three, and know the how and the why of their parts in that... or, more fun, to know those whos names will never be mentioned in any history of the event, without whom the history would read very differently. We don't just read the stories of these worlds, we struggle through them, we decide how they end, and pick and choose how they're told afterwards.

I can't read the Mythos; it's too long and boring. But then every time there's a quiz or riddle, or even an RP event that draws on that knowledge, I wish I had bothered at some point.


I can't be bothered to roleplay. It takes time away from my pk and bashing and makes me actualy pretend to be an individual within the game



Sure do, otherwise it would be hard to get into theological debates or do order stuff, which is a big part in Achaea in my opinion!

i try to.. but sometimes is hard to digest...


should add more to quests or stuff where you learn more heh

I don't




I read them you more perspective around the game!

I don't read books based on the mythology of games. (e.g. world of war crafts books) However, I have read the lore in Achaea fairly religiously. I had made it through a majority of the history of the fall of the seleucarian empire. I still need to complete it. I've read the mythos at least a dozen times. And, I've made it somewhat of a chore to try to read as much as possible about each divine. I also tend to find things out from other players about city history and house history etc. As it's somewhat necessary since the history of most cities is dispersed between over 4k posts and is somewhat difficult to follow. Though, I have read the first 1000 or so Mhaldorian posts. I'm also fairly familiar with the more tedious portions of events posts, though I need to catch up on the last 20 or so. (Graduate school is a bitch) But, it's something that I find enjoyable. I think that the player base makes the world interesting enough to want to read about. And, obviously, the divine have put a lot of time and effort into the production and story.

I have not read then and I rally dond think I will



I've read all the Feist books

Skim it at the start and read the most important things, then later take the time to get more into it if I like the game good enough.

I read a lot of it but I like to read.

I read it slowly, also old news posts. Passes time.



But some is quite worth reading actively.

I love reading the mythos. I just love to read period.

if you know your history/mythology, watching conflicts unfold is far more intresting, and engaging on a character level

reading at least a little makes it much more fun to be part of a faction

I have spent countless hours on video game mythology.


Achaea has gotten quite a bit of attention, but my love for the WoW mythology  still runs strongest, I think. I have spent countless hours just reading up on aspects of it.

skimmed it

I used to never read them, but since about a week ago I have decided to start reading.





I guess that I really should

Or, maybe someone can just teach me haha

I love this stuff. Eat it with a spoon.

Yeah, I'm all kinds of caught up on the mythos. Not enough to win Knowledge Seal, but still pretty good at most things.

I've read most of the help files for fun, or because i was bored, ive gone through and read HELP (DIVINE NAME) because i was curious about the divine but ive never read HELP MYTHOS.  if theres a problem or i needed to know something ive always just gone and asked one of my older housemates or if none were avalible then ive HELP (whatever) til i got the answer.  if my house ever requires it, ill probably memorize it, until then its not really on my to do list :D

One of the best things about Midkemia (in my opinion) is the number of books (ranging from excellent to mediocre) that Feist has written about it, giving us adequate mythological background without making each page a history lesson, like some other MUD mythologies that I have attempted to read.

The Riftwar Series is a fantasy-reading must!  It goes downhill somewhat afterwards...



I love the Mythos, Read it, Rinse, Repeat!

After reading this article, I went back and read the Mythos and was pleasantly surprised at how in-depth it is.

there really isn't too much worse then a mmorpg with a shitty story.

who really reads it

Read Lusternia's sometime...

actually. i'd even prefair to read a bad book then poor mud history


Read the Lusternian Lore...Bollikin's story actually was the saddest I've ever read :<



I have not read anything at all

Eh, probably not! good to draw from for bardic entries or RP talking points.

Especially when Lusternia was going announced to release and they periodically put up new "events" or news broadcasts from the Taint Wars. It was kinda cool to get a backdrop to what we'd be stepping into as we started the game.


Pug and Tomas are two of the most dynamic fantasy characters of all time.


I've read a bit of the Aetolia histories over the years - though having played from the early days, my character tells the young'ins about what the place used to be like and some of the famous players of the past and that seems to count a bit to them.

That's awesome. Do you also shake a cane while doing so and telling them how it used to all be better and that kids these days have no respect? ;)

The mythos was definitely what drew me into Lusternia. It's such a huge part of the world, you really have to read the histories if you want to understand what's going on around you.



yes I read it.  Achaea I had to read a few times because its so long!


Because it was a requirement for advancement....with a test ;-)


But I'm glad I did. 


Still unsure what to think of the actual REQUIREMENT to read them, but it is almost always a worthy read at least


It was too long.  I did read about the cities and what they stood for and the classes.  But the mythology didn't hold my attention.

Definitely did. You can't RP without reading that stuff, and a lot of my character's goals and aspirations come from little things I've pick from the histories.


Agreed. You have to at least be familar with the Mythos, for a RP basis, etc.

BS. Sure you can. I don't happen to know anything about that subject is just as valid RP as I do know something about that subject.

Now there's a book I could get into! When my computer's down, and I can't get on Achaea, I can always read up on my favorite heros.


And what's with all these people saying that Mythos is too much reading. Do not all you people replying to this post play a TEXT-BASED game. Reading is all you do for hours on end!

I play to roleplay, not to read. D:

Lusternia and Aetolia have the best mythologies. Imperian's is alright. Achaea's mythology is rather meh to me, though Achaea's more current history is pretty good.

Yes, because I love the history behind Lusternia and how carefully it was crafted. It helps you roleplay, and get some background on a world you love.

I absolutely HAVE to! I play games for stories, be they a regular RPG or an MMO. To be honest it's both an awesome thing and a bad thing as for me I really can't play an IRE game without reading through the histories and mythos or in Midkemia's case the books first. WHich becomes a bit of a hassle when I have OTHER books and such that I need to hurry up and read

I can't say I've read the entire Mythos, but most of it anyway.


made me actually want to cry :o

But wtf is up with Achaea's storyline now? All those gods slain all of a sudden...and EVERYONE in the Realms temporarily becoming Demigods...superior to Lusternia's at least. Be interesting if they duplicated ours...



It's one of the unique parts of the game!


it makes the game more interesting to recognise places and people

and I'm slowly going through the events log

You aren't the same Althalus from Aetolia are you?

I think this has been very well writen.  Estarra if you wrote this yourself I'm not sure if you had other admin help from lusternia but, It was really fabulous writing! Thank you!

for interviews.

When you partake in the semicentennial quizzes.  Somehow, the mythology (of Achaea) will find its way into the event.  I printed and read it too during Year 350, but it didn't do me any good (gogo Delphinus)!



Would you look at that... a credit

There's some playlist on YouTube that reads through the whole Mythos with a computerized voice. As painful as it is to listen to, I was bored enough to give it a whirl last night. I don't recommend it to a single soul. You might as well just read the thing yourself.

Read by Samuel L Jackson. Then EVERYBODY would know the lore by heart.

I find Lusternia's mythos to be quite well thought out, and often events tie back to it. It helps when you have advancement requirements to read them, but the little hints here and there are enough to get me interested.


I hear great things about it, but despite playing a text-based game, I'm not really much of a reader.

I most certainly do


I don't read the Mythology, the Mythology reads me.


though lusternia histroy is very interesting


Reading sux

The other day I came accross a piece about the origin of the races, wow it was such an interesting read... such interesting stories linking everything up...


Could use more such stories. I've seen in WoW how humans were born of the runt babies of giants...which was a good twist.

When I can get a clear telling of mythology in a realm. Original world building is necessary for good fantasy in many cases.

I read the entire mythos at least twice*, and have it kept in a .txt file in my e-book reader. It always makes for very good reading, and it will definitely deepen one's immersion to the game itself.


*twice in five years. Haven't read it too often. :|


Had too for house test.


Had to start doing this recently and I'm enjoying it.

nice reading the mythology of different places

I've read through Achaea's mythology several times, though my retention of it isn't the greatest. Hence the reading it more than once.

A very long time ago I did. Recently, no.


An awesome read, all of it. The imagination and creativity that go into the creation of the mythos...mind boggling on its own o.o

I read it's usually too much to read the entier thing all in one go to start. I look things up when they come up in game, and slowly piece together how the world mythos works.

I would, but sometimes I rush through scrolls and things like that and end up missing the entire thing. I usually read when I'm utterly bored.

Nope nope


Read the books found the game. Mytho known

I try to, yeah. I love to immerse myself into the mythos of the games, especially if I'm trying to create a coherent character.

Lusternia's mythos is what originally drew me to the game.

I don't read it much before I start, and I feel characters are generally excused of not knowing anything. It wouldn't make sense. But I will read up on it in my own time. Just as my character would go to the library and learn some new things.


I haven't read too much yet for Aetolia, but I know the things I need to know. Guild and house progression focuses on it and I feel it makes it much more enjoyable. After all, it plays a part in roleplay.

I absolutely love the Achaean Mythos, and the lore and tales surrounding. Lyaeus the bard is well worth stopping with too

I read bits and pieces of Lusternia's lore before I dived in, but to be honest, I really only gave it a full read this year -- two years after I started playing. The world's mythos, particularly the Elder Wars, is very touching and has enriched my experience of the game.


I was an avid reader of Feist's books growing up, and that's what landed me in IRE muds to begin with!

i don't even know where to begin.



You shall not pass!

I read some of it, but not a whole lot of it. Maybe eventually!

I am waiting to finish the game and it will give me something to do as the credits are scrolling

It is all down to my love of the Midkemia books that brought me to MKO in the first place. I absolutely love the work of Feist and what Iron Realms have done with the rights.

I think I would definately read a book if Estarra wrote it. The histories flow together so nicely, and generally speaking I think the plots tie themselves in quite well.

I really ought to read Imperian's...

I'll go and read it now!

in really playing if tou dont

i read through the entire Achaean Mythos... it was FREAKING LONG, took forever...

I read it several times and always find something new

I've read through the entirety of Lusternia's histories at least three times now.

Someone summarized the Lusternia mythos for me, and it seemed interesting and all, but I'm not sure I have the patience to slog through yet another MUD's fluff. I suppose I ought to, though.

Yeah, I love to read the mythos. I need to read it again though cause I've been away for a while and forgot. 

Always with the great pleasure

I read it in pieces. Some of it is fairly interesting. Some of it was to fill time when I was sleeping for endurance and couldn't do anything but check stat and read scrolls.

Only when I feel like I have to, to get by

One of my favorite things about games are mythology and the racial histories. If there are neither, make some new history yourself!

I spent a good amount of time developing my character based on what I knew in the Riftwar Series. I find there are some interesting interactions to be had when you set up a goal based on what you think may happen and it turns out the opposite way.

I hadn't read any of the lore when I started, but have read some of it since then. It is pretty hard to slog through it, though, because Feist's writting is just not my style. I tend to skim through for details, mostly just when I am looking for something in particular.

Yes, I have read the mythos of Achaea, at least a couple times over the many years I've played.  Yes, I would read a well-written book based on Achaea lore.  Let's have it, IRE!

Yes, I would also read a well-written book.

Yes, it beats having to read through the pages and pages of nonsensical politics.

...but frequently I'd rather be playing. Also, I'm typically reading a bunch of other stuff. I've read it for Achaea, though not for a while. It's nice to know the background of the world, for RP material and so you don't do or say anything that conflicts with the lore.

Not the Aetolian mythos. Not yet.

Hrm...time to read it again! Woot!

I've read Achaea's, and while it doesn't quite sync up to the current lay of the land, it is an interesting read.

Its easier when you have tread the books but it was a long time ago.  Honestly how can Magician have been out in 1982?  It was like just yesterday

The mythos is just a speck on all the amazing stories and info one can gather from simply exploring the lands

Myths are good but there's so much to read.

It's interesting to know the background of the world, though not all at once as there's so much.

I have read it before but I have forgotten most of it.


Mythology is often my favorite part of the games I play. Lusternia's is simply amazing and I quite liked Achaea's as well. Sadly I haven't really checked out the mythologies of the other Iron Realm games. 

Lusternia mythos is fucking awesome.

Seconding this.

I have not read Aetolia's. But I probably should.

the mythology has a ton of relevence to just about everything

I enjoyed reading the Achaean mythos way back when and it's nice being able to actually answer questions confidently about Achaean mythology when asked.

this article reminded me to start reading a book every now and then again.

I've been finding myself less and less inclined to read the mythology.


I sure do. Mainly because it's fun and interesting to me. 


Ya know, I've been playing this game for ever now and I still barely know squat about the mythos.

Couldn't be bothered


It's usually quite interesting. 

Have not, but probably should someday.

That's one of the things that gets me hooked into the game! I realize much of it has little to do with the game at present, but it's very interesting to learn of the perspective of how the world was formed.

I find it odd when people play the game but hate the books

I usually enjoy reading it, but I don't read through all of it at once or anything. I'll read things as they become relevant to me, or if I just feel like reading something that looks interesting. I can't just sit and read it all before I start playing though. As someone interested in entering bardics and writing my own works, I find that it's important to read up on things every now and then so I have something to work off of in my own writing.


I love to read up the Mythos (including the fact I had to for my house requirements) but it's fairly long.

just re-read the Elder Wars histories (on Xiel's awesome library site!).  Very inspiring stuff, and they posted more chapters since I started way back when.

Of course I do! :D

I love it. I also use it to enhance dances and other performances as a Bard.




how else can I win the quizzes?