IRE Asks: Do you read the MMO mythology?

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Most MMORPGs provide an accompanying mythology, for curious players. While some players merely click their way through the quest dialogue, others want to know the history behind the rich, vast lands they're exploring. If you're one of those players, chances are you got into Iron Realms games because of the attention to such details. The Achaea mythos, for example, is largely based on elements of  Greek mythology.


An interesting thing about the video game industry is that a game can often spawn a book series for avid fans. Titles from Halo to Doom can be found on this wikipedia list of books based on video games. Where are the IRE novels? Would you read a book based on your favourite Iron Realms game? Do you read the mythology for the MMOs you play? Comment below!


I do and I would if i was well written.

i don't even know where to start.

>>>>>>> :Genesis.


I read the basic back story to the world then other pieces as they pertain to the gameplay mechanics. Then I delve into factions I have joined. The rest I tend to learn as I go so there is some surprise.

If I started playing Achaea now I don't think I could have, but playing for 9 years and the mythos having been so much more... tackleable? At that point, I know far more then I would tackling the current amount of information.

I think its important regardless to know at least SOME of the backstory/mythos even if you don't make it a dilligent effort.





the great thing about Midkemia is that the lore is available in any good bookshop and will not be able to be changed a great deal due to it being based on a set of bestselling books. I have read all of Feists published novels and they are fantastic.

Someday I'll read them. They're in my Goodreads to-read list :)

I think I must read all 29 of the Midekemia books at least once a year, the first trilogy more so. It is a fantastic series. Only the first trilogy is required for the ingame lore though as those are the three books MKO are based off and the timeline of MKO and the books seperate after the Darkness at Sethanon

Great point.

I read the mythology not really for a requirement but the type of character I wanted to play especially given my character's position in the Black Lotus. It also provides a good foundation for how things are set up in the game, why they are.. Though it is very daunting at first glance.

Yes, I do

I read a little bit at a time, but it's hard for me to keep up with all the names of everyone in the histories. I can remember general events, but not who did what in what year



yep, always found it interesting

sometimes, but not always

I love to read the histories. They really give me a greater feel for what I'm participating in.

Still, yes.

Still haven't yet. Maybe someday.

Does this mean there may be an IRE based novel in the works?... Just thinking xD

yeah sometimes




apart from winning quizzes with them, it's impertent to know the background.

Bound credit for useless comments is a fair trade!

Never have actually


Only in cases where I have to, but reading the Mythos... yeah it's long

You think Achaea's is long, read Lusternia's.


It's one of those "I should, but I need to get this done first.." things for me. I like understanding what I'm getting into, such as before declaring my want to join Lord Aegis' order, I read up on Him as much as I could.

Only on Achaea.

Since the mythology of Midkemia actually is enough to fill an entire set of books (since they are books) instead of the pamphlets that most IRE mythos have, it's not always easy to find mythos that's been written in game. Granted, I'm reading the riftwar saga now, and I'm excited about learning about the lands, but there are places to learn a little in game, though there's not much to discuss.

I personally don't even know if my character would know the mythos or not.


I know Achaea's pretty well from 9 long years being there, multiple requirements, some interest, and a few other things leading to reading it through many times. Admittedly I haven't gotten too deep into the history of Aetolia, though, at least not at this point. It's difficult to get into another whole set of events happening in a mirror world after so long in one.

Even after reading the trilogy it is still awesome to read the stuff characters come up with IG, the libraries should have more of this stuff.

MidkemiaOnline needs more books. A big problem I see is that there's quite a high expense and not enough immediate gratification. It's also very difficult to find a topic of interest that you can expand upon without feeling you've stolen the idea from somebody else.  

I completely agree with most of the comments on this subject. Lusternia's story and history are quite good.


It's really the only part I thoroughly enjoy.


Sometimes, I think that's why I'm not enjoying some of the newer advancements in the mechanics, like Shards and Obelisks and such. There's no real story behind it, or it just seems to pop up out of nowhere as an afterthought. Now, if the cult of Avasyu had somehow come up with shards long ago, and they'd been part of some kind of ritual that had led to confrontation with yadda yadda, I dunno, insert ancient name here, anyways it's easier to swallow than just "Muahahahaha, dance my pathetic little PK puppets, dance!"

I read it, its really long and it took me a few times to understand it, but its very cool.

I do


i think i better read the books first.

A lot of what I love is the deep interaction between the Divines and the stuff of players interacting with them, like Maran La'Saen taking the essence of Deucalion and becoming Pentharian, and the like. That's just badass.

Part of the reason I got hooked to Achaea was because of the compelling mythos. The most recent  third chapter of the Selecarian Empire and the now on going Origin of the Xorani race event are no different, they are so well thought out and continue to amaze me.

agree. wish I was a dragon so I could take part on the xorani event without dying from the locals in the other side of the portal..

I've read a fair amount of it, most of it is pretty interesting, and good reading!

it really depends, it ahs to be a good story to draw me in.


One of the cool things about it is the lore available. So yes, I do.

Stalks Alondal!


If you're in an order.

it doesn't look good for that dwarf.

When I have free time and find myself curious.

I only play achaea, but i'm actually also very curious of the mythos of the other games by Ironrealms as well. I bet they are all well worth reading. I'll have to check them out sometime.

i've read most of it, it's good to pass time

I try reading them to some degree.  Would love e-books and if the library system allowed you to check out and directly into a text file for reading later.  It isn't reasonable to read a book in game I don't think.  I do try to do them in my own spare time though.


While I do tend to forget it quickly, I really enjoy reading the mythos, gives answers for the current conflicts as well

Even if your character doesn't do a lot of heavy RP, you still have to do some, and you obviously need to do it in the context of the world. Some of the most annoying things I've seen are novices who clearly have not tried to gain a basic background on the world of lusternia and create backstories like "I was born from the womb of a dragon who gave me these swords!"
"You mean the swords I forged and put on the rack...?" 

I love reading, which is why I play MUDs.  It's the entertainment of video games with the fun of reading, for me. If there were a book series on Aetolia, I'd buy every book in the series, mainly because of the constant drama in Aetolia. I wont lie, I have been known to cause a large chunk of the drama myself, but if there is no drama, there is no PK, and where's the fun in that?

for quizzes!

Credit comment.

I do try to keep up with the latest events and going ons

Absolutely! In graphical mmo's I keep trying, but few really suck me in. Some do, though!

Dabble in it a little bit, but nothing just the intros.

I've enjoyed the little I read here and there 

I try hard not to.

I usually have trouble finding it

Credit comment.





Yes, quite often.

A need to read.


it's always good to know the background which all evolved from

the good part is that it changes as time goes on! Hermes not a god any more.. :-/

I try to, but while some is very good, other parts are quite dry.

Of course I do.

Achaea recently spiffied up its histories. Very nice!


looking back, i probably won't if i don't have to

I'd like to read the accompanying mythos regarding Achaea, but it always feels like such a chore! :(I There's so much to keep up with, let alone the recent news. But with recent events, I'll have to catch up! :(

To be honest, when I joined, I just researched skills, classes, and other gameplay methanics, as well as a little on cities and houses. I figured the mythology was probably not too important, and I would just pick up any mythology as I went along. Well, I was wrong, and all this Bal'met business has really sparked my interest, so I've read quite a bit on mythology now.

Yes for Achaea, not really for everything else.

It seems very interesting here. I think in other games it is often overlooked as it is inefficient.  Here efficiency does not necessarily equate fun.  I suppose it would be different if any of the other MMOs I played offered roleplaying.

I have read the Mythos of Achaea, but I can't say that I remember the details. I could give someone the general gist, though.

The mythology helps put the world events in context, as well as a requirement for house progression

the mythology is what makes games great

of course

not as much as I'd like to

I've always loved game mythology. I spent so much time reading up on WoW lore

the achaean mythos ought to be richer now

Credit comment.

I really enjoyed the Lusternia histories, I think they did a good job of both writing them and weaving it into the actual gameplay itself. I love seeing things from the histories come to life in the events!



I do! I really like the mythology.

I don't read nearly enough of it.

In some houses it is a requirement to progress




Hell no. The only mythology that could partly suck me up was the Elder scrolls one.

That, and the recap videos of Guild wars, because they were short, clear and enjoyable.



When certain big events happen, such as the ongoing xoran affliction in Achaea, it's good to know at least some of the background. You don't need to know it rote, but knowing where the find the answers is helpful

It helps me get a sense of where I should start rp and how I should describe my char

There are a lot of good books ingame, and I enjoy reading them. Mythos is excellent.




I'd like to, but right now it is hard enough to keep up with the required reading to progress in my house