IRE Asks: Have you met MMO friends IRL?

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One of the best things about MUDs are the tight-knit communities. With the smaller playerbase, everything becomes a little more personal. Admin have better relationships with the playerbase, and you can be Facebook buddies with your character's biggest rival. In the past, there have been a few group meetups organized by players, and some players have moved across continents to begin lives together!


If you've met another player from an MMORPG, tell us about it! Were they what you expected before you met them? Was it just a casual meet at a local bar, or was there something more involved? Would you attend a player meetup? Tell us below!



I have not

Nor me



I have not

The closest I've gotten yet to meeting my PERSONAL MMO friends is trading Skype addresses and photos and things.


Oh and then discovering that one guy, according to his Achaea forums profile, lives only 30 minutes away. THAT'S a little weird still.

Title says it all, delivers what it promises. Text after this is really just wasting your time.


Yeah, that's about right.

like a fart's chance to smell in the wind, that chance was.

I probably live less than a 10 minute walk away from somehow. Or at least, within a free bus ride away. Maybe I'll meet him lol


Only e-mail and such.

Several, not too many though. I tend to stay IC a lot.

It seems strange not to be IC.


err, not even.

I haven't, but I know somebody who has, but it was only because it was convenient! It wasn't just for the meetup.

Haven't yet, unsure if I will!


Haven't yet, doubtful I will.

Not yet, but I'm open to the idea.

You make it sound very strange..




Same, I've met a couple but never been to a meet.


Never met anyone individually but been to meetups. It was great.

good for you!

Almost went to one -realised I was too old

I would if any of them actually lived closer to me.

Many are usually east coasters or otherwise not anywhere near me. One of my best buds flew from New York and stayed as a guest in my home for a week. I took a week road trip this recent summer and met a couple. Other than that, lots of silly skyping, messengers, texting, email, OH and a handful have received handmade goodies, edibles, and other care packages. I have a guest bedroom I keep ready AND will be building a new house... so always room for friends!


That is pretty cool. I had a friend from Chile stop by and stay with me for a week as he traveled around the states on his motorcycle. I met him playing an MMO.

That rocks. Always up for baked goodies and stuff! ^.^

Or go to the same school. =)



I've brought friends in, but never out

...brought one from before, met one from after start of playing.

Pretty much. Brought in my sister or rather we dragged each other in when we saw our brother playing Aetolia and went ooooh, what is that?

 try to keep my ig self from befrending people ooc if possible

me too

Many times.  Mysterion, Rakon, Anke, Floralei, Holinthal, a few others.  We've had some pretty good shenanigans.  Then I took an arrow in the knee.

Where had by all. DMK's was great (yes we still talk about that). But I agree, it would've been better only if you didn't take an arrow in the knee :( Damn homeless guys.

Sounds awesome.

I think it's because of my leprosy.

Never have. I would consider going to a group meetup, but I doubt I would ever go for just one person, and it would have to be convenient, too.

I haven't met anyone from Achaea IRL, yet. But I want to. Maybe when I can save up some money again.


I haven't


I've met them through facebook!

Facebook yes.


No i've never met them in them in the realworld besides contact with skype and facebook.

I would be interested in meeting more people. There never seems to be a meetup in my area though.

I have! We used to meet up with a bunch of Texan players regularly, it was a lot of fun.


Through no intentional effort my DnD group is half ex-Achaeans. Funny to discuss old games and realize you all played the same.

I haven't met many people, but one of my best friends came from IRE. He used to be a real ass to me, even going so far as to knock my favorite green skittles right out of my hand. Then one day he found out I played Aetolia, gave me a hug, and we've been close ever since- well...after I forgave him of course.

I wish to.




So far only one added on msn, the rest not even close...


yes I did, it was so nice to meet them in RL



One day..

I did, met up with some of my Order mates, spent a couple days with them..SOOOOOO cool!


I trust the few I have met in other IRE games I play, and have met up with them since first finding out they live in the same country as me. My first meetup was with this guy who was the same age as me, in a library, for a study session. Obviously there's nothing dangerous about that. Then we found a few more people who played as well, and since then we have been a fast group of friends. When we meet, we talk little about IRE games, and have shifted to sharing stuff about our daily experiences. This dude we know also stops by my country for a short visit ever year or so, and we meet him for a chat and drink without fail. Good times.

I had a real life friend introduce me to Achaea. I haven't met any other players in person but I've skyped, e-mailed and instant messaged.

Made my girlfriend play back in the day though


haha, good job!


I don't think I've ever even found someone in an MMO who lives in the same city...

SEVERAL, both from MKO and from the MUD I played prior to joining the IRE community.

On the flip side, I've also brought IRL friends into the MUD to join me. This is usually less effective than meeting somebody from said MUD...

Turns out there's someone in my home town, though. But, alas, she stole my journal.


Though I did talk with a guy in a clan I was in who loved on the other side of our city. We almost met for lunch.

There was a time a few of us would sit and play together... But other than the people who introduced me to Achaea, I have not met anyone else in person

And I don't intend to either... I use Achaea to escape the real world and definitely do not want to mix my reality with my fantasy.



I would like to meet up with some, and I know there is at least one who only lives about 20 minutes away from me, but I've never actually met anyone in person from an IRE game. I talk to a bunch on MSN and skype though.


I've met a couple people from Achaea in person including my girl but I've befriended alot more that I wouldn't mind hanging out with (Caladbolg, Aaritrea, Spire, Korben). I don't know of anyone that lives near me though, but I wouldn't be entirely against a meet if the right people were going! Alot of the people I'm close to end up being pretty much how I'd imagine them being outside of Achaea with a couple exceptions.

I'd go to a group Lusty/IRE meetup if there were ever one close, probably San Francisco or so. I'd love to meet Sal's girlfriend IRL but she's 8 timezones away, so fat chance.


Never have

I've been at this game for a very long time now, though maybe not by IRE standards, and I only in this past week have finally moved two very, very close IG friends from "I will OOC tell at you vastly more than I will IC tell at you" to "our characters will now never talk to each other because we have MSN." So to actually meet them IRL? uhh... maybe Skype first, then we'll see about touring the midwest looking for Lusty players.

I'm aware of a few MKO players (past and present) who go to the same university as me, but I don't think any of us have ever had the inclination to organise a meeting.

But I do have a good friend of mine who has met his wife to be through an Iron realms game. It surprising, since I've made a good few life long friends off these games. We do plan on meeting at somepoint as well, though I'm doubtful on how well it'll turn out.

I've been to BlizzCon with MMO friends, but my one experience of a more localised mu*-meet went badly.

I have. I met my love in the game, and now we live together. As for other friends, one lives a state away and it's a 'someday we will meet', while another friend lives halfway around the world, so unlikely, unless by some chance when we're both old and gray the chance arises.


I am not sure I ever will. However it would be cool and wierd at the same time!

I've met one before a long time ago

I would, but the closest I know are English or Dutch ...


I've met one, only because we knew each other before hand when we exchanged contact details, we were like 'hang on, I already know you!'. Otherwise, I've emailed and skyped only one other person from Achaea.

I haven't met any of my Achaea friends in person yet. I'm talking to some via instant messenger from time to time, but most of them live quite far away.

I've met several people from Achaea, including my current girlfriend (we live together now)

I have not, although I would attend a meetup.

Despite my close proximity to other Filipino Lusternian players, no, I have not had the fortune of meeting them in person. Hopefully someday!


Lame. We studied in the same school, yo! At least for a time, I found out about it after I left, ahaha. I met up with Sao, she's uber fun. I almost et up with Qoi and Jap, too. When you do, tell me about it! I'll be there with my fellow Adiks in... spirit? Ahaha.

not yet.... but im not against the idea


Deserves a simple answer.  No.  (Although I was introduced to Achaea by someone I knew IRL).


Though created good friendships.

Just chatting on skype or ventrilo

Yes, have met some wonderful game friends when they were in town, and visited with some when I was in their cities too!  It's very rewarding!

I have not met any people from Achaea, but did from other MUDs when I was younger. Occasionally Skype with people from a variety of MUDs I have played over the years. Not many from Achaea (two).


Thought about it a few times but no.

And I don't think I want to. I think it'd be weird. Like, I have this mental picture of what these other people look like (based on their character descriptions and personalities) and if I saw what they really looked like, I would never be able to get that original picture back.

Though everyone else was from roughly the same side. Would be interesting to meet with people that you're used to fighting against!

I've met at least one person who I only knew from Aetolia, but that was because he became the BF of one of my friends who got me playing in the first place.


Facebook, Skype, Xbox Live, lunch meetings, and one guy came quite a long way just to visit me for a few days.

I really want to meet Kolm, Rivius, and Sadie.

I have not, alas


It's actually very strange. I mean, you don't REALLY wanna talk about the game when you're meeting with people out in the real world, but it's pretty much all you've got.

Come up with something first before you visit each other eh? :P

Nope :(

Haven't yet, except for those I already knew...but I'd so love to meet a lot of them

I used to play a game called Questria, based on triple triad, I made friends there from the other ide of the country whom I have visited

There's a band of us on Skype I'd like to meet one day. Otherwise not really. I'm pretty anti-social in person so that doesn't a great meet make. 



Sadly, most of them seem to be taking arrows to the knees. D:

I heard about said group... hmmm

Yeah I've boned two people I met on Imp IRL

no, and I'm not sure if it would be a good idea

That would be really cool if that happened, and the smaller playerbase would definitely make it possible.

I remember hearing two girls I didn't know talking about Serpentlords on the bus to school one morning. That was weird. Then I discovered my best friend in high school played the game, totally independent to me having started playing.

You never know who you might be playing with.  they might be closer than you think.  apprently from the previous comment they were.  nice eh?   I think it's neat.

Lol, awesome. I guess I'll have to keep an ear open for where I am!

lol you also met me!

I haven't had the chance to meet them IRL. Then again, most are not in the same country :)



But I do skype or msn with some. Carefully, because of bad experiences.

I met Tow while he was on vacation in my country.

I'm really surprised at how many people haven't met others from the game by now. I mean, Aetolia's got a smaller, more closely-knit playerbase I suppose, but there are quite a few playing that have talked about having gone to meets, and even met their significant other through the game.


This last summer, actually, there was a meet in Ohio organized for a sort of vacation. We rented a house out for 4 days and had 6 or 7 people stay there. We hung out, went to Cedar Point, partied it up like only people that play text RPG's know how - and it was absolutely awesome. You definitely probably could have made a reality TV show out of us (in a good way).


If you've made good friends with anybody in your MUD of choice and meeting them doesn't involve driving across the country (unless you're into that, I drove 8 hours) don't pass the opportunity up! 


I haven't met any mmo friend in irl but haven't really tried to though

Haven't yet, but there are a few I've gotten close with OOCly as well as IG, and I wouldn't mind meeting up with them sometime. But for now, MSN, texting, Facebook, that's about as far as I go.

spoke to a couple on the phone or in's been good.


it was great to get together with them.  very fun.


I wouldn't be opposed to it though.




Have you? :]

I'm not sure there are any other MUD players in my country. MMORPG'ers, yes.

I wouldn't mind meeting a few people... but other than that... I trust none of ya!

And it was great. It's nice to know that the people in our community are actual people, and that our community is thus spread worldwide. It's like modern day pen pals.


I haven't.


Been to two official meets as well as meeting others during work trips interstate


It turned out that a manager of mine at my old job used to play Aetolia about a year before I started, it was even stranger how the subject came up.


I have found a couple of good friends while playing mmo's. One is on a motorcycle trip around the world and during part of his trip across northern america he stopped and stayed with my family for a week. Generally you will meet people that share similiar interests with you and you will hit it off.

I've yet to meet any of them in real life, but I can say I've met some pretty amazing friends in Lusternia and would actually really love the opportunity to meet some of them one day.

i've met up with a couple irl, once when a Ordermate of a character of mine was going through some job training in Mesa, and i was going to a doctor appointment in phoenix, we met up and had dinner.  another one came down to visit me for about 5 days right before i started chemo last year.  I also ha a ig daughter and i start talking and found out that she and i graduated from high school the same year, she in the next town over from me in northern rural arizona, and that we had mutual ooc friends, but had never met each other.  other than that, i speak with a bunch on steam, skype, and msn and facebook.




Seems not many South African's play MMO's

The only achaeans I've ever met are the ones that got me into it in the first place.  I'm not even sure any of them live anywhere near me.  I try to seperate our characters from our lives.

I haven't met a huge handful of Achaeans IRL. Hipsana, Niahm and Gringor live in the same city that I do. I had lunch with Daes over the summer. Married Pharaus and our son will be two at the end of the month. Went down to hang out with Fieth something like three or four years ago. All in all, Marvi introduced me to the game. There are some individuals I would absolutely love to meet and that's all still in the works.

I got to know a couple from Achaea, that I used to play, but always to scared to meet them in person... still am to a point!

I've met friends from other MMO's IRL before, we'd have get togethers at either people's houses or at a bar and just hang out. Also, my wife plays Aetolia, so does that count?

Does my brother count too??

Why not?

Talkedto them on the phone never meet in person.


 I have met a few other players. Although I always use best practices. Meet in public places, with company. It has always gone well for me. It is interesting to see the dynamic between there real life selves and there characters. 

I've usually found that meets tend to involve a lot of drinking and fun times!

THat's always a fun meeting!

Only one of them, and that's because she introduced me to the game. 

I've met with a couple Achaeans. Hung out with Asenath and her husband at a bar and ended up playing cards all night. Spent most of spring break last year with Anarwaen. Ended up meeting the love of my life Rea, long dormant though, spends most of her time in Lusternia now. Supposedly going to hang out with Firefox, eventually. Also found out Bluef lives rather close by, was going to visit but plans fell through. Fun times!

Met one person I knew well in Achaea and he is now my best friend, I've skyped and FB'd and emailed with several over the years though. All in all, I enjoy the experience of speaking OOC with some of those I am close with in Achaea, though I try to keep much of my interaction there IC.

I've met a few people. And plenty more I would love to meet

I've met a few. Fun experiences mostly. I'll probably meet a few more in the near future.


Otherwise just via Skype, MSN, and sometimes text messages.

A friend introduced me to the game. havn't met anyone I play with though.

I have met a few people from Achaea, 1 of whom I am not very good friends with and babysit her kid now and then, the others who I only met once or twice. 

Ive met one IRL. Verry Intresting Evening, and it boiled down to, Google Maps lies. Alot. And foiled all our plans for the evening :P The park directions lead to a  subdivision, (I knew how to get there though, so I was at the park... heh. ), And the bar turned out to be a gas station.  So it resorted to walking around in a mall and talking.

But I'd like to maybe!

No I haven't, other than my best friend who introduced me to the game. Other than that, I'd prefer to keep my IG friends separate from my IRL friends.

No, I havn't but I think I'd like to one day

I haven't, but many have wanted to. Some even to date ;) But...cross country trips really isn't in my budget anytime soon.

I have met a good number of Achaens from when I used to play there...  Looking forward to meeting a few Aetolians if I ever get the opportunity!  Two people I have grown quite closed to I met in Achaea (and met each other in Achaea).  I went to their wedding and now they are having a kid.  Pretty neat. :)

When I played Avalon, we had a very active meetup gang going. I ended up dating a guy for 3 years after we danced together at a meet - keeping in touch via the game was a good way to survive the long-distance portion of the relationship. IRE games seem to have a more American-based crowd, so it's a lot further to go for meetups, and I've only sporadically met some people from Aetolia/Lusternia. That being said, any Aet folks up in Portland, drop me a line and we can have a Ground Kontrol night! :P


And Malak just told me he's going to spend his tax refund to come visit - I've known him for half a decade and he's my best gaming pal. So excited!





started playing with one of my buddies, since then joined the military, travelled a bit went to austrailia and met one of the people I played with stayed with her for a few days, also went to Guam and met another person that was in my family in aetolia.  It was pretty fun and both were very hospitable

Yep. Three of 'em.


Yes, I have. Once. We had a recent falling out and are not friends anymore, but we were the best of friends for years. I have Achaea to thank for that long friendship.




Totally have, and loved hanging. Can't wait to do it again.

I haven't convinced them they need to buy me tickets to England and AussieLand!

But I would love to go meet them someday!

Never met another IRE player besides the people I introduce to the game myself.

meet anyone!


I'm actually rooming with some Imperian friends, currently.







I was introduced by a friend and trying to introduce other friends.

Well, I married someone I married in Imperian ;) So yes! I've also met several others from Imperian and Lusternia throughout the years.

Lucky duck. I want to but have not, just yet.

Plenty want to but there's only a handful I'd be comfortable with meeting in person, though I've made many friends over Skype, MSN and FB that I wouldn't ever trade for the world. Achaea and Midkemia. :3 I also think people who found love over meeting the game is precious, it's like the new E-Harmony but less creepy. <3


I haven't but I really need to

My best friend and I started playing this game together almost  8 years ago...We have been playing it sporadically, together, since then.

My best friend and I started playing this game together almost  8 years ago...We have been playing it sporadically, together, since then.

Nope, haven't met anyone, don't know if i ever would or not but i talk to them on facebook. 




I've never met anyone IRL.


not yet



net yet either.

email addresses and facebook. i did become pretty good friends with mmo players for helping them  out.

but i also turned IRL friends into MMO friends. I just hope the damage I've done to their lives by introducing them to such an addictive game isn't too big. 

I turned a large group of my friends into Mudders, and I've met at least one person that lived far away that came to hang out for a few days.


no no no! NO!


Quite a few people outside, one who I never knew in the first place was playing the game, another one that I'm dating now, and a third person who is the complete opposite of who I thought him to be in the game, but is still very fun to drink a beer with. There are a few people I would like to meet and get dinner with or something, and yeah.


but would not be suprised to find out people I knew were already playing

convinced irl to play again.

Once, met an enemy of my character in game in real life when he came to the base I was at for some field training. Amusing to see how people are in game and the opposite in real life. Outgoing and vocal to reserved and quiet.

I'm marrying one.


but would love to have a beer and a J with some achaean friends someday.



Achaeans going to Coachella or Bonarroo?  Hollllllllllerrrr at this forestal.

two of them


However, as I'll be moving to North America soon, I hope I will!

Cant say i never will

For me to meet anyone IRL hehe


I have, but only after I have known them for an extended time and know that they can be trusted, and even then I was still on the cautious side around them

(I have caught out people before that have lied about what they look like or other aspects about themselves.  As far as I'm concerned, you have ONE chance around me.  If you blow it by lying to me, you don't get another shot. I'll always keep you at arms length.  In times where headsets and webcams are dirt cheap and cams come standard in most laptops it is easy enough to see what the other person looks like without resorting to a years-old photo.)

I haven't.

No, I have not, but I wouldn't mind grabbing a beer with some.

Not yet

I've met a lot of people from games I've played in the past. I even had someone stop and visit me from Romania last year.

that is pretty sweet



I've met lots of Achaeans. They're rarely the same irl. Ive stayed pretty good friends with a handful though


yes, including a meet up with several some years ago in amsterdam

not yet




can't work out if i'd ever want to or not either.

I guess so but I've kind of cheated and enabled some of my real life friends to get into the game so. :P

Never had the opportunity


I met Gnaash!

And a couple Achaean girls

Three of my friends play achaea, and thats how I got started. Since then I've met three others.



Yep. Had sex with em too!

No. Never really had the desire, though.

Not as of yet.


Well, except for that time I tried to get a RL friend to play it. But they've since gone inactive, and no longer want to play IRE games. :(


Sounds like how I got started, only the opposite way around

Haven't yet!

Not yet, though I would like too. Have talked about it with a few fellow brits, and so it will probably happen soonish, sounds fun! 

Am a bit worried on the real life/achaea ratio of chatting though, I love achaea so would probably not be able to help talking about it :P 

I have quite a few people on MSN though, haven't Skyped with any yet though I would like too.

I haven't, but I consider a couple close friends anyway.

Though I'm in the process of making plans to later this year. :P

nope. At least not in person

In person, no. But it'd be interesting to do so later.

I never did.

We've had a couple of achaean meets in Amsterdam and Copenhagen I've attended to

Not for text games yet, but my WoW guild hold regular meetups which I go to despite no longer playing. I'm also a yearly attendant of the EVE Online fanfest as well as cheaper airfare prices have enabled me to make it to the unofficial London meets of that as well.



I'd so like doing a player meet up but everyone usually seems to live several states away.



I am Bill Nighy, and I have monthly autograph signings for Underworld fans.




It'd be weird for me.

Not many I know that live in and around NZ.. I do actually share a house with a woman I met in Achaea, and I'm dating my IG husband so it hasn't been all that bad.

Yay! A fellow New Zealander!

Nope, haven't met any IRL. I've talked on Skype with some, though.

Yeah. I have, and I probably would go to a player meeting. Would be interesting.

I've met one.. And only one.

But I'd like to.

cause otherwise.. It'll be a lot of walking.

nope and probably will not. Not easy to find somebody that is close by. Most people are from other countries.


From back in my Dragonrealms days, I've met a lot of people.  Even dated one of them!


I probably wouldn't now, though.

No, but I've met RL friends in an MMO. 

Some people I'd be willing to meet. others, not so much. 

I have not, but I wouldn't mind it

I would like to

I think that going  to meet people in real life would be fun. But it would depend on where you wanted to meet. 

I'm actually about to in a little while, but to be honest I'm not very threatened by the idea of meeting anyone from Achaea. There are actually times where I would LOVE to meet the person who plays the character.  To either just hang out with and get to know or to kick square in the nuts. 

What's "kick square in the nuts"? Is it as painful as it sounds?


Confirming MMO gamers make awesome drinking buddies.



We all have the same woes and shmoes about the game. DRINK IT ALL AWAY.

Yeah, they're all in my basement

Lies! :/

I haven't yet.



My favourite people are those I've met through these games, since you talk to them practically every day! Would still like to meet a bunch more. Any other South Island kiwis give me a yell!

Met one person I was thrilled to hear lived in the same country. A year later and we live together.



I don't ever seem to be able to make the meets.

Nope, and I never will.

but I've met a RL friend's MMO friend IRL! :D

Nope, not yet. Except for those I knew irl and started playing with, of course

It appears I might, soon.

In two days, apparently.


I probably won't, even if given the chance.



Strongly considered it, but not yet.

Thinking about it!

Maybe. Most Achaeans sound pretty cool so that might be an idea for the future.

I've met several and still talk to many now even after movin on to anew realm

I met two of the friends I had the longest from Achaea...we got hammered in a hotel room. It was p damn fun, just saying! Still talk to both of them IRL too.


But there are a couple people I'd like to meet IRL. Stratas's eDaughter, a certain protege, etc. The really cool people I already talk with OOCly

I've been to meets with other MUDs, gone out clubbing and all sorts of fun things. I found it changed the game though, I spent more time chatting and less time playing, so I've kept Lusternia pretty much separate.

When I played Achaea back in 2005 I found a pen pal, but we never met in real life. We still talk on and off occasionally.


Last summer, though, I met a role-playing friend and we had a great time hanging out and playing video games at my place on campus. However, when I was driving her back home my car randomly caught on fire in a freak malfunction of sorts. We're both fine but that was the most ridiculous thing....ever.


Great story. We're best friends now.



Brought a lot of friends to Achaea

it'd be weird for me, i guess.