IRE Asks: Have you met MMO friends IRL?

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One of the best things about MUDs are the tight-knit communities. With the smaller playerbase, everything becomes a little more personal. Admin have better relationships with the playerbase, and you can be Facebook buddies with your character's biggest rival. In the past, there have been a few group meetups organized by players, and some players have moved across continents to begin lives together!


If you've met another player from an MMORPG, tell us about it! Were they what you expected before you met them? Was it just a casual meet at a local bar, or was there something more involved? Would you attend a player meetup? Tell us below!


My two best friends in high school I met at 14 through Achaea and then a few others more recently, though for the most part these were all people I'd talked to for years on clans though before I met them, so it didn't feel too odd. For the most part too these aren't people I am on the same 'side' with oddly enough so it's not actually effected my in-game relations.




I have not

A few times.  It has always been a positive experience, and I am looking forward to meeting another MUD friend in a few months.

Can't say I have. I have met MMO gamers IRL, though. Does that count?


I actually have recently for the very first time. :)

not yet! I hope to soon though

Hope to perhaps be able to attend IronCon someday.


I think that's just for IRE staff

I know two mostly "dormant" people, but they are the ones who introduced me to Achaea all those years ago. Other than that, I just use skype/fbook/msn.....

I haven't met up specifically with friends made via MMOs, but I have met up with friends that I used to roleplay with frequently. I met my BF via roleplaying, as well as all of my current best friends. My BF and I visit eachother frequently and we lived together with a few roomies for a year, one of whom was a RL friend of his, the other his friend's GF, who we all met via roleplaying on forums. We've also met several other people that we roleplayed with frequently and plan to meet others. I've had one of our friends stay with me for a Christmas holiday, as the guy is military and was unable to visit his own family for the holiday, due to finances and not having enough time to take off for the trip home. My family and I were closer and it was more doable for him to visit and stay with us.


If I had the opportunity to go to a convention and meet up with IRE players that I play with frequently, I would totally do it.

though my interaction with Rispok and Cinya was fairly limited before we met.

I unfortunately haven't had the chance, but I'm hoping to an opportunity presents itself.

i took one hostage, does that count?

I've only introduced one person to IRE, but never met anyone from the games.

Attend a player meetup, but haven't done so yet!



MUD yes, MMORPG nope.




nope and doesn't look like that will change anytime soon.

Ew, no. I hang out with real creepers. But I talk to them a lot on msn. Skype is too stalky to me.


Actually met my boyfriend through Achaea :P


I haven't done it yet, but I would if given the chance. Some people at least.

I went to a big meetup of friends from my old game in Chicago, we had a super blast! And I have met several friends from games when I was in their city, or they passed through mine. Its fun to meet up and talk!

It really can be.



Yep. Went to the playermeet. Was fun.

I never officially met anyone IRL, but I do know one person IRL that plays Achaea who was probably introduced to it around the same time I was because we both had another friend who introduced us back in the day and he has now stopped playing...

I used to play Triple Triad Online (Questria) with a great group and I have met some of those IRL.


You've met me, jerk.

If I knew them before hand? If so, I meet up with a couple of guys almost every day... though I'd love to meet more of the local crew if anyone else around here actually played.

I haven't met any internet friends in person, even though one of them lives ridiculously close to me. :<

Actually, my husband is someone I met from an MMO, and I often joke that I had him Imported, since he came to be with me from another province.
We're expecting our first child in January.


I've met a few of my gamer friends, and some of them I'd known before one of us got the others into Imperian, whichever way that was. Averu, and Adelphos, Tiya and Ensme, MInouu and Chaea.


But there's been plenty more I wish I had known in real life, be it from a deep-seated respect, to see how my life measures up to theirs, or because we spend long hours on a weekly basis talking about pretty much everything. Miichelle, Ike, Raini, Jorachim, Dagobert or Sharatar, Xaarin or Cirian...


Honestly, I've thought a few times what it would be like to be involved in a full-scale IRE convention (Yes, I'm a geek. I used to work the convention circuit myself, so I have an affinity) and One day, I hope there will be, so I can meet these amazing people in person!

done this twice in my life, with no regrets :D

I know one of my MMO friends IRL

No, and I don't feel a need to meet them. IG and RL are two seperate things, for me, and I like to keep them that way.


Credit comment.



Not a of yet, but who knows

I like my ic/oc separation too much

many more in the future I hope




Met one.

at IronCon, or MhaldorCon! Seriously looking forward to both, but particularly the latter :D


Yes, I have!


No, and I never plan to.

 I got into it via my GF, so yeah.

It could be scary in a lot of cases!

I've known my RL friends who play Achaea before I played Achaea. Still feels like I'm the newb of the group. :)

Credit comment.

I have including going to a mud convention with over 200 other mudders from four linked muds.


Credit comment.

I doubt there would be any meet-ups where I live.

Unless they were my friends already

I want to go to one of these meets without signing up, just show up, bump into people and troll them.

No, I haven't.

I don't think I'd ever want to.


not other then the forums

no, thank god

Some clan members from one of the shooters I played but not from any MMOs. I barely manage to skype, its so rapey.


no, but perhaps I'll manage to at some point

I'm listening to a group of people who normally hang out at the pool go on and on about the game love lives. If I had to listen to it in real life I'd be doing 20 to life.

Dreas taunts me with his dinner regularly, that fiend.


Yup but IC stays IC and OOC stays OOC.  

What is this "real life"?

But from other factions so they wouldn't qualify as IC friends

I have not.

No, and I'm not sure if I would.

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--- Yes it is a joke...well depends on the credit allowance.