IRE Asks: How did you discover MUDs?

A dwarf from the MMORPG Achaea

 MUDs are like secret societies - small fanatical communities, hard to find if you aren't looking, and your friends think you're crazy when you tell them they exist. Some might even say that MUDs are unfriendly to newbies and outsiders. If discovering MUDs is like navigating through the barbed-wire trenches of the internet, how did you do it? 


While some predicted the death of text games, MUDs stand a growing chance of making a full-swing comeback in popularity. A popular MMO blog recently promised to review the top three MUDs mentioned in the comments, and the graphical MMO market is desperately trying to figure out how to meet their customer's increasingly loud demands for open-world, player driven gameplay.


As we enjoy the waves of traffic from the ocean of dissented MMORPG players, we wonder how players discovered our tiny gem worlds in the old days of the internet. Did you stumble across us by chance during a Google hunt for "free games", or were you familiar with another MUD and a friend recommended us? Like most modern religeons, we believe there are infinite paths to accepting MUDs as the superior game.


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I'd heard about these MUD things. Googled, found topmudsites, found Achaea!

A friend told me about this Star Wars mud he played back in the day. Later I found Achaea through a link on the 8-bit Theater web comic

I was tired of this smaug code based game I was playing and went down the topmud site list and eventualy stumbled on aetolia and got tired of that atmisphere after a few years and have been hooked on lusternia ever since.  go lusternia and ir over all.  best sets of muds.

Word of mouth for me. I needed more things to kill time with, and this has worked the best out of everything!

Through a friend. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing.


I played my first mud, Aeon, when I was around 11 and it was wow, oh my god fantastic to have a 2.4k baud modem and use CompuServe.. After that shut down, I transitioned to a few others and eventually ended up on Achaea and just carried on through all the IRE games since.

Now now, it was called Compu$erve (at least in my checkbook!).

I played my first mud, Aeon, when I was around 11 and it was wow, oh my god fantastic to have a 2.4k baud modem and use CompuServe.. After that shut down, I transitioned to a few others and eventually ended up on Achaea and just carried on through all the IRE games since.

Like sorta just started playing maaan

made me do it


I think it was a sight for MUDS in general..



I saw something about MUDs on Ubuntu forum and looked it up out of sheer curiosity.  Found Topmudsites and Achaea, of course, and its old website.  It looked pretty harmless, but also fascinating.  Spent several days just reading the Mythos and decided that it would be fun to live in this strange world.

My cousin introduced me to Achaea when I was 14 or 15 and I discovered other IRE stuff from there. a college far, far away.  GOPHER led me to NukeWar.  A friend of that MUD led me to Achaea, and voila!

My brother's played it and got me hooked


A student of mine, back in 99.  Been here ever since, in many forms.


I showed up at a LARP session with real armor and a real 3 handed sword.  I was banned from that and needed to vent my frustrations somewhere else, so I found Achaea, and have been making Cyrene put up with me.  Thanks, Cyrene, I love ya.

Boyfriend pressured me into playing with him.

I am quite glad i didn't hear about ire from friends because i like keeping online and offline lives seperate.

Me too usually, though I found a friend played the same MUD as me once and we shared lots of maps. That was nice.

A friend dragged me into an old Godwars (circa 1995) and I've been playing ever since.

But I've been addicted since 2005

I was really into table-top RPGs and my then-boyfriend spent hours playing aetolia. Via watching over his shoulder, it looked like fun and so I rolled up my newb. I then got WAY more into it than he did or ever was and he eventually stopped playing...

that tends to happen, we need more of those starters!

Did you dump him because he couldn't keep up?

Had a friend that discovered it, no idea how, and he told all of his friends.  He didn't stick around long, but I did!

When I was in college two guys in my class (who both coincidently had the same first name) had kind of an online gaming turf war going on.  One was like a WoW cult leader drawing all the underclassmen in to join him on some massive raid or whatever. He even gave away video cards to make sure their systems could meet specs. The other had less of a following and all he said was just come try Aetolia out and it'll blow Warcraft out of the water.

did it?

I heard it through the grape Vine,,,

Yum grapes!

a friend


Hubby did it.


I used to play minecraft a lot, like a LOT. I really loved how the game was quite open world and you could change many things due to the fact that the graphics didn't hold it back much, allowing for much modifications patching and inventions of ones own. I told my friends I like it because of those reasons and they pointed me to dwarf fortress. An amazing game based around building up a fortress using dwarves as workers. You start with some miners, aquire wealth make an army to protect said wealth and in the meantime take advantage of the well designed physics system built into the game, and all based on ACSII text graphics. From there I was amazed by the idea, but the micromanaging of the dwarfs put me off a bit, so I went back to minecraft. I continued however looking for more and more detailed experiences in the gameplay world until one day one of my co-workers mentioned that they used to play MUDs, an amazingly detailed multiplayer game where you could do pretty much anything, people could even wink at you. I was interested, but I didn't have time to really check out the concept much. So time passed and one day, while watching The Big Bang theory one of the main characters was playing a text based adventure game and it reminded me about MUDs and so I did a quick google search played some Avalon, the community was a bit stagnant, one cant do much on their own, and the subscription fee was a bit offputting. But I played it for a bit, the only reason I found out about Achaea specifically was I wanted a client that supported mapping, and it seems no one wrote mapping scripts for Avalon only IRE games as they were referred to. I was curious so I made an account and played a bit, now I love Achaea more than any other game.  The end.

He did show meee


I tried once the text game of 'the hitchhiker guide of the galaxy' that intrigued me. After that it was just a matter of time to look for something more. I ended up in Achaea and I don't think there is something better out there.

I know Achaea wasn't my first MUD, but I stumbled across it while searching for other MUDs can't tell you what made me look for MUDs though.

I think it was in middle school, looking for RPG games and that sort of thing in the school's computer lab. I was really into the Wheel of Time at that time, so when I found a MUD based on that I started playing it quite a bit. It was very overwhelming, died a lot, little instruction, and had to log off at inns or you'd lose all your progress. Which I remember being incredibly frustrated by. Then, later, I discovered Achaea.


It was this or cure cancer. This won.

A friend or something

just found myself in this world.

I hate doing stupid ones like this.


I discovered MUDs through a friend and found Achaea a few years later when I decided I wanted to play.


Wikipédia ...

Hard to remember now

Yea.. when you hit 10+ years it's kinda funky

Yea.. when you hit 10+ years it's kinda funky

Bored in my lunchbreak and remebered them from my youth

that must've been a really bland lunch you were having on my summer breaks as a kid. Didn't get into IRE until recently though.

A friend introduced me to a mud while I was visiting him at college. This was roughly 25 years ago and computer technology was not what it is now. The screen was black and the only text color available was bright green. As I remember there were not many gaming options back then but they did have one goal that everyone wanted to reach, much like everyone wants to make dragon today. Back then if you reached a certain experiance levelr you were granted the ability to create your own little section of the world. All of the computer geeks couldn't wait to do that.

Must have been interesting back in the day to play on that.

Googling? Not sure.

I was looking for an online d&d type game that I could play and found the IRE site. That simple.


Told me

.. a link on some webcomic site, back in 2005. Played Achaea on and off since then.


its all good

A friend of mine got me started on a mud that he was playing, and I been hooked ever since!!

Found out about it from my brother.

From forum RP introduced me

I remembered stumbling across a Mud back in the 90s but it was a pay one (Avalon, I think?) I was too young to be able to pay for it but it stuck in my mind, years later I went searching for a free one and ended up on Achaea.

After reading the Wheel of Time books, I found out there was a game of it, turned out to be a mud. Didn't like that one that much at the time, but it did open the world of muds to me





Though it's the worse of the.. five? 


Though it's the worse of the.. five? 

I found it through my brother, and I watched him play it as I grew up. Now I'm addicted, nearly.

Was bored one day of an MMORPG that really was lacking in the RPG aspect, so went looking for something more. Found Achaea, was all kinds of confused, stuck with it, and have been hooked ever since!

ad for IRE on a webcomic, myself



I'd recently read a book set in Midkemia, and searched for a game based in the same setting.

I was on a random mud finder site, and hit the wierdest looking MUD I saw, little did I know it happenned to be the best


of a friend

Just happened to find it when i was bored now can't leave

Aetolia is best




next to imperian, though!

I dunno but this is worth a credit.

worth a credit

In Ubuntu looking around in the installer for a new game, stumbled upon Mudlet. Randomly chose Achaea to try and got stuck! heh heh

I got it in 2004 I think. Loved it. Been playing off and on since. Always seem to come back.

about the same time i did too.

In other words my already growing addiction to internet games led me to find MUDs. They're like MMOs, except generally better.

Restricted from doing anything BUT staying in my room and reading, however study hall let us use the computers in the school library in middle and high school....friend of mine at the time introduced me to :o Then....after a few MUDs of DBZ, Achaea. All's history from there

my brother recruited me


getting tired



I hallucinated while eating paint chips

Man I miss eating paint chips. Damn OSHA regs!

A show mentioned Achaea years back, and I looked into it. The Screensavers, I think?

That's really nice of the show. At least we get our 15 minutes of fame every now and then, heh.

Wow that's some time ago.


its true


Heh, amazing how many people ended up here because of that little segment.

Through a friend.

whywouldn't it be

Saw MUDs mentioned on the Ubuntu forum

Anyone else remember dial-up and BBS's?


You better


A friend of mine originally introduced me to a MUD called Dark Legacy - it only had about 20 players on in its peak time and after six monthsish the silence started to get to me. I stumbled across Top Mud Sites and gave Achaea a shot purely due to the incredible size of the playerbase and the nexus client (totally suckered in by the pretty UI). Convinced a few Dark Legacy players to follow suit and I went with the Sentinels Guild basically because of its impressive wolf emblem on the guild list. Worked out though!

Through the TopMudsite

from a nerd friend hahaha.

are you?


I would


Made me do it


Saw it on the Topmudsites

the old infocom games got me pretty weel started on my path to mudding. once i started to write games using the inform language i thought to myself. wouldnt this be amazing if it could be multi player. which is how i found muds. i started playing avalon the first age and from there a friend of mine and i started looking for other muds to play. i tried several like mediva and such but nothing ever seemed to feel natural everything felt like i was wearing a helmet that cut off my peripheral vision. untill i found achaea. i have palyed achaea on and off for almost 10 years now and i just cant find anything comperable.


Think a friend recommended me. I fell out of touch with him ages ago, though, and I can't remember if he still plays or not.

where'd the new questions go?




As the only girl in a group of really nerdy male friends... it was inevitable.  I started playing MUDs back in the AOL days.

I found Achaea accidentally while I was searching the internet for games, I saw the picture of.. well.. a wall of text. I wondered: how can one play a game built entirely from texts? I decided to try it, and now it's my favorite game.

I discovered them after playing MUD-style games on a local BBS back in the day. I originally was there to play Doom and Quake but a game called Swords of Chaos became my and most other user's favorite game. Been hooked on them since, though I didn't play Achaea for about the first 10 years it was out for whatever reason.

I found Achaea by complete accident years ago. I tried getting into it as Druid, but it wasn't for me. A year or so later I did a Merchant Magi, but I forgot about him after a bit. I then tried  a rogue Occultist. About a year ago I started again, and have been more involved then ever.

Don't you?


I actually don't remember the name of my first mud - but I was a huge Xena freak when I was about 8 or 9 and was looking up stuff on the internet about it. Found a mud and didn't really understand it. Years later, I decided to look it up again and couldn't find it. Instead, I found Avalon: The First Age. I played it for a while and a friend from there introduced me to Aetolia. Never looked back. I still log on to First Age every now and then, but Aetolia is my true love. (Still never forget or stop loving your first - is true with MUD's too!! )

Its old though


webcomic links

was playing Legend of the Green Dragon and a friend asked me to try.


also: mangos

What's with mangoes? People keep mentioning it.

Yes, what are mangos?

I was surfing through AOL back in 97 and found the game "Federation".  It was awesome (for those days) and friends there led me to find more "MUDS".  I played lots of other MUDs and glad I found Achaea a couple years ago.

You will fear me!


I played a shitty mud I found somehow and saw achaea on the mud poll website.

Of Nezerra from!

nothing outlasts the energizer


A friend introduced us many many years ago

wizard did it


wizard did it

wizard did it

A wizard did it

A wizard did it

are you?


I was bored, looking for D&D-ish stuff to do on the internet in my Junior High computer lab.





Was a big fan of R.E. Feist's books, and I was searching the interweb for his new book and found that MKO was in development.  So I tried playing Imperian until beta at MKO started.

I discovered Aetolia through playing Achaea... and discovered Achaea through a friend... I am new to Aetolia, but really just wanna roleplay a vampire...

acciedent. I guess via google

My cousin, actually. When I was nine or so, he was trying to get into one. I think it was Achaea, but either way, I was hooked since.

I found out by looking Multiplayer games that were highly customizable but fun. I did found the magic od MUDs, and still love it.

Achaea was my first MUD, I found it on

Basically by hearing about text RPGs from friends, liking those but getting bored of them easily because no real person was seeing what I was doing in them. Thus through Google (I think), I found MUDs and thus IRE.



from Gaia.


thumbs up

are coming

From another IRE!

From my best friend.



Several years ago I read about MUDs in an article of Wired Magazine.

Years later I discovered Lusternia, but I can't remember exactly how (maybe by an advertizing in an administrative game I was playing at that time)



I was in the middle of playing Morrowind (it had only been out for abou two or three years at this is time, which is bizarre as hell to think about), and me and one of my best girlfriends would take turns playing it. One day, when she was taking her turn I basically just googled for stuff. I'm pretty sure I typed in things akin to Morrowind, too, which I think is pretty amusing. 


And on that note, Morrowind has always reminded me of Achaea. 

I saw a friend at University playing it. He asked me to join in, I laughed since I bought a brand new Graphics card the week before. He whined until I tried it and I have not looked back since :)

I've been a fan of text based games for a LONG time now, simply because a well written text game can easily outdo one of the latest games, no matter how good the graphics are, if the story doesn't hold up as well.


The best 'graphics' out there will always be BGA (brain graphics array) graphics =p

Tech TV a loooong time ago. Thanks, Leo!

Edit: That awkward moment when you realised that you already commented on an article.

from Neopets and gaia..




My friends started playing when I was in 4th grade so I started to pick it up.

Achaea is my first MUD, and I have been playing for about 6 months now, thanks to my brother. I am extremely glad that I decided to listen to him!

Since I'm not one of the cool kids who has friends who play muds to introduce me to muds, I had to find it, interestingly enough through a banner ad. I was sick of WoW and FTP MMOs, and I saw one of IRE's wonderful banner ads advertising for a game with dozens of races, hundreds of classes, a bazillion skills, and the best pvp ever invented. So I gave it a shot, and I've been stuck since.

My big brothers friends showed it to me, along with Nartuo anime

My husband.

It was raining on the dirt.


A magic monkey told me! 8D

Forum RPs, did a search, found mudconnector.. mud something.

....surfing the net in 1997. Some friends from that game dragged me into a bashing MUD and I have been addicted ever since!


Through a friend

I don't even remember. I just remember not knowing what the hell was going on.

detention, and someone showed me a magazine about MUDS. From there, history.

My brother turned me on to it, and this was just recently! Before that, I have been mostly console games, starting with an Atari 2600.

Looking for games that my laptop could actually play.  Actually, before that, my older brother played one all the time.  Probably influenced from that in a few ways.

DBZ MUDs when I was, like, ten. I think an INTERNET FRIEND from ENGLAND was like "this is pretty cool." I remember it having a reactionary defense system, like if someone aimed high, you had to block high or something like that, and I think there was a single stat - your power level. It was simple, and probably worse than I remember it, but I liked the simplicity of it. 

Anymore. I vaguely remember seeing the old IRE site when I was back in high school, played for 3 weeks, and then had finals and forgot all about it though I had a lot of fun with it, it wasn't something that really interested me when I was younger.

Took a look at it again recently and man, it's so much better than I remember, though that's probably me just growing and having different (hopefully more mature?... Nah) interests.

Achaea was my first, followed an add on



Started on a free MUD on AOL... it eventually became a paid/subscription style game.

I was trolled into it. I was on a website asking people what graphics card I should get to play MMORPG they told me I didn't need that because all MMORPGs sucked. Then they told me to play Achaea, which I did.

I think surprisingly it was through runescape, back long ago when I had dial up  I played the free version and that lead to me wanting to play something else-I disliked the whole lack of being able to connect to others and affect the world even then. I ended up looking for another game on google, if my memory is correct, and somehow ended up on Achaea where I existed for a while before leaving, ended up in Imperian for a bit and now I'm firmly rooted in Lusternia

not the rest

I think it was through my brother, actually.

Stumbled onto it to find an alternative to Everquest, which I was too poor to play.

I don't remember. I recall thinking it was weird people would play a game with nothing by text, though.

I found out about muds, achaea being the first one, when I was sitting in class years ago playing solitare instead of doing the typing assignment I was suppose to be and a classmate ran over and said "hey make a character in this game" and I never looked back!

while walking, i stepped into a puddle.

I found MUDs back when I was in the late 80s.  Back then the ones I played were hidden on other college's servers, and had to migrate a lot so they'd not be shut down.


I "re-found" them (Achaea) through a forum site I used to belong to.  When I saw the little article on it and saw it was a MUD, I remember thinking "No way!  I thought those died out.".


So glad I was wrong.

I randomly stumbled across this really not great MUD called Ancient Anguish. Played for a while. Loved the concept not thier execution of it. Started searcing for others, found Achaea and the rest is history. I've been playing IRE games for over 10 years now in one form or another



I played my first MUD in 1992, my parents had work-related Internet access.

Found Achaea by following a link on a webcomic site.. might have been Ctrl-Alt-Del, but I can't say for sure.

Same here, I think it was VG CATS for me, but i'm also unsure.

My older brother introduced me to Achaea about as soon as I could type.

you will all DIE! as an avid fan of the books of Feist I was a big user of the Forums and Mailing list at which had a link to the in development page of Midkemia Online. I have been playing MKO since release.


Forum RP from a few years ago, I was looking for another one since the one I was on died and for some reason I got on mudconnector or something. Mudmagic?


In 8th grade a decent portion of my primary social group played Achaea, thusly I started to, funny thing is now only I play!

One part dirts + one part waters = muds


i wanted an involved game that i couldn't find in graphics games



Adelphos of Imperian was a friend of mine for just over a decade when I moved to a different province about thirty six hours worth of a drive away. When he moved to another country, we kept in touch only through MSN (Yes, that's all I had at the time. Ah, the good old days!) and we mentioned that we both had been having trouble writing as of late. It was a hobby we both enjoyed, and he mentioned how role playing games, another hobby we had mutually appreciated, had helped him. I was unfamiliar with text games, but the crativity of LARP and other similar styles had always appealed to me during the years of our closest friendship.


In any case, he started telling me about the world, and being a writer-stilted type myself, I found the idea intriguing. I signed up with Aislygn, and I've never played a damned things different in the five years since!

a friend



Of course



When I was thirteen

started it all


but this was back in the mid late 90s.  We just started getting home PCs and discussed what games there were to play.

The best


a friend and stuff and free credits

you know the drill


found it long before I was ready for it...but once I was I was hooked

MSN's Dragonrealms was my first MUD and I found it just poking around for free games to play. It had a 30 day trial and I was hooked. When I couldn't afford to play it anymore I did a google search for free MUDs and found the topmudsites and did like many people do: tried the #1 game first. Unfortunately it was, and sadly still is, Aardwolf (I swear they cheat, there's no way that many people play let along vote regularly over Achaea!). No rp, l33t speak and all, and within the first two days of playing I was molested by some random chick. While the last isn't a horrible thing all on its own, it's not what I was looking for. So, I tried the #2 game which was *dun Dun DUN* Achaea... and life was never the same, heh.


Was hunting around for an online game to kill time with my sister and stumbled upon Achaea. Played that for around 5 years, then bored of it when my friends stopped playing. A few years later, was curious to see what IRE had been up to in my absence, and found myself suddenly addicted to MkO.


A group of male friends got me into it, they also got another girl they knew into it. 8 years later, the guys all quit after a few months, but her and I are still playing. Ran into her in game on my new character, didn't know her char name, but worked out we knew each other on an ooc clan, was a bit of a shock!

...on a crappy computer. Turns out MUDs don't care about your video card.



I had a friend that told me about Achaea. He just came right out and told me that I should play it. That was a while ago, and I wasn't able to play it until recently because of my horrible typing. I can now type around 50-60 words per minutes, so I came back.



friends and family



And credits and friends and happinesss

mostly for the credits


Well honestly I was feeling a little old school one day and decided to look onlinr and see if I could find a copy of Zork or Loom I don't know how many of you remember those games but when my search failed time and time again eventually I just typed in text games and low and behold what shows up but a MUD search and I think at that time aardvark was ranked number 1 and Achaean number 2 so I tried them both and I just couldn't get into aardvark and kept going back to Achaean and before I knew it was hooked and even now 6 years later I may leave for a time but eventually I get nostalgic and sapience grabs a hold of me and wont let go!

Stumbled on it 10 years ago when I was searching for another game.

I was like 12, I think, too young, either way, and extremely bored. As I searched the interwebs for amusement, I came by Avalon. Great first impression, but they ask a monthly fee. I was like, lolno.

Then, a while afterwards, I tried to find a similar game, ended up with Achaea. Never really got past my novice exam and catching butterflies. I think I tried Imperian after that, to end up with Lusternia.

Remained at Lusternia, the eternal noob (still too young to actually play proficiently) and ended up fading away.

Few years later, Midkemia came along, and I tried it out (while waiting for ToP, I think). Now I'm stuck there ever since, much to my liking!

Still and forever


That would fun to do




Cool stuff


Say something besides "credit". Even if its just how you are feeling today.


I found achaea via a web search for the number 1 mud. Achaea was number 1 at that time. this was something like 10 years ago...I think. 10 years is a lot to ask of my memory.

Was curious about MUDs, mentioned on Ubuntu forum and found Achaea on TMS.

I came across MKO whilst surfing Raymonds E.Fiests website best moment of my life :)


credit comment

from the forum rps

About nine or ten years ago, my best friend at the time told me about Achaea. On and off, I've been loving it ever since, and I've had several different alts.

Do they keep these up still?





in a home far far away. The modem made screechy noises.


About two months ago my friend introduced me to them while I was sick. She knows I like tabletop games, she thought I might like Achaea. She was right ^_^

i googled mmo or rpg and somehow Achaea popped up.

Credit comment.




When records were vinyl things that you spun in a circle to hear songs, CompuServe was competing against AOL, and you had your own personal collection of floppy disks to boot up your computer so you could connect with a BBS server.....

I had been happily playing tabletop D&D for 15+ years by that point and playing computer games like Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans a few years later, did a lot with the old Yahoo RP group postings (don't think they have those groups anymore) which was pretty exciting since it was like a Choose Your Own Adventure book being written by other people/characters.

Went back to college and a friend knew I was into playing computer games, showed me Imperian. I thought it was really rough trying to read everything and do stuff at the same time. It was like trying drive and read a novel at the same time. Joined the game 4 months after it first started and been addicted ever since. Spent thousands of hours and money on it throughout the years, left for World of Warcraft for a year or so, came back. Some things you just can't substitute like buying generic cheese or purple drink. It may look like the real thing, but it just isn't the same.




i dont even remember

Don't go thru tinfoil hats.

it was painful

Achaea was featured on Tech TV, I believe it was on The Screensavers. Been playing it on and off since then.

Introduced by my GF







A comment purely for a credit aint got nothing productive to say.

I was interested in learning a scripting language or programmingand someone had recommended MUDs as a fun way to teach yourself the basics and enjoy it. Turned out they were right.


I'd have quit by now if my brother was not in it




A long time ago, when our AOL online game was down, a group of friends dragged me into one of the old DIKU Muds. It was a riot and I have been hooked ever since.


I was reading an old intro to internet book a decade ago. It said "MUDs are highly addictive" and caution students from joining one. I was an incoming college freshman then. I thought to myself, no way I'm going to be addicted to a text game

I'm still here a decade after.




most people here are old.

when I first opened mudlet, achaea old logo got my attention and was the first I tried and the one I got stuck with

Back before the modern world had caught up with my area of the country, we had this thing called a 56k modem and dial-up.  MUDS, and Achaea specifically, was just about the only multiplayer experience I could manage.  Rediscovering the IRE catalog after a few years was a terrific experience and now I can even play while nearly maxing my bandwidth on a big download.

I used to play a game called Dransik, and it went down for a reason I forget now. I started searching for a new game and came across Materia Magica. It took me a while to figure out that it didn't have graphics. Many a MUD later, I stumbled across Avalon, Achaea, Imperian and then Lusternia, in that order.



My friend linked it to me in AIM about a billion years ago.  She never played it much, but it got me hooked right off.

An awesome friend told me about IR!

My friend suggested it, I was interested. I've been playing RPGs for a good chunk of my life - usually those found on consoles and tabletops. This seemed like a fun alternative.

..Even though combat is complicated as -hell-. :(


I saw MUD mentioned on some forum and got curious.

is good



Once on a trip to ancient tibit, a wizend monk gave me a 300 baud modem...there the adventure started.

Screeee, whriiiiiiilllll. Connected.

I used to be a fan of browser based, games like Imperial Conflict, City Struggle and so on... As time passed I found top web games, Followed a link on there, ended up at a MUD. And loved it so much I found myself on Top Mud Sites... tried Aardwolf... hated it, Ended up in NWA which is stagnant in Content, Then found IRE... Awesomeness!