IRE Asks: How did you discover MUDs?

A dwarf from the MMORPG Achaea

 MUDs are like secret societies - small fanatical communities, hard to find if you aren't looking, and your friends think you're crazy when you tell them they exist. Some might even say that MUDs are unfriendly to newbies and outsiders. If discovering MUDs is like navigating through the barbed-wire trenches of the internet, how did you do it? 


While some predicted the death of text games, MUDs stand a growing chance of making a full-swing comeback in popularity. A popular MMO blog recently promised to review the top three MUDs mentioned in the comments, and the graphical MMO market is desperately trying to figure out how to meet their customer's increasingly loud demands for open-world, player driven gameplay.


As we enjoy the waves of traffic from the ocean of dissented MMORPG players, we wonder how players discovered our tiny gem worlds in the old days of the internet. Did you stumble across us by chance during a Google hunt for "free games", or were you familiar with another MUD and a friend recommended us? Like most modern religeons, we believe there are infinite paths to accepting MUDs as the superior game.


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my brother told me and it sounded interesting





I saw a banner ad for Achaea on a games website. It was one of the ones with the Final Fantasy characters in.

Don't think I've ever seen a banner ad for Achaea.




Had a dial-up connection for far too long, and there were fewer and fewer online games available to me.  MUDs became a staple for me, though Achaea is the only one I keep coming back to.

My friend introduced me, funny thing is, we can't actually play together because our cities are enemies XD

Both of you could try a different game together. Not mentioning any names.


I forget, but I started playing Isengard which was a very crappy mud in comparison to Iron Realms Variety.

I found muds by using an old map. Us kids were going to be evicted so we looked for the treasure of One-Eyed Willie.

Credit comment.

a friend and stuff

are expensive

I've yet to discover MUDs.

knew about them already ;).

Tech TV - I think it was on The Screensavers.

is to blame. I used to play other games on their site and happend to find Dragonrealms, an (unfortunately) paid MUD, and played it for a while until I couldn't afford it anymore. I then found Aardwolf *gags* on the topmuds site as it was #1 at the time. That lasted about 3 days when I left after getting completely randomly sexually molested by some chick.. the total lack of RP and organization didn't help, either. I then tried #2, Achaea at the time, and have been there ever since.



My friend played. He introduced me and a few others - now we all play! :D

It was mentioned at some forum.

A quick yahoo search revealed Imperian. From then on I have been unable to escape the vortex that is MUDs.

what the hell were you searching?!



and some friends I hung out with at lunch in HS talked about MUDs one day so I tried some out from mudconnector.  The internet was still a fairly new thing at the time so MUDs were just cooler chat-room type games.



friend introduced me




I actually discovered MUDs a number of years ago through AOL.  At the time, AOL had Dragon Realms and Gemstone.  I gave those shots, but what really sucked me in was a game called Terris.  From Terris (which I played for many years and even staffed), I was exposed to a number of different other MUDs such as Avalon and the like.  Eventually, I found myself in IRE muds where I was impressed with how expansive they were and how much freedom for creative they allowed.

Through college.




I was looking up info about MMOs in '02 and stumbled upon MUDs. Been here ever since, doing nothing of any import in-game.


Credit comment.

I went looking for a new style of game, found Achaea, haven't dropped it since.

the place to be



I was forced to play.  Got 10 years left before I work off my debt.



been thankful to her and will remain so.

Referral by a friend

I played my first MUD with paper and pen and the gray matter between my ears.

where else?



random add on 8-bit theater

the place to find muds



I love em


Is great


Credit comment.



How else?



Stumbled across it. Had no idea what was what for years.

Tech TV

leads to many paths




An ad on their comic website years ago...


I was playing flash games and BAM Achaea...



Boredom does lead to many paths. And many of those paths are trodden by gamers of one type or another. My very first MUD encounter? A friend told me.

started it


I just googled Midkemia online, hoping it would exist, and it did. I was really looking for a video game based on the Midkemia books at the time.




the net








Through a friend

Dunno if a bot or someone actually -really- enthusiastic about it, but was cool.

College roommate had me try some other one, then I move to Achaea and never quit.

I was really just looking for a decent text adventure to play, then found a great online one!

A friend in seventh grade pointed me in the direction.


Man I hated him for it, for the longest time.

Strolled along, looking for new games to play, and somehow found Achaea.

loves me







free credit




from legend of the green dragon

very old forums, not related to gaming

I stumbled across Aetolia first a couple years back looking for role playing games, then eventually switched to Lusternia and haven't looked back!


It called me up one day and it was like, "play me' so I agreed.

A friend

Khairt spent almost four years *sparkle*ing at me in IMs it kind of led me here. 

I played Realms of Despair 15 years ago, after recently getting bored of current MMOs I googled what the top mud was these days and found achaea

I was bored one christmas vacation, idly surfed for games and found Achaea.  Loved it ever since.

I was introduced to text games by a friend of my sister. What I experienced was less than a game. It was... I don't know! I remained interested, but at that time had many other things I was still very into.


I looked for text games eventually. I found a lot of bad games. Eventually, I found Aetolia and have been playing IRE games since! 

by searching for games on ubuntu that take small space in the hard drive..

many, many years ago, when internet was paid for by the hour.

although, before then i played things like the ad&d series (secret of the silver blades et al), and i think MUDs remind me of that experience.

A friend mentioned realms of despair and I made my way to achaea

I saw a friend playing Achaea so I thought I would try one of the different ones.

Looking for more forum rp stuff and came across one of the top sites.

I discovered muds when I was browsing online for a new RPG to play. I came across muds, and having experience with browser based text games, figured I'd give it a try. The first one I stumbled upon was Wheel of Time mud, and to be honest the first experience was very confusing. It didn't really have an intro system or a newbie guide, it more or less just threw you into the world and left you to figure it out, which was very confusing. I ended up not sticking around. Instead, I found another called Avalon: Legends and later it's counter-part Avalon: First Age. I played those for a couple of years before getting fed up with the need to pay-to-play on a monthly basis for just basic access to the game. That was when I found IRE muds, mainly Achaea, and I've been hooked ever since.

I'm not sure computer was the best name for them but yeah their monitors only displayed text. Not sure why they bothered giving them internet connections but they did and the most subversive use we could find for them was mudding. So we did.

One of my students got me into it, back in 1999. I was lost for the first few days, then found that the bounds of reality were seamlessly melting into Achaea, and the outside world was fading into a new, beautiful text world. Good times.


I started playing muds when Gemstone III was available on AOL. Played Dragon Realms for a good long time, and I've been playing Achaea on and off on multiple characters since 1999.