IRE Asks: How do you deal with internet downtime?

Dwarf warrior

The worst thing for any MMO player is to be seperated from their beloved fantasy realm by the very thing that establishes the gateway. When cruel fate raises its finger pointedly and says "you need a break!", we respond "no way, d00d!" and defiantly jam our pens into the tiny Reset buttons on the modem. After twenty-five resets and three "full unplugs" later, we resign ourselves to the fact that this is beyond our control.


Like losing a cherished loved one, MMO gamers will go through stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance (or more depression) when the link to their nirvana is lost. So how do you handle it, IRE players? Do you endlessly pace the floor, staring out your window for the installation tech? Do you run to the hardware store and buy the longest ethernet cable you can find, hoping your neighbor will let you siphon his bandwidth?

Comment below!


I go upstairs, make coffee...yeah stare out the window. Perhaps flop down onto the couch and continue on that book I was reading that's due in two weeks. Hey good idea! I could do that now!

If its partial(ie I dc'ed) I usually check that Greys has been logged out then I just go do something else.



That sounds like a great idea.

I eat food and dance naked in the rain

Books.  There are times I forget they exist...  I think it's time for a LotR re-read, maybe Starship Troopers first.

Grab the laptop and SPRINT to the cafe before my ship crashes!

Oh ouch. That totally reminded me of a time at the library I was fighting an OYSTER at level 85 and they decided to reset the internet.


Spend two minutes seeing if it's me or them, another five packing up, another five running over to the college computer lab, another two logging back in and finding out I'd died.

Tough oyster. I usually regen their damage o.O Though I suppose, 12 min is a long time.

I think I could tank an Oyster for twelve minutes, now I am going to have to try this.

You should?

Meep! At least it made for a funny deathsight?

The best part is explaining to your friends who saw it :D

Yeah, so this oyster was hugge and really evasive... I couldn't hit it for minutes and for some reason it was using piety on me.

good thing you just died. imagine if it gave you diarrhea...

Ah. Ships.



the joys of having a Starbucks across the street from where I live.

Do they give you free expired coffee as well?


I just find something else to do, unless I was doing something important. Then I fret. Alot.

Yeahhh..especially if I'm RPing or in the middle of a big project..

Agreed, I live above my local.  Sorry about it.

the Baristas at my nearby Starbucks make for awesome company too, so after I make sure I didn't die I grab a cup and continue. Or have a conversation with them if there's no one around.

I love Starbucks!


Must not spend to keep up Iron Elite D:

:( That sucks.

hold my self and rock back and forth slowly.

I bet you do..

that's me!  Or, apce, cry, freak out, and cuss the internet and its mother out.

Yes. Cussing the internet and all its relatives.

Damn you, Fidonet!

and wait for the nice men?


I do the actual work i was supposed to be doing!

Yuuuup. That's me.

Me too!


I disconnected once time when I was sailing, I logged on the cell phone and sailed to harbour. NOT FUN

I log in on my phone, or go to FarmVille on my phone.

I have the luck to have a very good internet connection, so most of the times I'm disconnected the problem seems to be somewhere on the IRE side of the internet, since those are the only unavailable servers at those moments. There's not much I can do about that, so I just wait it out, it usually does not last longer than five minutes- since the internet is full of websites (who would have guessed that?), there are tons of possibilities to pass the time. My connection itself has not failed me so far, but I guess I'd call my provider's customer service and tell them to start doing what I pay them for.


Disconnected while bashing or, probably worse, sailing really sucks though. Happened to me once, and when I was able to return, the ship had crashed into Ulangi... no fun (it did not sink, so that was the good news).


It's inevitible

good point

I find that I always disconnect in the most convenient of times (like while running to rezz someone)... but my problems dont result often from ethernet problems... it's always power failures yesterday we had 5 in one day at least every day there is one power failure by me... In fact most of my deaths have been caused by this. The question I always ask is... WHY NOW!!! Murphy can be so mean!

Murphy is my dog's name.


And she resets my modem. True story. She's sadistic.

But she's so cute doing it, you just can't stay mad at her... Though you probably comtemplate throwing the modem out the window.

At least with an internet failure you can do other computer-y things.  Power failure just sucks.

I put paper print out of the game on the monitor and pretend!

rather then stay online and go quickly.

Read a book. :P

Be productive

The universe saying I need to. That or my conscience...

You will anger the procrastinating gods!

Nothing wrong with some forced productivity. :-D

bugfixes for svo!

The most annoying scenario is internet failing while bashing!

Anyway, this happens seldomly, I have a good internet connection and I play on a weekly basis, most of the time. However, I cannot accept to be in a place without internet, I'd feel like deprived of one sense. That's why my mobile becomes crucial and its hotspot function vital (I mean, not just for gaming, but for living in general).

and defiantly jam our pens into the tiny Reset buttons on the modem.

I totally read it wrong first few times. 

I just spam CTRL+R on Mudlet every so and so seconds.


Reminds me of the good old days od dial-up when you'd have to re-connect after every 5 hours.

Having to do that quite often. I was glad MUSHclient had a 'connection timer' back in 97 so I knew when to logout and reconnect so I didn't get the DC!


Z-mud had the same thing - my ex and I never looked at it and were always miffed at time-out time.


Reading that makes me glad to be too young to have mudded on dial-up.

Thank god its not 2005 and earlier. Nowadays there's so much redundant internet around it would take an apocalypse to make me do something else... Recently moved house and got by using 2 iphones and an android tablet on a round-robin proxy to survive...


On the other hand, if there was an apocalypse, time to go snowboarding!

I get out of the house. But if there's no fun people in town and have nothing else to do, I play and watch everything I have on the hard drive.


play with my dog!

That's one of my favourite methods of procrastination too.

I think I'm addicted to it.. 


*stands up and*


Hi, my name is Akuno, and I'm addicted to Lusternia

Oh dear, you need help!


I feel your pain man. It's a hard drug, that is.



I read books.

What is this 'books'? ;)

You find in the library, and people win the bardic monthly contest for?

I should read his books. :/



This actually is a pretty productive idea as opposed to sitting in the corner and crying when my internet goes out. Thanks Liyab.

I usually go for a nice drive


let the kids out from under the stairs and feed them!!!


Nah, heh. I read a book, or clean the house. Pretty boring really.

Watch a movie.  Or read a book.  Usually do that now, and visit le IRE when I need something to do!

get some work done for once :)

Hehe. I have refined the art of procrastination..I'm sure I could find something else to distract me.


I tend to be annoyed because I will likely have died. Then usually I suck it up and try to go do something productive, or read.

same thing. though sometimes I will play warcraft3

I try to be productive.. that usually lasts all of 10 minutes before I'm playing some non-internet based game... heh




Well I guess i would have to do one of the things I was supposed to get done in the first place, otherwise I would turn on the console and play that.

I read a book. 

I wait patiently for it to be up again.

TV uptime.


Code more.

I head to the range if it is nice enough out

I read a book.


Homework or study

Curl up in a ball. :(

usually with screams, pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth



I wind up running to the datacenter....

I tend to just move on to something that doesn't require an internet connection.

Same here.

i read, or play xbox, or do some work, or just go to sleep.

Wonder which of my freinds I should call. To go play Lusternia there...

Depends, if its early enough, I take my kiddo out to play at the park next to my apartment or go pester my husband/roommates for giggles

I typically read a book, accompanied by many longing gazes at my laptop

If I wasn't in a fight at the time I usually don't really throw a fit because i know the chances are high that I will not be dead when I return. If the problem cannot be fixed I do something else, watch Tv, reload shotgun shells, workout in my weightroom, whatever happens to grab my attention first.


I turn on my xbox and play some Madden.

Luckily I haven't experienced this yet, but I suppose I'll just go browse the web or play some other online games.


Sims 3! >.>

Usually I just go let our dogs out because they've been begging for hours by then. Heh. Neglectful, me.

Go do more laundry, dishes..and all the other ugly things I pretend I don't need to do while playing Achaea

I log on to the forums with my phone.

:P The forums of all places...least it's not in game where people will jump you and you'll lack reflexes I suppose..

murder, lots and lots of murder

Read a book.

Go talk to your family or watch some TV

Its usually when the power is out and I have to read with a flashlight, while freezing to death.


I panic and go to the nearest starbucks!

I read audio books for fun

There's about a 75% chance that I'm listening to an audiobook at any given moment while I'm on Lusternia.  (I am a Simon Vance fangirl FOR LIFE!)

For hours

Being disconnected while hunting is dangerous.


If that's not an issue, I'd probably just go do something else until it comes back.


I usually fire up my DS and play some pokemon while I wait for achaea to get back up again.

killing spree



Hope you never get downtime.

Mine never goes down.


I write out things that I want to make in the game, plan stuff out and then clean! :P


Go insane, I think..

It was on how to fix my network..

Lots of things to do...its called LIFE ^.^  Either you got one or don't ^.~

Read, design customizations for in-game objects... :3

I'm terrible at patience in general, so I would probably just hit 'reconnect' over and over and over until it miraculously worked, while attempting to distract myself with stuff I was supposed to be doing in the first place.  Namely, er, making and shipping the orders people've placed on my Etsy shop.  BAD chainmailler!  BAD!


Though, in reality, if I get disconnected I just hop on to my neighbor's wifi and try to get logged back in in time.  Also, since I hardly ever poke anything with pointy objects, there's usually nothing trying to kill me back.  So it's not quite as dangerous for me!


More panic.

Then no panic and regret and/or fear.

So panic :D

It's too hard to deal with but when I have to its usually offline games, or my phone browser.

Desperately try to reconnect for the next five hours. 


YES, +1 for sleep

Play an Xbox game, work on my combat system, or do a few chores.

playstation rulez

I read and read and read.  Actually, not unlike what I do in game anyways...hrm...

I drink heavily...

Read a book, play Xbox, Playstation, watch T.V., go somewhere, listen to music,  do some writing, make a new dish for dinner, yoga.... I'm pretty entertained.

Plot the downfall of the Gods.... Mwahahahahaha!

Hope they won't read this :P

If it's just the internet, then I find something else to do. Read a book, write, watch something, but if it's the power then i go start the generator..hook up a a book, write, watch something...and having dialup i can get right back online hehe.

Sometimes I'll pop in my dvd series of fav tv shows

I'm not too happy when this event occurs. First I scream then I guess I just stare at the screen and wait. If I wait more than 10 minutes then I find something else to do...

I only care if I was in the middle of bashing. Otherwise I usually don't mind so much and then I do the things that I should have been doing anyway.  

I've been guilty of heading to the public library and playing on nexus. >_>


I'm getting there myself, till my computer gets a new graphics card this laptop that's near 10 years old really isn't curring it...

and I can't play Achaea, I immediately think, "Oh, I'll just browse the web..."  Then I realize I'm dependant on the internet for that.  Then I realize my computer is useless without the internet and I begin to re-evaluate my life... "What am I doing with my life",  I think to myself.  I haven't hit the goals I wanted to achieve at this point in my life.  I'm at a job that's not necessarily what I want to be doing.  I haven't spent time with my family as much as I should have... 

Then the internet comes up and I'm back at killing mhun! Woohoo!

if my net goes down, I sit looking at my settings seeing if anything can be better.

Actually not a bad answer..

Go make coffe, hope it's back up when I get back, pretty much


I curl up in the fetal position and cry like a baby with my thumb in my mouth.  Opening the door and being blinded by the light is also an alternative.  I usually just go to sleep early if it is past 10 or later.  If it is earlier in the day or early morning I will go out jogging.  Although the past two times I went to the Philadelphia Art Museum :D

Sometimes I'll get on a gaming jag and play lustie for like 12-55 hours strate atleast I did when I as needing essence badly.  sometimes when the net connection was down I'd eat/sleep.  you know those mundain things tht have to be done.

Until I joined Lusternia anonymous

Reset ALL the routers!


Reset ALL the modems!


Restart ALL the computers!


..Well, not really. I'll just get a book and wait.

Time for ps

Ps3, books and working as an evil psychologist!!

I spend most of my week at work so I don't notice that the modem needs to be reset.

I use the opportunity to mow the yard, go grocery shopping, trim trees, and finish other chores I've been putting off.

For doing important things... I painted alot whenever we had these long power outages. Was the best way to pass the time.

Because nothing is everything


If nothing important was going on I just find something better to do. If it's during the holidays or free time, I'd go watch a dvd, play an offline game, program stuff until it gets back. Otherwise, do some work.



There's a nice initial period of disbelief in which the reconnect button is decidedly mashed. 


Then There's a slow frustration build up which leads nicely into the denial of all real life, responsible activities such as school work and such


Then there's a delcious crescendo of pure rage and screaming (Yes, sometimes tears, too)


Which bottoms out smoothly into solemn, depressed acceptance, and further denial of RL activities in favor a nap. Usually by this point it comes back online, so Its basically a viscious cycle

Strangely the same for me, at least...nearly.

Cross my fingers hoping this didn't happen while I was hunting. If my client freezes, I usually turn to my friends on msn and ask "Did I die?", but without internet... Reset the modem, stay at the PC, do an offline game, and keep waiting/watching for internet to come back.

Books, tv, friends...pretty much anything I would normally be doing if I weren't on the internet anyhow!


I generally get pissed and find something else to do. Like read a book.

Works as well. I tend to read alot to pass the time as well. But try not to break your laptop should you get pissed ;3

Tend to do my neglected housecleaning until the net returns, then ditch the cleaning!

Just a minor annoyance, but since it is beyond my control, not worth stressing over. Lots of other things to do in my house.

Sleeping :P


Whinge and whine and try to reconnect until I can.

I read. It's basically the same thing here, right?

This has never happened to me.

Several years back, in the good old days, there was an ice storm while I was visiting my mother that ended up cutting the power and icing us in for a few days. The cold was one thing, being stuck without Achaea was the unbearable part. My family couldn't escape the house fast enough to get away from me and mood swings.

I went and clubbed baby seals until I felt better..

I usually take the time to go get a snack.

There are many things neglected and forgotten in my life, so, it's a great opportunity to do some quick dusting.

Internet is out? Watch tv. Tv out? Watch a movie. Don't feel like watching a movie? Read a book. Don't want to read? Go to sleep. God my life is sad.

read a book

Curl up into a ball and watch netflix while I wait for the giddy yay of my girlfriend that happens when she can play lusternia again.


read a book or watch tv


I like to read a nice book instead

I have other hobbies if I can't be online.

If I'm in a safe or extremely isolated place, I try reloading and refreshing a few times and then go do actual work.

If I'm not in a safe place, and particularly if I'm somewhere with lycopods or voyria using denizens, I refresh until it comes back up or I absolutely have to leave.

I make a new pot of coffee, grab my dog and watch movies till its back up. Even though I'm not paying attention to the tv cause every 5 seconds i'm refreshing my wifi.



That sounds like you!  And thats about what I do.  Or play SCII and Icedale II

Well in my case when the net went down I ended up homeless for a bit and finally getting things together and going to college

Interesting, I can just see you under the Delos' bridge

When your text-RPG isn't working, switch to the offline one.


very True


well books etcs is quite nice, no?


well books etcs is quite nice, no?

Work at trying to fix things before giving up and finding a book to read!

play another game or something

1. Wander around house aimlessly.

2. Check internet.

3. Read a litttle (lot).

4. Check internet.

5.Repeat process

You tell me about it!

Murphy's law dictates that I will always lose my connection with the realm midway through combat. Panic sets in as the seconds, then minutes tick by. Finally I manage to reconnect....


You are dead. Perhaps you should pray for salvation?

I laughed

Reading books. Playing video games. Maybe even doing homework! Or boardgames. Cooking. Baking? Visiting friends. All of the things.

go for a walk

I call my ISP and express my disgust for handing over forkloads of money to them each month for what amounts to general incompetence, ending usually with demanding a credit on my next bill. 

Did that actually work?


It does

Go outside and live.

^^ (no, it's a good idea actually)

I would probably be moody for awhile but then i'd move on

I just had another power failure hear that lasted from 10 PM last night till 1 30 PM today. It's so painful where I live we have power outages every day... and I have been through 2 UPS' that both packed up after like a week. Luckily my phone has a car charger so I can play games on my phone, but tis so boring! What do we do when the world ends!

Usually just either read or grab the dog and go for a walk.

I generally just pop a movie in or play my ps3.

Thats what happens to me

All the time!

it really does

Get on Xbox, after giving up on internet. Though, usually if my internet is done it's usually a power outage, so..probably will read a book.

See friends, read a book.

I just die a little inside, and turn around the the TV I usually have on but hardly ever pay attention to.

Slowly...I go....maybe already gone...

I'm one of those people who usually only loses internet when I lose power. That said, I have all sorts of games on my laptop, books, and a PSP, so I'm pretty set as far as ammusing myself goes.


And I've got a timeout, so if I die, I die, no big deal.

Movies, TV, other games or food


Try to get to a higher point in the house to see if it helps

I've been without the internet for a while now, only just being given a computer to casually use at work. I deal with it best by staring at a blank white wall until I have tiny dots in my eyes and try to see where they are going.....rinse and repeat.


Seeing as my internet is horribly unreliable, and by such I mean I actually do crash and get dc'd ever couple minutes or so, I just wait it out and relog as quickly as possible, if I was in the middle of something that I can't just ignore, like, say, House orientation or sailing somewhere or hunting. Otherwise, I weigh whether logging back in again is worth being kicked again a few minutes later. If not, then, I always have a PSP and DVR to back up my boredom.

I'll usually read. Or clean.

was something you would do?!?!

Unless the power and thus lights are out too. If so...bedtime :P

Would probably read a book too.

Use my phone if I get DC to make sure I'm in a safe place. Then read or go to a friends and use their internet.

yes it kills me to death

These daily power outages are much easier to bear now... I finally got a UPS... I should really get a laptop though XD


Hope you have

When the internet goes down, ignoring reality and reading is easier.

I cut

I read my bloodbowl books alot or play Skyrim or Fallout at times.

I read my bloodbowl books alot or play Skyrim or Fallout at times.

If it's only Achaea, I play another IRE game. If it's all over the internets, I sleep.

I am Bill Nighy, and I read/memorize scripts to pass the time.


memorize scripts??


memorize scripts??

Nah, seriously, I just pass the time watching some tv or a film.  Maybe write a story or daydream.


Though it is EXTREMELY boring with out Lusty. ;)

Then they told me the power went out. :(

play sims or look at forums

Read a book or go outside.

I've found keeping a list of things to do when out of internet is practical. Just make sure to actually store it offline ;) Also, ever since I've gotten my Kindle, I've minded internet downtime, or waiting for something, a whole lot less annoying. Simply pick it up and read on. Got to keep it stocked with books though!

Netflix on my phone.

I never lose connection.... heh... I log into achaea through a series of integrated computer chips implanted directly into, and onto my brain. Using this technology, my mind projects a ghost-vision monitor and I can be playing achaea anywhere that I can get wifi. And with my neural satellite uplink, that's pretty much everywhere. This is why people will see me in realms for two or more straight days without rest....


That or Achaea has just driven me insane.



Read a book!

Kindle, Steam library, TV, sleep, cook delicious food?


Or, more likely, just stare at my modem and hope it all starts lighting up again.

whatever I was doing before I got online. or I watch a movie.

Some bananas aren't worth reading.

Usually if my phone dies I usually clean until I can get back in game

Generally not very well for the first few minutes, then I shake it off and take the dogs for a walk, clean or bake.

I view it as a sign that I really need a break. Others, depending on the situation, warrant a more...err...well, sometimes I end up boxing with my router and modemk as they're ancient and more than likely the cause of downtime


Read a graphic novel.

Now, that is a good idea

Pace back and forth. Masturbate. Repeat.

Hrm. Thought that required the internet.


Thank technology for unlimited bandwidth! 

As time passes I think disconnections are going to be less and less frequent. 

I can't really imagine playing even MUD in the old days when I had at home a 32 kb PSTN connection! haha! I guess some of the first players did that though.

If it's not freezing I'd go bike. Otherwise, I just read.



Absolutely loving Lusternia right now, to the point of obsession, maybe, but it's far from my sole source of enjoyment. I can read, write, meditate, exercise, go out into the world and adventure or socialize... or do my homework. Sometimes.



no coffee for me yet, today.

Weeping uncontrollably works.

Yesterday we had a power cut again and luckily I was prepared for it this time... It was for pretty much the whole day, so I decided to spend the day hiking through the mountains, I even went and had some good old natural fun on a rope swing, and we had hiked for about 6 KM! So it took up the whole day. Sometimes it is just nice to break away from the computer and do something out in nature. It was a day well spent!



Yesterday we had a power cut again and luckily I was prepared for it this time... It was for pretty much the whole day, so I decided to spend the day hiking through the mountains, I even went and had some good old natural fun on a rope swing, and we had hiked for about 6 KM! So it took up the whole day. Sometimes it is just nice to break away from the computer and do something out in nature. It was a day well spent!



I die a little inside.


As of recent I've spent some time reading around my skills and finding new ways to put them together.

Definitely read. Or do research. Cause I'll get fired if I don't produce results lol

I go into a small coma until it goes back up

make a snack, have a cigarette, play piano.. nothing too exciting

By applying liberal amounts of forehead to my keyboard

Housework, because then at least I can play in the time I'd be doing that.

Once, I used internet-free time to read most of Narcissu: Side 2nd.

I get actua work done. It's been terrible lately.

See my avatar.

Is the answer

lately... it's day-old pizza and coke-cola.

My computer is my tv.. so I call my isp and get annoyed cause I know how 'apolophrasing' works.  But I can always steal internet from my friend too if its just my connection, and there's a bunch of games I can play offline. Suppose a better answer would be to go for a walk.


Not like to think about it. Happen once before, erg, cant remember what I did, I have suppressed bad memory. I think it involved kittens and basketball?

I just go read a book o.O


Something like that..

can't think about it


won't think about it


<cries and sucks thumb>

I sew sweaters.

I have a phone, duh.

Go ice fishing, unless its mid summer.

I reset the router

panic, grab the laptop and head to the nearest wifi spot?

lots and lots of comics

Rumble on Iphone 4s =)

Kicking the cat