IRE Asks: How many classes have you tried, and which was your favourite?

MMO assassin class
 Trying different classes to find a perfect play-style is important to players, and in most MMORPGs this usually requires rolling a new character. Isn't that such a pain, having to start all over again whenever you want to try something different? Fortunately in Iron Realms, your character can quit their class to embrace a new one at any time. You'll get back approximately half of your lessons (skill points) and are left to earn the rest, but with all the promos like comment credits, it's not a hard task!


Of course, some players may want to create a new character when trying something new. This can be especially true for players who belong to an Evil organization on one character, but are curious about Priest or Paladin. Other players swear off alts, and if trying out a new class means accepting in-game consequences such as quitting a faction, so be it! Indeed, quitting one organization to join another can be a dynamic roleplaying experience as players leave behind friends and familiar skills.


So how many classes have you tried, and how did you rank them against eachother? Did you create a new character, or did you roleplay a change?

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I have tried both sides of the good/evil coin. First I had a Warden out of Cyrene then I had a long stint as an Infernal. Now I am playing a blademaster from Shallam. Since I'm now playing the blademaster I have to give that as my favorite followed closely by the Infernal and finally the Warden.


I've been wanting to try a BM. But I've tried priest and Jester. 


Interestingly, both the priest and jester rp seems to be a bit dead. 

I think trying a Jester would be fun just because of the premis behind the class itself.

I can see that.


sure you can!

I love so many classes so much I wish I could just have ALL skills transed and pick which 3 I want active at any time :D

But it's limited by houses, since changing to a non-house class would cause major problems.

should be able to RP knights.

but definitely priests and blademasters and maybe some other Achaean class I can't remember right now.

knights have always been hard on me, a bit too much tracking of stuff.

three or so



in each city/org booyah!

That is kinda the way RIFT works.

heh, that would be the day!

every class in Aetolia

every class in Aetolia

syssin, carnifex, cabalist and druid

What about sysifex and Cabauid!

I always prefer multiclassing when it's available. I hate the idea of wasting lessons quitting a class or wasting lessons re-learning general skills on a new alt. I do like to take a peek at skillsets on an alt before I dedicate a multiclass slot and/or the thousands of lessons to trans it on my main, though.

Classes I've tried... in Midkemia, maining rogue and I've got a mage alt I've spent a few hours on and a soldier alt I haven't gotten into yet, but so far I think rogue's still my favorite. I would love to multiclass into mage though for all the neat tricks to play around with sometime.

In Aetolia, multiclassed Monk/Luminary and love them both, but never really played with much else.

Loooove rogue. I've tried all four classes in MKO, but I've really only gone deep with rogue.  I'm doing a bit more with priest than soldier or mage. Priest is awesome for all the different terts right now.

Priest sounds cool.

I agree. Midkemian priests seem pretty awesome.

indeed they are

I'll have to try one.

Wonder if they are better than the ones over in Achaea...

hrrm. but isn't the game buggy?

I think I love rogue too.

Multiclassing would be interesting in Lusternia... but it would be even better if we could mix two mage specializations to create a new skillset or at least use skills from both. Kind of like Avatar the Last Airbender.

I like this. This please, IRE.

hmm. i'm 50-50 on this one.

Lusternia is just not designed with this in mind, so it could never happen without having some downright terrible consequences on balance.

It would make things even harder to balance, too. So many skills already...

could but they could instead tweak classes. Let you embrace a second element, so air + water becomes cold, etc.

But also certain skill combinations become ridiculously overpowered.

I hope they release the ranger class soon, i'm really excited for it.

2: monk and jester.  Monk definitely favorite.

I'm beginning to doubt more and more we'll ever see it released... but what do I know!

It is a chicken and egg thing. You need a ranger to be able to track down the ranger's guild and you need the guild....

I hear that and the first thing that comes to my mind is Drizzt. If I could play a character as awesome as him that would be a game changer for me.

Midkemia, yes yes.

I don't think I've ever played a mud where you could multi-class.


Closest might have been RIFT.


I enjoy seeing the skills of the different classes before using one for my main. I've tried priests, soldiers and rogues in Midkemia on alts, then magician on main as my favourite of them all.

2 and monk is just simple and straightforward. Especially back when I was not tri trans.

Tried Soldier and Priest - think I am liking priest more but could be I prefer SSG to Krondor.

Still working my way through them

They are wonderful!

They are wonderful!

I have tried all classes on midkemia also aswell as most priest terts but mage is still the best class to play for me due to the RP as well as the cool magic involved (demonology tert FTW)

I've tried a few, but with different characters.  I don't generally change class on characters.

It can be hard to RP, too.

Mage all the way myself...but yeah I never really liked people just switching classes at the drop of a hat all the time...shows little committment.

Caster types are fun, but a bit high maintenance for me.

But rogue is the best

is a rogue?'s like...destiny.

is Midkimeian for "Kevv1dUdE."



I don't think that's exactly fair. Backstabba happens to be a goblin - and he does roleplay. I seent it! :P

Well this is pre-racial specializations... but Magi as a siren is a bit more resilient than a tso'laa was pretty good... then came my 15 INT which is YUMMY. Though as a sylvan sirens are meh, I haven't tried it as a specialized one, but I can suspect I'd go with the 'defender' specialization with the viridian transformation. So crazy damage = magi, crazy tanky = sylvan viridian.

:D tanky sylvan = amazing

I seem to be stuck in a Groves-Serpent-Groves cycle.... Druid (during the last of the guild years in Achaea), got kicked out as a newbie, went Serpent, went Druid, went Serpent and tri-transed, went Sylvan and tri-transed.  Not very original, I know (I -have- created an alt to try Blademaster, though).

The only class change that resulted in a major RP upheaval was the first one -- the Druids kicked me out, so I HAD to find somewhere else to go (the Dawnstriders) and found a reason to explain why.

I tried a few random alts just to feel out classes but they never lived long.  I've done that dumb thing of hopping back and forth but it's never far.  Shaman --> Occultist ---> Shaman ---> Occultist ----> Shaman.  If this were a standardized test, can you guess the next in the pattern?

I have no clue why I keep bouncing between those two classes. 

The mysteriousness, perhaps?

If you get past the pitfalls of falling into stupid-Jester rp, you actually find a class that has pretty different mechanics from what you'd get elsewhere. It's a great mix of skills hidden under a bad reputation that offers a lot of creativity in fighting and helping out. Plus, the mobility is awesome.

I've tried almost every class at one point or another. Think the only one I haven't tried is Paladin, actually. I tend to make alts when I get bored with my main, get them to about level 30 or so, and then end up letting them get deleted. As for my favorite class, I think serpent takes that, no competition.

I have tried about 6. Serpent is my favorite.

While i fancy serpent i got to say Occultist is my favorite for the bashing and defense it offers.

Call me a masochist if you want, but in Lusternia, I've found that Axelord over Geomancer and Nihilist is more to my liking.


I've bounced over 5~6ish years between all of the worlds and themes.  I won't lie...created many alts just to try all the classes and see what suits me....I personally give little more then 2 cents for pvp.  Mostly because i perfer being a basher to murdering people.  So its obvious i'm attracted to classes that help me to bash the most.  There are alot out there with great tools, utilites and abilities.  I found that hone in on what gives me 2 major things i enjoy.  A pet, and transformation.  For a long time the love from being an occultist or a sylvan or druid hit home for me.  Without things that make you feel like you're not fully who you choose to be.  It can be exciting.  Achea i've bounce between all classes hit home with a Sylvan; though I am planning to try out an alchemist soon to see where I stand out with it.


In Lusternia, I found love with the guardian archetype of Illuminati that gives me a personal feeling of theme around powers based on flesh.  Being able to change you're form based on the limbs, appendages and creams of mal-formed gods that never came to be is addicting both in theme and in role play.  Someone capable of transforming at a moment's notice with lots of unique tools and powers ((still needs tail transformations!)) 


In Aetolia I had been a anti-social lycan for a long time....its theme of being a monsterous beast always found love and excitement even if I did not fight in teams.  Although what killed me being one was the constant barrage of in-guild drama that evolved over time.  It is better now, but that fighting at who is head bored me to death.  I eventually chose a different career path that reminds me alot of Sylvan in the theme.  Teradrim plays one parts mage, three parts hungry beast of death and destruction.  I'm still working out its theme so far see how i enjoy it.


Finally,  Imperian is a brand new one for me....When i saw the theme of the "Defiler" I had to try it.  It lacks what i'd call a transformation.  However so far its actions and theme is very exciting for a new change of pace from all the hippyness and love.  Pets blend in nicely to it and the twist of the demonic design is incredibly exciting! 


All in all.  The classes I tend to go with blend around the nature of transformation, death, and pets.  I only wish that more places continue to blend in pets for use in their games for more then just PVP.  I really applaud the designs built into Imperian as well as Lusternia who gives more diverse options then the rest the crowd.  Lusternia is only one to blend in a pacifist role of being a political person in debating and influencing you're way to success!  Imperian's taming skillset is incredible in its diversity and the feel of design that everyone can pick up and drop pets in and out as they go without ever the need to be forced into wasting time buying a single thing if willing to pour the lessons in.  Achea's batch of mini-skills of gathering and inkmiling excites me the most both in design and theme that allows a slow, grindy design to gathering you're own materials without pouring down a single coin on materials.

Except my stint on the other IRE games never lasted very long. Not sure why...might try again soonish. Either way, I've tried almost all of the Achaean classes over the years, though not all through alts. Gotta say, though, my top three are Magi, Alchemist, and Blademaster. Am currently enjoying the second very much.

And it is AWESOME

Seconded! Go go Tunnel Snakes! :D

Started Templar (prior to Paladins we had Bladefire, most don't even know about that) but quickly was forced to go Paladin, after going Paladin I got Knighted then was kicked out so was rogue Paladin a long time. Then helped found the Infernals and after a long time I was finally allowed to join and went Infernal. Then went Runewarden for a while after the Infernals Guild was destroyed. Wanted change so went Serpent, wasn't my style so went Infernal, got an itch for change and went Jester (Yak yak yak, sue me, we all have regrets). This, like serpent lasted a very short time and went back Infernal. Been that since. So I've switched to a Knight class 6 times, and switched between different styles of Knight more then once. As to alts, I have a couple alts but never play them nor invest really anything into them. More of an "I'm bored" character, and only have two, not 10. Will I change again? Probably, but due to my record I think I will in the end, yup, you guessed it, go back Knight. *laugh*

I feel like I could totally take this as a friendly jab, Vex :p

I've been every class but Alchemist.


Current classes

2 Occies

2 Sylvans (one would have went Alchemist, but Embraced and learned over 1k lessons before Alchemist even came out >_<)

1 Druid

1 Runewarden (Maefeng <3)

1 Jester

1 Bard

1 Blademaster

1 Priestess

1 Serpent

1 Monk (just for her name)

All of my characters have unique personalities, and none are 'jerks,' but I recently (originally before I made the above-mentioned Monk...*twiddle*) admitted that I have MCD and have banned myself from creating more characters. EVER.

MCD = Multiple Character Disorder

Bladefire? I thought Aet's skills were uniquely ours.

What happened to Bladefire?

I've tried all the classes in MKO and a few of the terts and i have to say for me it varies depending on what changes they have made recently.  I used to think rogue was the best for me until they nerfed backstab and  hiding (understandable for the hiding) and A Shadoweaver was good for the rp but I think over all soldier is my go to.  My character just wouldn't work anyother way.

Tried most of the archetypes in Lusternia, and I like mage best because of Telekinesis forcefield. Lets me be a caster and not be squishy.

I can vouch for that. Damn forefields!




Transcendant monk, predator, summoner, defiler, deathknight, wytch, runeguard, bard, renegade and mage.


My favorites have to be summoner and runeguard. Though renegade is getting up there.


I tried Orc warrior but my regen was too low.


Ive been a Priest since the beggining, Since ive now maxed out the lessons I can learn for that character im now learning a new class. I will go on to a third when ive maxed that one...

I wish we could

This is my original character and the very first one I made. I tried exactly one alt, to help out a guild for a while, but as that plan stranded I dropped the alt.

I'd only change class and guild on the same character if it somehow made sense to the character. If not, alts are the way to go. There is nothing stopping you checking out a guild with an alt first as long as you keep the two strictly separate, imo.


I have changed class, but not from like knight to mage. More knight to blademaster, was a bard at one point... swordsmanship was always the theme. Galion was exploring different schools of swordsmanship. Reincarnation bothers me. Though, uh, I did that, too, after a long time inactive. Sorta regret it.

This character has been mage for 11 RL years. Pretty happy with mage.

Yer cool and all, but that is kind of lame...

tried 2...prefer magi

tried 2...prefer magi 

in Lusternia, have tried five different archetypes on a number of characters.  Monk was far and away the easiest, but that was back near to their first release and things have evened out since then.

2. First was runewarden. Fought magi a few times, loved retardation. So, made an alt magi, and Hasar was created!

I've tried seven in Achaea, each one on a different character. Most of them, however, I did not spend much time with as my main always won out when it came to deciding which to spend serious time on. Shaman and Occultist actually tie for favourite, and if things had gone better with my Shaman, I probably never would have created Morro at all. While the perks of the class have a lot to do with whether or not I stick to it, the RP environment matters as well.


Edit: I'd probably try more classes if it didn't take so many credits!

Free credits help, yes?


free credits always help!!

Only tried Sylvan and Monk and I have to say I liked sylvan more.

Oi..i've tried a few, but always end up as a forestal. I almost always created an alt to try them, but  my first character ever was a serpent in teh dawnstriders guild, then created an alt that was an occultist, switched to shaman, then back to occie, then  another alt that was a sentinel, then went druid...then my permanent character chose sylvan, and lived happily ever after. The end.

I started as a sentinel on my main I liked that class. Then I changed to sylvan. I love the sylvan class groves is nice and elementalism has some useful things. I have tried runie on a alt. The knight play style just didn't appeal to me.

I tried a few at the newbie level and liked druid best by far, because it's fairly easy, it has a nice aesthetic, the transport skills are convenient, and it gives you lots of ways to help other people.


Now that I'm more interested in combat, I'm sure there are others I'd probably like better, but the investment in changing class and re-learning how to fight seems like too much.

The worst part is having to create an alt to try out some of the other classes, so choices are very limited

only one so far ;) 


You do that one so well.

got my second class, Sciomancer and since it's not trained, it sucks right now and I like praenomen best! 

few, but I like Druid

fun fun.

I've always wanted Monk...

This character is the first time I've changed classes! It sucks losing lessons... :(

Moondancer (Wiccan) => Celestine (Priest), by the way.

when you move to celest.

when you move to celest.

? I just meant => as the direction I traveled in, hehe. Interested in Cantors now, damn it!

come to the minstrels. We have booze


Spiritsingers win over Cantors


I gotta say - little interest in being a choirboy. And Minstrels do sound pretty awesome!

I made a Runewarden alt once that lasted nearly a week. I tried magi for a few days once too. Both were rather boring for me, especially Runewarden. No evade, no hide, no nothing.


I love Serpent.


I agree.

a few, monk is my fav

I've tried a few classes, often switching while still at a low level because I didn't feel comfortable with either the skill set or the role play associated with said class. I'm a little old to be switching now though - it'd be odd to learn a set of entirely new habits if I quit my current class, having been in it for a while.

about half, apostate is fav.

Tried a little over half, Shaman is by far my favorite though.  Raiding just was not fun enough.

I've tried all four that Midkemia has to offer, but I started as a magician and I'll probably end as one, simply because of the sheer awesome utility of this class. It's amazing. (And also the guild that is has now!)

I have played quite a few different clases on Aetolia and Lusternia. Best on Aetolia are the Sentaari, Teradrim and Sentinels for sure. They have the most fun hunting abilities. For Lusternia, I love any of the mage classes because of psionics! Super fun.

And vampire...Can't forget that...

I have only ever been a Sylvan and I sit in my grove all day harvesting my hive, ask Eleusis and my house they discharged me because I was so lazy... So there should be a new class called the lazy ass class.

I have tried nearly every class (except two priest terts) Midkemia has to offer, Magician is my favorite by far. There's just something about them and the possibilities for RP are endless.

Obviously alot of us make many alts that are destined for suicide just to try the different classes and scenarios. If I have to go right back to when I first played Achaea I would say that my first class that I ever took an interest in was the Bard class, because I have always been musical and artistic. Not too long after that my character was suicided somehow and I then took a really deep interest in the serpent class. This phase lasted much longer I daresay, but eventually I decided I needed something more. I then decided to try out the Jester class which suited my character at the time. I loved the skills and the CIJ, but soon enough that characters life ended too. This was followed by a 3 year break from Achaea.

When I returned, everything felt new to me once again. Suddenly there were ships and islands and all sorts! I went through Monk, Sylvan, Magi classes, some lasting longer than others until eventually I decided to create a little shaman by the name of Lupe.

I think I had chosen shaman purely because of the good novice bashing it would provide having already explored other classes. Once I was like level 50 ) Which was within something like 3 achaean months) I decided to go for Occultist because it had always interested me, but I never fully tried it before.

Lupe is now my main character and is 61 years old. I have never ever changed class with her and never will. I love being an Occultist more than anything else and I always will.

The only other class I have taken a deeper interest in is the recent Alchemist class, but I made an alt to explore that and she seems to be an alt i will actually be keeping for a change!

I think mainly after experiencing all this, there is something to be enjoyed in almost all classes if not all, it all depends on your roleplaying abilitiy and what type of roleplaying you enjoy most.




Hell, even us have one!

Sadly I turned my novice bard into a jester...:<

I have always been an Alchemist since the very day Alchemists started. I think I was one of the very first! ;)

bards rule

I've pretty much only ever played a warrior.

One, and serpent.

Idras are my favourite so far. Thematically they are singularly awesome, a great vision well-executed. The interplay of their skills was interesting too. Complicated to their own detriment, but interesting.

I've played every Imperian class and almost all of Aetolia's.


Knights. Knights all the way.


Pyromancer. Love mages...

Shadowdancer, Cantor, Harbinger on my main. So Wiccan and Bard.

I have alts I'm racking Iron Elite lessons on at the moment: Sentinel, Illuminati, Spiritsinger, and an Aquamancer.


I'm mostly attracted to magical non-physical types. Plus Warriors are way too expensive to get into. Bard and monk are cheapest. Influence/hunting.

Consistency is my byword. I've only played Achaea, and after six years as a Priest, I switched to Paladin a month ago. Hard to say which I like best. I like Priest for an OOC love of the utility and that there aren't that many Priests, but I like Paladin for the IC the image and roleplay of the character.

I have only tried the monk class. I still have to learn that.


... being able to change class on a whim. Sometimes these moves can be really expensive, sometimes fairly easy. Lusternia allows skillflexing which I've partially taken advantage of (this means forgetting a skillset temporarily in order to learn another).

In Lusty I've played: shadowdancer > nekotai > shadowdancer > harbinger > blacktalon > ebonguard (current). This means I've tried all the archetypes within a single organization, Glomdoring (commune) on a single character. I'm not interested in alts if I can do it on my main, and I'm not interested in trying another org, because I love the IC RP of not knowing anything else.


I think Gaudi (city) has the most appealing guilds but I won't try them because I don't want to move.


I like sylvan but there are many i've never tried. Serpent seems fun.

I miss sylvan 

I miss sylvan 

Monk / rogue.

Just amazing going to go back to it after i finish trying all the other classes though, only got a couple non-aligned ones left.

tried most but I stick with Druid, mostly I just think it is fun

I started in the ir games on aetolia as a druid for a year or 2.  I loved the class and the rp I got tired of the feel and aditudes in that game.  so I found lusternia and happy ever since.

Four, I think? Magi, BM, RW and Alchemist. Might have tried something else and forgotten.


Magi is the only one that made it past level forty. :D

My favourites in Achaea were Druid, Sentinel and Bard. My favourites in Aetolia so far are Ascendril, Luminary and Druid. Druids are just awesomely fun.

Magi, Jester, Sentinel, Priest, Occultist, Sylvan, Serpent in Achaea... Serpent or Jester being the most fun....

On Aetolia I made a Syssin and ADORE the class!!! Serpent unbroken.

Saw that first as Jedi...

I've always wanted to try serpent / apostate because they're real affliction classes. But I like magi too much at the moment!

I've tried only a few classes in Achaea, but I've tried almost all of them in Lusternia. Not too surprisingly, I'm still fairly happy with my original character's role, as I've always wanted to play a true warrior of Nature, a green ranger... now, if only I could get a bow in Lusternia like the one I have in Achaea.

Achaea: Paladin from 1 to Dragon, Monk, Alchemist never made it through the monthly purges

Lusternia: Druid in both forests, one who is now 200 years old and dormant, one who recently made it to around level 60ish.


I have to say, I like Lusternia quite a lot. Achaea's mechanics feel rather old-fashioned in comparison, and especially the skillchoices give the classes a lot of customisability, which I'm a great fan of.

That classless were more of an option, as it's incredibly difficult to actually play successfully.

I like monk and warrior the most

I wonder if multiclass will ever be an option?

I really wouldn't like that... perhaps something similar to architype so you can focus more on hunting/combat/rp.... I hate when a monk walks into a room and destroys everything in there that I've been fighting for ten minutes

I don't like alts so I've been almost every arcatype in celest and I'd have to say my fav rp wise was the celestines.  but, cantors is becoming tied resently. Ithink they've got so much room to grow.

I have only tried one so I guess it would be my favorite.

Which one? :D

I've tried them all in Achaea, however only half of the list as Ayleth. My favorite would have to be Sylvan. Definitely.

Tried most classes

Best class out of all the IREs I've tried.



Vampire seems really cool so far.

In overall combat Vampire has so many toys to play with.. Luminary combat is more flexible nowadays then before but ain't really that SUPERB funny class to play. I miss stalking / ambush abilities.

Best vampires ever. Almost got tempted to play a Thaumaturgist Vampire Priest in MKO.

Vampire is definitely -amazing-. Just wish I would spend more time trying to get embraced. :P

I am really loving the Bloodborn. It's refreshing to be able to play such a class, and there is so much history and background and things like titles per generation.

Demonologist Magician in Midkemia online is by far my most favourite class, though due to my RP I have had to change terts to Psion Mage. Both are really fun though. The tipslashing class in Impy was fun while I lasted there.





Honestly, Templar in Aetolia is the most fun I've had, though its still pretty rough around the edges..apparently getting our stuff right to start with before they move around to other things isn't that big a deal... I mean, why should aura off cleansing turn off all my blessings if I happen to not have cleansing aura on at the time....and seriously, why in the world would they make it so that we can see what hand we just empowered like should be a guessing game..

I've tried a couple in Aetolia, and a lot in Achaea.

I have a problem of judging the potential of a class instead of the class itself, but I like almost every one.  Jester was kind of bleh, though.

I've made quite a few characters over the years, but haven't really gotten into any of them untill I started using a standalone client.

I've played a few, always looking for a good hiding/escape skill. But I keep coming back to monk, I just like it too much. Plus soon I'll have a haven anyway.

Some still exist. Some have been deleted due to inactivity, or failure to register. One was suicided.


I don't know about class, but I have a favourite race: grook, grook and grook!


I don't care that frogs aren't 'pretty' or whatever, to most people. I don't care about all the grook lack-of-health jokes, the punchline to which were recently changed by the new race system.


I can't really say why Ilik the race; it's just a personal preference. I have, and will, play other races. But this that to which I keep returning.



not having to use a ton of plants was nice.

I have tried most, but my favorite so far is magi.  *holobombing hand twitches*

Alchemist traitor!

I think I test-drove every Lusternian class?


Also, one thing I like about IRE is how very different the Bard class is from game to game.

My first character was a shaman, second was an occultist, neither one really went anywhere.  After a break, I changed my playstyle significantly (putting far more emphasis on roleplay) and made another shaman (Werin), and haven't changed since.  So I can't really mark a favorite, as the only character that's really going anywhere is doing so for reasons not particularly class-related.  Other potential characters I have ideas for are either a bard or blademaster (depending on which house I think he'll work better in), a jester (that'll be a fun one to play), a sylvan, a serpent, an occultist, a priest, and a paladin.

...stuck with Druid.  Had the opportunity to be 'one of the first' for separate classes that came into being when things were new and shiny but didn't stay with them.

Five total but only played two for any length of time being blademaster and druid.


Shaman, Magi, and Runewarden. Runewarden is what stuck, and did it ever!

Clould never be anything but a druid. I'm too stubborn.

Oh god I can't stand Metamorphosis (or however it's spelled)

I was rebirthed a blademaster in the Ashura. Then there was a "let's go monk" fervor, so I became one. Figured, what with the FB credits, I may as well try being a runie. So I did. Still had lots of FB credits left, so I went back to blademaster to really get into the class's combat. Left Ashtan and Ashura for Hashan, but not before I went back to monk. Now I'm a runie again.


I've loved playing all three classes. Would have tried sentinel in the Lotus, but the FB credits went poof.

They had me at Predation Mask.

got nice magetype classes that have control of different ellements rather than all of them, would be nice.

My main has had Syssin, Sciomancer, Paladin/Templar, Luminary and Atabahi and I've tinkered around a tiny bit with Druid. I have to say that my favorite of those was Syssin, though. I generally don't like to play too many classes since it's kind of fun for them to have a little bit of mystique that you can ruin when you poke around on alts too much.


Started out as a paladin, then priest, and am now a bard. I kind of miss being a priestess, bard is fun but do not really enjoy weapon reliant classes since relying on forging is no fun

Tried a few but Monk is always my favorite.

I tried all four classes, all with alts. I ended up sticking with Mage, but mainly because I started with the mage, and I dislike using alts that fall over dead whenever I try to use them. I also came to like the illusions and the RP of trying out spells that go horribly wrong.

Night elf paladin.

You are terrible.

I've tried three classes - druid, sylvan, and blademaster (in that order). I loved the different powers offered by the different morphs in the druid class, the mixture of elementalism and groves in sylvan, and the different stances in blademaster. Blademaster was a bit too repetitive to me. After I eventually killed off my druid, I stuck with sylvan and I've been there ever since. It's a bit slow when it comes to 1v1, but I like the support capabilities of the class. Pair a sylvan up with any other class and you have a great team.


I'm wanting to try other classes, but the cost of lessons and all that prevent me. We'll see in the near future though!

I have tried several classes and each has things I like and dislike about them. I don't think I've found a profession I could call my 'favorite', but if I has to pick right now it would probably be Runeguard. 

Magi, Druid, Sentinel, Monk, Sylvan, Jester, Runewarden, Serpent, Dragon

I thought dragon was like a demigod in lusternia not a sepret class in itself.?  maybe I should try achaea. dragon would be cool.

alts confuse me generaly. you put time, effert, credits into a char then you just start at squair one again. It just never made since to me.  Maybe I just don't get it.

I just can't make myself play an alt.

Lots and lots of time!

a couple, but am too busy to do much

I guess I did try more than one class, but on other IRE games. Was so uninteresting though that I don't even remember what I tried.

Pretty much all of them in Achaea at one point or another for varying periods of time.  A more limited selection in most of the other IREs.

I used to have some alts, long ago, but I let them all die off.

The mind truly is superior over matter.



60% of the time it works every time.

should try another maybe...

I've tried every class in lusternia, I find each government has a guild i prefer over the other. It glomdoring for example I can't stand being a druid, but I love the shadowdancers skills. I'm also a big fan of the ebonguard cause I usually like the advancement options. in serenwilde I can't stand spiritsingers, but I love hartstone and the serenguard. in celest I cant stand paladins, but enjoy aquamancy. I magnagora I'm a huge fan of geomancers and love ninjakari. I still haven't really tried gaudiguch or hallifax guilds but I'm really excited to try both pyromancy and the illuminati. hallifax doesn't raise as much curiosity from me mostly cuz i get lost in the city lol.


Please give back?

I've only tried Blademaster on Rygart, and I love it so much. Probably gonna have to branch out to other classes eventually, but none of them really appeal to me.

I had a blademaster alt for a short time, and I liked the hunting aspect - was able to hunt in places that Hasar could, at a much lower level. Though, this was pre-race changes. The only thing I don't like about BM is they're not very useful in raids, and I like raiding way too much.

I've only ever been a priest in Achaea.

recently switched to magi

There are also other classes I like.

I've tried Sylvan and Blademaster with Ahrehn, and I also had a Serpent and a Jester at one point. Sylvan and Serpent are probably my favourite, though all four are a lot of fun.

I forgot to mention, I have played dragon too.  that's a fun class too

With Mage (Had Bard.. Hunter.. Druid.. Renegade) As my magick player..  Demonic my toon has all of the available professions (Defiler, Summoner, Assassin, Deathknight, Diabolist, Wytch) I gotta say For demonic I enjoyed Defiler and Summoner the best - Mainly on the level of pure flavour..


And so on to my Antimagick character who is a Predator.. I freaken Love Pred.

I'd like some new classes added. Not just revamping what we have.

I've tried (quite literally) every single class in Lusternia, through my army of alts. My favourite, by far, is the Geomancers. Favourite archetype is the mage, and least favourite is the warrior. Warrior specialisations are WAY too complicated. *mrrrface*

I love bards!

I"m having a blast with bards in Lusternia.

Haven't tried much outside of MKO. Yay, rogues!

I actually prefer the complicated systems of the warriors, Tremula!

I've tried most all the classes and prefer runewarden. Only one class change on Keelase though and that only lasted a RL week at most.


I have tried most of the other classes from Achaea when I used to play them and none hit the good factor like vampire class or Were class. Guess call me a tank of sorts.

3 classes, but favorite so far is the one I've got currently...monk!

Yeah, I like that you don't have to start all over. I was playing a different game, and that was exactly what you had to do. You start fresh just to take a "sword" path instead of a "magic" path. Was lame.


Thanatologist Priest is by far my favourite class, although I have tried Magician and Soldier on Eledhel alts before (I didn't really enjoy them).

I've had a lot of fun with Serpent, Alchemist and Shaman in Achaea. Templar's great, too.


Least favorite was Jester, though. The flavor text makes me sad.

Wormholes are so convenient, need to figure out where more of them go, though.

I bet

Tried all classes in Imperian, still I'd say that monk, knight and assassin class are awesome

I tend to favor physical classes soldier in mko, daru or paladin in aetolia, I also have a diavlous and bladedancer in Imperian.  I tried to play an indorani in aetolia loved the rp of the character hated the skills.

Nature classes have an OP beginner attack, and become SO strong. I was able to 1-hit fink and gnome guards from the beginning, and influencing them was a piece of cake (of course I'm a faeling, though...)

I have tried all the classes in MKO and they all have something great to offer. Though my Favourate has always been mage. I am looking forward to the eventual release of the Ranger class, should it still be a goal.

This seems like a perfect place to ask, does any of the IREs have a class that relies on bowmanship, such as a ranger? I really wan't to experience a Ranger class in a mud.

Precisely 2, as I have no alts. Sentinel and serpent, I like serpent better of the two.

I've tried Priest, Rogue (Bard and Thief), and Mage. I had little luck with the Mage class, as I didn't entirely understand it. I didn't get the Bard songs all that well, and I only used Thief for rooftops. As  A rogue I couldn't fence, but I lvoed hostage and stalk and such, made being all assassin-y very fun. As to priest, it opened a lot of doors RP wise, and such, and I only recently learned my skills PvP wise. So, PvP wise, none are my favorite, because I don't know how to PvP, but I like Priest the best for RP

probably enjoyed Monk the most

Magi-Only for Chryseas

DK, Diabolist, Assassin (Renegade for all intents), Predator, Warden, Monk, Justicar at tri-trans.

Assassin is my favorite, Diabolist after that, then Predator.


For Achaea, Jesters have the best mudsex. Which is very important in a class choice, aye em oh.

I end up switching classes a lot because I get in trouble. I like them all usually, although I really loved old Sentinels. I wish I could still be a pre-dhurive sentinel.

I'm liking Ascendril, though I think the class needs some updating.

Tried everything in Achaea, Serpent was my favourite.

Having played Lusternia for years, then Midkemia, and now Aetolia -- well, I've tried just about every class in each, save a few I never really stuck with due to a lack of interest in their skills. I find I tend to gravitate toward the magical or spiritual sorts of skills, such as the wiccan or druid classes in Lusternia, the priest class in Midkemia, and now things like priests and hematurgists in Aetolia.


In the end, I find I prefer these spiritual, or magical, classes over others for a few reasons: they usually don't need a weapon or armor (in fact, Tsumadine used to hunt in her dresses), or they make their own (such as the case of athames or staffs). The only thing they really need are a few mana vials, and boom! You're ready to go.


Of course, I'm also rather fond of the more warrior-esque classes (Templars, Carnifex, Ebonguard, etc.), but I hate that you need a bit more to be 'ready to go' -- it's not so much a problem in games like Midkemia, where you get basic weapons upon leaving the tutorial, but in places like need a really nice guild or some friends in order to be prepared.


I've been almost every archetype in lusty... Any of the mages are my favorite!!!

So far...I've been Magi, Occultist, Serpent, Runewarden, Sentinel, and Monk accross several characters. Howeer, I have to say that I enjoy monk the most.

I've considered monk, just bc of the great hunting ability, good raiding / raid defense class, and 1v1. But I had wanted to get into combat quickly, so I chose magi, which is has all of the above except great hunting, it's about average.

I loved old school syssin, but since illusions went, i really do not have the heart for it now.


Monk, Priest, Serpent on Aktillum and Runewarden, Jester, Occultist and Sentinel on other chars a long time ago. For bashing I thought Monk and Priest were the best. Except for Sentinel I liked them all for PvP.

most enjoyable class: occultist

most useful class: monk

I've tried several different classes over the years, and I would have to say that mage classes are by far my favorite, within and without the IRE games. Within, they have effective, no-miss damage for hunting, which is one of my usual pasttimes.

Rogue is the best

The new Guardian guilds in Lusternia are definitely my favourites. There's a lot of symmetry in Lusternia's classes, but the Illuminati and the Institute are both a big thematic departure from the Nihilist and Celestine Good/Evil Priest archetype, and their flavour is really interesting.

Agreed, they fit in really well with their orgs.

On what I'm doing.

Hunting? Defiler

pk? Defiler or knight

raiding? Summoner

RP? Diavlous knight.

No way, predators can do wolf emotes. Much better for argh pee.

most of them I like the monk and warrior classes

Been a fair amount of classes over the year ona  variety of characters. (Shaman, Infernal, Magi, Occie, Jester, Priest, Druid, Serpent, Sentinel) but I have to say I really like Infernal the best (Which is funny cause it'd be my choice on Aetolia too.)

Cantors. My only class ever here. Always have been, always will

Is that like Bards in Achaea?

Syssin may have replaced Knights as my Aet!favorite.

I wish artifacts and skills could be shared across characters.

Bards is awesome!

Tried almost every archetype (except wiccan, which never appealed to me personally) in almost every combination. I really wanted to like the Institute (but the difference between RP science and actual science pissed me off too much), and I repeatedly tried the bard archetype because I just think bards are awesome. Unfortunately, I suck at writing songs, so I could never RP them very well.

The one I stuck with in the end was the Shofangi (Deer horn Knife wielding Monks)

lycan in aetolia, love shofangi and ninjakari

After having recently sparred a priest  I am thinking I should try that class.

Tried Runewarden in Achaea, then decided that magic would be more interesting in Lusternia. So far I'm enjoying being a mage! Staffcasting fore the win!

I have been 3 classes on my main character, tried 3 other classes on alts, 1 class each for Lusternia and Aetolia. 

I've played as 3 classes but have enjoyed monks the most; and I believe it's because of RP reasons.  The idea of a kung fu type monk with telepathic abilities to this day excites me.


I haven't played too many, but heard the dreamwalking skillset on Lusternia is really cool?


Alchemist born and bread, but I am thinking of changing class soon... It's a great class to rerally make alot of money off of, but Monotonous and boring. I need excitement in my life... watch this space sapeince.. Toot be preparing for something beeg.

in achaea alone, on different alts ive tried almost all of them, i think theres 3 i havent tried.  probably wont try them either.

I always come back to the Druid though

...testing quite a few different classes, from mage, to druid, to monk, to paladin, I recently tried alchemist, and have been really enjoying it, this class is definitely my favorite!

Great, but fighting as one sucks/is sadface.

I remember dabbling a bit when I was new-ish to Achaea, but then went dormant, all but my main were deleted, and upon my return was promptly re-made a secretary (and then HL for 50 IG years), so no time for alts then. I have tried out some of the new classes, but I don't really stick with them, just want to get info so I can help others!

Have to be Defiler class from Impy

I've tried almost every class in every IRE game over the years that I've been playing. Definitely spent a few hours in every class in Lusternia/Imperian/Midkemia. I never switch classes with a current character unless I have some idea of how the class is - instead, I alt for a while and either switch my main (or more likely) the alt becomes my main.

I guess it's about time to spill the beans. Jarrus is not my first character. My first character was an infernal in Hashan. I really enjoyed the class too. Then I made another character and he was a bard in Ashtan. -THEN- a good while after that, I decided that I wanted to try out paladin, so I made another alt for that. Ended up changing him a couple times to sylvan, BM, then back to paladin. He was a BM until I decided I wanted to change him back to paladin. (I don't even play him anymore, but I am thinking about it) And I'm still not done yet. After a good small bit of that, I ended up making an apostate in Ashtan, decided that I really love the skills apostate had to offer then found out priest has similar but seemed more my style. So I make Jarrus, then changed my apostate to infernal as I loved the class as stated above. And let's see, Jarrus's other classes that I was with him are: sylvan, bard, Alchemist. Hmm, so above all the classes....Here is the following scale of which is my all-time favorite...











I hope that helps! :D


1 class, Serpent, 8 years.

back in the good ole' days before the Administration had the infinite wisdom to not only force rogues to be in the demonic circle which removed the whole "we're loyal to whoever has the most gold" mentality, then allowed others outside the guild to learn our skills, and then completed the castration by removing our assassin contracts. After all that, there wasn't much need for rogues. Other than for watching mudsex while phased.

I really liked the old Wytchen when they used dolls. Nothing made that warm fuzzy feeling inside more than taking out a full doll of an enemy, afflicting it, and hearing screams from far far away. Then they took away the dolls and gave them colored dust to blow at people. Meh. 

I've tried almost all of them in Achaea, but I think Paladin is still my favorite! Yay uberstrong Tank!