IRE Asks: How many classes have you tried, and which was your favourite?

MMO assassin class
 Trying different classes to find a perfect play-style is important to players, and in most MMORPGs this usually requires rolling a new character. Isn't that such a pain, having to start all over again whenever you want to try something different? Fortunately in Iron Realms, your character can quit their class to embrace a new one at any time. You'll get back approximately half of your lessons (skill points) and are left to earn the rest, but with all the promos like comment credits, it's not a hard task!


Of course, some players may want to create a new character when trying something new. This can be especially true for players who belong to an Evil organization on one character, but are curious about Priest or Paladin. Other players swear off alts, and if trying out a new class means accepting in-game consequences such as quitting a faction, so be it! Indeed, quitting one organization to join another can be a dynamic roleplaying experience as players leave behind friends and familiar skills.


So how many classes have you tried, and how did you rank them against eachother? Did you create a new character, or did you roleplay a change?

Comment below!


Really liking Indorani atm!

Serpent is very fine for me.

And each has a little something I like.

I've tried all but monk. Loving my warrior right now, but missing magical attacks.

Only one, and I'm so happy!

I tried hopscotch once, but I didn't like it.

And I really love the skills and roleplay.

I cannot say what class I am...

With Aetolia's new multiclassing, it's really easy for us to try out different classes now, without having to change guilds or drop our primary class. It's a fun option.

I really like that we have this option.


druid- achaea

shofangi - lusternia

Lycan - aetolia

I tend to have an idea for the character and multiclassing probably would not be it.

I've played every class in Achaea, and apart from occultist, they have all been at least single trans. I have to say it's hard to pick a definite favourite from the group, as they all have their own individual perks and weaknesses. 


Saying that, the standouts would have to be Monk, once you grasp how to use tekura against every opponent (Mounted, avoidance, certain types of parrying, etcetera.) 

Jester, because of the amazing hindering which almost negates the zero damage mitigation as well as the almost unlimited offense capability.. 

Apostate has to take the cake though! Great damage mitigation, vigour is excellent when used at the right time. Syphon, as well as the many different options you can take offensively, and of which are all interchangable on the fly, making them tough to fight agianst unless you know your stuff. Not to mention their offense works against all types of opponents.

Apostate has to be the best for me, really!

Only really been one so far, but Occultist is pretty awesome.

yep and now that you don't have one guild keeping a stranglehold on it, you can actually play the class.

Working slightly on a few alts to figure out classes but by far, the druid class is best in my book.


I was talking about combat, not utility or hunting. 

And combat is definitely an area that druid falls over in, haha.

I've tried every archetype. I've never gotten the hang of warriors. Guardian/bard are my preferences.

I've tried just about every class there is to offer in Achaea, except for Alchemist.  Each has their appeal factors and attributes that make them unique.  Once you get into the aspect of the various Houses it's even more stimulating as far as the culture or belief system.

So far I most like the Knight class, Runewarden, Paladin, and Infernal.  Blademaster is fun as well, even with the changes made.

I like guardians. Parts of mages appeal too but I don't like maintaining a meld.

Now I've tried three others and still liek Guardians best.

And I must say my favouritest two are Serpent and Occie....


I have, by this point, tried out, however briefly, at least every archetype once, though not every class. I've also tried out ever org. Glomdoring and Hallifax are still my favs.

I love Serpent.

I tried two so I could pick between the two before settling. I loved the skills of my alt but I wasn't keen on the guild progression.


Only Serpent I tried, but I'd probably enjoy Jester.

I think, through the use of ALTS mostly, I've tried almost every class in Achaea. My main has changed class a few times but she's finally settled on one, and this little alt is trying out Monk which seems to be working well. If only it wasn't such a hard endurance eater.


Never tried Infernal though.

As neglected as it is, I've just always held the biggest affinity for Templar. Defend, Bloodsworn, hell a skillset called Chivalry? Hopeless romantic choice right there.

I like you, kind sir.

Just one and it's my favorite so far


Shaman rocks.. I've tried the rest, but the only one I like half as much as Shaman is Blademaster.

I've played a bunch. It's hard to say which one was best, though

Just the one, can't imagine changing until I realyl know all the ins and outs of this one

There are so many good class concepts in IRE. I tend to want to hoard them all and give them a go.

Druid is my favorite class of all that I've tried, but Serpent is a lot of fun, too.


Alchemist and serpent and serpent is my favourite

Jester was my favorite in Achaea, and my favorite in Lusternia is definately the researcher.


I've tried lots.

Now that cavaliers have come out, I am very tempted to try making a warrior again.

And I think Blademaster. Mostly conceptually, though. I haven't really played around with it much, yet.



Lusternia classes are far cooler than achaean ones.

I've tried almost every class available in Aetolia and I have to say Zealot is my personal favourite followed closely by the Lycan classes.


and trying to figure out whether I want to play a Soldier or a Rogue! I wanna be some kinda swordsman, and Soldier is obviously the most warrior-y, but then Rogues get Fencing and Subtlety seems AWESOME!!!!

I wanna use the Hostage ability on someone, not so much to kill them as to carry on some RP dialogue and let them go!!!!! Been daydreaming about the possibilities. 



You know, one problem with voice acting is that the lines tend to be repititive. Even in a game from a very well known story publisher (BioWare) the lines became repitive in a MMO because the structure of MMOs is repititive these days. Until the game ceases repetitiveness then voice overs will become boring. 


I think that Achaea is too deep and complex to play multiple characters at once. 

but it takes too much time for me, and even if I felt like I could I'd still want my main to be as badass as possible!



If you want to explore the whole game of Achaea, then yes, you won't do so easily by playing with too many alts, but if you want to explore different classes then Alts are the best way to go... I know some crazy people though that keep changing class constantly with their main character and after tri-transing! They sure have a lot of money to waste.

I've tried six classes with the one character so far - Sentinel, Occultist, Magi, Serpent, Sylvan, Monk in that order. While it can backfire and you might find yourself regretting the change, it does keep things refreshing. I've always been keen on defensive artefacts as well, simply so I wouldn't ever need to trade anything in and minimise the hit to my pocket!


Oh, and occie dragon was my favourite (and really ridiculously OP, had a fantastic time).

I really want to see multi-classing in Achaea.

I really want to see multi-classing in Achaea.

I've played quite a few in Ironrealms. So far I'd have to say Illuminati from Lusternia and Jester from Achaea is my all time favorites.

I agree!


The Illuminati are fun to play, especially since they're so fleshy and squishy! <3

And I've played a jester, it was actually fun...I do like how bard and performer are split in Achaea.


One and it's my favorite

saboteur always


I've had my try at every class except Alchemist.

Infernal rocks

Serpent is fun

I've tried mages, guardians, and warriors. I prefer warriors out of all I've tried, mainly for the RP.

Shaman. And it's been good to me thus far.

I've tried several classes across the IRE games: every class in Achaea, all but the newer mage classes in Aetolia, every class in Lusternia, and every class in Imperian. My favorite is Achaea's Monk.

Tried all except for Infernal, and Priest... Quite liking Sylvan though

Nearly all of them and my favorites tend to be priest types, especially those that embrace darker ideals.

Won't that get boring, though? If you decide to continue with the characters, that is.

Just switched to serpent, kind of hard to get used to.. was just starting to get the feeling that I actually knew what I was doing on sent.. =(

I switched classes recently and loved it. It's nice making the game fresh again.

On my third one in two weeks in MKO - enjoying it a lot at the moment ithout even using my skills

I tried mainly one, occultist and tried 3-4 classes novicehood. 

Occie rocks, don't think will ever change.

I love templar class


Always been a priest on my main (except for a short serpent stint). It's the only class I know a whole lot about. If I wanted to try other classes I always created an alt to try, but I never played as extensively on them, just for fun.

I've only tried one class for Aetolia, and one for Achaea. Though my Achaean alt has been on the side of evil, where as my Achaean main is on the side of good.

Blademaster is definitely my favourite class so far. I've tried paladin, priest, runewarden, infernal, druid, bard and monk. I'm planning to try Alchemist soon, it looks pretty interesting. Just need to set up my character.

Thief was my faivorite

but bards win

only tried Apostate. Not interested in any other.

I hate changing classes in the game so I use alts.  But if I had to say which class was my favorite, I would say Defiler or the Teradrim in Aetolia.  I just think it's kinda cool to have some giant monster following you around even if it can't help you hunt.

I've tried all of the classes Achaea's got, but I honestly prefer monk to all of 'em. Combat is more fun, combos are awesome, and it's just an easy class to get into. Runewarden was my favorite for a little while, but when I switched to monk, I found the class I'd be staying for a good long while.

I played a druid, bard, magi, occultist, jester, sylvan in Achaea, and I was playing a rogue in midkemia but now I play a mage. I'd say my favourite class is the mage, though I liked the bard.



I've done every class and almost every tert... X2 :( MKO must make a mini fortune off me and explains why i has no artifacts

I've tried quite a few, in lots of the games, from Occultist to Serpent and back again. My favorite, mostly due to RP (since the class has almost no viable combat capability), is the alchemist. Marvelous. Utterly marvelous.

I'm loving Monk right now, though. Barely have skills but I'm dangerous!

maybe more


About 7 in Achaea. Infernal was the best.

never played a tank, only played a magic-type a little bit...mainly rogue

monk, magi, serpent, infernal, apostate, priest, paladin, occultist, sylvan


All except alchemist, jester, druid, sentinel, bard. I would say my favorite was Infernal. I did not like Infernal RP and while I was good at the combat I just wasn't feeling the thrill. Magi though I get the crap rightfully kicked out of me everytime it is the perfect fly by the seat of my pants class. If my staff could light pipes that would be bad ass though.

I've played every class in Achaea and I'd say my favorite was shaman or monk


Jester is my favorite to date.

Magi and Sylvan.

can't wait for the new outrider prof to come out...

My favorite class, and probably character was way way back when I played a pacifist Saboteur teacher named Edwinna, whom actually wasn't at all a pacifist she just only killed people when secrecy was absolute.

Magi and only Magi! Trying to get Dragon too, though!

i haven't played my class enough, that's for sure.

Is the monk class ever actually fun, or is it always just so op that you think it is in hind sight.

Love: Magi

Hated: Sylvan

The OP demi-god unstoppable unbalanced Shaman in Aetolia.

Sylvan for the win


Apostate... wait, no serpent!


or priest...

wait, jester!


Ahhh where did all of my credits go

All the classes 8D//

I have tried nearly everyclass, I have topped combat in most of them, I have used several characters but only spent credits on one, I made a misstake and changed from runewarden to magi then back. I Rate from all Achaean classes that Runewarden is the most fun when you get rapiers with speed of 250. but it ruins the game for the rest of the classes. Everything feels slow, Even having 240+ speed rapiers is slow after that.

I've tried Monk and Alchemist in Achaea, but, Monk is my favorite so far - granted, the Alchemist hasn't progressed very far.

I've been pretty much every class you can be aside from paladin. Currently a runewarden and though I can say its not my favorite I can't seem to want to quit it. I really enjoyed blademaster, a named sword and cheap class artifact was nice. I probably would have enjoyed more if I wasn't in a cvity a hated, and had. No one to learn from.

I had a knee jerk classs switch once the hunting got much weaker attack wise even with a level 2 artifact. Wish I never did, but Monk/BM have to be my favorites that I've tried. Runie a close 2nd behind that 2 way tie.


They're way too cool

I've played two classes so far that I actually stuck with, both in Achaea: Monk and Serpent. Monk combat can be real intuitive and the same with Serpent, and while my main is a Monk and I prefer to play that class and character, Serpent is a nice change of pace, and a huge change in personality.

To those who keep changing class on one char, just try it out on an alt, or ask someone who knows a lot about the class!

Nah, let people have their fun, they fund the game :P



it's hard to play every class since there are... 28 of them, but I've at least tried all the archetypes. My favourite is bard, followed probably by guardian, then mage/druid, then warrior, then wiccan, then monk.

I've been tempted to class switch but then I realized how invested I am in things, and what the costs would be to switch. Maybe in the future, who knows, but right now I've got a part to play :)

Imperian - Original Noctusari


Aetolia - Shadowsnake


Achaea - Tanjinn


Lusternia - Nihilist

Credit post.

as soon as new mounts come along, i'll go cav.

I've always enjoyed the scholar role so I'd have to say my favorite over all has been Nihilist from Lusternia. 

I just can't seem to build interest outside of lusternia, though I occassionally try a bard in imperian, and never make it that far :/

Lycans are cool.

Lycans are cool.

Tempted to try Occultist because of great raid utility, decent 1v1, and decent hunting (same as Magi I'd say.) but Occie also has mog.

i love being an alchemist

i wants me my outrider! can't wait!

Need to be made better :< Still prefer fighting in Lesser on Achaea

Lusternia has some cool 'monk-like classes, I'll admit. But overall I've enjoyed Achaea far more. Monk is still my favourite but Serpent tends to be, on its own, the most fun.

But I might try Runewarden at some point, or maybe Monk or Apostate.

Out through the 6-7 years of playing Achaea, I have tried them all. Some of my favorites include, Monks, Blademasters, Alchemists and Runnies

In Achaea I've tried the following: sentinel, sylvan, monk, blademaster, serpent, priest, runewarden. Sentinel was pretty good, sylvan about the same, though probably my favourite. Monk was fast-ish hunting, but boring overall. Blademaster was super fast in hunting and rather interesting. Serpent was pretty fun, though more RP-wise. Priest I didn't last long in because Shallam and the Empyreal were not at all fun. Runewarden was slow and costly.

In Aetolia I've only been Bloodborn so far, though I don't really have much interest in having any alts since I'm busy enough as it is. Multi-class will let me test the waters if I choose to go that direction, if I ever tri-trans this one first, heh.

I've always done alts when I wanted to try a new class. I invest far too much emotion and time into a character to class/city/House hop. I also make sure I'm never in the same House as any others and almost never even in the same city. I don't see the point in having multiple alts in the same orgs, especially when it's too easy to be accused of multi-playing... and too many idiots out there can't stay away from the temptation.

I've done Druid, Magi, Occultist, Shaman, a brief stint as Alchemist, and most recently a Warden... Occultist and Wardens are my favourite, my least favourite is Druid.

slowly nearing dual-trans as a carnifex...

I like Sylvan the best....I kinda want to try Alchemist though!

rather enjoying mage these days. Being a lolmonk was fun for a bit, but the mage has more all-around utility.

I've tried all of them except Sentinel. That said, I didn't get very far with them.

I've always been drawn to more magical classes, so, it wouldn't be a surprise that Magi and Alchemist are my favorites, but Apostate and Blademaster are close seconds.

Over the years I've tried every class in achaea but alchemist and I always find myself going right back to Magi so I'm going to say thats my favourite, though an instant kill would be nice!

still loving being a furry tractor.






Only Paladin for me!

I main a monk, but I had an alt a long time ago that started as Runewarden and switched to Infernal. Falcons were fun, but DSL-ing everything constantly was somewhat boring to me.

I've tried Every class in Achaea, and about 4 of the classes from Aetolia

I've played a Runewarden, a Paladin, Sylvan, Druid, Serpent, Blademaster, Sentinel, and Alchemist.  I'd have to say it's a tossup between the Druid and the Alchemist.  I tend to lean toward chars that are self-sufficent and have some innate money-making skills.

All of them, but I still love the heck out of Monk.

I've tried alot and my favorite was Saboteur.

But I have the feeling it'd be a waste of credits to switch because I'll almost certainly hate it, from what people have been telling me.

Well as the new hunter and druid. Let's just say that I've around too long and few have made it past novicehood. Out ofthem all.. I'd have to say that I've enjoyed alchemist and renegade the most. Blademaster as well. Though mostly for the roleplay as opposed to combat

Priest, Druid, Monk, and occie.

Every class in Achaea, and about 3 in Aetolia. Like Occultist best in Achaea and Prae best in Aetolia

Master! Haha, I've only tried one but I'm sure the others would be great too!

Weapon-based classes speak to me.  Blademaster and Runewarden are far and away my favorite.

This character has only tried one.


I've only been Runewarden and Blademaster in Achaea, but I loved Blademaster, Runie just has it's bonus' in raid capabilities that a Blademaster didn't. Only reason I have kept with it.

all of them, I've tried up to level 15 at least, certain ones I felt extremely comfortable with, but I can't really pin down my favorite at this point, since I stick to those I really enjoyed, and if you wanna say "favorite" I don't have a number 1 favorite hands depends on an area of judgement.. so here's my list of my "favorites"


Economic: Alchemist

Hunter: Blademaster

RP: Hunter

Affliction: Serpent



those are the four classes I stick to non stop, and if it ever asks races, though..well..different topic, different story.

No classes. Don't need no fancy edumacation.


I love all the classes equally. That is a big problem for me!


Just one in Aetolia... Bloodborn and I like it fairly well. In Achaea I've tried quite a few.

Wyverex has always been a Paladin since i created him like 8 years ago. I have made a couple of alts that was Monk, Sylvan or Magi but i just couldn't stand playing them. I kind of wished i switched Wyverex to a Runewarden as I think he would of done better, but i'm happy.

Tried most of MKO classes. Stuck with priest as its interesting.

Though Imperian's circles, I've tried maybe six or seven. In honesty, not all would have gotten the appropriate attention they deserved, sadly, because other factors got in the way. But Outrider was my favourite. Maybe because I spent four years playing it, maybe I just really, really liked it, but for whatever reason, that's my pick.

I've only tried 3 classes but serpent rocks.

Magi definately have the upper hand for me

Quite a few, but mastered none. Blademaster so far is my favorite followed by Alchemist

Probably a dozen?


I love being a Sylvan. Its the best class, in my opinion. And I don't think multiclassing would be good for RP reasons....for getting more skills it would be cool, though.

but the bard always wins.

One can never really know the depths of the class unless you tri trans the skills, so I only truly know what a class is like then.. Found Serpent to be nice and just love being a Sylvan, but interested to try out Shaman some day.

I'm most likely someone who picks a class who I think mosts suits me, and stick to it. I don't like people who hop around all the time or multiclass, or alt.

Through multiple accounts and a multitude of different characters over several years, I have tried most, if not all, Achaean classes. I think I am only missing apostate, sylvan, and magi... though I might have been a magi briefly. Paladin is by far my favorite.

I feel awkward when I am not a occie, so any alt I create barely makes it out of novihood before suicide.. Occultist is the best, at least for me

A lot. Priests are the best!

I've tried Monk, Sentinel, Apostate, Runewarder, but Monk will foerever ock for me, it makes me useful in raids, decent pvp, good hunting and easy upkeep.

is my favorite class.

Dragon :P I was considering a runewarden alt to try out, but until the whole falcon thing with El'Jazera gets sorted out, probably not now.

I'd rather avoid class changes, they are expensice



ninja assassin

I wish I had a favorite class - maybe then I wouldn't spend so much time changing.

Don't remember, over a dozen. Seriously tried to play, hrrm maybe a dozen.

Some class changes are slight. If you guild hop and only change one skillset, you've changed classes, but usually in more of a minor way.

Priest, Jester, Occultist, Serpent, Bard, Magi, Monk, Infernal, Blademaster... only got trans in Serpent, Monk and Blademaster but my favorites were Infernal and Blademaster, inclining a lot towards Blademaster obviously

I dunno what I like D: I get bored of everything i've tried so far

Unfortunately i suffer from this to :(


so hard to decide..

bm is nice and op

priest :PP

I've had a couple of nature-based classes with a focus on metamorphosis.  I'm primarily a basher/hunter rather than PvP, so hard-hitting forms with no inventory requirements were kind of neat.  Still prefer my blade, though.

Tried zero. I'm still level 2.

I've tried all classes. My favorites are blademaster and serpent.



I have to admit, I'm rather enjoying Runeguard

probably 3 from each circle in Imperian through alts, but I keep coming back to the my original class the Predator.

All of them.

Serpent for pure win. Occie for raiding.

I'm still liking Lusternia Monks even over dragon achaea monks, they bash like achaea monks (but are tankier) and pk a bit more like knights.

I think about all of the classes on Achaea at this point except Paladin, Blademaster, Sylvan, and Magi.


Favorite? hrmm tough question.


For raiding or group combat: Occultist

Solo combat: Jester

Favorite all around: Monk for sure


ive only tried two classes myself


Lots of worlds



(All different characters)





Preferred in this order: 1) Shaman, 2) Runewarden, 3) Priest, 4) Serpent

I tried all of them. I guess Serpent or Magi is my favorite. I like classes with a lot of utility.

Knight, because I like forging.

Interesting read.

All the classes!

I have tried the Magi class so far.

Priest, Serpent, Infernal, Jester, Occultist, Magi, Bard, Alchemist, Monk, and Blaemaster in Achaea... unea vampire warrior in Aetolia, Ninjakari in Lusternia.... my favorite is obviously Blademaster but each class has its pros and cons, 'cept for alchemist I didn't like it at all

Idras, Saboteur, and Mage in Imperian

Sentinel and Paladin in Achaea (oldschool)

Sentinel, Shaman, Luminary, Daru, Sentaari, Bahkatu, Mage in Aetolia


Enjoying Shaman the most right now. Mainly because its new.

Druid. Druid, druid, druid, druid, druid.

tried all, like something about each tbh


A few. I really like priest.

Blademaster pretty nice in the one v one.



Only two in Achaea, multiclassing would be interesting but difficult since so many people complain as it is about some classes being op, when they aren't. Monk, for instance. But yeah, Serpent and Monk, tempted to make a Paladin though, seems like it would be a fun class.


Have been 7

Around 5 or so on different alts, only Pala on my main in Achaea



Almost all classes. Whatever I'm playing currently is my favorite.

being a serpent with illusions was cool. Much better thanillusions in elementalism. But sylvan is still the best class ever *buff*


But I want to try so many more. Serpent, BM, Monk, Apostate, Magi, Alchemist, Infernal, Jester, and am currently a Shaman.


I wish I had a favorite class so that I might stay as one.


I've played every class on Imperian.


Runeguard is, without question, my favorite.

But of them, Paladin still has to be my favorite.

It's interesting, role-play wise, but difficult to get a full grasp of how to pull combat off.


Paladin is more fun than a lot of the other classes I've played.

Blademaster's been fun in a satisfy-my-weeaboo-kenshin-fanboy kind of way.

i've tried a few. Pally was my favorite though.

Favorite class is still wiccan (Shadowdancer).

bard was nice, but going on a new way now.

saboteur always my favourite, I loved it both pre and post spatium

Runewarden, then sentinel, then sylvan, then runewarden again, then magi.. I think that's right.

I've tried a few different classes in Lusternia, but none of the characters really clicked until Junia the Cantor came along, so I'd say bard is my favorite.

occie with subterfuge following next.

ive been every calss except sylvan and druid and i can never decide what class to be and now im stuck because i love the classes but dont feel like they fit me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its annoying and i wish i could go back to the starts when i knew nothing and just pick a class that looked "cool" on the classlist

i hate you brain


I tried just about every damn class, city, and house in the game rl years ago. xD Only class I haven't tried is Blademaster. That'll change though, lol.

but still can't decide.

I've tried a lot of them. Found though that houses aren't all that fun.

but i love serpent illusions


blademaster and druid, druid was my favorite the roleplaying is just so much better now.

I've tried a total of four classes in Achaea, and my favourite by far is the Blademaster, not just because of the skillset, but because of the lore and history behind it as well, which I personally find fascinating. I've been Infernal, Runewarden, and Serpent as well, but I always transition back to Blademaster.