IRE Asks: How Separate is Your Character's Personality?

Bard Elf

I think it's safe to say we all know our character aren't real and are just virtual avatars in a free-to-play MMORPG. However, when you enter the rich fantasy world, do you truly 'role play' and assume personality traits completely unfamiliar to yourself, or is your character an extension of the player behind the screen? 


To some, role play is the name of the game. Their character will never act in the game without first weighing those actions against their character's set of morales. This sort of player probably prefers to remain in-character through all forms of communication; you won't find them in any OOC clans!


However, some players prefer more casual role play. They might play the character of an evil Knight and become involved in RP events, but you might find them chatting on a PvP clan, trading combat tips with players who might be members of enemy organizations in the grand storyline of things.


So which are you? The die-hard role player, never going out-of-character, or are you a casual Knight? Tell us in the comments below!


It's an extension of me.


I somewhat agree

I do my best to make my characters separate from my own personality. As a result, I get several distinct people bumping into each other in my head.

There's only room for one Vult in my head...

I understand perfectly what you mean





Totally agree. I can't play two characters in two different orgs without confusing myself - especially with how they treat each other differently.

This. The worse is a confused character.

Schizophrenia is a bitch.


Not necessarily, you can be your own best friend!

You're doing it wrong.

What you mean is Multiple Personality Disorder.

I agree with that one

same here

Same with me.

Also, credit.

I think anyone is the same in that they pattern characters with their own personalities.

Probably true.

Usually when I talk PvP I can't hold myself back. o.o

I agree. A character is always going to have some aspect of you to some degree, because they're a creation of your own imagination.

Cadfael is, more than my other characters. I love Lusternia, but I find that RP comes easier when the character is different actually. Which I totally didn't expect.

If there wasn't a difference, then hopefully running around slaying 10s of thousands of lifeforms would actually be beyond us all.

If the character is too similar to you, it's easy for them to become an extension of yourself. If you make them more different, you have to think a bit more about how the character would react in situations.



i love to RP but i will become casually OOC with friends and people I know through tells or clan communication, however for the most part I play Aktillum to be a little different than my real life self

Not quite an extension, but not completely different. Otherwise, OOC stays between friends through tells, messages, and very little clan communication.

Difficult to make them completely different, sometimes. What with you being the person playing them and all.

mostly the same


I RP on IC channels with people I don't know...but after a decade of being Laila, and speaking to such a vast bunch of the Realm OOCly, I think I'm one of the worst RP'ers there is! :P

As I warm-up to people, the "character" tends to go away.

I've observed that as well, to some extent.


My character is a lot more confident than I am. Other than that, the differences are minor. When I first started playing, I was more into RP than I am lately. So.. for now Inara and myself are a little the same.

My character happens to be a lot more outgoing than I am myself, but elsewise I'm still just playing myself.

I used to have my character close to me, but I found that...not so great to do, tbh. So I created Hasar! Though, some elements of myself are in him, not as much as before

Greys is an isolation mostly of an emotional element of me minus some things in my past.  

My character started out as being way more outgoing than myself. However..for some strange reason, I in real life have really brightened up. And I attribute it to my character's more outgoing personality. Maybe it's a sign of just a little too much obsession..

That is an interesting phenomenom. Instead of your personality impacting your character's, instead, your cahracter's personality is impacting your's.

if you ask me that sounds like a good thing just dont get to addicted lol.

I caught myself, when playing a character that was about 1/3 me, 2/3 manipulative prick of a, essentially, manwhore on Aetolia... actually picking up some of the turns of phrase, little quirks, etc I'd built up for him... and the general tone, confidence, and laissez-faire attitude rubbed off too. I'm still far from the same as that character, but it certainly did affect me in fun ways, and touches of that have even influenced characters since (though never to that exteme, he was retired due to an excess of drama there).

Same for the most part.

Mine is also a little more outgoing but I'm pretty much the same in other aspects. I'm also have a bit of an emotional connection no matter how hard I've tried not to.


It's an interesting question and I have to admit that this me, Konton of Lusternia is an extension of me. I would like to better rp someone else from me but a tendency to play characters with the same names or names that I normally use as nicknames eventually makes me play me. And yes I know the cure for that is to start a new char, just that it's hard to think of how much time I've put into that me and then not breathing life into him again. And that's just in Lusternia, it's even harder trying to start another game


I find the lines blurring sometimes, but I always try to roleplay, and my character makes decisions/acts differently than I do some of the time. I do believe though, that being from your imagination, the character is bound to have some of your traits and personality.

I would agree with your statment there is no way to completly seprat your personnalty from your char's i have found this out in d&d when playing a ranger i found my self playing like he was me same as i do with this char Maraver i try to rp but sometime my own personalty pops out lol by the way nice pic

I've definitely been on both sides of this table. Recently, definitely the casual side of things. I still stay strict to the RP within most mediums, but most of my clans aren't IC. Even still, when I've got enough time to dedicate to it and the proper motivation, the RP can be a bit of great fun and I end up right back in the thick of it.

Not really.    I happen to be an avid reader and much of the information I come across tends to be applicable to Tekla and her interactions.  It's not like I go out of my way to find information that's going to enhance my roleplay, it just happens to be a decent way of holding my attention in training sessions to improve my sales technique which have very little to do with my actual job.  


Sure, there's times when break character with super close friends and we talk just as insane as the next person.  But for the most part, Tekla and all of my other characters, are pretty deliberately roleplayed to be a dynamic (or forgettable) character. 


Looks like I'm a dying breed, le sigh... 

My character is actually pretty much the opposite of my real person. In real life I'm always the one who cracks jokes and is full of entertaining bullshit who can't keep quiet. Arlanda is much more reclusive

Definitely an article to ponder upon

I've went to both ends of the scale. It really just depends on my mood and whats happening.

Is more machiavellian than I am.

I bet you are a griefer defiler IRL!

My characters have some of my traits, but also have great differences. I love good, in depth RP, but I also enjoy ooc clans.

My character is a lot different than myself in real life. Pretty much everything about Fanten is different, actually.

On all applicable channels I am strictly IC. Though any OOC channels I'll be chumming it up with my homies.

My characters are usually much more brazen than I am, fearless of who hears and what they may think.

my character is me but an idealized version of how i would like to live my life a lot of the ways rocknar reacts to things is how i personally would react to them. i generally speaking live my life by the code of a knight though not to such an extreme to be ostracized by people who cant comprehend living theirs that way....all that being said there is some rp there just not as much as one would expect.  good article by the way

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So, how many credits did this 'expert writer' get??

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You can submit articles to the editor, and writers get paid around 200cr per article. However, seeing as how this particular article doesn't seem to have an author and is aimed at stimulating conversation rather than spamming FREE ADDICTING MMORPGs every paragraph, i'd wager that this isn't the last short article on IRE

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You were saying?

You forgot the word "Games". And character, and all the other buzz words.



^ ^ ^

I can see that you are pissed.

My character is very much an extension of my RL persona.  I love RP, but I have no problem going OOC quite a lot with certain players.

I think it's unavoidable to have your IRL traits somewhat bleed into your character, but it gets too "dangerous," with too much, etc. I go OOC with some people, and it's usually fine. Sometimes random people go OOC with me and I just ignore them. o.O


You must be a really swell guy IRL, then! :D

I'd hve to say is an extension of me, and me him. I'm not a hardcore rper nor am I strictly casual. I think I fall somwhere in between myself.

I think, each of my characters has some little tidbit of my own personality, and it's just grown outward from there. But they really are their own beings with their own values, and I've caught myself saying on more than one occasion, "Yeah I would definitely do this, but <character name> just... we have to find another way". And it's important that we keep that line there, too.

The best way I've come up with so far to describe it is that I'm just typing for my character, because the only way for them to come out and express themselves is through an online interface. What I say, how I act, is really them and not me.

All of this said, I don't have an issue with OOC societies. I'm not always really very active in them, but they're there and I'll partake of them at times. Just as long as everybody knows fully well where the OOC/IC line is, and respects it; it may also be worth noting that anything I do or say, or my attitude OOC, is probably different from what my current character is feeling.

It's a bit of both, honestly. Arke is at the core a lot like myself, however somewhere along the line he went way more serious and somber than I did. I have a habit now of strongly demarking where ic and ooc begin and end, however I always found it hard to RP any personality fundamentally different than my own. There's always these odd quirks and differences I neither intend nor expect, but that's half the fun!


I am definately not like my characters .I have never killed anyone.

I play a mix. I am here to have fun.

Something always goes through!

  • same

than many of us quickly explain them to be.  There is usually one trait you sort of anchor yourself to. Then usually the rest of the in-charactor bits are extremes that propel it to go where it goes. ( Also a quick explanation FAIL)



I am nothing like my RL player



Ada is a priest while I'm a devil IRL *hides*

My character is often like I wish I could be, certain attributes extended, others reined in.

I tried the evil Deeva (didn't work, I hated it). I wouldn't say that I, the player,  am the embodiement of Deeva but I do certainly share certain traits with her. I think there's a little bit of us in each and every character we play!

This is the old RPG question, how much do we resemble to our characters, and in what ways? There is no good answer. I think that even the most exotic character anyone may create must have bit of "soul" of the creator, somewhere. I am not a shy person in RL in general, but I could play a shy person because sometimes I have been shy. Maybe this is the understatement of the day for all of you.

However, my character in Achaea is a sort of extension of myself, I admit, altough I am much more powerful in RL than in the relams (except for the telepathic abilities and kaido, tough). So Shibumi is a young newbie discovering the wonders of the realms, bit by bit (I have a highly committed RL). Shibumi is simply the good side of me. 

If I had to choose another character, I would pick an evil one, and that departs a lot from myself.

Finally, the best pen and paper RPG players I use to play with as a boy could roleplay everything, literrally (even non speaking monsters and animals had they own full featured personalities). Those were such good times!


i really dont think theres any detachment. your ingame character is your out of game personality. if you succeed in game, you feel happy out of game. and the opposite is possible

some emotion transfers, but the overall personality can difer widely 

for most of the time. Sometimes it's hard to suppress your natural reactions.

I have characters who are both sides of this. I had characters who I spent far too much time using OOC channels through, and while I made some great friends it removed me from my immersion. The only OOC clan this character has is combat training, which is city based and so not too far ooc to break it for me.

Varo is completely different from me but his personality is still developing.

I like to think that me personality is relitively devided up between my characters

the scary part is when you begin to worry that you are starting to resemble your character

Starts scratching at random strangers with a bloody, steel tipped spear.

I didn't have the urge to stab people before I got Dstab in Subterfuge.

Definitely an extension. :)

My character is quite different than myself. I can be loud and obnoxious and like to take the reins in RL but my character is a quiet diligent pupil.


I've always been drawn to the ocean IRL, but not religiously so.  

Faragan is mostly an extention of me thought I fit him to the org I play but, personality trates are like my own

Ivellios not so much, he's pretty much a cooler me. My other characters I try to differentiate more.

Would someone who met Yilkon then myself recognise a similar personality?  But I wouldn't say they were the same.


I've tried seperating myself from the character. It never works.

My character is different than me in certain traits but there are a lot of traits that we share and that are an extension of myself, so it's a bit of a blend.


My characters have parts OF me, traits from me, but none of them are really like me. Which is probably a good thing, since I'm a horrible person IRL.

Nicia is almost entirely a fabrication. I prefer to stay IC with her, but I am fairly flexible with OOC conversation, as long as the conversation is clearly marked as being OOC. Otherwise, that can get pretty darned confusing. That being said, I've played alongside people that are barely ever IC and that makes things a bit awkward. Instead of seeing Nicia as a character, they often think that they are in fact getting my OOC personality. They are not...

I started playing Kabaal when I was 15. He started out fairly different from me, but over time we've merged and gotten to a point where we're pretty similar.

My character is an extension of me. Achaea is just another realm of my world for me to live in.





In other roleplaying games I've played where I've had to come up with a background before, I can keep more or less to character. In Lusternia characters come through the portal of fate often with no memory of life before, so I just fell into playing myself.

Fay shares some fairly minor traits that improve the quality of the game for me, and some bigger traits of my own (personal limitations) that are exrpessed vastly different from how I would do it. Overall though, she is incredibly different from me, and is sometimes difficult to roleplay despite her simplistic nature, because I have to figure out and frequently remember lots of stuff. Her background is mostly as having been raised differently from standard childhood, so I get to decide on the types of things she understands and how she understands them.


I dislike OOC, but I've found that at times it is preferable to in-character. I find getting too familiar OOC can ruin the roleplay for me so I tend to avoid it.


This is one of the things I've wondered over the years. In some cases, roleplay is quite evident, but in a lot, it felt like their character were an extension of themselves. My earliest attempts at roleplay were that, but with a heavy focus on beliefs through organization, which worked quite well.

Llandyr is quite different from me, at least in many ways. Some are like me.


exactly the same


trying to be different and failing!

Sometimes the char is an extension of my personality

Mine is really often an extension of me.
(I am no more angry - RL - for a PvP death since a short time only !)

I agree

While it's a good goal to create characters who have separate moral values from the player's, suppressing the knee-jerk reactions that you, the player, would have in certain situations (especially when the pace is quick) is tough.  I admire those who can do it well.


mentally unstable in achaea as I am in real life.  How fun!

I do however, have to agree with this.

Qistrel is a lot like me, but she is far more outgoing and friendly.

I luff your avatar. Probably for all the wrong reasons, but its cool.

Very much the same.


I don't like going out of chraracter because being Mhaldorian is badass.

The entire point (if you ask me) to play a game like this is that you are able to play a mean bastard if you want to. (Not necessary to be that IRL) :D

i like to play mean. making people suffer who make me suffer is such a buzz!


Heh. Id say Kurios is for the most part me. There is a degree or two of seperation. But theres 360 degrees in the circle too :P

I think most people like me try to seperate our characters far from us, but it hard to often let the character act differently to the way you would. It is especially difficult if you are tired or not concentrating or are rushed into a decision, to act in a manner that your ooc self wouldn't.



I would say that characters we create are 'alter egos' and for instance, a villain is a part of who we wish we could be but conditioned by society not to...and we all know of so many thugs there in the games, and chances are, behind the screen they sit in front of the PC for hours, not leaving the house and are nerdy as hell, not bad thing that they are nerdy...




In any case, many of us just play for a casual role-play



I find that my main is super boring because he is literally -me- he is a direct extention of myself, with "insertclasshere" powers. Since then I've made a slew of alts. I find the most fun comes when I explicitly try to stay completely IC. No OOC clans, not letting people get away with insanities in tells/says ect. (ill use messages here and there if I need to discuss game mechanics or something) I find RP hard for me, and people tend to want to force my characters into a combat role, as it's something that comes fairly naturally. I don't mind it, but it's not terribly fun, and has very little long term potential.  I really like trying to force myself  to keep me and my character seperate. I find things like referring to him in the third person and having a few cut in stone rules about the way he acts, really help me to keep that line and force myself to RP, which is ultimately more rewarding.

Lidda tried being a third person person... [Deity Who Will Remain Unnamed] didn't like it, so she stopped to avoid getting zapped...

Just an extension of myself. Tried the not entirely similar route and I kinda got tired of keeping it up.

More like an exaggerated version of me if I was living that kind of life I suppose.




Took the words outta my mouth.


And they came out in a weird order

Nothing like a free credit in the morn

early morning, ma'am

I enjoy playing characters who have a lot in common with me personality-wise, so in that way my character is similar to me, but he's not quite identical, and you certainly wouldn't find him giving advice (except maybe intentionally bad advice, or advice that serves his interests anyway) to enemies.

that bard looks so healthy


I'm kind of like Perdy. But, as time goes on we both kind of grow off of one-another. It's kind of strange, to be honest.

I usually play out my frustrations in character alot more than I do out of character, but I also have alot of fun while I am doing whatever is happening at the moment. Just being me, Imprieri most definitely has some of my characteristics as well as a few other ones I have managed to pick up from several different yet influential people in my life. I play off of these.. and things happen how they happen hehe :)


into the darker sides of me, and there she is.

Pretty much an extension of me but with more bravery. I have met several who I hope are roleplaying a different character than who they really are. If not i never want to meet them to be sure.



Aisling is basically me, except minor physical characteristics like the eyes >.> am not very original ): basically how she acts or feels is what I do. But I am getting better at separation between ooc and ic now

My character is a sort of caricature of my own personality. I would not do many of the things that she would, but her reactions are often based on my own. And as long as people remain IC in the game, I don't care how far from their own personalities their characters happen to be, really

Hrm....This is a difficult one to answer. My first character I made was by suggestion of a friend, and turned out to be me in full, from personality, to habits, to speech, to reactions. He was me, and it was fun t first, but after a while it got boring, because I knew how things with him would turn out. My second character, who turned out to be my favorite, was initially the complete opposite of me, and I played it that way to let him grow. Now I see him as a complete extension of me, which is what he's grown into. Not so much me, but the person I very much hope to be, in terms of his drive and determination. My third and fourth characters are just for fun, and are complete jokesters, so really have little depth to their personality. But its always fun to see how my characters grow!

No, I'm not even close to as 'in your face' as I've always played Isis to be, or as demanding of perfection, OCD on details ..oh wait..maybe those last two don't suit but no. I also don't go around choking people or smashing their heads in with flails. Of course things may bleed in but for the most part, ugh, I'd hate to play myself in a game played to lose reality for awhile. 

I'm pretty much the same personality in and out of character.  It would be interesting to try to role play someone different than myself, but I think in the end that would get dull...where I would be saying 'that's just not me.'  It's a lot easier to roleplay the personality I have IRL.


I have a few characters. But they're all based on who I am to a degree (or was for the earlier ones). "Kindof a who I would be if" situation. I love being IC most of the time, but as an extension of me it gets hard to remember that even though we think similiar, we sound different. So a dwarf might not say it the same way I would as human...though we're trying to make the same statement. That's the best and hardest part.



Truth to that I fear..

Mostly between my character and myself, I try to keep a distinction between the two. One way it's a way to safeguard from people ripping the character apart verbally and not feeling hurt myself. On the other hand, it's more fun to play something more opposite of me. "ok, i'll do this in real life, so lets do this here and see what happens." Created a rutheless character that's about expanding his dreams. Versus a more go-with-the-flow guy that picks up the paintbrush as he sees fit. More fun this way.

Regnilolo is an extension of me I think


Im bad enough at roleplay that my charecter has no personality

My character wants to be like me, but he can't--because I'm a joker, and I can be quite irreverent, whereas Halandir (because of House code) has to maintain a fairly strict air of respect. Maybe I shoulda went Jester. Haha.

My character is me. I'm even a werewolf that carries around a katana IRL

I am my character. Sorry!

Oh please no ! :D

Do you ask random people if they want to be your (boy|girl)friend IRL too ?

Yeah, I've had some very interesting/funny TELLs from you, Zorn. Though I suppose the interesting/funny in general part could be you IRL. :)

is kinda like me and yet not me

Since this was my first and only role playing experience, I had to recover from my lack of imagination at the start. Lys, for the most part, is me, but in creating her background (and living her life) she had experiences that I most likely never will have.  I do make an effort to react to things in game as I would, but having had her experiences.  I don't know if that makes me a good role player or not, but that is how me and my character are intertwined.

As for the other part, does my character ever go OOC, I can say my character avoids going OOC as much as possible.  But I do communicate in an OOC manner with a few friends I have made in game.  I never confuse the two though.

Lyfon tends to be more strict and adherent to the rules than me, but also manages to be less negatively emotional and compassionate in general. His morals are like mine, whereas my alts in other cities have been significantly different (from antisocial to vicous and more). It's fun to try on new personalities, and new personas.


My characters tend to do things that I want to do in real life, but am unable to for various reasons.

Seriously, thought, I find most of my characters are, to a point, mostly  exxagerated inversions of my real personality. Or something. I know they have a faint resemblance to me, but they are most definitely not me.

often quite opposite - my characters tend to go against the norm

My old character was a complete opposite of the way I really am but I would have to say the one I play currently is a lot closer to the real thing.

My characters' personalities all vary from individual to individual. I know that I am most like my Mhaldorian personality, not in the sense of being evil but being frank and a bit irritable. Hah. Kitarel is very much a motherly personality, very proud to be who she is and very reasonable. She is at the very least sure of herself and sure of what she wants. I love stepping into another world and being something that morally I think is optimal.

it's me, but not

I'm me, but not

Same here

Generally, the reasoning process is what bleeds over the most for me. It makes it more difficult to read between the lines on the character's behalf when what each character is 'seeing' should be different based on their own IC experiences, prejudices and assumptions. As for the divestment of yourself from your character, I find I'm doing well when I am happy playing the character regardless of what actually happens to him. Whether he's successfull, downtrodden, alive, dead, dominating or being teamganked by griefers, I know I'm doing well when I roll with the punches and still have a smile on my face. The hardest part is giving up control and accepting other avenues of play for your character as they open up.

Solt is a lot like me but also different. I find the whole psychological aspect of playing a character fascinating. I found out a lot of things about myself and have changed as a person as a result for the better I think. There is no way that while playing a game as intimate as this one, that part of your real self does not come into play. I am nurse in real life. I want to make people feel better. So does Solteria. See there is a reason I suck at combat ;)

how very true.

There's some of me in there, but he's pretty different. Or maybe I am that abrasive and reptilian.

seems like the common answer

seems very split

On your personal gaming style I suppose

Obviously over city/guild channels, I like to stay in-character and purposefully set out to have a "personality" seperate from my own. I would consider them aspects of me, of course, because I have SOME part in their shaping. Like creating a character who prefers to influence over hunting or is a great teacher, socialiser, friendly, etc. vs being a loner, killing all of the things, blah blah blah.

All of my characters are different, but each contains a part of me. Each and every one of them has my pride, though. Try as I might, I can't keep it from surfacing.

My character is usually kinder and more forgiving than I am.

My character is far more opinionated and outspoken than I've ever been IRL. Maybe she's an extension of the person I'd like to be.

always separate, which people seem to confuse I guess

Az is completely different than me. She's outgoing, loves everyone, doesn't know an enemy even after they kill her. She is also this lovey dovey huggy touchy feely person.Most importantly she LOVES cheesecake.

I'm a hermit (seriously people forget my husband has a wife), pretty much dislike humanity as a whole, I am sooo not a lovey dovey huggy touchy feely person (Actually makes me want to go into a killing spree when people other than my husband or children touch me) and I HATE HATE HATE cheesecake!


As for ooc societies/chats... there is still a touch of rp involved because those poor people behind their characters would probably have massive heart attacks from the shock if I acted like myself more often (though I do shine through at times then bang my head against my desk going "WTF. Stop that!"

I think Midkemia is the only game I've allowed myself to be in a OOC clan and seem to not have any issues with it so far but all of my characters are different, from Achaea to Midkemia and I think it's the funnest thing when they behave opposite of you. Sometimes it makes me cringe and go 'wry u do dis :(' but it has you see things in a different light. 


I think the reason why some people have better times with seperating themselves is because of their experience, I've RPed for several years now and before coming to MUDS - so you kinda learn to detatch yourself and learn it's just a hobby, not life.




I play them as though they were me in the same situations. Consanguine is evil and fairly sadistic, Magi is a rule follower...etc etc.


Let's see....celibate priest that doesn't drink or do anything "impure" including showing affection and talks like a proper British uppercrust. I'm gonna have to say no, I'm not totally like my character. But it's fun to leave a good portion of real life behind and pretend in another world, yet still keep some of the real world with you.

I can be very proper in formal situations OOCly and Lem is a deep thinker like me, but I think people would be surprised to realize just how low-keyed I am irl. I'm always the zany, laid-back, telling jokes kinda person. Being a southern gal, I'm sure switching from IC saying "I will attend to that in a moment if will not cause an inconvenience?" to OOCly saying "gonna go do that if y'all don't mind, okies?" could be a shocker. LOL

Onar is Nothing like me. Its really interesting how they develop beyond your control

I keep my characters and myself as the player seperate. though I may still go out of character at times

I allow a little bit of bleed-through, though some preferences are different. Also, I've noticed the normally stuffy-and-formal Azureus has an alarming tendency to become more and more like my actual personality the later at night it gets, as I become too sleepy to stop casual and relaxed conversation from slipping through.

When first starting out, it's so much easier making decisions for your character in the same way that you would make them for yourself. (Or maybe that's just my excuse for being lazy.) Either way, Leta's personality is very similar to my own, though perhaps exaggerated in some instances. I admire the people who can roleplay a character completely different from themselves, though. Props!


Ayisdra, with maybe minus the race and such part, is close to me in some ways. Just like Ayisdra, I tend to keep to myself, but unlike myself Ayisdra does have a much better time approching new people and talking with them. So in a way, Ayisdra has parts I wish I did in real life.

That being said, I don't think I could ever play a character that wasn't like me at all. Having some connection is what is important to me.

Playing a character like that can help you eventually become better at approaching people in the real world. Keep at it.

Driga is not like me, which is kinda the idea for me when playing a MUD. Then of course it's impossible not to be influenced by yourself, unless you are a bit..

To ever say there is a 100% separation of IC and OOC I think is pushing it. If you're having a really awful day OOCly (just got bad news, sick, etc) its likely to show at least in minute ways through your character, even if you don't mean it to.

I could never say Hataru is me because Hat is way, way more intense then I find myself ever able to be OOClyt, when I first played her at 13-15 she was much, much more of me OOCly and more of an extension of myself. Just as I got older and I shaped her more, she slipped more and more into being her own person. She's a very inherantly angry character (lol) because of a lot of the stuff she's gone through ICly and it really kinda freaks me out sometimes how I visibly see myself more angry OOC when I'm really going at it or in the RP mode of her.

Then there are some aspects of me OOCly that on any character on any of the IRE muds (and I've played all but MKO for at least a short amount of time) I always use because I feel they're that important (importance of loyalty for example, is something I always find myself instilling in characters).


About this                                                                                         seperate


About that



About those

My main is pretty much me. I try to make my alts different, though.

Started out more like me, I think.

In some ways he is an extension of me, though there are a lot of differences between me and him. Simple things like being more outgoing, shy, etc.

I think this is pretty much the norm, in my experience. Though obviously some of the more faction-centric characters won't ever fall into this (at least I hope Mhaldorians aren't IRL going around burning all the forests down etc) but I think most people are at least a mix to certain extents.

I started off trying to make Luenn very different from me. However it wasn't fun to play him that way. He's still not me (How could he be? He's a Martial artist with psionic abilities taught to him by subterrainian bug-people), but he's much more similar to me now than when he first started.

I find that my personality keeps on seeping into my characters and they often turn out differently than I intended.

Agreed. You start with the best of intentions, but one bad hair day, and your characters all share the feeling.


Basically it's really hard to RP a character who holds philisophical views that you don't actually hold.

Part of me wants to say that I am more the "Casual Knight" but when it comes right down to it... Daryn exists. Daryn is Daryn. There no longer is a player, there is Daryn, living his life. I just observe. My Character is competely apart from me and has a soul all his own.

I was going to go for that, all silent and only speaking when I sing, but... I gave up and just went 'ah screw it, I'm here to have fun' and went with happy-go-lucky me-self!

I keep in-character, but my characters are relatively simple to maintain, maybe since they are similar to my personality. Nothing too eccentric. I could never play a guy effectively, or someone who loses their temper all the time.

Me is Demdal and Demdal is Me. Just living in 2 differents worlds means a lot!

Some things are driven by my wants/needs as a player... I like to spend time alone bashing, so Dvurkha is a bit of a loner in that regard.  Other things are more individual to the character.

Vali is definately the chipper, perky parts of my personality. I don't think I could stand being around someone that optomistic for that long.

When I first created Knorrith I set out some core features of his personality but I've found I had to adapt my playing style as different situations came up. eg - I as a player never caught on to combat so he is more of a scholar type than the protect the weak type I intended him to be. I've been flexible in some regards of his development ( positive or negative) and admittedly some of my own little quirks have snuck their way in, but I have always tried to at least keep those core ideals about him a priority in whatever I have him do. 

Fairly separate, but there's obviously going to be some similarities otherwise you couldn't relate to the character.



I find that because of certain core traits I have, these continue to show up in my characters. For example, I love exploring game worlds, so my characters always end up being explorers. Even if I do not make it part of the character, in Lusternia for example one can clearly see your explorer ranking. So it is hard to not be an explorer.


Hail Shaitan.

Hail Apollyon

I like to think that my character is fairly fundamentally different. There are similarities, to be sure, and many aspects of myself that I can't divide from my character well, but overall I still think that we are decently separate

Pretty far off.

I'm not crazy, and so are we.

Sonata started out a little bit like me, but has been pulled into a completely separate personality due to her RP circumstances. Should probably give some props to Ezrax for that :)

Not too far off. Always play my characters a little close to the vest.

Or something phisolophical like that.

Attempting to do a character which is less unlike myself than my characters usually are.

Tora's varied over time, starting to be almost entirely the same as me, then gradually moving further away. Eventually he drifted back closer to some aspects of me, though he's still quite a different person.


Probably a bit of me but not as much as I'd imagined.

Similar to me.

We're two very different people... For example; I exist

Like I'd wish I were.

My character has many of the same character flaws I have myself. I try to use the game to learn patience and leadership, and I end up making many great friends, but the game (players, really) tends to bring out the worst in me more than the best. (Yet, I can't stop playing!)


I am now learning to separate the two and enjoy the game a little more.

My characters aren't really different from me. one is a self loathing person, then the other is a riddle speaking crazy person..

Svorai is far more assertive than I'd dare to be in real life, but her core beliefs and mannerisms are very much my own. Except I'm nicer. Far nicer. I think.


I have a lot of respect for those who can roleplay something completely different to their own personalities. Perhaps they just have many personalities in their head in real life. Hmm!

I think there are pieces of my personality that are gonna come out IC no matter what. Either way, I think I RP a character with a lot of similar traits to me, but with a few differences. His relationship to the lore - to organizations and ideas and Gods and places - is more where I'd like to get creative. Though I'm also still in the process of reading that. Also he knows how to fight with a sword and use magic. I don't.

As much as you want that level of disconnection, it's tough. I react to people at my character the same way I'd naturally react to someone yelling in my face. Certain things you just can't plan role play around. It's very natural.

Though I find myself a lot more.. chipper and accommodating than I feel I am IRL.

most of mine have a general happy-go-lucky air about them, but beyond that, and of course, obvious attitude due to allegiance... i'd say no.

My Aetolian character has the happier side of my personality, but she can also be a lot meaner and darker than I am. So she's sort of me, but a bit different.

Somewhat like me, I guess.

Quite a bit like me or what I would be like if I lived in a fantastical world and possessed powers of a magical nature. I'm not good enough to RP someone completely opposite my RL personality but props to those who can.

But several things across my characters are things either I wish I could be, or would try as an alien concept to my own personality.

Pretty much the same.

unfortunately, I seem quite incapable of separating certain aspects of my personality from my character

I'm an IC character kind of person, at least to tells. But having an OOC outlet really helps in a vareity of ways. Not sure how to quantify/describe what these are but it helps. It also helps that my character is similar to myself in many ways so I don't need to think too hard about what Xer should do or not do.

I just make sure my char has no personality at all

That seems boring though.

It's hard to just invent a personality without drawing from your own experience. So a lot of him is a lot of me. Not the PK stuff though, I'd never do that..



Technically, playing yourself as you'd be in a different situation is still a form of roleplaying - not roleplaying would be acting acutely aware that you're just playing a game and stuff. I like to play characters as far from my typical behavior as possible though - and will typically get bored of characters if they're too similar to me.

i'm probably very far from the character i play in MkO. just being a loner of a character is totally not me.


You'll get there!

Originally, I wassimply having a character as an extension of me. But as I kept going with Achaea, I got a little bored with myself, and wanted to be someone else. Thus, my main character is definitely me, and my alts are very very different.


Alts are a great testing ground before you go make changes on your main.

I have discovered through alts that, personality-wise, I'm exactly where I should be. The skills don't always fit, but the commune and guild are great.


I have gone with characters that I attempted to make wiser than I actually am. That usually makes my characters really dumb in the long run. I find making a character with flaws and ideals seperate from your own doesn't completely seperate you from your character, but it makes you feel you're playing a role rather than being a person behind a keyboard.

While some people enjoy talking about their character in the third person even the most die hard roleplayers will eventually have himself and his moods leak somewhat into things.

I have been told OOC by multiple people now that my character scares them IC. At this point, I hope my character's personality is fairly separate from mine, or else I and this world are in serious trouble.

The personality is relative to the interactions and situations therefor the company you keep predicts the personality. It is a work in progress manipulating impressions and reworking one's expressions. My character in game is quite unpredictable I have been told.

My character's description is semi-based off of me. I did change some features though.

can't even remember my alts anymore

No time for those things.

its not

I'm not one to pretend I'm part of a giant city of darkness and that that darkness is a power source for me to harness in the use of my magic....though if I were it would totally be an extension of me.

I'm an extrovert playing as an introvert. We have many similarities, but I cannot relate to his ultimate goal. I made him diffferent, but close enough to me so I can understand.


I often want to multislash people

My characters are usually like aspects of myself, pushed to extremes.

this is what I do too

Not so much different from myself as I would like my character to be. I guess I need to think about becoming a better roleplayer.

Usually a bit close to home.

it deoends on the character, really

I've found that on some level the personality is different, but there is a core to my personality that I can''t really remove from my characters

it really does vary from character to character

I've found that having alts at least lets me divide up my personality

parts are the same, parts are different... I don't subscribe to the philosophy of the city/guild my character is part of IRL

I just sort of let him go off and do what he wants with little direction from my own personality.


my character is both in a way...he's his own personality, but his personality is an aspect of my own personified, Xeran here is my creativity given a humanoid form. My creativity has always been strong, as a result, he's very resilient against damage, he's very poetic, and is on his path to joining Scarlatti's Order, yet in his own way, he bumps around in my head with other clashing personalities in a way. but in all honesty, he's only one aspect of me personified, and allowed to "create himself", as in I created the character's form and as I played, he started to form to the shell, and the creativity filed itself in comfortably, and now he's just a whole person in a way.

this is still true, heh

is just like me.


A badass.

Obviously I'm not a knight IRL nor am I going to risk my own life to save others.  Plus occasionally volunteering and doing community service pales in comparison to what a Templar should be doing.  That said, 80% of what Achilles would do is what I would do IRL if I had the means to do so.

had the means to do so - always the clincher

i guess an extension.

Aoklin is definitely an extension of me.  I prefer to roleplay as much as possible (sometimes it can't be helped to go OOC) and give Aoklin a world of his own to live in.  I find it very difficult to multi character in any game, especially Achaea.  I even play as Aoklin in other games, even though class/race might be different, he is the same 'person'.


For me, Aoklin is alive in some respects.  I feel like playing another character or playing against an extension of me would somehow harm him or cheapen the experience.  One major downfall of this is simply romance IC.  Because of my strong connection as an extension I cannot possible have any type of in game connection to that level (married IRL).


I think it is very complex for some of us and, for me, the experience of being Aoklin is part of me.

Play an alignment that is not typical of yourself if you really want to break away from the extension of me element.  In a way it forces you to.  I think for myself, playing an evil aligned Mhaldorian character has helped me to experience something different than just myself playing a text-based style game.

A character unlike any of the others I've played, Ais is pretty much me, distilled. WIth all the crap of this world stripped away, all the things I lived and elarned here taken off my shoulders, And then a whole bunch of Aetherius' crap applied heavy-handedly. She began with the joy and love and hope and yadda yadda that most idealistic kids have, flavoured with a little elven carelessness, and dropped in a world where things happened. Both intentionally and unintentionally, some stuff I planned and some things others brought to the table, but life built up on her. Eventually, she became a cathartic character to play, because I worked out some of my own emotional issues by playing a "Consequence-free" version of myself.

As much as this might seem like bad RP to some folks, I wouldn't give up on it, even if I agreed. Because of being able to play Ais, I've ended a cycle of hate-hate relationship with my father, and gotten to know him properly for the first time, just in time as his first grandson is due to me in a few months. I've managed to bring my own temper (Yes, believe it or not, Ais's temper isn't fabricated. It's totally mine!) issues under control and live a far more balanced life this last four years because of it.I've managed to get myself past tragedies and conflicts buried so deeply in my past I had forgotten consciously that they had ever existed. But my subconscious was well aware.


Now, obviously, there are some differences. Ais isn't burdened with some of the things that I have to constantly deal with, and vice-versa, though I do find myself daydreaming from time to time about situations revolving around the game. I'm from Toronto, and Ais's drawl is so southern I can't help but hear snippets of True Blood in my head and  snicker. She's much more forgiving a person than I am. I'm from a family of two tightly-knit siblings, Ais has never seen blood family as useful for anything.


In the end, my greatest love, most useful tool and strongest hatred for the character that is me, is that no matter how much I may want to be apart from her, none of my other characters hold my interest whatsoever. I've had half a dozen alts, now, and I simply could not become invested in any of them over the long term. I love what I have with it: A way to be me in a place that is not here, to explore who I might become, what I could accomplish with a little tweaking.

Very, in some ways

Shevonne is very much like me.

a lot how i act IRL

I'm sorry, but as there is no clear boundary to IC and OOC, there'll always be some part of you that resembles your character. It is inevitable.

I shouls seperate, but i have yet to

It's a little of both, really - in some ways as far as personality goes, Bron is greedier, more impulsive, less certain than I am. But as far as being good, or rebellious, or hopeful - that sort of stems from me. :x




I wanted a challenge, so I created Orabel to be a drastic opposite of me in some aspects, but we still share some hobbies and likes.


Prythe has always been a little bit .... different and loves to tilt at Windmills. Not that many Windmills of late, so settling for off. 



Literally a troll. It helps to keep me aware that I'm playing a giant, lumbering, gorilla character over a troll.

Literally a troll. It helps to keep me aware that I'm playing a giant, lumbering, gorilla character over a regular human being that keeps me in character.


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