IRE Asks: If emotes earned experience, would your grin become a grind?

Roleplay rooster meme

Throughout MMORPG history, the highest level is typically attained through the process known as grinding.  I'm sure we're all familiar with grinding so we'll spare the definition, but it's interesting to note that the concept of grinding has not changed since its inception. Character and skill progression in video games tends to go one of two ways; either you spend long hours dungeon grinding to level up and put points into a skill tree. Or you spend long hours chopping wood to raise your Strength stat, jumping off rooftops to raise Acrobatics, then take a nice hour-long nap.


Grinding in its current form isn't due to go anywhere for a long time, having just as many defenders as detractors. However, some speculate that social rewards, or "roleplay XP", could be an alternative. Earning experience points for participating in MMO roleplay events would allow the social creatures to progress along with the grinders, enhancing the player driven world. If such a concept were introduced to Iron Realms, would you drop your sword and become the town crier? The local barman? Or would you still quest for glory in the underground catacombs?


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Yes yes yes it would




Free credit.

That is true grinding!

Grind away



Times infinity for infinity.

always fun to find these old posts I haven't read yet

most orgs have some means of advancement that is going to involve interaction in some way, whether it's guild tasks or earning chops in your divine order.  The amount you participate in them is up to you.  Trying to organize a hard-coded RP4XP system comes as a bit arbitrary, and people will find ways to game it.

Unless there was exp loss penalties for emote abuse


That's a good idea, they should do that anyway.


"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

"I dunno. Why?"

"To get to your house! Knock knock."

"Whose there?"

"There's a chicken at your door!"



I definitely think the esteem system for Midkemia is a healthy alternative. Unfortunately it's not used often. When it is used, however, it's very encouraging to recieve some esteem for your role-play endeavors.

I played an old MUD that had a lot of non-combat options to level up your character. It was a lot of fun, though there wasn't anything comparable to Dragon in Achaea to aspire to with levels.

I know there are a lot of non combat quests...

Lusternia has probably the most number of quests in all IRE games.

unless you consider some minor bashing as "combat".

That yes my grin would become a grind

Quests should yield more experience than they do... to really offer people an alternative to killing.

I think time should be factored into xp reward. Doing a quest to help your org is one thing, spending and hour or two to do something that yields trivial personal reward can lead to feeling like helping the org is a job. This is in part why so many people just burn out and log out to drift away.

could be okay if given a cap such as .01% per emote up to 5% of a level a week.


Just dropped a few points. Was it this article or the third pint of beer?


You be the judge,,,


That being said, I do think a fraction of an experience point be awarded for advanced emotes like:

IMP HEEL TURN SAY I wanna fly! :)

"Vult smiles, turns on his heels and proclaims with an impish grin'I wanna fly!"

If you can prevent someone from spamming grin all of the time I believe ANY emotes should deserve experience. Mainly because any legitimate emoting would be less mindless than grinding usually is.



auto emoting would be a major problem. Worse then auto hunting or fishing



Too easy to  automate and score experience



There's a purity around roleplay right now, where everyone who participates in it seriously does it for its own sake, not because it gives you combat benefits, etc.  It tells you that people who are using tmotes are probably interested in storytelling or conversation about IC theology, and as such works as a useful flag for which players might be worth interacting with if you are looking for roleplay as well.  If this is implemented, it'd have to somehow avoid undermining this purity and cheapening roleplay.

This reminds me so much of Fable 2 emote system, controlling your kingdom in Majesty, and that one dungeon master game where you tried to kill the adventurers to keep them out of your lair, and stronghold but that game sucked.

In a sense have players try to camp and the game revolve around staying more so indoors and in the city than adventuring out yet have the npcs go forth to do your bidding. Neverwinter Nights opened with a good example of a storyline. A plague, escaped magical creatures and prisoners terrorized the town that was already under military lockdown. If it took the perspective of horror games where some npcs just weren't meant to be killed by your own hands, they have no stats just means to kill them with.

One thing you have to do in such a game is remove all crafting it seems to break the suspension of disbelief or rather craft the environment rather than the player. Instead of equipping armor you board up your windows, instead of drinking a potion you light a fireplace for warmth, instead of rezzing you wake up where you last slept. The player would be the environment and the avatar their sword.

Yeah, it would be super easy to level. You'd gain levels faster... but it would be super annoying. The influence system in Lusternia is a good way to sort of implement this kind of thing, and the way it ripples throughout other aspects of the game, such as culture and the power of communes and cities, is a great aspect. Much better than just grinning for XP.

Lusternia is pretty amazing when it comes to interaction with denizens, bar none. Simply because of the Influencing skills. It's a really nice aspect of the game.

I'll have to see how it's implemented

This'd be pretty cool, really.  It'd be nice for the classes who can't grind as easily and be especially nice for Bards, or other more strictly RP classes.

It could work out really well!


I like this idea. There are some people I know who are fantastic roleplayers, and it is this interaction, not the people who refuse interact with other people by diving into the catacombes alone that should be rewarded.

The positive interaction people are the backbone of Achaea.

I'd grin so hard.

I love the idea, but it seems like it would be easier to abuse than other methods of xp-gaining. Still a tiny bit of xp would be awesome.  If it were very small, it might not be worth it to go out of your way to do it just for the xp, thereby cutting down on spamming/abusing, but still allowing a bit of extra reward for those who would be doing it anyway.

Hmm. I definitely prefer hunting, but Aetolia has a richer RP environment than Achaea most of the time. I could see some exp coming from RPing in some ways, but I wouldn't like to see it become a main source of leveling.

I think that if roleplay xp was implemeneted, the key would be to maintain balance by only allowing it every so many hours, or something like that, so people didn't abuse it.

no, just no. Grinning to dragon is a bit weird. But a grin to earn a lessons. Once per day would be neat

Whatever means there are to gain experience in any game will be used as meal for the grinder, so to speak. It would be fun to gain some experience for doing things like inkmilling, enchanting, concocting, forging, runing, toteming - since those are skills as much as weaponry and fighting skills.

I would love to see experience for forging, enchanting, milking, harvesting, and whatever alchemists do. Not everyone enjoys mindlessly killing things for hours and hours. Let those of us who are "grinding" in our own ways get some experience with that. Maybe reaching level 100 that way you could be a different sort of dragon, or a unicorn or something.  Experience from emoting and role playing is silly. You are supposed to be rping anyway.

boogie to dragon!





Why doesn't harvesting herbs give XP?

but xp is only one of the metrics for character development.  Herbs contribute to a different one.


I definitely don't see this working for generic emoting, even as technical as one can get with them. We -really- don't need any more excuse for sex alts (GTFO SEX ALTS!!!). Anyways, I think rather than merely being able to say 'yay, my name's in an event post!' those that actively participate (not just show up to get in yet one more post... Delphinus!) would get bonus exp gifted by the Divine(s) running said event(s).



I would grin all the way to dragon.

it'd be creepy to have your emotes checked over to see if they are exp worthy... >>

Just make it for custom emotes of X length!

Really hard to make sure I don't just let my character devolve in to one or the other. I'm trying to work on hunting, pvp, and roleplaying. I think if there was a way to get experience for roleplaying, it could be pretty awesome, as long as it was handled right.

I don't think it is possible nor practical to put an exp value on rp.

I'd grind it and grin all the way to the bank!

I'd rather see it as an additional bonus to your experience. Bashing would remain the grind itself. Of course, everything can and will be abused by some. It is an admin's job to adress those few, not to punish the rest of us.

People would stop talking and all communicating would be done thorugh the power of interpretative dance  just for the xp.


People would all more flourishes to combat too (as if there were not enough spam to offset the peril of dying

Will rofl all of the way to dragon.

Find a seculuded room, set the command prompt so it remembers what you typed and just highlights it without clearing the prompt. Sit back, type grin, hold enter, sip tea, watch movies.


Level 100 in no time.

That type of model really appeals to me. I like the learn what you do. I guess weapon proficiencies are the closest thing we got.





multiple personality disorder is questionable enough irl

'least the picture is funny

such a short article :/


not really



I'm honestly just really glad they aren't. Some people just are way too free with those as things are. And they're repetitive. It's not emoting at all, it's simply irritating.

it would definitely help my char, since he's a poet and an artist, he doesn't always have time for more than simply interacting with others, so it'd definitely help along the lines of gaining experience, but also, it'd be pretty hard to get out to hunt for anything more than for the sake of food (rajamala's rule in this regard), and my char could devote more time to his art and stuff.

just gonna nudge this because I am wanting the credit, heh.

Point? Everyone would be dragon the other day.



No my grin wouldn't become a grind, it would become  a scripted smile.

depends on how productive it is

signs point to yes

this would be so aweful

no more stock emotes. Just no

Love the picture. And no, it wouldn't. My face would hurt too much

should rp not bring its own rewards?  Strikes me that the "achievers" and the "socializers" don't overlap so much.

All of the words I would have for you.

I think it'd help out non-combatants

Grin would grind...

I like the idea of rewarding good roleplayers with experience, but it would have to be monitored somehow, as giving experience simply for using emotes would be easily abused.

I actually played a character like the one in the picture. ._. Though it was a pacifistic peaceful person rather than an innocent child. Also, in my defense, the character had a duality theme all throughout. Also the character was brought back from the dead to serve as a divine instrument, so they weren't exactly normal in any way whatsoever.


but emoting for it seems a bad idea.

Probably not.

I'd be sad if this happened

Credit comment.

In other words, "Would you grind GRIND for experience?"

If this was done then people would mudsex their way to Dragon.

I'd use them more.

Credit comment.


it would



free credit


balanceless emotes ftw


yes it would

I love grinding an certainly wouldn't "drop it". However I welcome everything that helps people getting more immersed in their role...



With the complex organisational hierarchies that already exist within Iron Realms' games - houses, cities, orders - there are generally already a set of rewards other than raw experience points. If all you're interested in is getting as high a level as possible, then you probably wouldn't have the patience to earn experience by working for an imaginary organisation, it would be more rewarding imaginarily slaying imaginary creatures.

maybe, I prefer emotes for rp, i don't think it would make sense to give rewards for it