IRE Asks: Is player housing important to you and why?

Player housing

MMORPG developers don't seem to care about player housing, and perhaps the same rings true for their players. While player housing always seems to serve a niche market, it receives mainstream praise if done right. However, more developers would rather focus on core features then spending time and money on a coding team. They'd rather not waste the resources when players will mostly be out grinding or doing arena PvP.


In Iron Realms games, player housing tends to be an integral part that gives deeper immersion into the player-ran environment. You can describe every room in your house to build your dream castle or hermit swamp dwelling, purchase a large variety of furniture and make every exit a secret. But is it enough to make you care? Is player housing one of those money sinks you won't buy into?  Or is it an absolute requirement, the selling point of an MMO? If you're a home owner in any of the IRE games, what features would you like to see added to player housing?


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For me, its nice to have. Its like a private place one can express themselves freely and let their imagination run rampant. While its not a must, it is always nice to have some place to go for your character for some privacy, security, and peace and quiet.

It's not a necessity, but it's definitely a plus point. Anywhere else can be gotten to by other people. A house is somewhere where you have nearly absolute control. Sure, there's some things you just can't do, but there's also plenty you can. If you wanted to test your area describing skills, then it's the perfect place to start. Minus the expensiveness.

I actually think Havens have ruined player housing. The life of the city is its people, and too much is sacrificed for convenience.




Just no!



I think you nailed it when you said 'nearly absolute control'. I love having the power to bend space to my will. Although it would be nice to have absolute control and create trap doors and various effects without going through extra costs of manse artifacts.

no such thing!

Expensiveness is a bitch.

Whole heartedly seconded.

I think if they reduced the cost, the overall spend would go up but it is probibitive at the moment

Aetolia solved it neatly.


All housing being either leased apartments within the city, plus the occasional sell of housing plots out of cities that aren't part of the actual world. That and really..Havens for those that pass level 100. Free home, upgradeable, multiroom, etc...

Sounds great.

Ditto this. I just see it as a place to put excess resources as a sort of measure of progress. Since most of my wealth is IC-earned, any expansion of a subdivision house is like a personal gauge of how active and successful I've been, even if no one else cares or sees it.

Agreed, that's a good way to put it.

Yes indeed.


Yeah, I agree.

I think it separates an already-hidden playerbase.

I agree with this in part. Occasionally I'll log in and see around 30 commune members online, but only about 5 on prime, with the majority of the rest hiding in their manses, doing God knows what (probably AFK). A lot of them will suddenly reappear if someone announces a Hero fete or vengeance game etc, so they are only being partially antisocial.

lusternia makes me queasy.


In aetolia everyone who reaches lvl 100 gets their own place. But I can't really say that it causes troubles..


In aetolia everyone who reaches lvl 100 gets their own place. But I can't really say that it causes troubles..

It can do this I think.

agreed that houses are nice to have, a safe-ish place to store stuff and mounts/pets as well. They are good but would be fantastic if they had cheap (2-3 room credits) prism-proofing

There IS a cheaper way.

Two rooms and a door.



Make them!  Dragon houses.

Lairs! Yes!

Mm, lairs.

yay for lairs

Yes please.

haha you guys just lost your white dragon, right?!

Is that a KKK comment?

I would like to get into it if it were cheaper but , well, it isn't.

Yeah i would like to take the time to do it, But the cost is a killer here.

There are alternatives though, although probably not as safe...

It's the definition of a gold-sink, though, for the high level (xp or otherwise) players.

And apparently Lusternia has such a problem.

It's bought with gold and not credits, if that's how Achaea still functions.


Never owned an IRE house. Runes of Magic gives everyone a house and has an interesting system to use them for bonus buffs. I'm just going to wait to get a haven.

Liked that system, too bad it quickly becomes a case of 'buy shit' to make it decent. But I enjoyed having just the free house and some plants in it :D


That is the only way I think I would do a house too. I already have enough trouble dealing with regular things in the world why worry about a house too.

I love my haven a great deal.

Though, not important for everyone to have.  Lys would never get one, not because of the cost, but because, at least currently, owning a house would be contradictory to other values.  However, having them available provides a richer environment in which to play. The ability to customize and invest in the game is valuable, even if I do not choose to take advantage of it.

Agreed. Availability of the feature is great to have.


I can't say -I- will ever buy one (or that I won't) because they are so expensive and the benefits -- for me -- are somewhat nebulous.  If they were cheap/free (or, as another commenter mentioned, offered some other buffs or bonuses), perhaps.


Availability, though, is the key -- I'm glad they're around, if for no other reason than that it keeps some interesting folks around.

a refreshing view of things, sir. cheers.

It's nice, at times. But at others it's a reason to just idle about for no reason. It's also ridiculously expensive, so when you do get a house (at least when I've done it) you eventually trade it in for the extra credits you needed for an artefact item.





It's my prive place to get my freak on. :P

You'll have a ton of phased assassins there soon enough!

^^ This.  

and said assassins do not like seeing somebody else's freak on.

They're nice places to let loose one's creativity. Midkemia Online has very decent prices for houses.

I'm very curious how the housing system in Midkemia works, now.'s early!

What's the cost though?

Why?  A place to call you're own is always a welecome addition to any universe, be it IE or any mmorpg.  Some people enjoy it just to play interior designer or decorator. Others including myself PERFER not always being social, being able lock self up someplace to be on you're own can sometimes be a perk.  Good or bad, it is worthwhile to have someplace to go just to unwind from role playing and the always-on schtik feel of being BLAH...I am lord fartquark of the house Blusenblauger ^^

Player housing isn't personally important to me. I've yet to find one I fit in to! Also, I like the occasional freedom.

Nice to be able to create your own things, houses included.

I feel like I would love a house, but couldn't justify the credit cost...Haven's in Aetolia make it close enough









I love my Haven... And I love that Aetolia makes furniture entirely affordable.  That being said... I spend a large amount of time in the Haven when typically I was standing in the street able to be interacted with.  So it's a give and take.


yes yes yes

does the furnature decay?

Absolutely!! I love player housing. Not only is it a place to hang out with friends, but it also is my sort of creative outlet. I love to think up new ideas, but IDEA just doesn't seem to be as rewarding, because more often than not, the admin will just throw it out. But, I find that housing, along with crafting, is about the best way that I have to directly create something in the world that everybody, or at least everybody that has access, can enjoy, and that I can have complete control over (within reason, of course).


Housing upgrades are also great. Of course, that's another excuse of mine to own a house. I can buy housing upgrades, and have done so. I can hide my books permanently from thieves, can harvest, can hide completely under a bed, and of course, I'd love to do more, but I'm not THAT wealthy yet.


I couldn't think of any specific housing upgrades that I'd want that don't exist already. Except for maybe a bank. Actually, no, I wouldn't even go for that. Perhaps a non-decay stockroom. Or customized exit directions. Now THAT would be nice. Hide the exit, and rename it from northeast to JUMP OFF BALCONY. I'd go for something like that. 


Even BETTER, which I've always wanted to do anyway: I would LOVE to be able to link two houses together. Since every house has a number (house1788, for example), if you had two separate houses, perhaps limited to the same city, I have always wanted to see an exit that went from house1788_1 to house1823_3. Yes. Please!!

I've never gotten a TON of use out of it, but it's cheap enough to have a one room dwelling that I've bought one in Shallam and Mhaldor.

I love being able to make my house look however I want, but doing so empties my wallet pretty quickly.

I don't like staying in a house

...but like others have said, it's really expensive. I'd rather spend the credits on artefacts.


Myself included, without a doubt.

The fact I can have my own space where no one can bug me unless I want them to. No where else to really do it while still keeping track of what's going on without issue, unless you ge a ship. And which is tons cheaper? Heh

A ship is like a house that you can fish from.

lusternia manse is about 12 credits to start. Not so expensive relatively


It's definitely one of my favourite aspects of Achaea. Having my own house allows privacy, a place to keep my stuff (excess herbs, journals, etc), a place to read news or history, I have my own supply garden of herbs, and, If I chose too, I could have health regen or other neat add ons. You're house can be anything you want it to be. Yes, they're expensive, especially for addons, but they're not so far out there that they're unreasonable or unattainable.


ive had the cash for a while now to buy an estate but I just cant seem to be bothered, dunno why

Still aint bought one - but then this comment is only about getting that free credit


If it were cheaper I think I would have spent some of the gold ive collected on an estate...

I just use mine to keep novices from killing my pets.


I've plans to turn my Manse into an Aethership...

They're more or less just a hiding hole for people to annoy people without any consequences. Now if inns were to hire out rooms, that would be a far more interesting idea

The Wander Inn in Achaea does this.


That makes sense, but I can also be how they could be good props for RP. I, however, have never had any kind of player hourse in any MUD.

They can be quite exciting. The fact that someone can change a room description is very intriguing, although, yes, they can be used as merely an annoyance and abused by individuals.

Don't you have snub in Midkemia. In lusternia they can be a portal to a hub.

Would they rent rooms by the hour?

I like having them as a option to buy. Its fun to design a place all your own. The price could be a tad bit lower though.

I would find it very disappointing if an RP game didn't have some kind of player housing, but I'm also not really in a rush to get my own text place.

I'm definitely going to buy one when I have the gold for it, just because it's nice to have a place to call your own! Oh no, I'm probably going to spend hours designing it...

More so with this character than any other I am thinking of getting one.

Player houses are great. Please, continue to idle in your houses so I have a point to stage raids from!

I love player housing. It's the only place you can go and expect to have no interruptions to work on systems, reflexes, ect.


It means nobody is around to interact with, which sucks for a smaller player.

Conversely, it's also a great way to wow newbies, showing off your fancy mansion! I once "hired" a small player to be my maid, and she'd bustle around the house and interact with my family. It was hilarious and fun.

Ah so fun to mock th help. We really need to bring back slavery in IREs.

I have always dreamed of having a chaos tower with a gloomy graveyard as an entrance and then many floors. I have thus far managed to get to two rooms built hehe! But the more I save up my credits and money, the more I realise that building this is going to be pointless, because my main issue with housing is security. Unless I make every room in my house anti-prism and such I will never feel safe in my own home. I have been robbed twice in my house by accidentally going AFK and in the end I stay away from my own house. Right now I am saving up for a ship and I know that at least on a ship absolutely no one can get to you while you are docked. So I have come to the conclusion that i'd rather find sanctuary on my ship than in an unsafe house that will eventually hardly ever be used anymore. Yes I know beds are a sure safe place to escape to, but I don't want to have to walk through all my rooms and the subs just to get to it to be safe. And for the price of a bed I might as well buy a ship where I can AFK on the cabin or on the deck as I please and still be able to sail the seven seas! So no I shall not be building onto my house anymore. They are becoming more and more pointless with the other options available.

Completely. Security is the biggest problem of housing. While I understand that if you leave your door open, anyone can enter.... houses with closed doors and eye sigils should offer security. Because they don't, people will idle on ships, making interaction with others more difficult (no tells, no history).

Mine is not a house exactly, I like to call it my warehouse. I use it purely to store all my excess minerals and such. Much better and cheaper than buying a greater vault!

Mine is not a house exactly, I like to call it my warehouse. I use it purely to store all my excess minerals and such. Much better and cheaper than buying a greater vault!

Mine is not a house exactly, I like to call it my warehouse. I use it purely to store all my excess minerals and such. Much better and cheaper than buying a greater vault!

getting a house is expensive!

I love the idea of making your own place to store items and customize.  Agan this comes to customizing your character and being different from others.  I'm still jealous of Niggurath (?) for owning a house in the Mhojave Desert.

One word Alexina!


She is the 99.99999999% of the niche market :P


I love my text house (:

That's 'cos your real one is fallin' down, bb.

with Toot on this one, only use for me is to store herbs and extra comms though its not really my house and I can't even justify buying a boat, rather buy a shop myself

If the things in the house gave you a special bonus, or vice versa, sleeping outdoors affected you badly, that would definitly make it better. Also, forming a community of sorts would be awesome.

Midkemia does housing right.


I can't remember the MKO system..

I think I'm not going to buy a house in the near future, I prefer saving up for a ship. Maybe on some day far in the future I have enough credits sitting around unused to expand the cabin a little, but I will certainly not get a house in the subdivision. As others have said, a safe house costs far more than a ship, and unlike a house a ship does have a use (I don't need a garden to harvest or so, but shiptrades/fishing/diving are somewhat useful).

I like building my own private space, and I have a shop there, too. Manse upgrades and furniture are important features as well.

mi familia.

Own one and it was a waste of credits sadly :(

Only if it has a very defined benefit and fufills a function beyond safety and security.  In Midkemia, rogues are very dependent upon alchemy and plants to make poisons, yet there is a severe shortage of certain plants to the point where it's maddening.  I would propose the ability to have gardens in MKO player housing.

...but it's so expensive that it's basically mathematically impossible to recoup the cost, ever. Not that it wouldn't still be worth it to some people.

Something that I did in Lusternia would be to make a larger manse, and then sell the rooms or 'homes' in the manse. So what ended up happening is that people who bought a home would have all rights to their home, they can decide what to build in there, what artifacts they might place, without that initial fee. And there would be artifacts in the set, so you'd be buying a home for 300k with the benefits of having access to artifacts that larger homes tend to have.


But as for getting the money back, from the initial investment, I tell people that if they go dormant, for lets say 10, 15 years without letting me know - I would imagine that the character has died and resell the home. So far I went through three or four generations of home owners, and received a return of about 300% of my initial investment. Food for thought :D


An interesting idea..

better to have a home then be a homeless bum?

The guild supplies you with your own room?

That... is a massively interesting idea. They supply you with housing quarters which can be used for a limited caliber of things, if you want something more, buy your own home. That's awesome! You are a genius.


I so want to get a house someday. I think it would be fun to design one and it adds that much more realism to the world.

I love having a house in Midkemia online. In IRE games, player estates can be anything you want from a simple house or lodge toa massive estate with gardens or even new areas with various different things. 

An mmo that did things well with player housing was Phantasy Star Universe, though all servers in EU/US were shut down after only 3 years, though the xbox servers are still up.

For me they are a must

I need a house to mudsex in.

Amen and God Bless.  Mudsex in 'relative' privacy as the good lord intended...

Your haven works, no?

Houses....then again, they seem a huge point of contention with this hearts of darkness event. Why build such a fancy house if you get upset when people "visit"? Muhahaha...

Oof trespassing!


Same as 'visiting' guildhalls hey? :P



Castles are quite expensive for what seems to be fairly public domains...but you can always hide the entrances, and I'm sure doors are available yes?

I made and converted one Manse into an Aethership o_o Lusternia always has the best stuff I think...

It's so customisable and has such neat artifacts.  One could build a manse city if they had the gold and credits.  infact I believe one is though it's not as active as when I started.  deepnight. used to be well known and populated.  I'm not sure so much these days though.

There's also L'ianmor


I have never really thought much about it, but geuss having your own space is probaly quite nice. Groves > Houses

I think it is something that is great to have available but I have yet to find myself in a situation that I would want to have a house of my own.

Only issue is that during raids, housing in subs always seemed like a huge security risk to me...

A bit of privacy and a space of your own is great, but I'm getting a Haven first, thanks.

Werin doesn't really want to spend any resources on something as irrelevant to his goals as a house, but if I make a more laid-back character I might get a house.

Its nice to have the illusion of privacy

it is nice to have a house

Absolutely, its a no brainer. Make houses more like ships and then they might be worth it.

Not at all. I wasted good coin on my estate, and its only one room, that by design is illogical to have alone, and no one comes and visits and its not mapped. Frankly I think the ESTATES in MKO are ridiculous wastes of time and money.

Can't wait to have my haven :)

I am too busy doing things to sit in a house for long.

I personaly donnt much like player housing but thatns just because I play a roaming character.  somepeople have the most insane houses and exploring those is always fun.  I'd say it definantly adds more to games than just the hum drum bashing which is always a plus in my book.

...until IRE, in their infinite wisdom, decided to remove security measures to encourage thieves and trespassers.  To remedy the problem, they offer us back some security, but we have to pay the price of 4 rooms (larger than most homes).  Epic fail.  Not to mention they are a pain to get to.  Fix the problem by lowering the cost of no-prism upgrade and make them appealing by adding a "return home" ability like with ship return.

Meh, I'm fine without this travel skill. Though, I do have crystalhome! - Also, it's still easy to prevent a thief from entering, imo. Though I agree that a prism will interuppt (sp?) whatever you're doing, at that given moment.

I don't own one, but I would like to.  I do think they are a nice addition to the game, giving you a place where you know you could just relax, or say you need to go do something important IRL (stir dinner, use the facilities, etc) you can "semi" idle there.


But it would be nice if they came with some sort of storage room like the shops that are available in the housing Lusternia has. But something at a much lesser cost. 1000 credits to have a personal storage space would seems a bit extreme. Maybe something that allows you to leave items in it like a shop does, allows them not to decay, yet has a set amount of how many items can be stored there. Like an inexpensive artifact that starts with 30-50 item amount limit and for another 25-50 credits you can get something that will increase it by 50, giving it a max of 300?? 

lusternia manse shop artifact is now 750 credits with a 250 stock limit. upgradable  250 items for another 200 credits upto a limit of 1000.   stock limit.  So, price has come down a little. Especialy if you want a storage room and not a real shoping fesility.

Need a place to have my boom boom room.  Thus, housing is very important!  Yes, one of my rooms is actually titled Boom Boom Room. heh


There is a whole world outside though - frolicking in nature

In lusternia it definitely does matter to me to have a private home that I can use to be a total recluse and do things like code my system without people knowing I'm online, or just participate in OOC chats when I don't feel like/don't have time to do any of the 'core' game stuff.


There's also a bunch of cool ambitious ideas you can have going for it. Manses are pretty customizeable once you're wealthy. You can build an island, a personal house, a mansion, or even deck out a little more and make a ship. Heck, why not make a ship island mansion? :P


There's also cool little artifacts you can buy for your manses that you can use to slowly gather comms 100% for free.

I'd honestly like to see more done with player housing. Perhaps some way to mark your achievements, or more nifty things besides the common furniture to add to your place? I mean I'd love trophy cases or stuff like that.


We have cabinets in Aetolia that can store heads indefinately, for as long as the cabinets don't decay. That was a nice touch I always though.

For reasons that you'd have to enter my house to find out?


it is nice to have a house, but completely stupid being forced to have to have it in a city where it is then not really your house at all but the cities house they are renting to you.. yeah.

its a bit of fun howevr you look at it

If I don't want to be bothered, I can coup myself in there. :D


Not exactly necessary but fun. It is stashed in the subdivision so makes things difficult

I definitely think in an RP heavy environment like IRE games (in juxtaposition of something like WoW where RP is minimal even on RP servers) housing is a great thing because it provides privacy that other areas just can't, even groves have some level of intrusion level that isn't nearly as protected as houses. And I'm not just talking about ~doin' it~, its great to have somewhere to be able to have private instances of roleplay that can go interupted.

agreed, it's just that housing is so damn expensive.

It is important to me, even though the only things I use my houses for are storing extra herbs and (before they starved D:) mounts, I've seen quite a few amazing houses.


just meh


Some response..

I enjoy having the ability to buy a house. Not only is it good for roleplay but it gives me another venue in which to create. You are taking a little place (or big) of the world and making it your character's own, in a way.


You gotta give her credit for this informative post.


Estates are one of the safest places in MKO and it's nice to have something..

To some housing is important, to others it is not.  Myself I enjoy a place where I can call mine and relax without someone walking into the room.  Yes there are ways to enter a house, but it's still a personal place to be.

I had considered owning a house but then I purchased a ship, for a heck of a lot more than a house and like that I can use it to sail all over the place. I purchased rooms for it and love that I have a personal spot on my ship that only I can enter. I also like that it is much safer than a subdivision as folks cannot prism to me while standing around idle without needing to buy the prism block upgrade.


I think if I could go to a house from anywhere similar to shipreturn I would get a house as well. It could be very useful to get to my house from anywhere. I think it's annoying walking through a subdivision to reach a house, though I do have a room I use in a few houses.

There has to be something to DO in those houses, and I think they should be impregnable.

There is plenty to do in houses though.  Rituals, writing, meditating, etc.  It's basically a safe and private haven.  (I'm in favor of them.)

I haven't got into Real Estate in mudding, but the option to buy a house is a tremendous possibility for RP. As I imagine house must be utmost expensive, and buiyng one make you exposed to burglars and trespasser, forcing the landlord to put more RL money to protect the house. I found this rather disappoing, I admit. It is like when you buy  a car, and then you have to pay so much extras (insurance, tire, manteinance etc...) that at the end you regret buying in the frist place. I think that Houses, should come with IRE Membership. Anyway, before getting into housing or sailing, I'd rather trascend all my skills.

They're stupidly expensive.

They aren't secure - you can't idle for more than 5 seconds without worrying that someone will prism in, unless you pay even more to prism-proof every room you want to use. A room you can't spend time in is all but pointless.

They're badly contextualised. The subdivision has not aged well, most of them look as you'd expect the intersecting visions of a dozen Development Ministers building on each other's work over several years to look. Where is the subdivision, geographically, within Ashtan's walls? And if it's a suburban enclave, isn't it kind of dumb for me to build an underground cavern with bubbling magma pits, or a towering spire with a moor for my airship?

I own a small plot with a house, and I never use it.

I think player housing can be cool. I took over Caius Cosades' house in Morrowind before he even left, filling it with my stuff, using the bed, using its roof as a Mark/Recall point.

I used a house in Morrowind and filled it with hundred of items and decorated it, but eventually I was like what's the point.

I love the ease of building my own few rooms. Lusternia's way of making them aethermanses fits well with the setting and means you can have anything from a volcanic temple to a house build from sheep.

houses are pretty useless now we have havens, but at the same time it is sorta nice to just have a room you can take people without having to go into your haven..

really expensive for something you get at 100


At 100?

Think you get it at Tekal?



Never used it so I sold it.

Never used it so I sold it.

I think they're kind of neat


I think they're kind of neat


Imperian houses are stupid. They're only ever used as raid points. I can't count the number of times I've been parts of raids from inside of houses. Nor can I count the number of houses I've prism'd into and murdered the people who owned it.


Aetolia's houses are lacking. Very expensive and havens > houses.


Lusternia's houses are awesome. SPACE. CASTLES.

In lusternia I've seen raides happen through manses before power ministers could see perms on a linked manse.   I used to see manse raides in cities and communes a lot before this.  due to outdated perms or people not knowing how to set them right. Since power ministers can see perms on linked  manses it doesn't happen as much anymore. hardly ever infact. so, to add to this post lusternia manse raides did used to happen like you said in imperian but not as much anymore.

Raids from the subdivisions in Achaea used to occur a while back, from what I have heard. Not at all frequent today, though some people use them for killrooms, I suppose.

Having your own place lets you hide away when you don't want to be bothered, and I think is an accomplishment or something to achieve even to begin with. Plus, at least in Lusty, they can be turned into ships, which is awesome.

only some people put the rift right next to the exit.. one move and you're lost.

Flying houses or islands or giant creatures from space. Awesomes

My manse looks like a flux capacitor.

Has to be whether or not you've tried to take it to 88.


That's gotta look neat.  and very unique

does it go 88 miles an hour?

Stronger.. house?

It's nice to know I have the option, but I'd probably never get one unless there was some added benefit besides just having your own place.

My manse is... a garden with a cottage and a treehouse....

I personally think it's something that could be expanded on quite a bit. Basically, make it cheaper, make it more integrated into the experience. For example, UO housing (or at least an inn room or sleeping bag) was necessary to quickly log out. Just a bit of routine behavior and vulnerability that would be nice in games where you can usually sit afk in a siege line and never have to worry. But I digress, this is far too long of a post for my free credit.

Player housing is one of my favorite features of the IRE games. I've never actually owned a house myeslf, but I hope to someday, and just the idea of the whole thing is really compelling.

I'm quite content with having access to other people's manses atm. I only ever use them to hide in or do guild / ministry paperwork. I wish there was an option to allow your presence in a manse to be visible if you wanted that, for example let the manse owner decide on how it is set up.

not at all

Same boat, it matters not

the ability to have private manses, where one can't enter even the main entrance without some sort of password or key.

We have that, and it is called manse permissions. Though what would be nifty is opening the manse on WHO so that we have the option to be seen in our manses.

Five rooms, newsroom, privacy room, my own swimming hole, extra storage...I like it. It's a place where I have the freedom to be creative and play with room titles and descriptions plus the added bonus of being able to go afk without worries. I can work on my designs, do a bit of coding,whatever, without worrying someone will go 'omg, she doesn't do anything but stand around afk all the freakin' time'. Which, depending on your position in a city/towne/council might make it look like you're useless.

It's also a really nice ego-stroke to check off the old Imperian bucket list. Become an Officer in a guild, own a shop, own a home, etc., etc. as you make your way up in the text world. What's the point of playing any game if you don't have some goals you wanna eventually meet?


Also, in Imperian, we have no ships, but we can be seen on WHO while in our houses. Which is important how you title your rooms.



Needs to be class specific and be easier to modify

I understand the idea why people like them, but I don't think I would ever buy one. I rather spend my resources elsewhere. 

but it would be fantastic to have a place to hole up for some privacy.  Expensive to get it started, though, especially when there are so many other things competing for credits/gold.



I don't think having a house, or a manse is an ABSOLUTE must have. but  I definantly do like knowing i can have one and think at some point in time everyone who really plays should get one. however it is a matter of priority for me. I mean I'm not gonna spend 500k+ on a manse when I don't have all my cures and equipment, or enough credits to trans some of the skills, ya know?


As for what I think would be great if they'd add? SHOPS!! And yeh I know you can have A shop in your manse. but I mean, look at richter's CITY Deepnight! If we could add shops to more then just the entrance of a manse that would be awesome!


You can, though you won't be able to see it from the aetherplex with PORTAL SEARCH SHOPS ...


Lianmor has 3 shops for example in the manse. North and south from the entrance a tailoring shop and forging shop along with the main one :P



Much cheaper than a greater vault.

not half the fun??

Still gonna get a ship instead yay!

I don't really care about player housing too much. Houses outside of subdivisions are too expensive, and houses inside subdivisions are less exciting.


I see so little point in subdivision houses, and out of subdivision houses are too rare. Spending such a significant portion of money on something that other players can take away from me on a whim (justified or not) is completely and utterly unappealing. 


Just sell me cross planar clans instead, that way I can sit in a ship, or anywhere else when I want to be afk, thanks. 

ships are like houses + beds, but you can atleast make money with it.

Beats any sub house and bed!

Storage baby, storage


A house can provide many interesting facets to role-playing, but by itself I find it relatively useless.

I don't know anyone that uses their subdivision houses on a regular basis, mostly just seems to be something of a whim to have.

I think having the option for one to create and have a house is great.


I just don't see a reason to have one.

I don't have one yet, but the possibility to create your own space to enhance your character's story or to supliment it, is always a plus. I'm curious as to how the housing systems are in the other games. Lusternia's sounds pretty neat. great! However, I find the requirements a bit steep, and should be lowered to meet a more doable option!

Who needs one when you have the forests!




not important at all.

I don't have a house yet either, but like I mentioned, I think having the option is great. I wish the article described a bit of each housing system in the ironrealms games. I don't play Lusternia but of what I read about  it, the housing system in it seems pretty neat.

Absolutely pointless and a waste of Coin in my opinion. I think Estates should be replaced with a more in-depth society system, like the ability to make them more guild-like

I can safely say I spend more time in the Templar tavern than in my house (usually doing paper work or designing). All I do is qq in my house, and keep my extra mounts there....... I'm still not sure -how- my mounts get into the house, seeing as I designed it as a tree house.....

Especially my new study I put in.

I rather buy something handy for combat :D

It's a very wonderful feature for those with a creative streak, albeit expensive. Designing a house and adding small features to it is very fun and it's fulfilling to see the outcome of your work at the end.

It seems cool, but not necessary. I've thought about buying a manse before, but that's one of those long term things where I've bored myself in other aspects and need something new.

It's a nice enough option for those who want it but most of my characters have been forestal/commune city hating people. Maybe now that I've created a character who is actually loyal to a city I'll explore the idea of player housing. It certainly opens up role playing on the kephera Hive front.

It's a decent rp aid, and acts as a good money sink.

Player housing isn't important to my character, but he lives in a forest commune. Just sleeps on the grass. No posessions he can't carry.

but cant afford a house.  wish i could though, be nice to have a place to just find silence

it is not

Having a house allowed me ot have a personal library and a non prism room, which are coincidentally the same room.  It's great for when you're doing a lot of in-game reading and don't want to worry about someone prisming to you.

It's not by any means a necessity.

For me, honestly, it depends on my character's RP. Is my character the sort who would crave opulence, property? Then he'll strive to attain it. He is a minimalist wanderer-type? Then, perhaps he won't worry about it too much, and just make his home by the roadside. *shrug* Or anything in between.

It's pretty pointless

because I was Minister of Development. Actually turned out to be fairly useful.

I sometimes think I'd really like to have a manse, but then I realize that I'd have trouble making each room unique and, if I did succeed, I'd be another one of those people that just idles off-prime.

It's a nice thing to have if you don't wanna be bugged by people walking into the room you're in all the time.



Housing makes me feel I am a part of the community more, that the city is my home. I like the freedom it grants for all manner of descriptions. 

This is obviously some credit thing of some sort again.

The idea of dropping the creds on a house in achaea just kind of seems like a waste

Personally, I find it to be a nice thing to have, a place where you can relax without assassins coming for your head. And having a space that you can adjust to suit you is enjoyable in itself.

It isn't important to me. I would rather be out talking to people. But it's nice to have a house for rp reasons.

I don't have one, and don't know if I will, but it is nice for the ability to roleplay it and the potential to have a place of your own

yes. It is grat to have some place to go to that you can claim ownership of


I like the idea more than the cost

Yeah, I know that feeling.

It's nice to have, but it is far from a necessity.

Other stuff not so useless

All very well you could hide from assassins within your house, but it is never full proof I have been robbed successfully twice in my house already. Luckily pickpocketing is not so effective, but in the end it is so much safer to simply use a ship as a house.... shippy shippy shippyyyy....

You sure do like your Commscreen.

well, at least it is far less likely for theives to come after you in your house now that pickpocketing is the norm

I like the idea of having a "return home" option. Still think they need to lower the prices on the housing upgrades, as well make out-of-sub housing more available. Being restricted to a city makes the house feel less like my own. it's kinda like living in an apartment complex. I'd rather have my house on a lake in the woods somewhere, like my grove is. private and secluded. Also, while your house not being completely safe is a pain, it makes it more realistic. You can't really keep people out of your home in real life either. You do what you can, but people will always find ways if they really want in. 

People seem to spend all this money on homes just for solitude - couldn't they just log off if they weren't going to invite people in?


You could, but redeffing can be a pain and if you log out you miss things on channels.

It's nice to have more design space too. And being able to develop your own little personal space.

If Korri ever gets a house he'll just call it a storage shack

I wish noprism was cheaper.

Almost have enough coin for that first room. Getting excited!

Player Housing is not that big a deal for me - primarily for RP reasons - but I don't log into a game to "play house." 

What the Prythe guy said. Though, Houses have their use, indeed; I just won't be caught dead sleeping or lounging around in a house of my own.

Despite the whole logging on and off thing... some of us do like to sit in a calm, quiet undisturbed place where we can read a book or news posts without having to worry about getting robbed in the process... One can't always QQ for everything it would become rather annoyng... yes journals work great for AFKing but there are still things we like to do in-game that require you to be there... I noticed after having bought a house that after a while I was not using it at all anymore. Yes of course when you have a ship it is so easy because to go home you simply shipreturn, for houses to have any use at all I agree... room upgrades need to be dropped drastically to about 50 credits per upgrde... Rooms themselves need to be cheaper... a room credit should cost 25 credits instead of 50... The price of an upgraded and secure house to which you are even unable to return to instantly any time you want way outweighs the price of a ship which gives you all those security features and more! As someone mentioned earlier, if housing is going to be any more worthwhile we need to have the option to return to a house as we would to a ship with a similar skill perhaps in survival?

If I actually had IG housing, it would be important to me.

Home is where the heart hides.

It's also where I keep the crap I cannot carry. 

player housing is another opportunity to open up/augment your own rp, by adding elements which tie into your own personality or providing a space to bring your text-family/friends together.

No, not important at this time.

Though expensive in most games, be it the cost paid in real money or that which you've acquired bashing and such... I much like my home in MKO, it is said that you can tell much about a person from visiting their home and seeing how they keep it. The same goes for characters, I think. Firengaud's home is an extension of himself.

relevant to the RP of my character or if I ever have way too many credits!

I think housing is good... somewhere to keep some of my stuff!!!