IRE Asks: Is player housing important to you and why?

Player housing

MMORPG developers don't seem to care about player housing, and perhaps the same rings true for their players. While player housing always seems to serve a niche market, it receives mainstream praise if done right. However, more developers would rather focus on core features then spending time and money on a coding team. They'd rather not waste the resources when players will mostly be out grinding or doing arena PvP.


In Iron Realms games, player housing tends to be an integral part that gives deeper immersion into the player-ran environment. You can describe every room in your house to build your dream castle or hermit swamp dwelling, purchase a large variety of furniture and make every exit a secret. But is it enough to make you care? Is player housing one of those money sinks you won't buy into?  Or is it an absolute requirement, the selling point of an MMO? If you're a home owner in any of the IRE games, what features would you like to see added to player housing?


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love my house

It's really cool to have my own personal piece of the game to go to, but it never seems to matter.

Bahkatu invidividual dens! Like groves!


My ship is important to me as in the only thing I be pimping.

that reminds me of Tiberius Jefferson Hicks.

I don't have any special plans for such.

It's good if you have a family!

Still don't own one. Shared manses and org ships really don't make it feel needed. Maybe someday when I don't know what else to put my gold / credits towards.

I would use one more if I had a sort of house return like my ship return. I think that would be an awesome feature to have for a house.


houses! gotta have one

Not needed at all.

Obviously an outlet for creativity, but as most have said...the excitement undoubtedly fades away once you've showed a few people your digs. I would like to see the system improved in ways, maybe building in purchase-able butler NPCS? Other traits or perks to having a home? I don't know.

Lusternia lets you have custom 'dwellers' which are npcs that walk about your manse and can be made to do stuff.

Obviously an outlet for creativity, but as most have said...the excitement undoubtedly fades away once you've showed a few people your digs. I would like to see the system improved in ways, maybe building in purchase-able butler NPCS? Other traits or perks to having a home? I don't know.

I like player housing! Nice place to get away from people randomly running into you or coming to you, and to keep your things in.

not with imperian housing. i hate the tax. i'd rather sleep on the curb. or the snow.

I don't like how housing in Achaea is sort of in its own little pocket dimension. It'd be cool if subdivisions were more closely knit with the main city itself or something.


In a true roleplaying game, I think it can be important.  In most of the "roleplaying games" that we see of this generation, though, I think it is often wasted. 



other than that, it's another way to spend money

As long as the price isn't too steep, it's nice to have a private venue for RP.

On Aetolia, so far no. On Achaea, yes. I keep all of my pets and mounts there so they don't get killed.

not reallly.



can't even remember where my damned subdivision plot is.

This happened to me. :(

Player housing is fun and a way for players to get to write a room description!

The cost is far too high for me, but thankfully, not having a house in no way detracts from the experience of the game.

My grove is my home!

I think the option to have your own housing or shop is nice. I'd eventually like to get my own shop and house, and set up a herb garden or something of the sort. As has been stated before, they're also good places to disappear to when you need to do some work on organization related things and such, or to flex your muscles with area building.


I certainly think it's a plus and wish more MMOs would include player housing or guildhalls.


Use it in some way for the city probably, not so much for personal use. Something similar to what Carmain is doing with the new temple would be cool 

If I had the gold, I'd buy the hell out of a house and make it into...something.  I dunno - I'd probably just end up using it as storage, but, it'd be nice to have.


better then a house.! ^^


a house with an elephant for an elevator

no and because I said so.

Not yet.

If I had something to store.


I like having a manse

cost credits at times! so remember to post here to gain one :D


Let us make it actually safe to be inside of. At this point, most houses, pretty as they can be, are a great luxury for those folks who make it a priority. But for the most part, I use mine just to store books that it's too cumbersome to lug around. I know others have storagerooms, and that's about it, because at this juncture, houses really are only good for storage if you're sure there's no reason whatsoever for you to be considered a target by anyone, and let's face it: We're all a target at some point.

Hmmm, make a comment here for 70 days straight and I could have a warehouse before Christmas!


What if there were no hypothetical questions?

I have a small house (2 rooms) in achaea, but I don't use it, as I prefer my ship, where I can afk safely if needed, and people can't prism or break in. Probably doesn't help that I changed cities also, my ship isn't stuck in one place inside someone else's subdivision.

No one can sink a house.

not care before, but I feel more and more that having a house would be extremely nice. Having a plot to myself, and a place to... not be isolated, but work on various Achaean projects would be nice. And having a private place to talk with people would be nice to, without having to be around in public places. Xer's more of a private person when it comes to more serious conversations. No pillow though lol

I got my grove, I am happy

I got my grove, I am happy



Housing is cool, though admittedly when I've had a house I've spent very little time in it but much time designing and decorating it, heh. I am, however, very much looking forward to my eventual haven in Aetolia. Just need to get there from circle 86 *swoons*.



It gets too spammy. If it is to expensive, I can't afford it.

Yes and no. I adored the concept of a Family mansion back in Lusternia. Though I'd be a lot more satisfied if they were actually incorporated into the game map.

I dislike the notion of Estate in Mko, because the entrances are rather generic (have to be) and the estates itself have no actual purpose, besides being an RP factor.

no, because I have a haven.

wish I had a house!





My character isn't the type to settle down somewhere, so I'd rather just wander about. Then again, I do idle sometimes and it'd be nice not to be bothered...


Doesn't matter to me.

Growing other herbs would be nice.


but it's good to have a really private place in a game.

the new housing upgrades are pretty neat, can't wait for more in the future.

what would be really handy would be a storage room with non decay.

Zur would have one if it wasnt so damn expensive...


Not the most important, but very nice to have

I think it'd be nice. A house... with all sorts of cool stuff in it. It'd be cool.

It is fun to fly your house around in lusternia.

Not important.

It's starting to become important. Once I finish the house design, I may start hosting... who knows!

House house house, so fun and very nice.

Never really appealed to me. I live in my grove. 

nope, I have a haven

It's sick to have a spot of your own in the game to idle or to host events in.

Yes. Where else would I idle?!

love the new upgrades they've added. still wish they'd lower prices, though.




I want my haven so I can design it and stuff. And then probably rarely use it, heh.

Lately I've been wondering if I'd use a manse if I could afford one. I don't think I would, besides maybe using it as a place to dump an absurd number of scrolls.


Not entirely but it is a great feature.

It is important because not having a home impacts one's self esteem. Without a home I'd have to sleep in a field or maybe even the street. I don't know why you're even asking this question. Is this Mitt Romney?

I like a private place to unwind IG. It's nice when people are unable to infiltrate that sort of thing, since otherwise it is just a security risk. The downside for developers would be the cost of space for this player-defined content, but it should be manageable in something like a MUD.

HELL YEAH! I mean, I wish the artefact stuff wasn't as expensive as it gets, but I mean, my character's camp is integral to his natural security, I wish the camp wasn't in a subdivision, but hey, you work with what you've got, and Cyrene's subdivsion is as peaceful as subdivisions get, but yeah, Xeran wouldn't be as focused on anything if he didn't know he had somewhere to retreat to where he can lay down his swords, knock the dents out of his fieldplate, and take a break near a fire, or inside of his tent for a nap. Especially now that he owns a mount, since his home is the safest place for his mount.

I've never really cared about housing in any game.

pretty much the same here.

my subs plot recently sold for 2mil gold. haha. 500% margin!

Not in the least

I don't know I'd have a house if not for the manse shop. I was able to sell the city shop and buy a manse shop with the profits. Now very few shop in cities and had I not, I would have certainly lost the shop though inactivity.

I lean towards the 'I already have a grove group'.

I have a small subdivision home and am planning to add more to it eventually. Housing design is a nice creative outlet.

Not yet.

Why would I buy a house, which can be raided and get me killed, when I have a Haven?

Eilona has a small house in the Eleusian subdivision. As she plans to become a cook, she has a kitchen with a stove. As a player, I enjoy creating a space for my character, describing the rooms and choosing  furniture and other items to place there.

I suppose in concept it might be nice. I am far too poor, however 

I enjoy it on occasion


not as of right now, at least




I won a house deed.

I like the addons

Rarely use it...

I love Lusternia's manse mechanic!



And his stupid Dala'myrr.



I got one too

credit comment.


A lot of houses don't even get used from what I see, with people falling asleep on the streets or other public areas. I like the idea of houses, I guess.. but I'll stick with the Monastery for now. Ship would be better.


I would only use it to store the herbs I can't kep on my rift, but that seems a bit too much of a price for only that, houses are too expensive and stuff to put in like furniture, beds, etc are even more expensive

I've never cared for it really, but it can at least be useful sometimes.


I think of my grove as my house. Sure, it would be nice to have a place where I could stash my things, but I don't think I'm willing to spend real money to have it.

Housing no, shops yes.

I like the idea of the player shops, don't see the point of the houses as implemented right now

Maybe if they added something like the ability to raid houses, or something else to add more of a point to it

houses fairly unsafe, people can prism into you if you are afkish. No guards, things decay, furniture expensive.