IRE Asks: Is Your Character's Race for RP or for the Stats?

Insectoid race from MMORPG

In each Iron Realms games, players have many racial options available to choose from. Some are your staple MMORPG races such as Dwarves, Humans and Elves, but many unique also exist! Take for example the lizard-like Xorani of Achaea, or the scorpion-tailed Akrabi of Imperian. Since picking a race is one of the first things a player does, the decision can often be hard to make. Even harder if there's a race that looks visually appealing, but doesn't have the stats to back it up.


There are various ways to tweak your character's stats in Iron Realms games to your liking, but before you knew any of that, you were simply presented with a list of races and their various abilities.


So when you were choosing your race, what helped make your final decision? Was it the idea of playing an alluring Siren, or a dangerous and snarling Lycan, or was it the 15 Constitution and 14 Strength that sold you? Tell us below!


RP, stat pack is seperate from race.

Did you pick Muscular, Athletic or Intelligent for the RP or for the stats?

I picked powerful currently for my tekal, but I am saving for a sweet artifact that lets me switch statpacks each time I change class :)

explains your bitch for credits :P

hey, who wouldn't if it's free?



I was looking at stats for a while, then decided to hell with it. Went with Dracnari and enjoy it

Hrrm. Its hurts us.

and balance statistical and RP concerns - though I do love the statpack approach!

I think that statpacks would be great if only to actually try and create race rp

All RP now

Yep, statpack is different from race, but I picked it for the racial abilities I got from it. Not for RP at all though, just the combat effectiveness.

combat... such an alien term to me.

You know, stat packs seem like they're a great idea overall but I don't think it would actually change my race to have race and stats be completely different.

Honestly? It was a mix of both, with a leaning towards figuring out how the statistics help me out

For better Canon-ing and less Cons to be more Glass.

I picked human since I figured it'd be easy to rp and the stats were balanced.

Stats. Will reincarnate when / if Demi. But human make for "easy" RP so it ain't too bad.

Now that I am Demi, actually staying human a while longer, got to get those powers sorted first haha.

And, multple racial hats. No need for RP or locked-in stats!

What's with hats?

make you look like a different race.

Stats completely

we had statpacks quite some time ago! 

Statpacks, yes.

Even when I reincarnated to horkval I did it for Rp reasons but the stats were so lovely and not having to buy chainmail was a plus. Then after I reached dragon I have been exploring options in other areas. Shop keeping and ship stuff, gathering, inkmilling, and broke down, then, and bought a Gem of Transmutation or whatever so I can experience all races, but again the ones I choose to reincarnate into, I have done for rp reasons as well. Next up will probably be tailoring or jewelry. All RP for me though!

looks like someone doesn't know where to put her credits :D

a little of both


You are not wise if you put yourself in a disadvantage just because of it.

same here







RP and abilities

for stats. rp can be changed to work with it.

It's however way easier with statpacks!


Midkemia has the same stats for all the races, only racial specials change, so I chose human for the RP/city (since cities are race defined).

The racial specials are really different !
(But I chose for the RP, heh)

so I can run around better, but Elvandar. D:

RP for me too.  I wished to skip gaily round the forest

I changed from my original RP race for stats, worked out an RP for my stat character choice though.


My choice of Furrikin was for RP. Seeing that I am a nihilist, my stats would have been better with a smarter race.



I only ever role a human, but I'm not opposed to becoming another race through ic means.

largely for the stats, but tsol'aa seemed appropriate enough for a forestal, so I suppose a little of both

I suppose I was originally a siren for the somewhat high int, as well as because I thought it wuld be intresting.


Now that I am a knight, my stats are not appropriate at all, so now for the rp

always about the stats


Though I did choose my race for the stats (over and over again!) There are some IG friends of mine that chose theyre race for RP purposes. They always get teased and called dumb for choosing such a crappy race to go with their class but they don't care. The RP is more important to them.

Their, sir.

I choose the race that I feel to be best suited to the class. Sometime there is more than one choices for this though depending on one's play style...

race is for when you are bored or want a change of pace

stats and race are not tied,so.. for rp, can pick whatever stats I want regardless of race

Does it work that way in all IRE games?


no idea, I am only on Imperian


Imperian and Aeotia have Statpacks I think. But only those two. :)

They realized that people hated the fact that they can't be a intelligent / fast whatever whatever! Obviously smart

Come to Lusternia where race actually matters!

I opted for stats with the race choice. I mean, Taurian Ebonguard is good rp, but it's also one of the few non-demi/runed warriors who can 18+ STR due purely to skills, helping damage as a warrior of any specialization.


I play a furrikin for the rp. we're one of the weakest races in Lusternia.

I picked for the RP, along with guild for RP (which changed when I decided it wasn't working). I like and dislike their stats, and have no intention on ever changing my character's race.

The RP character concept I have for Werin really works pretty much the same for any race, so I took it for the stats.  (Other concepts I have lined up to maybe do someday do often have the race chosen for the RP, or for a mix of the two.)


I switched to dwarf for stats but quickly discovered the immense RP possibilities with a race having a well-defined origin and their creator still being around to play with ^_^

little bit of both, but more for roleplay

Lobo for RP.

Started out for stats, then developed a half-way decent story. And changed class, so stats no longer fit.

For stats, but then the racial RP swept me up.

But really I feel the need to use the stats to back me up.  So definitely a mix, but more so RP than stats.

I went and spent my thousand credits to get a cameo so I didn't have to sacrifice my noble viscanti roleplay just for the stats for the things I did most of. I wanted to be viscanti for important events and strong roleplay events, but still have access to better stats when I needed them. 

I play a viscanti for the role-playing opportunities, but we have nice stats as well.

Started with stats, but now I don't mind being a grook.  :)

Race was picked for rp reasons all the way... I wanted to be the sexy assassin serpent type as opposed to the slutty sort of siren... it did make bashing to dragon reaaaaaally hard though.

On Achaea I picked a race that didn't match my class, and stuck through it in spite of it.  When I went over to Aetolia I was thrilled that I could be any race I wanted without it being detrimental.  I hear Achaea's changed that now though.





I just pick a race that's good for what class I'm thinking of, but I also try to look at it from an RP standpoint.

It's all about stats in Lusternia, but when the game first came about there was racism RP that seems to have fallen by the wayside, which is saddening.

I have a small list of races I can envision myself as and then choose from that list based on the best statistics. I'll never walk around as an insect or frog just for better stats, though.

It was the stats at first, but the RP kind of drew me in.


I love being a grook!


Glad someone does....poor Grooks


As already mentioned, Midkemia is the same across the board. Obviously, the RP.

I wish it was for RP but sadly it wasn't.

When I started out, I didn't know much of the racial histories, but am working at fleshing out some of that.

Pure stats actually

It is actually very difficult to survive with lousy stats

I picked my non endgame race before level 100 as that of a troll for the Rp and racial skills. Then muscular for statpack as it gave high damage from frenzy. The racial was due to the extra clotting, gripping for my weapon and boast to health regen.



Pure RP. Seeing as Damage Knights just don't work these days, Dwarves just aren't able to kill anyone with decent health.

I used to be a Siren for roleplaying reasons... I bashed all the way to level 82 as a Siren, so although I died easily and was very squishy, it was not impossible for me to get somewhere, but I got to a point where my constitution would not allow me to hunt anything stronger and in my explorations I kept dying... so I decided to follow in my fathers footsteps and change to Dwarf. I do not regret this decision at all... Men don't hit on me all the time anymore and I am way stronger at everything! I am one hot dwarf though if I may so so myself

Yeah I totally regret having used my reincarnation on becomming a Xoran... I did this purely to be a tanky Sylvan... but I realize now I chose the wrong race... I wanna be a horkval!!!

I started as an atavian, because I thought the wings and ability to fly were awesome. I've been a dwarf for 100+ years though, and chose it half for the race, half for the stats.

I picked Human because I wasn't sure what race I actually wanted to be at the time and have stuck with it for RP purposes. The more I play, however, and the more I consider artefacts to increase my survivability, the more it seems to make sense to change my race. I'm pretty torn over it, though. Morro would be absolutely disgusted at herself if she was anything but Human without a means of changing back. But... I would like better stats. Can Achaea have stat packs? Prz?

When I chose my race the FIRST was for RP. However, now it's all about stats. Well until I don't feel like entertaining my stats with killing things anymore.


And who thought the original female horkval needed to look like Seven of Nine from Voyager?

Reincarnated for the stats, stayed for the RP.

I also really envy the stat pack system and sort of wish Achaea had it, but I wonder how it would affect game balance. I know that the way one roleplays a character will always trump a stat descriptor, but there is some appeal to having more customisation to a character statwise. I am the kind who enjoys rolling characters in pen and paper games as much as playing them, personally. With the changes about diminishing returns for stats, I think it is something I would support if it weren't going to jeopardize game balance.

Xheh! I like Xoran

I used to be a xoran mage...

I chose siren for the mythical sea creature, then changed to atavian because both my parents are atavian.

Who doesn't want to be beautiful?


RP... though back on Aet I did choose Xoran early on. Absolutely sold on the fire breathing, still am... still an RP choice, I suppose, but totally the fire breathing.

Fire breathing is awesome, useful, no?  But it is just plain fun to set people on fire.  As for the articles question, a bit of both, I love being tanky.

Wanted to be able to fly.

I picked my race because it looked cool, and I went with that. Luckily for me back when I created Draqoom, Horkval was probably the perfect race for a monk. Pre Nerf: lvl3 resist to blunt/cutting with 16 dex made them the tankiest and most agile race at the time. Since getting a gem to reincarnate race the race could potentially be any that worked best at the time, but I prefer being a Horkval because it's become so much of who he is even if it's not the most feasible race for combat anymore.


I originally played as a Grook, for the RP, but I realized that I would like being a Xoran better in terms of stats, and that's why I reincarnated. I do RP a Xoran, though.

In Imperian class will decide. Those with Gem of transmutation changes statpack / at times race a few times a week. Why? Because it gives them an advantage. Simple as that..

I used to. I suppose I probably did it initially for stats, but these days I just can't imagine her being anything else even though I find being so squishy pretty annoying. So more RP these days?

I picked xoran mainly for RP reasons. Most serpents are mhun or raja, but I don't think I'll ever reincarnate as something else. Also, the large health pool comes in handy for bashing- I can take down creatures that would easily kill most of my housemates.


I chose Atavian for RP purposes, being able to fly was a nifty plus point for me starting out. Still won't have it any other way. Stats wise it's pretty much samey being a Sylvan. I spend more time gathering herbs than fighting anyway!

Troll is tanky.


I picked human for RP reasons! I would never pick a race just for stats !!!

Yay statpacks


If I wanted stats, I would have went faeling rather than elfen; elfen fit better in Serenwilde. But yeah, RP since Rowena's mah aunt and we were an originally elfen family. I was human, before, for the exp boost, though. 

I can't say I went Trill for the RP. I'm not even sure what we're talking about with that one. What's trill RP anyway? I've taken advantage of it and do my best to RP with what I've got, though.


But Stats? Like Nicholo there said, If I wanted stats I'd be a faeling. 17 base Charisma ftw. No, I picked trill because it's the highest Charisma a Harbinger can get without being faeling, and I hate elves.

In Impy it doesn't really matter since you can have any combination. But in the other games, I usually do it for the mix of both.


Ya I must say stats are what decide my character.

I agree

Stats at first, then got attached to the race! So.


I like to RP being a snuggly kitten who pounces, romps and licks people


Ok then


I write an embarrassing amount of Xorani lore.  It's the main thing I do while idling in Achaea. Good stuff, though. At least those who have read it think so.

I have been human forever and still have my reincarnation. And tsk at Kalvon :P


I agree

I chose Dwarf for Smithing...has become an enjoyable RP as well.  Ah, evolution...heh

I picked Mhun Serpent for both reasons, it makes sense that a agile Mhun would be inclined to the Serpent class


You need every advantage you can get, gameside, when you don't use mudlet :P


Just kidding, I don't use it to greatest effect either.

I would say that in the past I have picked a race just for stats. But, that being said there are certain races that I would never do because I couldn't see my character fitting into it. Such as, for instance, Grook.





*I love playing a grook.


**Also, the fact that nobody sees grooks as sex objects, helps.

I picked something good for my class that also had some great RP possibilities


all the way

I have not seen any roleplay based on race


When I was making Reonna, I put a lot of thought into what race would be most beneficial to her as a blademaster as well as what race fit best who I was planning on playing her as. I have never regretted going mhun.

see, I suppose I like being a raja for rp potential, but then you realie that the only raja rp there is is snugglepuncing...

rajamalans need a race-only ability called 'rub' that works like graffiti only is only readable by other rajamala. The idea is that it's scent-based, and while other races may be able to get abilities to tell that there's a rajamalan 'note' somewhere, only other rajamala can truly understand it. The effect is weaker than graffiti; it can be scrubbed away OR eliminated by rainy weather.

Faeling, because Alacardael is mildly insane/fanatical and the proud-and-snooty elfen just doesn't fit! Also, stats. Mmm. Although I could do away with the fantastic 10 con.

I mainly spend my time hunting in Achaea and in looking for the most effective way to hunt, choosing the class with the most beneficial stats for hunting is important.  To me, it doesn't seem like race plays a big factor in RP.  I haven't seen too many people leverage their race to be part of their RP.

rp mainly, didn't know anything about what stats did when I joined, though I was told human wasn't a bad choice when I asked.

Unless they're those itty-bitty annoying Christmas elves, how can you hate them?

(Before someone asks, I hate them because they never give me anything.) 

I just take all of my hate, roll it into a ball, and throw it at any elf that I see.


I actually routinely describe myself as 'fantasy racist'.  The 'typical' fantasy races I just hate. Elves and dwarves come up a lot, but I hate neither as much as gnomes, and halflings (or hobbits) most of all. Prolly has to do with my intense dislike of Tolkien. Most of the time it has to do with the extreme clichedness of it all. Elves always love forests, dwarves always love beer, gnomes always love machines, and so on. Even Lusternia, much as I love it... well, look at its elves, dwarves, and gnomes!

One thing I like about most IRE games is exactly the non standard races. Play a snake, play a bear, play a rock, play some kind of bug, play a furry, whatever. MKO seems the big exception, there, but hey, it's based on notIRE source material.


For the record, I do also hate christmas elves, but that's because I hate christmas as much as anything. All this fake 'holiday cheer' crap. And I don't ever want to hear 'christmas classics' again. This is why I don't leave my house in December.

Stats for Aslaran, RP for Aslaran. Great race all around ^_^ I guess I could min/max more tho with Faeling or Mugwump



I picked my race to complement my class, however after I did that I try to roleplay that race and pick things for his appearance that think are tsolaish.. 

RP, not stats

um.  I chose it to make bashing harder.

With Arke, I really can't say for sure. I know I didn't go Moredhel (or goblin or troll) because i find it harder to rp evil or anything that's not very friendly (or reasonably friendly) with a sense of humor. Go figure.


For some reason I seem to be subconciously drawn to elven characters or such.  I noticed it after I'd made Arke, and here's an overview!


Arke.  Race: Tsol'aa.



Trello: Elfen

Antoch: Serenwilde citizen


Arke: Tsol'aa (I see an odd pattern here ha)



Trello: Celidon


Midkemia Online:

Arke of course. Eledhel


I seem to have a tendancy to elven characters or forest type citizenships. Huh!


Mine are elven too, and they use demons ! (Warlock in MKO, Noctusari in Imperian).
I haven't played Imperian much, though.

I guess when it comes to picking a race I have a short race... fetish? Gnome/halflings are preferable... but I'll do a dwarf.

So it's only fair that I would go with a Mhun in Aetolia. Does that answer your question?



(I usually pick mine for both reasons.)

I totally want to be a siren

I picked Siren originaly for the RP aspect as it was how I saw Ravien in my head. I did consider changing when she got to about 30 due to the stigma and the attention from random strangers but then thought no, I made a Siren, I'll stick with it. And I did for over 190 years. I don't have as much time as I'd like for hunting etc as being a City Leader is demanding enough and Dragon is something I do actually want to acheive before I'm 300... so I did reincarnate to troll for the time being.


I fully intend on returning Ravien to her Sireni form as soon as that goal is seen through to the end.

Was originally mhun for stats. Reincarnated grook for stats. Wish there was a statpack or something. I would much rather be human. I'll probably reincarnate raja once I get around 85ish and have a bit more health.

I wanted to play a blademaster and figured the quicker I was the better I would be at that class


To each their own


did faeling for the rp and that stats are not that bad was an illithoid at first though

First was tsol'aa for RP, then human for stats. In Achaea, you really can't pick a race for RP if you also want to be a combatant.

I disagree, I think both can work out.

It was for the stats.  I can rp being any race, so the ultimate choice is which race would benefit me the most.  As an Alchemist, that would be Dwarf, since I'm more keen on bashing than I am at combat.



Also, these articles are having a distinct lack of mention of Skyrim.  I don't see how this is plausible.



Steve Jobs!  Nude celebrities!  Online MMORPG!  Sex!


There you go, google search engine.  Have fun with those keyword tags.

Also Race should have Racial skills/Benefits, Not all members of one race should be the same


Aetolia did it right with statpacks, Sorry about you folks in the other games stuck all being unintelligent trolls or squishy grook.  My grook works out, and has strength and constitution.


Just saying!




Skyrim, Kardashian Divorce, BLACK FRIDAY, Football

Theres some more tags unrelated to Iron Realms.

I like humans. I'm one myself.

Until the release of stat packs (which not all the IRE games support for some reason) all of my racial choices were based entirely on stats, rather than what I wanted to play as RP-wise.


This is why I support the notion of stat-packs.


used to be stats..

Both for sure. I will pick RP over stats, but if I can make them BOTH work then I am a happy mudder. :)

Still want to be a siren. Sohawt

Both is best of course but one is still more important to you than the other.

Started off as Atavian to be atavian, since then attempts at being competative in combat and the ability to hunt faster drove me to another race.

because no statpacks


I <3 Eledhel


Stats all the way

In order, stats, family honour and then RP


to tha P.

Fun :/

But no love for humans :<



stats! always stats

I've chosen races for the stats, both for Moirean and for Sadhyra in Lusternia, but found that the chosen race's RP completely shaped who my character became - be that a crazy Imp or a haughty Hive Queen. 

I like to walk fast!

once upon a time..

I chose to be an atavian for roleplay, the stats have no strong point but no weakness as well, which is good I guess. The flying is great but lots of abilities permit flying as well, but I still enjoy being an atavian very much.

Then they released statpacks. Now it changes if I want the smithing or harvesting buff. Gem of transmutation is awesome.

...was troll in the sense it best suited what I thought the world would see me if there were such diverse races.  This was during the time of varying levels of experience gain bonus (or penality) and the various attributes only improved since I began in 2002.


I never considered it directly for stats or the "popular class choice."

RP. I initially chose Siren, but somehow got deleted, and when I remade my character, I had her as a human instead. Alynna stayed a human for a while, until she was convinced to return to her original race. I have stuck with it since, as a monk, then as a serpent. I refused to compromise her RP by having her switch to a more appropriate race for combat/hunting. I have made dragon as a siren serpent, and now am enjoying RPing the new race of Dragon.




Raja for speed


It's always stats for me.

I like the rp of my race and the stats and bonuses are good too.

Its hard to pass up nice stats, really, though a blend of both is quite nice.

Went Lobo for 16 Con/Lvl 3 Regen, But I don't really like the RP, so I'm thinking of changing.

Tossing up between Kephera (Works well with Shofangi and I like their well developed history) and Taurian (Essentially just a slower Lobo, but I've never seen another player do one: so I could take the RP anywhere I wanted).



Goooo statpacks/race specializations!

Both! I'm fortunate enough to dig playing as a tiger dude AND said tiger dude's stats and racial abilities mesh well with the class I chose. UNfortunately, I have yet to see any racial RP in Achaea. Like, at all. It's a sad, sad state of affairs.

really dont like the new stat changes. was happy with my previous setup.

really dont like the new stat changes. was happy with my previous setup.



Nowadays you can pick whatever. Yay statpacks!

I mean really, what is more fun than playing a goblin

I must be tired. I look at the Horkval picture and see the guyver. A cute guyver, though.



Of rp and stats. I'm cheap I know :P

Now with the new race system I can go back to my Roleplaying race again and still be tanky! Woohoo! This is like receiving a huge artie gift... I mean we get all these cool traits to pick ourselves!  This was such a fantastic and much needed change! Thank you developers <3 RP is going to be much better now in Achaea I am sure.

Started out with the RP race for 80 levels.  Then went Dwarf for tankiness and finally Grook (Magi class).  May finally get to return to Atavian, my initial race, without having to spend thousands of dollars I don't have on artefacts just to make it useable, haha.

I was looking forward to the specialization, since I'd never had that before, but I figured joining the Pyros meant Dracnari needed to happen. 

I liked the idea of a goblin magician, even though they are not considered the brightest creatures.

I'd say for the RP. Merian warriors have pretty good statistics, but the RP of the city of Celest itself and the way the Light is ingrained into Merian culture really makes it fun for me.


There's probably better races for my class, but Lobo isn't bad at all, and I do love the RP and backstory.







Seems so many down on humans despite the evolving stats :< At demigod I have stats equal to almost any othe race for what i need...certainly better than Faeling for Charisma, which is used for TK..

Definitely RP for me. My race, the Furrikin, have decent intelligence and charisma, and pretty good speed, but the speed factor doesn't really aide my archetype. I like the race's connection to the forest, which I felt fit with the Serenwilde, along with their naturally energetic and jovial nature. The stats were decent, but an Elfen would be better most likely for that.

Was elfen, because they were the most familiar when I started playing Lusternia, then switched to human for better stats.

It was a character concept I fell in love with. The stats aren't bad — though I rarely ever see other Mugwump (which is a shame, since Grook seem pretty common in Achaea). I suppose I didn't realize how bad my racial disadvantages outside of the raw stats would be for the class I picked, but even if I had I wouldn't have cared.

Family honour!


But I also enjoy the stats and RPing a city elf.

while I'd originally picked raja for the stats then went to satyr for the balance of pk and hunting, right before the traits system was introduced I had purchased a dagger and reincarnated back into a raja but things just didn't seem right, so Hhaos has reverted back to his old flirty sefl

I went Xoran for the high strength, con, and int, but I guess I picked it over dwarf or any other option because I wanted to play a fire-breathing lizard-man.

I decided to go Tsol'aa guard now... can't go wrong with that.

Human, for the stats and the experience gain. I made it work into the RP though.

I chose mine for the RP and sometimes regretted it...but the new trait system really eliminates the disadvantage.

It's entirely RP... Don't have to pick stats by race!


Race just defines a few neat abilities in Imperian, with the statpack system, so I chose it for RP. I wanted to play a Forestal (Ithaquan), and Lycaeans seem to be about there in abudance. So boom, Lycaean An'sheri!

For the RP. Part of my Templar Squire's background is that he is a downtrodden son of a Mhun bodyguard, who had his family hunted by Undead in Moghedu. I find it adding a bit of depth to him.


Always stats =/

I bet there were a lot more trill in Lusternia recently, and I bet there'll be fewer again now their superpowers have gone!

I picked my for no reason at all.  It was a random choice before i honestly knew any of the pro's/con's

I picked my for no reason at all.  It was a random choice before i honestly knew any of the pro's/con's

RP. But being the favored race of a city/commune has definite advantages.

I reincarnated as human because I hated RPing a dwarf, so I'd have to say RP!

Thankfully statpacks are independent to race.

RP, Orv's not a faeling for the health :p

stats and abilities

With the new changes, now it's both! I love the fact that I am able to specialise in my race.


for the rp


Both thanks to the new system

I started with an RP race, but once I became a changeling demigod, I started looking for the optimal stats for my skills.

I know most people like to do this.

RP - my first ever roleplaying character was a Mistress Race Troll in Runequest but it seems less now - like all the races are a big amorphous blob with nothing "unique" about them.


Although I do like the speed now.

I honestly look at the stats sort of as a starting place for RP, and that led me to pick a class I thought would be somewhat suited to my race's stats and trait.


I wish I had looked at the stats before I started, I'd have chosen troll without hesitation.



Mhun for looks and agility.


RP... Had a thought about changing later  for stats, but the change was not worth it


When I started I was a total scrub, and had not idea which stats I wanted or what RP I was getting into. I think it's fair to say I've stayed where I am due to both RP and stats, though.

Definately the RP...I can't see myself ever switching to Seren to get the bonus stats.

I picked Kephera because I like insects and I wasn't really thinking of RP or the stats even if I did find it cool that the stats were different between male and female Kephera. I've learned a bit since creating Haqikah and I'm really looking forward to the RP opportunities now.

I've been a roleplayer for many years, and when I found Achaea, I thought I would burst with joy. I chose to be a satyr entirely based on RP, I've been a satyr since my Trial of Rebirth, and will continue to be so. If I want to try another race or class, I make another character to try it out, but I always chose to RP over Stats. And yes, not much of a PvP, PK player. I don't look down on others who do, but its just not my thing. To me, RP is where the action and adventure is, my bread and butter so to speak. Bellor says, "Keep yer horns sharp, an yer hooves dry!"


I just posted about this on the Achaea site - I'll copy it here ---> 

I have to be honest here. In all my RPG life I have played a Human. Why? Because, frankly, I have no idea how to be anything else. I tend to give my Humans/Classes a unique flair or twist, but Human I am and Human I will be! (There was a time when I considered a reincarnation to Troll for the CON, but decided not to for two reasons - 1. I couldn't come up with an RP/IG justification and 2. Serendipity told me she loved me as human. Wasn't going to risk a happy marriage for an extra one or two CON points!)

I always pick my race based on RP! When I first started though, I did reincarnate from mugwump (chosen because I love amphibian races) to trill after about a week because of how fragile I was as a mugwump. Trill aren't exactly buff dudes either, but at least their other stats make up for it...and anyway now trill RP is a huge part of my character, so I think it worked out rather well!

With changes in Achaea, decision is no longer difficult

At first it was for stats. Now it just sort of stick with it. 

Just bought the disguise gem, and that's cool. I can be Imp forever!

I'm Atavian because it's prettttttyyyyy

Dwarf. Quintessential choice (or one of the favorites) for RPG games. So it was Rp for me, and the Brawler trait ain't too bad.

I am Bill Nighy, and I was watching an Underworld marathon when I created myself. Hence, I'm an Undead Human. Is that RP? Not into combat -yet-, so I guess it was an RP choice.

RP for me. An Ithaquan Idras living as a lycaean in Kadar.

With the changes to races in Achaea, and statpacks in Aetolia...actually race for stats is no longer as valid a point...




Yay for building rp on top of a metagame concept. :3



Totally for RP reasons.  The grind is the grind. But, I found RPing a reincarnation was a fun little story-arc for my character and allowed different personality traits to become more prominent than before. 

Yeah, I just closed my eyes, scrolled randomly and poked at the screen and went "I'll be...THAT one!"

Those extra 3 points of strength my mhun character miraculously acquired after the introduction of stat packs and traits were painstakingly roleplayed out. I was emoting pushups and weight-lifting for a week.

For Lusternia, definitely for the stats, since race is tied to stats. I can work with any race I'm given, RP-wise, but the stats are important for the class I choose.

What other way to do it?

When I made Narsina I really didn't pick stats over RP, I'm honesly not sure what I was thinking but for the most part I found siren more intriguing than a lizard... i mean xorani or any of the other races...most of them seemed silly, and some I've seen in most IRE games and then there was Siren, and I was sold, Stats were iffy but for all that I've done with her, and all the endless rp that has came up despite my race it hasn't been too bad of a choice...its even better now that we have a stat pack choice thingy now Siren Sylvan isn't too bad.


Who can resist wings anyway? :)

stats, mainly. I adjust to the rp based on that.


RP and ooc nature.

I started Dvurkha as a krokani monk, and switched to human as a mage (because krokani mage would be terrible).  So, for stats, I guess.  Although I did try to maintain the one-eye thing as a human, described and emoting with one good eye and one lazy eye.

First character of a game is always based on RP, then I make a second based on a mix of stats/rp once I understand the dynamics a little more, work out what I want to achieve etc.

Being a herpetology enthusiest and really liking amphibians and reptiles I was inclined to play a Grook in Achaea. Being my first character, I had no clue that the combination of Grook and Druid was probably the worst combination possible back (two years ago or so at least). To recompensate for all the bashing and combat I couldn't do, I built my character on roleplaying, though back then it was just mostly my actual personality being portrayed in a more frog-like manner.

I have to say being stuck in a position of such little power for such an extended period of time was rather refreshing as it allowed me to interact as a weak, frail character. It was extremely frustrating at times when I hit around the 60th level of experience and I was still unable to kill black rats without them sneaking back into their warrens, but I have to say, I suppose it built character. :P

What's a "more frog-like manner"? Inquiring amphibianoids want to know!

Roleplay. If I have to choose, that always wins.

Ima  tank kitty



Roeplay first, always for me


You know, I like anthropomorphic-type characters, and I think the various races add interesting flavor to Lusternia's gameworld (tae'dae are awesome!), but I never personally feel at home RPing anything other than an elf/human/similar human-type anthropoid. That being said, I definitely considered stats when I chose to go Elfen Lord.

Both I guess.

Though at one time it was stats alone.

Went Atavian because Aetolia doesn't have waterwalking. Then got past 21 and realized one of the fast swimming races probably would have been better. Oh well.

Eschilde's been human since the trial, back when humans had average balance and straight 12 stats. Was not combat efficient but the alternative was not being text pretty. Very important.

Went for the wings.


Though, admittedly, not the best reason. I mean, Mhun Serpent? Anyway, it's more to roleplay my class a little more effectively than anything.

Definitely roleplay.

Stats, I wanted the movement bonus for Mhun.


One cannot escape the draw of rising numbers


Both, RP was first, and the race sounded cool, stats were a happy coincidence.


But then I got better.

I see what you did there.


I chose Elf in Midkemia because I've read the books and I know Elvandar is my kind of place. I originally played a human during the beta, but that led me to a dead end, so I chose an Eledhel in order to allow myself a little bit more creative freedom, and it worked out wondrously. I've made many friends, my character even got married. All in all, choosing it for RP was a choice I do not regret in the least, especially since I became the Weaver of Words. 

But more for stats.