IRE Asks: Is Your Character's Race for RP or for the Stats?

Insectoid race from MMORPG

In each Iron Realms games, players have many racial options available to choose from. Some are your staple MMORPG races such as Dwarves, Humans and Elves, but many unique also exist! Take for example the lizard-like Xorani of Achaea, or the scorpion-tailed Akrabi of Imperian. Since picking a race is one of the first things a player does, the decision can often be hard to make. Even harder if there's a race that looks visually appealing, but doesn't have the stats to back it up.


There are various ways to tweak your character's stats in Iron Realms games to your liking, but before you knew any of that, you were simply presented with a list of races and their various abilities.


So when you were choosing your race, what helped make your final decision? Was it the idea of playing an alluring Siren, or a dangerous and snarling Lycan, or was it the 15 Constitution and 14 Strength that sold you? Tell us below!


I wish we had statpacks. I know we have dingbat hats but statpacks are just so much nicer imo.

Atavians make very nice Vampires with blood regen. I'd not have picked the race if I didn't want to roleplay it though. Sometimes regret not going with imp, seems it could make for fun RP. Would have been an entirely different character however.


Rp for the win man. always choose a race for their rp value!!!

I love how back when this was made, there wern't traits in Achaea. It was a  bigget question then

But isn't wanting to gain power something that can be roleplayed as well?I mean what are you willing to do to get it?

Mostly stats, and partially RP. The couple of other races that make better shamans I wasn't interested in RPing. My race makes a damn good shaman, though.

For the RP.

I fricking love Orc type races, and the stats are also pretty good.

Mostly for the stats/specializations, but also because of the leap ability and no need to wear armor. Plus, who doesn't like being all scaly?

all non-horkvals, I'd reckon.

eww scales,


Liar! You're a changeling.

I wanna be a changeling!

Always for the rp!!

i think i'm up for a race change...

Purely for the RP

Pretty much for the RP - did not seem to matter for MKO that much - still that human bonus to pay 2% less in fines is awesome


Roleplay, and a fondness for things that fly.


I always choose the race that I believe will best suit my class.

Both. My races' stats are good for shaman, but didn't wanna be a horkval or a xoran for better stats.


Viscanti because I wanted to play at Magnagora. Seemed the obvious choice (with an alt I was dracnari and I felt "foreign")

a little of both, but mostly roleplay


Nothing but the RP for aetolia, now, for the most part.

I wanted to have wings.. Atavian was the only option for me

Me too.

Was a mixture of stats and vanity. I wanted good health and strength, but did not want to roleplay a troll or lizard or whatnot. Prefer to play a humanish character.


Yes, to both.

What stats? (Roleplay)

RP, most definitely.

I usually change my race according to my roleplay, but then I decide from the races who are suited for such behaviors which one has the best stats.

I originally chose for roleplay and then switched for stats/ racial bonuses.

The fact that Humans have an experience bonus in lusternia drew me in, and the slow stat increases over time made me stick with it. :D

I think quite often the race choice is out of personal vanity. Just about every race is useable anyhow, so generally you can pick the one you like the look of most.


I hate this age old question. No one seems to consider perhaps there is an evolutionary racial advantage and hence picking better stats is in role? Like Xoran used to be popular as a serpent.. which the race even looks like a serpent so hey its got a sort of role!

What pisses me off is how every house/guild would always enforce you to learn the same lesson pack of skills and be able to use them. Especially the ones that tell you to learn miniskills in sessions of 15 when most don't even have reflexes intense enough to use up that much will or endurance. Different races fight differently more effectively. Example- An Infernal grook using necromancy instead of chivalry. Or a troll sylvan going for viridian in elementalism instead of messing with groves.  Thereby not everyone is the same cookie cutter wheee look at me I can play human and be anything I want to be </special>


The solid skin

after demigod, human isn't as appealing.  They're fine all around, and the xp bonus is fantastic, but they aren't specialists.

I have no idea what krokani race RP is. We're one eyed giants. I guess I could run around bellowing "I SEEE YOU!" a lot?

hehehe, that would be a start. They sound like cyclops type creatures. Interesting!

Picked Mhun for lulz, but I'm loving how fast I can run and the RP that came with it is fun!

15 INT is yummy. :3

i bet you're a caster?

In lusernia 15 int would be a weaker caster.

It was the only race that naturally green hair made any sense. D: That said, in games where statpacks are a thing, the better question might be whether you decided on a statpack via roleplay, or just min/maxed it. Since I'm basically taking forever to decide on my specialization, I don't have an answer yet, bwahahaha! >_>

I totally picked my stats for the stats. It fit on a RP level too, I guess... or maybe I just retroactively made it fit or something.

Mhun fit well for how I wanted to flesh out my character, being a more paranoid top-sider. Mhun is popular for Serpents even with specializations being added to Achaea but that may be because of the extra movement, which I -love-.

With the advent of statpacks

hrrm. I guess I should actually apply those.

Idreth for the rp!

RP, of course :P
Otherwise, I would've just created a troll for sheer strength (and the stun chance)

I hated the imbalances of stat arties in Achaea, especially with some races/classes just being out of whack without them. Now, in Lusternia, we have so many ways to boost stats, it's not even funny. I'd actually like to have level three stat arties for myself now. :>

i dunno anymore, honestly.





i don't know anymore :(

...because it allows you to play the race you want to RP, not the race for the advantages

Tsol'aa make great forestals...

started off with RP, but i may need to reincarnate pretty soon

When I first ante'd up, I had no idea how any of the stats were going to affect gameplay (This was before statpacks). I chose Sidhe because it was in theme with how I wanted the character to be, and as someone who was always good with backstory and other such similar things, I already had a good, solid idea of what I wanted for the character.


Now, with the introduction of statpacks, I can use those to figure out what's best for not only my profession of choice but my fighting style, and leave the race to the RP element. While it's chanced a few times over, I always keep coming back to elf, and I'm sure I always will, at least for this character.


But the race of whatever character I'm playing is always determined by what I think it would be fun to play, or at least something that I coudl pull off. Sadly, there's not much information on the world at large or the races when you're first starting a new IRE game, so I find that with the exception of Aislygn, the first character is always a hrowaway, something to get used to the world with, THEN decide what and where you want to be. Irritating if you don't have people waiting for you to sign up to the new game, like I had with Impy.

Races are super important to your overall ability to have stats in midkemia soo.... um lol

Statpacks changed this a lot, but I still find myself choosing for stats anyway. However, it's not nearly as big of a decision as it was in the past.

for the RP. Fortunately with statpacks one can choose what they want to RP with yet not get screwed with bad stats. Only thing that is directly connected to the race are the racial skills but those are pretty decent with most things. I love being the Family Fish :D.

RP all of the way.


use to switch races all the time for combat in achaea as dwarf was slow. statpack and traits changed that


My race is most certainly for both

but that's because I'm human.  If I picked Dwarf for instance it would have more RP.  

Ha, I did human for the rp because when I started I didn't know what a mugwump etc were.

I picked human more for the racial bonus (sip and crit bonus).  The stats for each race have been mainly offset with every race (except horkval for knights) having viable options for every class.  Not sure how it is in Lusty though.

you guys must be damn jealous of how MkO manages their stats...

the rp I think!


Arrrr Peeee

"Some are your staple MMORPG races such as Dwarves, Humans and Elves, but many unique also exist! Take for example the lizard-like Xorani of Achaea"


I'm of the oppinion that lizard, cat, and dog/wolf men are also staples, but I'll grand the scorpion tail.


This character I picked because of the stats, that said, that doesn't mean I can't find enough to RP with.



It was for the stats. I sorta wanted Atavian for flying, but decided that being tanky was better.

I confess


But my stats rule

I want gold!!!


With the changes... both! 

Stats all the way, I'm afraid to say.  Though, with the stat packs it's much easier to pick the race for RP reasons and adjust stats with the pack for bashing.

picked for the racial perk (speed), but it's easy to embrace the rp of it

What race fits a name like this, I'm now wondering. 

I started out as human before traits were introduced and were considered an okay race, then went siren randomly but never really changed how my character looked. I regret just a little bit about that >.> but more intellect is nice for magi

are for Josoul!

some of the stats are nice, but I did choose it for the looks.

I chose my race to comment here for the credits

I chose my race to comment here for the credits

the revolution of races


Definitely for the RP.


Oh back when there weren't statpacks...


What stats? ;D

the wings got me. Even though later I found out my class has other ways to fly, I still prefer my atavian race wings for flying.

I don't even know what the race of this character is, so I'll say not for rp.

Still don't know and not going to bother to look. Something that gives bonuses to class no doubt.



RP, definitely. As mentioned before, race bonuses in Mko are pretty much negligible.



I just wanted to fly.


I know I wanted to be one of Hallifax's native races and decided on the Lucidian because I thought they'd be funner to rp.




yeah Atavian is very balanced so mostly for RP and cause it can fly


stats, I wanted high con.

Rp, I went Ssylsin cause my IC wife wanted it.

but I can really get into being a faeling, and built her behavior around it.

For stats, but I do enjoy being one of the few non-Magi grooks.

don't know, rather new


some games they're the same. You don't have to be one specific thing, but the game design may lead you to certain races for certain classes/guilds.

Isn't it the same thing? Doesn't RP stand for Racial Pluses?


All the way

Elfen bard. Worked out!


I prefer Tsol'aa as a race and I tried to make my character as traditional a Tsol'aa as I can manage with what I know of them. I actually think pre-trait was better for Tsol'aa though because hide is pretty useless but, then again, it seems like a good fit too. I'm just bitter about losing wp regen.


Kinda neither or both. In Medkemia you get added to certain cities based on race.

My race is currently for RP, but I really want the stats of Raja or something less INT focused. Specialisation is nice, but still doesn't put me where specialised Rajas or other classes are.

the speed bonus was a big factor.  But low con and being weak to common damage types sucks.


RP completely though flying has been useful sometimes

I definitely chose my race for the RP, though it works well for bashing as well. High constitution and strength! Now I just want to see if I can make it work for combat, that'll be the challenge.

me too.


For stats.

Statpacks let me be what I want to be for RP AND helps to save my ass in the world

RP, hands-down. nothing quite like playing a rajamalan built like a freaking wall of flesh, cloaked in solid steel, carrying a pair of scimitars, yet at the same time he writes poetry and paints.

Though it's turned into partial rp. Kinda.

both. I love being a dwarf for the rp oppourtunities, and the stats. I love my strength and con stats. my only complaint is how long it takes to gain eq.



Always stats

Chose to be a Troll because the race appealed to me and wanted to wield two axes. Which to me sounded like a Troll could do. Later I just picked a statpack that matched my class.

I chose a Grook, because of hight intelligence, ability to be a male (as opposite to a Siren) and a nice picture. So I guess my answer would be both stats and RP...

I guess, because before Troll was really slow and bad for an infernal, and now I think you are beter of as Xoran or Dwarf, but troll seemed appealing and I chose it

I picked mine originally for rp value I switched once I played for a while and now think in have a good balance of rp and stats

I started out as a human because they seemed pretty balanced across the board, with an experience boost to boot, but reincarnated into a faeling because of parents.


but mainly I love furrikin.