IRE Asks: What Class Would You Create?

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Last time you were asked to fill the role of an Iron Realms MUD Producer, with the task of chopping a class completely out of your game. Not surprisingly, many of you responded saying the classes were absolutely fine! So what if you had the opportunity to create a class, completely from the ground up? It's been a dream of many to design a skillset. Would you create a class based on a mix of existing abilities, or something entirely unique?


You should also consider running an event to introduce your new class, and creating a few artefacts for people to buy. The players of Iron Realms MMOs have come to expect a certain level of role play, and the pressures on you to meet their demands! Don't hold back, tell us your classes strengths and weaknesses, instakills, and all the things you think will make your dream class absolutely perfect. Comment below!


if you could class as a straight-up tradesperson/merchant.  Maybe one skillset with craft-oriented utility (like being able to check comm prices in villages without visiting, or increased comm production, shopkeeping "buffs"), and the others as choices of the existing tradeskills.

I'd like to see a gladiator type class introduced that used several different types of weapons but didn't have to be constrained by the chivalry nature of knights. a real brawler and a mercenary class.

I'd like to see a gladiator type class introduced that used several different types of weapons but didn't have to be constrained by the chivalry nature of knights. a real brawler and a mercenary class.

I am Bill Nighy, and we don't need more classes. We need specific skillsets for the classes already in existence.

Everyone has already covered that


While I do think the classes already in existence could use a bit of reworking before we introduce a new class... I have ideas!

Firstly I think a pirate class could be rather cool. Though I'm not sure exactly how they would fit in.... Are pirates not inheretently bad, too? So they'd almost be restricted to just Hashan, Ashtan and Mhaldor. Then pirates are the bad guys of the sea, so they'd have to have some basis around sea abilities which just seems strange to me. I don't think that you should have to be on the ocean for access to your class skills. Hai groves. Saying that, rofl, we do have groves. So I think there is some room for a skill based around extra performance in water rooms/on the ocean.

Giving them Swashbuckling (Already exists, so easily done) and a skill based around the mastery of a few pets. Not sure what to call it.. Parrots, monkeys, dogs/hounds. Kind of like the domination ability that occultists have.

Except initially you gain Parrots, and a few abilities on controlling them. Then Monkeys, and a few abilities controlling them. Then dogs/hounds, and a few abilities controlling them. You can only have one under control at any time. Until transcendant, where you gain the ability to use all three.

Then the skill gained on embracing class would be buccaneering, where you can boost and have access to extra abilities when stood in the waters of achaea. Similar to groves. 

As these skills are already loosely based around skills already in Achaea, and some directly ripped off (Swashbuckling) it wouldn't be all too difficult to create. You can just introduce them like Alchemists, have a Pirate tutor locateable at a dock somewhere, for the initial learning. Create a small event, easy peasy. Then we have a new class to play with!

If there was actually a chance we could get a new class like this, I would take more time and create an AB help file for each skill. It's fun!

An archery based would be interesting.

Sure the knights and serpents get it now, but it's not based around it. I'd like to see that.

+1 to archer based class

MKO needs mooaaarrrr!!!




That is a great question. I am going to have to think about it some.

 I would create a Medium class that can summon ghosts and poltergeists.

Some of the Serenwilde guilds in Lusternia have skills where they call upon ancestor spirits.

I'd like to see the classes that exist already and that share certain skillsets to have their abilities more enhanced and unique. altough some of the ideas for new classes mentioned here sound fun.

I am Bill Nighy, and my two other comments notwithstanding... how about a game feature that allows tri-trans'd players to unify skills, if your classes are from the same group (tether for us, circles for Imperian folks)? As a requirement, the player must be tri-trans'd in both classes, and you cannot combine two tertiary skillsets at the same time, and as for the starter skillsets, you can switch whichever you like.


Yes. I'm trying to live my Underworld life in Aetolia.







I like the medium class idea. I also agree with Vincenzio. It'd be nice to see some common class skills a little more personalized and unique.

A new class would be cool. Hopefully combined with an event that completely destroys Ashtan in some weird attempt to bring about destruction that backfires and blows themselves up.



In all honesty if  I were to create a class, it would probably be some unholy combo of Runewarden, apostate and occultist. Runeblades with ents and aeon = nummy

I am Bill Nighy, and I approve of this class! Again!

how  about a traveller class?

that learns its skillset either the 2 main or just the 3rd skillset after embrace in a special way. By asking to be taught the secrets of a place from certain locals, that would unlock the skill and make it available. (lessons still needed but not enough to use the skill, actual travel to far away lands, villages and secret lost places to meet the denizens must be mandatory, like monks that have to perform stances and get a belt.)

I'll think more and post again about how could the skillset look like. 

comments and ideas are appreciated.

That's a pretty neat idea, being taught abilities from different regions around the realms. I wouldn't mind this beng a seperate skill outside of classes for those who want to wander around. Could be pretty fun. Some places can even refuse to teach you, based on where you're from, or only teach you once you've reached a certain rank in explorers.

This is a cool idea but would probably take away from the legitimate aspect of traveling around IREs. The best I can think of is a ranger sort of class which is self-sufficient and gets a language learning bonus, or some such.

A gunslinger type class would be pretty sweet. I'd probably tend to make it a non-City functioning class though.. a lone wolf class, as it were. Drudging through the desert, day and night.. shooting at scorpions while chewing tabacco. .. Maybe I'm thinking of John Wayne.


new priest\healer type on Aetolia



We could revamp the Shaman a bit

I want a class who leaves a poison trail when they run, can slow people, flip them away, and HAHA NEVER DIES.


Subu makes a good point, too. Shamans need an update.

many classes put others to sleep, but none affects dreams. Also luck does not play a vital role in the realm. 

A new class of fortunetellers could change that and add a nice flavor in the realm.

main skills could be Tarot and Runes, or even better a new skillset of Superstition (that has some illusion abilities) or some kind of Sorcery/witchcraft with the ability to create charms/amulets (love charms for example), exorcism, read the stars (astrology), use a crystal ball, etc (more can be found by researching how fortunetelling was practiced in the old times. I found about 29 different techniques online in a hasty search). Also to people that think tarot is too much, then a new skillset could also be created. Palmreading! reading your own and others palm, being able to change the future or past of lines.  

As embracing skillset: Dreamworld, that affects sleeping targets. More utility abilities can be added also, like the use of a dream book that gives/heals afflictions, buffs, allows being able to be a sleepwalker and keep moving and doing things around when asleep. 

I think this is the most viable new class that could be added in the realm. Supperstition is something that Age needs to have, it always existed and this class can be balanced between utility and combat, so as not to be overpowered but neither underpowered (like Alchemist that is not really a viable class for combat from what I've seen)

I am sure many can see a lot of potential in this class. It is something new (pirates are already in way around us and many other suggestions here are for mixing already existing classes) and fits well with the realm.

I'll also post some events ideas how to bring them under the moon light (they prefer it from the sun I guess heh heh), but till then if somebody likes the idea feel free and encouraged to let the world know. 

now that Saleucar has been discovered it is possible to add a new god and class.

and I'll say it again. I want a gun/grenade slinger.

One with damage and afflictions

The classes we have now work great... no more needed

It would really add to the Spiritwalker house broaden the roleplaying possibilities of witchcraft and witches. 

How about Agents? They could use grappling hooks, daggers, and other Agenty stuff. Their class abilities would be a bit like subterfuge, but no quite. I don't know... I'm just spitballing here, but I don't think we need anymore classes that involve rituals that don't seem to do anything or  have themes that are so stretched and trite that they should be from a House of Night book.

+1 to "Agenty stuff". Hehe :D

A dream world related class would be awesome!

Yep! Let's get the Dream World in Achaea! 

Pokemon trainer.

How about a class that is good at building stuff like an engineer? Give them some crude form of gunpowder to make them fighting capable. and bombing capable. Perhaps even incorperate them into city defense/ offense with draw bridges / seige weapons , and such.

I'd make some kind of "time warden" (time-o-mancer?) who manipulated time. Give them the ability to slip between the time stream for nifty travel and step out of time for a phase-ish option, and have their combat be a lot about timing future effects and let them do stuff like slow combat down for everyone in the room (same relative recoveries, just slowed).


Obviously, I enjoy the classes we have now, but in my time alting, I've had a desire to see more...I suppose "traditional" dark-side classes. More specifically, in Aetolia, there is a Newbie area with corrupt missionaries -- priests that worship Chakrasul over, say, Auresae. With the currently set up circles of classes and cities, it's impossible to actually be a Corrupt priest while holding guild status or city status outside of Enorian/Duiran or one of the 'good' or 'neutral' aligned guilds, where worshipping said goddess would get your butt kicked out (save, perhaps, the Atabahi).


I'd like to see something like that in play. I find it gives interesting chances to RP. The only other limiting factor is the fact that a corrupt priesthood would involve a new skillset, or the obliteration/editing of a few other skills -- priestly skills are meant to hinder the undead and vampires, so items like hands won't heal them and purity damages them more. Obviously, if it were to be adjusted so that this class existed, it would live amongst undead and vampires, and therefore the skills would have to change some.


Meh. That's not a new class, persay, but IRE games already span a significant amount of class types over all five of their games. (Though, I would like to see the blademasters in Aetolia.)

More 'dark' classes, even in Achaea. Infernal and Apostate are purely evil classes, that's a given, but Occultists aren't technically evil, but still kinda dark. However, Druids, Sylvans, and Sentinels are all kinda good, moreso now with the Alchemist addition, and Priests and Paladins are purely good. The rest of the classes are all neutral, though some people could argue about Shaman or Jesters, but they're not exactly dark or evil at all as they don't draw a power from any sort of evil or chaos. More definitive darkness, please, even if it's hazy darkness.


That. Doesn't seem like there's enough of those kind. So many neutral and hazy allignments. Clean those, or add more definitive borders.

I had an idea for a barbarian reaver-type class, specializing in bastard swords and warhammers, runelore (no runeblades or totems, but inscribable runestones you could throw), and some type of nature spirit summoning (spirit of summer, spirit of winter, etc.) that would boost your stats as long as they were out and could afflict.

The class was less about discipline and more about natural fury, old magic, and being an angry Viking.

A class that's bow oriented.

An achaea class that focused on the use of a shield, I think Imperian got something like that?

There some psionics stuff in Lusternia, but if there were to be another class introduced (not saying there should be), it'd be cool to have dedicated psionic archetype. Maybe give them at least a specialization for a Psionic Warrior, too, where they'd be able to fight with blades of psionic energy? Cuz that'd be totes badass.

I really hate that frog.

I'd create a super cool class with super cool skills.

IRE had better hire you! ;D

I'd make a class which had a sole focus on ranged and throwing weapons. It'd be an assassin style combat, with a rivalry of sorts with Serpents.


They wouldn't have the ability to use wormholes or phase, but they would be masters of informational misdirection. At a similar cost as Phase, most sensing abilities would return a random room or area.


Their proficiencies would be with a bow, and daggers. They would have an ability shortshot that would allow them to use their bow in the room, and an ability like swiftcurse that would allow faster shots at a significant reduction of damage. they can throw up to two daggers at once and are able to target limbs or vital points for various effects. They bow will also have a "backstab" like ability that works from a distance, though not as great an impact because of the reduced risk.

the idea of a defense that returns random room locations.

I'd rather see my class get a bit of a makeover, some of the skills are just plain useless.

For Midkemia, I'd love to see a Lesser race class such as a shape shifter or shaman. Shouldn't Warlock be a lesser path skill anyway?

into monsters would be da bomb!



Doubt they'd ever do that type of a lesser path, though warlock should be imo :)

I'm not completely savvy on every single class there is in the game, but a class which fuels itself with "bad karma", or kills, would be interesting to see. A miniscule amount of power could be extracted from denizens, and much more from player kills. While more bad karma leads to access to more powerful skills, it also leads to worse luck - causing players to miss more frequently, lowering crit chances, and just giving them a generally bad time.


Also, a class primarily based around extremely heavy defenses with very poor attacking options, but the ability to protect (though not heal) other players, and perhaps do signifigant damage through some kind of momentum mechanic.


Though honestly for all I know these might already be classes in the game, I just chose alchemist and ran with it

a mechanic-type, gnome-inspired class would be neat... sharing a little of their steampunk techno-gizmotronical knowledge with the Basin.  Not sure about specific game mechanics, though.  And Lusternia's already pretty class/skill-heavy.

Maybe a class that uses swimming mounts.

A class with Crystalism, Chivalry, and Sylvan Elementalism.

Retardation + vibes. Doubleslash + falcon. Heartseed, skins, and ents. OP

Something that -really- engages the Undeath side, Vampires do in their way sure, but a Lich is the epitome of Undead strength, they're stronger, smarter, and can cast various magicks.

Skillsets: Scourge, Phylactery, Necromancy(Even though I don't want it to be the same as Aet necromancy currently)


Scourge - Skillset that covers controlling various entities and deathly spells/curses.

Phylactery - Skillset that entails much of the defensive skills of the class, including a starburst/esque skill where the lich places a piece of their soul in a phylactery of their choosing. Death is no consequence to the lich!


Necromancy(Or some variation) - The main spell/attack skillset, involving necrosis and disrupting the life force around them.

A pirate class.

i want to see something new

I know it is probably slightly out of role with the typical medieval setting or in character environment, but what is to say a magical user can't summon forth lets say a fancy futuristic other worldly pair of nike shoes for example? Taking that into consideration, ever since I saw flintlock rifles in Imperian I've wanted to see this a techno mage class in Achaea. I'm not sure what you would call it exactly. I was thinking it would play out using a close range magic pistol along with using shapeshifting reflexes to shift ones body drawing power from an individual opponent like elemental tekura similar in appearance to the occultic/noctu like imagery. Example of such a device I think this one is from anime called final fantasy unlimited. The concept of a techo mage or sometimes called a time mage is referenced in many MMO, but is only ever so vibrant in a traditional setting.

instead of techno, whatabout maybe steampunk?

Combat Gardener

make dragonborn a class?

Would like to have aspects of Achaea's shaman mixed with Aetolia's. The new Aetolian shaman has some fantastic, and really cool skills.

Bards are supposed to be like pirates I thought.. swashbuckling. At least they remind me of those in Mysia, just none of them have the speech right. Seafaring can be pretty fun too, and anyone can get into it if you've the credits. I'd like the gypsy class, I mean I love Serpent as is, its really fun but gypsy seem like it'd have so much RP potential. And then I'd miss evade..

Probably occultist or jester, except they already exist. They'd both be terribly different in style, though. As for something new, I think it'd be cool if there was a rogue-ish class that wasn't based on snake people. I can't think of any details, though, except some crazy mix between subterfuge and swordplay, and maybe magic - but something item-based like tarot or vodun, rather than just blasting people with fire.

On second thought, spiders. A vaguely serpent-like class but thematically based on spiders instead. Venom would be shared, but it'd have an Assassination skill. Assassination would be a much more violent, spidery version of Subterfuge, designed with mobility and control in mind (almost like Shindo), with equal emphasis on stealth and detection, though less utility-ish than Subterfuge would be.

The third skill would either be something to do with traps or maybe some form of psionic power (because psionic spiders would be pretty cool, and it'd tie in with pre-existing abilities that'd fit the class like mindnet). 

Kind of a spy/engineer mix

I wish the Aetolian shaman was neutral. Would be neat to multi-class it.

Druid in DND stole my heart away, and Sylvan stole it in Achaea. Would've made them, had I the chance. Though I think I've said somewhere before that a class focused more, perhaps even soley on archery would be pretty interesting. 

Unfortunately, that would mean they'd have to find a way to make archery viable against Denizens which could invite whole heaps of trouble

come on, outrider, release yourself already!

Would be nice to have some more classes/tertiary skill sets with -less- specificity to a particular city.  Having so-called "rogues" (cityless people) be able to fully use all of their skills, instead of being mechanically tied to one of the cities/communes.

But rogues in Lusternia are " highly discouraged" it apparently would upset the balance of conflict or something. Also people take advantage of lawlessness and stuff. I kinda wish there was some rogue blackmarket that sold stuff. Maybe like someone got hold of some of the mutts from Magnagora before they were slain, or maybe some other random animal from the wilderness was trapped and sold on this blackmarket. Or.. Oh, Gnafia  blackmarket tracking hounds that have a chance of turning on its handler.  All for crazy high prices and based upon non-citizenship cause rich people would buy those out in a heartbeat.

I would create a Shield and Sword Spec in Lusternia or even giant Hammers

Both of these need to happen.  I wants a sword and board knighthood spec, and I <3 2h blunt objects to crush people with.

Midkemia needs some sort of truely evil class.. aparently demonology isn't enough


A sneaky class that was not based on afflictions for the most part, like the ones in Imperian I think

I agree

Lots of great ideas in this thread.  If I could create a class, I would spend a very long time thinking about it - it'd be hard to choose. warlock, or witch, or wizard.

A really overpowered one like all the lifer classes.

I think it would be cool to have benders in a MUD land, like the Avatar series. They would be a lot of fun to play around with!

Just fix skills on some old ones. It'd be better to see changes to Chivalry and the like to make other weapons viable, instead of RAPIERS FOREVER

You heard me.

that iron realms didn't think of.

Surprisingly, I am rather clueless, as you can always fall back to one of the main 4 archetypes in my opinion.

Something like a witch. Make concoctions, change people into newts, and stuff.

Since it seems to be forestal/Eleusis only, having some other potion-esque skillset would be interesting.

A tinker might be cool. Have the skills to build various things that can benefit the character in different situations. Then just like regular tinkers they also have a chance of backfireing.


You'll never get any free ideas from me!  But I'll get free boundies from you! >:]

A life-magic type class similar to the Chloromancer from Rift would be cool.

Or a Shadowknight-esque type like the one in Everquest, although I guess infernal kind of fills that role

No real classes needed

A psi class!

Not sure, but it would definitely have Tarot.


revamp alchemist

A ranged-only based class, archer-like!

A class that is awesome?

a truke knight class on achaea where you use shields and 2hers. also gunpowder type weapons would be awesome.

Sun wiccans in Lusternia. Bring Ackleberry back!

eff forging, give us bladefire

Multiclassing coming soon I think

I am always surprised this class doesn't make itself anywhere... in any game.  Has always been my driving force to one day create my own game...but I digress...


Class: Dragoon


-Summon: Some type of ability to summon aid from various dragon like entities, could be healing related, combat related, smaller breath attacks, etc.

-Powermaster: Should use Tridents or Two Handed swords.  This would be a set of skill sets related to those weapons, and yes, there would need to be a Jump attack.

-Coves: A similar skill to Groves (rhyming is unintenional...) but for this class.  I think it would be restricted to rocky terrains.  Certain summons would be usuable only at the cove.


Weapons: Trident and Two-Handed weapons

Armor: Heavy, full plate armor, no shield



This can easily be pushed in consider the new events with the loss of Ashaxei.  A new class can be born from the ashes that embraces the spirit of the dragon.  I think it would work in very nicely.

there is a hint about "psycometry skill" in the third part of Seleucar history. "Dreamseer Thoris, advisor of the emperor". Dream clerics could "return" into existance! Psycometry + Dreamworld + something more that is new. This new class could turn the focus of events to Meropis and maybe the first adventurer city in the distant continent created! I so hope this, or similar, really happens after the current Bal'met saga. 

A monk,

We already have Elvandar Swordmasters - give us moredhel Dark Path Swordmasters that have to maintain imitation Valheru runeblades that fall short of the artifacts they're trying to mimic, and require being infused with Dark Path energy or something in order to attack with. This (and affiliated Dark Path abilities) would replace the Great Tree/forest magic of our Elfdar cousins!

I don't know if Achaea could use more classes, I guess something Engineer-like could be cool like something that uses machines and such to use electriciy firethrowers and such but that would be more like for some other game dunno if it fits Achaea

Gunslinger, of course.

The ultimate utility class with no combat ability whatsoever!


I'd like a real playable villager, noble, or trader class.

I liked the trader class in Dragonrealms. Go Shapeshifter!

Would love to see a real merchant class.

counting down to when they allow multiclassing


Tekura, Devotion, and Kaido.


A Utility class isn't a bad idea. It would be a good option for people who hate combat. I think the guns and bombs need to stay away. They are too modern.

Mhaldorian Priest.

Something well thought out and balanced.





have tons of ideas...might submit one soon...

id make subzero from mk9 a playable class

this is awesome!!

It really was an amazing experience! So epic.


gunslinger? Cause I'd really like a pistol


Some kind of 'evil' class that debilitates the players themselves. A class where most players simply give up and go home. Yes, I realize it would only be played by snooty eletists, but that's why I'd want to play it.



I like the idea of a wardancer

Make it so!

A weaponmaster that can switch during combat and gains benefits going from one weapon to another between attacks.

Put in the ability to let people switch out certain skills for others. Like giving up Forging, when you become a Full Member, for something else that could be interesting, like Telepathy. :D


Since they get no use in Achaea at all.

There could be a requisite race for the class that could only play that class, and it might only be able to communicate with tells, but have the ability to do mass-tells in addition to normal ones. These could be preceded by messages unique to the race. And they could be the only characters capable of doing psionic tell-emotes.


Also, crazy psionic abilities for combat/utility as well.

mango wielder


an actual healing class

a classy class!

another op one, there isnt enough of those

I would like to shoot at dragons with a gun.

I would like a defense oriented class. It would have poor attacks, but a great range of defensive and healing abilities.

I'm not sure how would one level up a character like that though. Getting experience for healing others is probably hard to implement. I guess that only way would be through quests and joining a party hunt.

Level up by Lusternian influencing!

I wonder if a vampire type class could fit, I played one in another mud was pretty fun

I came up with a few classes, but seems like it would be better to save them for an article.





A rogue/thief class with stealth, thievery tools, traps, dual daggers, sprint...

interesting thought

a pacifist/healer-merchant type. No offensive abilities, and few defensive. Mostly skills to health other wounded people, and a few merchantable skills. They'd be like corpsmen or nurses or something. Iunno. credit please!

Maybe an archer class focused on ranged abilities as well as abilities to allow them to kite and trap

Something with a focus on mimicking the appearance of other things/players, and skin rather than blood/internal organs being the focus of their attention

Provides an opportunity for actual spying, as well as some fun cosmetic/RP opportunities, as well as some possible skills to see beyond the illusions (naming just one possibility, lifevision.)


Maybe a class that uses divination type magic like astrology, crystallamancy/seer stones, and tarot would be the third skill. 

Pirates, first and foremost, would be freaking awesome.  I like the PoM's existence in Achaea, but having a class dedicated to taking all your stuff out on the high seas would be epic.


Although, I really did like what Aetolia did with the Magi before I went dormant there for (ships in Achaea, sorry.) so maybe something like that, instead.