IRE Asks: What client do you connect to your favorite MMO with?

A screenshot of a MUD client.
When people think of MUDs, they usually picture (no pun intended) a plain IRC-style chat client, like the Telnet days of past. However, one of the best things about MUDs is their versatility when it comes to client selection! Most MMORPGs have a game client, which acts as a sort of peer network similar to torrents as it downloads the game software and any patches or DLC. MUD clients come with much more flavour, but there're many out there to choose from!


Players who use third party clients often get into programming systems for their characters, writing scripts to perform actions like cure themselves during PvP or summon all of their defenses upon logging in. Many scripts written and submitted by players are in fact available here on the Iron Realms website!


So tell us, which client do you use to connect to your favourite MUD? Are you a scripter, or in the process of learning how to code? Comment below!





Mush! I might switch to Mudlet eventually, but too lazy / don't see overwhelming need. (yet)


I am in the same position



eventually i'll go mudlet too

me too.

as will I.

I might. Sometime.

Don't hesitate too long or you'll kick yourself for waiting so long.

Maybe you'll kick yourself for switching.

either way, someone's getting kicked!


Get the kicking out of the way now.


+1 ditto



Because I am too lazy to change.

Had to switch to Mudlet cuz I'm on a Mac, though. Ugh.


Mac is awesome, but it limits a few clients for sure.



Because of the speed and freedom!

Mac is dead. Man.

I briefly had to use a Mac and get Mudlet, luckily not for long


I can't use a mac for the life of me, but Mudlet is pretty cool once you get used to it.

someday i'll get used to it

and that day comes!

same here


Just do it! Time calls for action!

because i don't understand mudlet 

The learning curve is hard, but it's faster than zmud. I have a nice autlogging script for zmud, though, whereas mudlet's normal logging is terrrible and html logging eats your hard drive.

oh, i didn't know that...

Made the conversion when Omnipave came out. Was worth it.

Mudlet is King! Use TinTin++ too though!

Love mudlet now!


but I can't figure out how to create variables for it.

All variables are in Lua in Mudlet. Basically, just tell mudlet that something IS, and it WILL be. For instance - with nothing before or any setup - I put this in a script:

target = "Althalus"


Now, the target variable is the string "Althalus". I can now send("kill "


Achaea has an amazing clan for mudlet newbies, with a number of help files to help you get started, and plenty of people willing to answer questions.


I wish the other IRE games had their own Mudlet clans.  It's such a help when you need it, although it can get -very- technical at times.

yes, you should try the forums as well.. Lot's of people willing to help around!




Mudlet FTW!

Yeaahh mudlet ftw

I'll join this gravy train soon enough.

All aboard the Mudlet train


chuggachugga chuggachugga chuggachugga chuggachugga



This +1


Mudlet indeed.  Very versatile and, once you learn the quirks, really easy to set up reflexes/alias/buttons/etc.







I have played with several. I use mudlet now. I think it is best overall but zmud was better in some ways.

I loved Zmud. It offered an easy to learn scripting language for those of us of mediocre talent and no real experience. Now I'm on Mush, though.

Stalwart CMUD user, I paid money for it.

Then I tried Mudlet. Mudlet > CMUD. If you try it you'll think so too.


yep, once you go mudlet, you never go back



Just because you paid for it doesn't mean it's better.

I'm a Mudlet user, mainly due to the availability of a good free Mudlet system for MkO.



I like to try them all and at this point it just depends on which computer I'm using or what I'm using it for. Usually help people with small things so just makes it easier to be well rounded. Besides if I just use one I forget how to use the others

Mudlet is the best out there

Is this true?  I had always assumed it was about the same as mush.

I liked mush, but mudlet is better organized, fast, stable and more support


I've considered switching to Mudlet...but just cannot stand Lua coding language :<

I know I am lame

Yeah I still use Nexus too. Something about it is pleasant to look at. That and I'm obsessed with that map with its list of objects/denizens in the room...

You can make mudlet look like nexus with the Fancy Gui or even better.  Look at Kaelyn's or Iocun's gui   :)   

I started out with Nexus on another account. Good times!

...between Nexus and Mudlet. Used Nexus for a long time, then just switched to Mudlet a couple months ago. Still learning some things, but I'm getting better at it! Mostly still mess with Nexus to help a few friends when they need it, and to teach the few people who want to try Achaea, since it's more newbie friendly, IMO, and doesn't require downloads, which turns a lot of people off to some things, and my friends are included in that list.

I switch back and forth, I have a few different computers and really, downloading mudlet and everything on all of them is a pain. especially on those that can't handle it too well.

I'm still deciding on a name, but it's true. I like nexus.

it's not lame, I use Nexus, easy to script

Other clients can do the same and more. Also are faster, which is important for combat. Besides that, Nexus is perfectly functional. Especially with the new changes, I think.


I used to only be able to use nexus and in the past once upon a time and another character I used to use Zmud which was awesome! But I lost it somehow and finally I have now Migrated over to Mudlet... Mudlet certainly is the shizz nizz! Hard to get into but so worth it!

And elegantly said.  Aw, hell, we all know I'm here for the credit today.  :(

The only thing keeping me from switching is changing all my triggers and aliases over, and buying a new system...

Yeah, what my title said!


Mudlet rules.

I really like mudlet

LOVE mudlet


I used to always use Zmud, but now it's Mudlet exclusively. The coding language was harder to grasp than Zmud in my opinion, but after that initial bump, it's much easier and more intuitive.

This initial bump you speak it found in the Andes or the Himalayas?

I used Zmud years ago but I now find Mudlet much easier to code in, not that I'm especially good.

I'm in fact, especially bad at it.


Dont ask me anything about coding...

Yes, it isn't quite as friendly. I dislike how fractured parts are. Exporting systems is a pain.


But Mudlet grew on me (:

Used to play with Tintin++, was coding my system, but a free system on Mudlet was good, so I tried Mudlet, and kept it. (But Tintin++ >> Mudlet)

I did try switching to mudlet to take advantage of the plethora of free systems out there, but I just like the minimalist feel of Tintin++ so much better. (Unfortunately it means that I have to write my own system, which I suck at.)

It's much harder to write a system for Tintin++, because the syntax is a bit weird. Scripting Tintin in lua would be awesome !

I use TinTin++ for several of my alts now, but use Mudlet for my main until I have my TinTin++ systems where I want them. TinTin++ is definitely blazing fast though.

I used this before vipmud and it was pret ty good.

I should try TinTin++ then

...but I would like to spend a word about Savitar for Mac. It is very elegant and neat!

Transition is still not easy, but I like it a lot. Anyway, Mudlet has a lot of free scripts on line and a very friendly community. In Savitar I am a lone wolf.

 I don't have time to learn another


Assuming you use Lua coding, you can use Lua as well in Mudlet. THough it is a touch different.

i was a cmud only... but mudlet is so much better. but a lot harder to use

I used to love Zmud, but then it ceased to work correctly in Windows 7 and I can't be bothered to try to fix it. I now use Mush because mudlet, while impressive, confuses me greatly.

mudlet all the way


Zugg products are so unreliable, and there are several reasons I don't like Mudlet. I stick with MUSHclient, and it does everything I need.

Thank you for confirming this! I cannot figure out Mudlet for ANYTHING in the world. Great features, horrible documentation. Horrible interface.


Go MUSHClient! Or Pueblo. If only IRE supported Pueblo, we could finally have our graphics!


Edit: As if we wanted our graphics...

Okay so Mudlet for my laptop, since I can't install Windows on it and KMuddy is just a little too clunky.. But for the record, I'm only putting up with it. I'm still not sold on it.

If your problem is clunkyness, tintin++ is the least clunky client I've found. Most people think it isn't clunky enough though.

MUSH all the way!

Probly no-one has heard of this.  It's a client made with blind mudders in mind and developed by a blind person. It's sortos a zmud/tintin combination with some adaptations with blind users in mind. Pretty nice. It's the best one that works for me that I've tried so far.

I absolutely love the fact that blind people -can- play MUDS. I recently met one who I was trying to show around a MUSH and I was like, "Do the MAP command and look at this nice pretty ASCII graphical map," and she replies, "All I get is '/'...or forward-slash." I was so confused until we got to the subject of ansi colors, and she says, "Oh I know what colors are, but I'm using a screenreader." Totally impressed.

Just need someone smarter than me to script in an autocurer for me so I can atleast survive in pvp.  way to spammy. I die before I realise I'm being attacked.


And I am just starting to get things figured out well enough to script some basic stuff that breaks easily and makes me cry

I like MUSH, MUSH is good.


I liked Mush when I tried it for a little while. They had a lot of add ons and extras that made it good

They made it so user friendly it is hard to pass up.

I maintain a system for Mudlet. It was the first client I tried and I found it very agreeable, and haven't had any desire to try any others!

Yup, free.  Love it.

I used Mushclient but I don't have a system for it


All the way.


If I could learn Lua, I'd switch..

It's free and just as powerful Tinyfugue all the way!


Its good, but does have some serious bugs (like editing long pages in my journal - I have to got to nexus to edit those pages.)

Tried mudlet. I like it, but until it has decent mapper support I can't see myself changing.

free is good

I've used Portal in the past, but that client is pretty bad. It looks nice, but the scripting runs too slow. After that I managed to get a hold of ZMud and used it for a while, but wasn't too satisfied with it. Then MUSHclient, and now Mudlet.


I'd recommend all new users to Mudlet and nothing else. MUSHclient is something I'd recommend to nobody since the interface is terrible, but it is still a good client.


But Zmud/Cmud have such great languages...I cannot stand that weirdness that is Lua :< Main reason I haven't switched to Mudlet

But I've been considering switching to Mudlet.

I used Nexus (and the one before it) for 7 years.I loved the layout and the fact that I could use it from any computer and not lose my triggers and such, and I knew enough of the basic scripting. Only recently have I switched to Mudlet, and only because Nexus had started randomly deleting entire groups of triggers, and Mudlet was free. So far it's working great.

Using the Java client (the original one, not nexus Java) then moved onto XpertMud. Even though I've always used Linux since mudding, I gave Mushclient a try under WINE sometime in late 2006 and used that setup until Mudlet was announced. Mudlet was hard to get into, coming from MUSHclient, but not nearly as difficult as XpertMud! After working out the kinks and figuring out 'the Mudlet way' for certain gaming aspects, I can't see using another client at all! Best of all, its a native Linux build and no having to use WINE.



Mudlet! Can't script, though. Wish I knew how.

I couldn't either untill I jumped in. There are lots of helpful resources out there.


used to use flash, now mudlet

Flash for a very short time then nexus for about 6 months before I finally made the change over to mudlet. Loving it now.

Nexus, but it sucks

Zmud + Pandora.

MUSHclient or Mudlet, depending on the game/system I want to use.

I started with Flash back when it didn't allow any sort of script, which was my reason to migrate to Nexus and finally over to zmud. Nexus still offers the most comfortable composer, that's something every other client I saw so far really lacked, so everytime I have to compose something that needs the proper formatting (lists and such, happens quite often in news posts or hhelp scrolls), I do the editing in Nexus. Once I'm done with whatever I needed to write, I switch back to zmud because all my important reflexes are there.

I recently switched to mudlet and am so glad I did. Nexus just got intolerable





These are less "articles" and more "paragraph-long fairly obvious questions" lately.


I use MUSHclient.

I would be highly unlikely to use anything but Mudlet. It's free, and it's pretty potent. Yeehaw!


Having problems with it, deleting reflexes, freezing... but still the best option for someone who plays on multiple computers. I do like the options (map, inventory, channels) Nexus has as well. I wished they would update the Nexus help page so I can learn what is new. I have tried mush, zmud, mudlet, but they don't appeal to me for several reasons. Thinking of giving mudlet another try....

I use Mudlet plus a pre-fab system. Used to use Nexus, still use it for a couple scripts that I don't have on Mudlet. I'm old-school though: when I started playing I used Telnet. No ASCII colors, you couldn't see what you were typing, and you couldn't go back and delete anything or scroll up through the bygone text.

Mudlet. I write what scripts I can, but I'm not a programmer that scripts circles around people. About the most complicated thing I scripted was something that got the owner of a subdivision plot, what city they're in, and checked it against your city's enemies before displaying a table. Most of my scripts are just for making RP easier... >.>

i wish cmud was what it was. development has practically stopped

Started on flash, moved to nexus, then upgraded to cmud.. Sometimes I debate switching but dint know if I have it in me just yet to have to relearn how to do even the basics.

Zmud, MM2k, MM2k6 and now using C-mud.

Tried mudlet but couldn't get triggers to work for me and I has good engrish and like spellcheck XD

<3 Mudlet

Easy interface.

But mudlet is faster!

I wish I understood mudlet :P

Mudlet! Once you get used to LUA it's cool.

Or, you know, read this. Mudlet wins.

(Though I do have a registered copy of ZMud on my laptop and used to use Mush for Lusternia.)

I am going to be different and say that I use Tinyfugue.  Because I do, and I think that makes me a masochist.

real masochists use emacs for mudding

Why oh why would you do that to yourself?

Not sure I could play without it.


Started with Nexus, tried CMUD, tried Mush, settled on Mudlet and don't plan on going back.

Zmud, works on windows 7 for me *shrugs*

Mudlet, because. m&m.

basically anything but the flash client


Me too.


I started with Nexus because it was easy to understand and I was too lazy to change, but switched to Mudlet within the last year. Still can't figure out at all how to code in it >.>

I started off with Nexus, then shifted to zMud. Then as zMud steadily became outdated, I found myself needing to find another client which I could reliably ask for help on. 

- I use Mudlet now.

Currently though, I still fumble with the Lua script language, since I've been really familiar with zScript and only switched because of system upgrade/support. At times, I still go back to zMud since some of my better scripts for utility are on there and I have no idea how to translate it into Lua for Mudlet.

I use mushclient since it's what I'm most accustomed with. It's extremely flexible and there isn't one thing I've wanted that it doesn't provide.

It's horribly outdated, but still works brilliantly for me: Rapscallion for Mac, and I will use it until my ancient ibookG4 putters out, I love it that much. It's the only reason I keep that thing around really <.<; I wish someone out there with the programming chops could port it to the newer OSs. It was ahead of its time, and very intuitive to use. When I can't use that I use Atlantis, which has native support for IRE games. Since the documentation for it can be hard to find here's a good manual if you want to try it out! The developer is really nice, and she'll answer your questions fairly quickly. Last I checked a build for Lion was in the works.

I manage to do something with it, but I am using Savitar now. Mudlet rocks, but Savitar is a little more elegant.

It was when I first switched over to a Mac, and was looking for a client.  The support on the Atlantis forums was always prompt and cheery, but I had problems with it dying when a lot of lines came at once (i.e. IRE combat).  Now, this was a good 3 or 4 years ago, so I expect it is patched up now.  Good to see that it's still in use!

Yep, I still use mushclient.

The first non-default client I used was gmud. I think I started using it when I used to play a diku mud. Or maybe I graduated up to it after I started playing Achaea. I remember Rarch, or someone in the Sentaari with an R-name, advising me on how to set up a Tekura combo alias.







cause I'm lazy.


Come least upgrade to Cmud

I like the C++, makes it easy to work with.... if you know C++.

nexus, trying to learn Mudlet

Mudlet works for me quite well.

Muuudlet! It works better for me than the other clients -- and a bonus. I can actually attempt to code and it works. :D

Muuudlet! It works better for me than the other clients -- and a bonus. I can actually attempt to code and it works. :D

Don't have time or energy to learn a new code and write new settings, so I just use zmud. I'm old. :(

Mudlet, because it's wicked pissaaah!

Mudlet, as it supports Lua and has a relatively low learning curve while remaining incredibly fast, it is currently (my opinion) the best client out there.

Many of you seem to favour mudlet but, I've heard from a lot of sighted people that it's documentation really sucks where scripting is conserned.

The old manual was pretty horrendous, but the new wiki(which I help organize when I can) is far more organized and with a lot more info available.


Reason so many people use mudlet, my guess would be, is because it's the only client that SVO runs on. And, I'm pretty sure that that client was designed by Vadi. Just saying. Personally, the interface is ok. I can't code in it...whereas zmud I at least have some idea of what to do.

Mudlet, because that's what I got a system for. And I like LUA.

I used to use MUSH though, with a free system.

Mudlet however remains my go-to client.

mudlet really is better then other clients if you can find a version with an autowalker

I wish that this was an article that could actually be discussed, rather then answered with one word


Go Mudlet or go home.

learning lua is kinda hard though

Are you kidding ? Lua is one of the simplest languages !

And, it's definitely easier than tintin++ or tinyfugue script languages...

By the way, anyone using TF ? I tried, but I couldn't make decent scripts so I abandoned.


Can also join mudlet clan for help.



heh, I almost miss the map on the flash never moved o.0

Mudlet over any other. HEELLOOO! It has an awesome map, quicktravel, quick multifunctions, and everything is so easy to find!

Or bust



I use Mudlet to connect to Achaea. :)

This thread made me finally go and try out mudlet. It's going to take me a while to switch over but it's already grown on my hugely. Was on Mush before.

I switched from Zmud to Mudlet about a year ago. I love it. My favourite thing about Mudlet is how it tells you where your code is wrong.

that is a marvelous feature, yes.

back when I played aetolia exclusively used zmud do to it being relatively easy to script in.  but now I am in midkemia and I find mudlet to be much better and easier to use(not to mention free)


I use Mudlet, but I would LOVE to know what system is used in that picture up top!

I looks like a customized mudlet to me. Personally, I think having the mapcap and the chatcap on opposite sides is a waste of space.

That image is from the original mudlet manual. Can be found by going to the lua api section, then createLabel function. It's example 2. =)

mudlet is best

Mudlet, always.


Cmud, can't code worth anything and after years of using zmud the switch was very simple. I do all the coding I can from the command line and the others won't let me do that. Add in I'm to lazy to try to learn a new client. *snicker*


blowtorch when on phone

Mudlet for Achaea

I usualy use mudlet when I am able to get on a computer, otherwise i use andromud for android phones.


Mudlet on my laptop, ZMUD on my desktop. 

I've used zMUD for years and have recently tried mudlet because of all the love it's received.  I still primarily use zMUD but I'll eventually get off my lazy rear end and learn to use mudlet.

Still mush!



ZMUD for me. I did look at mush, with the intention of learning to work it, after someone gave me their combat system but MKO went and threw out new terts and stuff before I had time so that got put to the back of the to-do list.


Mudlet. You don't realize how much you rely on all your scripts and triggers and such until you go out of town and are forced to use Nexus on someone elses computer! :D

You haven't seen a pretty system till you see my dual monitor setup with cmud



I use MUSHclient, it lets me make plugins out of small systems I've perfected which are then isolated from the rest the world file so I don't inadvertantly mess them up. Not to mention it does everything I need done. XD

Mudlet all the way!


nuff said

I use Mudlet for anything requiring more than the most basic scripts. For more socially-oriented MU*s I use tinyfugue in a long-running remote screen session so I can have 24/7 logging available since my desktop is not always on.

TF all the way with a nice patch for gmcp support implemented.

I use Mush for bashing as I like the curing system I have for it better and I use Mudlet for PvP.

Mudlet! For sure!



I just moved on over to Mudlet and life couldn't be better...


Trying to switch to Mudlet. Failing so far.

D: Flash can only hold a very small amount of aliases + triggers. Get some help from the Mudlet clan for the switch!


Because I can run it in a terminal and it is blindingly fast. I've patched it extensively though: GMCP support, etc.  


I've also been using Mudlet a little, but the Mac builds are buggy as crap right now (font kerning issues, a couple of nasty hangs, and an annoying 15-20 second pause whenever I bring up the scripts window)

how good it is to know I'm not the only lunatic... the one difference being, rather than hacking away at TF, risking instability in an otherwise well maintained codebase... I just hacked together an MKO quasi-friendly variant of IMTS, GMCP, Lua, few other tweaks... 'course, I've been using Putty last couple times I've been online... dang drive dying in my netbook :(

what is this GMCP patch for TF I keep reading about?  Is there a link to it somewhere?  What extra info does it give you in IRE games?

I used to be a Nexus guy that did decent.. then I moved to mudlet for combat. So definitely a mudlet guy now :)








Always on the latest test version of Mudlet for Mac and Windows. An on my phone I use BlowTorch - but that's only to chat.

I used nexus for years, and did alright. Then I decided I wanted to get into combat and realized I needed a real client! I went with mudlet because there was already a gui that made it look like nexus, which was the biggest annoyance to me. I've been slowly teaching myself how to script for mudlet, and I think I've gotten pretty good! I've made a few scripts that other people use, which makes me very happy.



Mudlet...oh, and Blowtorch via cell phone

Nexus cos I use different computers and the one at work won't let me put mudlet on.


As a simple soul, I like simple things.  remembering two things would be too hard


Can't flash only hold 100 total aliases / triggers? o.O


Does anyone else use the Blowtorch Android app?


I find that mudlet just works so much better than everything else...the nexus client is sooo clunky, and I kept forgetting to save/import aliases I made.

mudlet, used to be zmud.

I would like to know who had the screen from the photo up there, like to see how to do one of those things



Still using Savitar on a Mac.

It's the only client I ever tried out, aside from Nexus. Coding seems a pain though..been trying to learn it for months without much progress! :P Maybe I really am not meant for coding.

I'd like to use SVO too, but the mapper is so poor compared to the vadi mapper that I haven't switched from vadi yet. I'm hoping the mapper catches up so I can switch

Currently I'm running Zmud, but I'm in the process of switching over to mudlet

I use Mudlet- it works pretty good. The only thing I really miss from MUSH is its ability to more easily highlight and copy/paste.

I enjoy being able to copy as html, so I can use!

I use mudlet :D

But I'm fairly biased, since I've been working with Vadi and Heiko for a while now on it. I just wish I had more time lately, work's been consuming all of my time. I haven't even been able to log in to Lusternia in months.