IRE Asks: What client do you connect to your favorite MMO with?

A screenshot of a MUD client.
When people think of MUDs, they usually picture (no pun intended) a plain IRC-style chat client, like the Telnet days of past. However, one of the best things about MUDs is their versatility when it comes to client selection! Most MMORPGs have a game client, which acts as a sort of peer network similar to torrents as it downloads the game software and any patches or DLC. MUD clients come with much more flavour, but there're many out there to choose from!


Players who use third party clients often get into programming systems for their characters, writing scripts to perform actions like cure themselves during PvP or summon all of their defenses upon logging in. Many scripts written and submitted by players are in fact available here on the Iron Realms website!


So tell us, which client do you use to connect to your favourite MUD? Are you a scripter, or in the process of learning how to code? Comment below!




use Mudlet


Yeah mudlet

mudlet by far!

Mudlet right now, but I've used MUSH (python rocks) and zmud and cmud in the past. 

Mudlet right now, but I've used MUSH (python rocks) and zmud and cmud in the past. 

Mudlet, though I used to use MUSH, and before that, Nexus, which still brings back memories of my newbie days. >.>

zmud mostly.

Mush + Xon's mapper = love

I am checking MUDmaster for iPhone and iPad, and Chromud for Chrome.

The latter is very fast, and has some basic functions. You might want to try them out!

Imma mudlet man

Just wish there were more complete options for Ipad

M u d l e t



Why woul I use anything else?

is Cmud. Easy script, easy to use

Started with it, and not going to stop. You can do EVERYTHING you can think of.

I like the way it doesn't do anything for you out of a fresh install, but it very easy to customize, and there's actually no limits to this. It gets addicting to script after a bit. PLUS the support is great, the developer is a real presence in the community and it's linux native.

Said by one who still connect to achaea with a regular telnet client when not on my computer, so it's not about features, but about neatness.

Java then Zmud and now finally Mudlet.


Mudlet just runs so smoothly compared to everything else, and it makes coding really easy. Part of me still wishes it had find/replace, though.

Mudlet is boss

Mudlet here too! Gotta loves me some SVO!

Mudlet! I was on Atlantis for a while, but it doesn't run fast enough for combat. I miss the Cocoa interface, though. Mudlet's Qt is far clunkier.

I liked Cmud while I was on it too. That was ok


Nexus, but I've been looking at Mudlet for a bit. Thing is my coding skills = nonexistant, so there's a lot of reading I have to do first.

Mudlet mudlet

Mudlet here! It's great that I can have my profile in my dropbox, and have the exact same stuff on every single computer I use. :)


Achaea has an amazing clan (clhelp mudlet) for learning mudlet or asking any sorts of questions. Great scrolls, great people to help, etcetera.

the exact same thing with Dropbox lol. I always save my profile after any major changes to my combat system into my dropbox so I can make changes pretty much anywhere lol

It has to be Mudlet, I have tried the others but Mudlet has always been a cut above in my opinion.



Finally! Among the sea of Mudlets, a MUSHclient. MUSH ftw.

i use mush too!





I just know the language better....haaaaate Lua with a passion :<

Definitely mudlet

And trying/learning to code.


lots of mudlet users

I think I'm on Mudlet too.

You don't know that client! :P

Seems everyone is one MUDlet though...


I started off with the flash client, and when I got to antitheft someone suggested getting a client, I picked MUSHClient (Don't know why) and loved it.

This was the first and only client I have scripted on, and I find it easy and effortless. However, I did have a problem starting off, due to availability of information.

Seems everyone is one MUDlet though...


I started off with the flash client, and when I got to antitheft someone suggested getting a client, I picked MUSHClient (Don't know why) and loved it.

This was the first and only client I have scripted on, and I find it easy and effortless. However, I did have a problem starting off, due to availability of information.

Learning Mudlet. Liking it so far.

Used since early beta. Will never change.

cause I sorta kinda understand it just a little bit.

Still zmud!

IRE should make clients for iPads. That would help increasing the playerbase.

I started on the website client, way back in the day.  Spent years on Zmud, then switched to Mudlet.  It took a while to get used to, but I can honestly say that it is much better than Zmud in every way.

It's MUSH for me.


Looks like Mudlet is winning hands down.

tinyfugue, plus mudbot for the mapping (too lazy to code that in TF)

My choices are gnome-mud, nexus and mudlet. So, mudlet wins.


PocketMUD for iPhone, but their triggers are so painful! Looking to change for mudmaster (IPhone) once they fixes bugs.

I use Mudlet, though I did really like CMUD when I was using it.

Currently Gnome mud, but prefer Mudlet.

What's Gnome mud?

but the map has been down for the past two days. The map is possibly the best thing about Flash.

indeed, the map from flash is quite good, but anavailable lately, as in the webpage aslo for some areas

Started playing with Nexus and, after many years, MUSHclient. I never really bothered with scripting, as I wasn't very big on combat at the time (though I did purchase a Nexus system from Vadi). I made the jump to Mudlet shortly after I created Mel and actually took an interest in coding. I'm still a novice, though.

I started out about nine or ten years ago on the OLD Java client, Pre-Nexus. Then evolved into Nexus. For YEARS I was all about Nexus, struggling through scripting theory. It took Sir Aerek to get me to even understand the basics of #if.


Now I'm on Mudlet, mostly because it's quicker than Nexus and more reliable. Nexus kept eating itself for me and I wasn't putting up with that. I still have trouble with mudlet scripting but there's enough out there to help me along when I need to script, and most of the basic theory is simple enough.



and I'm liking it just fine, but I admit I miss things about MUSHclient.

started with Mudlet and going to keep it that way.

Still lot to learn in customization though..




Yeah mudlet


It's one of the few common systems I can manage to use on a Linux.
I personally enjoy it.


Using mudlet now, seems to work alright.



Cmud is just an easy interface and most of it is pretty intuitive. Plus one of the main features I've grown used to on my combat systems is just far easier to manage with it.

It's weird but meh.

Since It is the only thing that works for Ubuntu it seems.

For the simple fact it's free, yet a hell of a lot more powerful than nexus and has a larger support base than MUSH! 


It is also purty.

but I am considering Mudlet more seriously.

I used to use mushclient though

Anything else is uncivilized



Mudlet is so much better than any other client I've used. I've even finally got round to making a prettier interface. 13 windows so far.

Its best

I just checked the IRE new client. I like it so far. Did anybody give it a try? It would be annoying to recode all my stuff, but I am tempted (my reflexes are pretty primitve).

I use nexus but am hoping to switch to mudlet someday, but I still need to try this new client too.

My favorite client is CMUD for its simplicity, but I'm starting to like Mudlet for its versatility.

I connect with Mudlet! I have Mac, so my options are limited, but it's also just really great! Or so I've been led to understand. :D I like it, but I'm still pretty clueless with this stuff.

I sometimes get nostalgic for Gmud.

Mudlet \o/

Got to say, the new html client doesn't seem half bad for starters / quick login when not at your own pc, but for a system and all I still prefer a solid standalone client.



I downloaded Mudlet and own Svo (Really, Vadi, you use Mudlet? I'm shocked! :: grin ::) but am still having issues with my learning curve. I'll play with Mudlet and Svo more when every moment is not quite as important.....

I like Mudlet, it's easy to use and has a mapper/path script.

Took me a long while to shake my grip from Flash, just because I was originally won over to Achaea for the cool GUI with its health bars etc. I actually remember getting Vadi's first system for sentinels and having to spend at least 5 hours copying and pasting the system in line by line. At that stage, all you could do was cross your fingers and hope it didn't implode when unpausing for the first time!

Mudlet at home Nexus at work and elsewhere.


Recently switched over to mudlet.

finally made the move to mudlet!

mudlet ofc

anyone know MM2K?

Never heard of it.

If the playerbase wasn't so noob I'd use tinyfugue, but I'm always having to help someone script something.


So customizable.

Mudlet has some great features, but the code is such a hack job. Writing my own (again), so we'll see if I ever make anything worth using.

yep, mudlet. Used mush for a while, until I couldn't take it any more


Mudlet knowing how to code, but don't got that much time as I work allot with programming and graphic designs




I like to use the old java client

I feel like this should have been a poll.

Finally made the move to mudlet



Mudlet. Everything I did was in Lua anyway and Mudlet organizes/streamlines everything far better than MUSHClient. Didn't hurt that svo was coming out on Mudlet and mudlet mapper is so easy to script with.

Mudlet is so slick and making a gui was simple.

Sweet, gooey gui.

Credit post.

Been using it for like 9 years and I'm too old and set in my ways to change!

Mudlet is very good, easy to script with, and there are a number of very good packages for it.

All of the above rings true for me.

used to be zmud though


I used zmud for like three days, only cause it had a free system though. zscript is just so aweful.

Mudlet still. :]


tintin++ <3



Was Nexus, now it's Mudlet.

I started out using the provided Flash client and now I'm using MUSH. I have a problem with MUSH lagging though if I don't input a command for a few seconds.


mudlet but thinking about switching to mush



I went Mudlet the minute I realized there were downloadable clients... It was the only free one... I hated it at first


Mudlet is simply the bestest ever.


I used to use Zmud then switched to Mudlet and haven't looked back. Its a great system.


Mudlet mudlet mudlet mudlet

Mudlet mudlet mudlet mudlet

But now, Mudlet.

I use Mudlet

mudlet... used zmud for over 10 years and i do like mudlet.. is still a big buggy but better overall

I used to use MUSH

Mudlet for the win

zScript is so ugly, so clunky. Cmud was an improvement but the bar wasn't too high with zmud. MUSH was okay but I like the global variables and such on mudlet. Plus its way more organized with folders.


Credit comment.

MUDLET! But that photo at the top is pretty cool. my setup doesnt look anywhere near as cool as that..







Nexus, then Zmud, then mudlet. I am loving mudlet. The transitions from one platform to another were rough but now that I have made the transitions I am very happy with mudlet. The bestest part about mudlet is that it is free!

It used to be that I used MM2K, but unless you know what you're doing, I find it can be very confusing. I used a lot of my time just trying to figure out how to execute basic coding commands, and things got a little convoluted.


So, I was told to pick up ZMUD and someone would help me. Sadly, those people all stopped playing, and though I picked up the system, no one could help me for very long. I recenly switched to CMUD for reasons I'm not entirely sure of, part of which I think was that my computer had to be replaced and I needed another copy, so I went to CMUD.

I tried Mudlet for a while, but it seemed to simply decide it wasn't going to open for me anymore, and no one can figure out why. Apparently it dislikes me, and is damned difficult to work with.

I still don't konw what I'm doing, and can't code properly to save my life. Bless the folks who've been trying to help me in bits and patches, but most of my system is tiny parts of everyone who's helped me try to develop, and I still end up doing a large chunk of my commands manually. One day, I'm sure, I'll figure it out, but for now, at least I have a way to store my defences and some basic macros.



I'll stick with mudlet for now

My client coding is still going well. I may make something of it yet.


Getting used to it now and I'm finding it really good!

I use Marylet!

I used mush years ago, but for the last four years I've used Mudlet, never looked back. However only this year have I actually started learning to do more than Aliases.

I used to use MUSHclient but switched to Mudlet and have been using it ever since.

Started out using Nexus but switched to Mudlet.

mudlet ftw

still mudlet

I started on nexus, moved to zmud, now I use mudlet.

def mudlet

mudlet for me.



It's flexible and decently easy to use once you learn what the syntax and so forth are like.

It's what I started on.

There are other clients?


mudlet, but heaven help me if i have to script anything.

mudlet, hands down

I'm forcing myself to learn. It's fun.

yay and now I have two screens I am an official nerdddde

Mudlet - it seems to be the most popular for Achaea at least.

mudlet is the jesus client


mudlet, of course

I like making little mudlet pies. They are so cute.

still mudlet, surprising eh?

Mudlet is the go-to client for Achaea right now.

Mudlet is too fast to pass up, and scripting in it is awesome.

Mudlet is too fast to pass up, and scripting in it is awesome.




cMud has been my choice for a while now. I have tried Mudlet but got spooked away due to the amatuerish feel and look. It seems a lot of people like it however and some of the best scripts for this game available are on it. So it must not be all bad. Will have to give it a try again when I have time to sit and learn a new client.



Now Mudlet. If only I knew how to do anything with it.

Mudlet + mudbot

mudlet was only option for the curing program i wanted so i had to choose mudlet



Been using it for almost 10 years now and I just can't bring myself to change.

mudlet, and hopefully, vadi's m&m soon!

Mudlet. Now, if only I knew how to code systems...

Command telnet! For Hardcore gaming!



Loving Mudlet, but been having stability issues with it.



I use mudlet. I liked being able to create my own interface.

I use nexus when I want to lose.



Always mudlet

always, always mudlet.

Dirty, dirty mudlet.



not mudlet. Just to be different.

Credit comment.

I said this before and I will say it again... Mudlet


torn between mudlet and nexus

Still using MM2K here, though slowly starting to transder my code over to CMUD


mudlet, all  the way


Me Mudlet long time.



Mudlet. I like parts, some others like not having triggers and aliases groupped together I just hate.

is the best one, at least after having used Flash, Nexus, Zmud, and MUSHClient

I've been using Mudlet since I switched from CMUD a while back, and I'm still trying to get a grip on the coding. The client itself is solid though, I don't see myself switching again.


i dont like the website client. mudlet for me thenks

Mudlet, so many cool features.


i'm using mudlet

so am i

i use mudlet

Mudlet for sure

I currently use mudlet. Occasionaly I login with telnet just to check some things...

Mudlet, of course!

Hmm, now on python/twisted *hides*

I've tried the HTML client recently, and I like it, but the logging cuts off way before I want it to.  There have been a few brief conversations that I've had whilst logged into the HTML client that I'd like to have kept logs of.

I like default browser client in Lusternia