IRE Asks: What Type of AFKer Are You?

Ninja Class

Many of us are logged into our favourite Iron Realms games for hours on end, sometimes racking up a full 24 hours of play time (or more) per week! However, can you honestly say that all of that time is spent actively playing the game, paying attention to what is happening? The truth is, it's kind of a pain to completely log off whenever you need to step away from the screen.


Going AFK in any Iron Realms game can be exceptionally dangerous, as leaving your character unattended opens yourself to theft, or worse, your friends putting you in silly woman's clothing. What's interesting is that Iron Realms' policies on AFKness have changed or varied as the years go by, as can be seen from this timeline of announce news from Achaea:




While most people have gone AFK at some point in their life for one reason or another, people have preferred methods of going AFK; some might AFK the day away standing next to city guards, while others might start writing an entry in their journal. Or maybe you have a bed, or some other private room? No matter how, comment below and tell us your favourite way to AFK!


The first page of my journal has some very nice ASCII art. i like to think of it as my afk screensaver.


oh and one time i fell asleep IRL while i was hanging out in Nirvana. woke up a few rl hours later and practically nothing had happened while i was gone.

Gogo journals!

Journal, house editing ftw. You keep the defs while running about to check a cake or whatever. But if I'm gunna be gone for more than 5 minutes....I log out

Nixxe, you're about the only person I know who would associate AFK with "checking a cake."


I actually have gone afk to check a cake?

I usually go into the news when I check on my cakes.


Cake baking is the best baking, by the way.


I love cakes!

me too 



I think everyone can agree, we all love cake

Indeed. Cake is fabulous.

They is scrumptious!

Cake or Death

Cake is a lie, also? Love your glasses.

It was a lie?!



double aww

I hate being lied to... :(

But I love you.

better get used to it.


poor ye.

there is only truth in cake!

Only frosting has facts.


Pie baking is the best!

Cake and pie and muffin and doughnuts and... and ....


Stick a muffin and slice of cake into a pie and then shove the whole thing into a doughnut.

and how!


Baking! Science for hungry people.

mmm hash cake

hash cake?


Yeah, I'm checking a pie!

This is particularly the case with Power Defs back when I was still a serf and couldn't get much power from the Megalith of Doom

power defs?

did someone say cake?

I do cooking. Not cake baking though.


meat pies then!

Lusternia has way way more cakes than Achaea.

It even has cakes that are cakeless, but Achaea had those first.

<obligatory Cake is a Lie joke>

No, no one said, "Cake."

this For The Win!!!!

can't really journal like that in lusty...well not as easily.

oh yes yes!


I use letters normally though, cheaper than a  journal.

Yeah but a letter decays, unlike a journal.

can't y'all still perm preserve letters?

Cake decays? Say it isn't so!

Cake is cheap!

when you log off while inside the journal, does it show in the game that you suddenly poof?

We know you've poofed into that journal, but no, we can't actually see you in it or when you are writing.

yeah, i knew that. but do you see people who, due to being AFK while inside a journal, leave, as like "blah blah blah, his soul safe until he returns blah blah blah"?

Don't think so.

nope! Hell you can even alt while in a Journal. Though try not to do that...




you don't really go inside the journal.

If I really have to, I usually just shipreturn and lock myself in the cabin. Out of the way, secure, and not bleeding insanity all over somebody's RP.

Ah to be a sailor.



Main Street chillin' with the guards, shield and rebounding up, or cozied up in my favorite journal

I havé to think about it, that's good ideas.

You've had time to think...decision please!

I thought you had a clown nose on your avatar!

and outside the journal, it is just force kick guard?

i thought you were rapping

I love that song.

I sometimes burrow if it's just going to be for a short time.

Me too, kind've. Earthmeld.

i don't like the thought of someone finding me and then digging me up 

Flying but its only for like letting my dogs out or going to the restroom.

teach the dogs to use the restroom.

maybe not for vampires.

Are the Teradrim still sand-druids? I remember when we had rings, and clubs. XD The good ol' days. I used to be a Novice Aide for that House. I kinda miss Bloodloch, honestly. =D

avatar's awesome, sir.

Someone chipped the bottom of it.

Wish I could burrow. Would -never- log off if I got wolverine claws.

Burrow seems to be quite good for finding a nice quiet spot so you aren't overwhelmed by all the noice when you get back.

burrow isn't that great in Lusternia.



Beds are your friend. Until the key sigil to your bedroom decays and you accidentally leave the door open.


Or if you don't actually have the money to get a bed.

that'd be me.

or ships

I should log in my alt one day, pick up a ship, and give it a go.

Change your sigils and your sheets more often!

If its not going to be for long I'll just sit on a guard stack or have some friends watch over me.

Is a terrible Idea.  I have never afked on guard stacks.

safest place to be, brother.

Any other city, you're liable to get killed in the inevitable raid.

North of Thera.  And Im lying.

Been proudly AFK'ing since 1998.

I hang out in Nirvana if I have to get up to take a p**** or whatever, but I don't ever just stay in the game if I'm not at the keyboard.

Can't do it any longer but I used to tellsoff, return to haven, phase, and then browse through youtube.

I mean..uh...doing serious IG work. Yes, that.

Haven. Can't wait to have my own.

I usually journal or follow a trusted friend :)

Journals.... sometimes

journal or log out

I just rent a room! /idlebeard

Also, catching up on light reading!

I work while I play, and vice versa, so I tend to spend the bulk of my time in a half-alert state.  If I'm going to be moving around the house, fixing dinner and whatnot, but not so engaged in any one activity that it requires full attention, then I'll idle in my house, on a ship, or someplace else I'm not easily accessible.  

what are ships?

I pretty much never walk away from my laptop while logged in to Achaea, and when I do, I journal, but I often switch tabs and occasionally forget I'm logged in for up to hours.

Same here.  Rarely do I AFK, but when I do I often get distracted and forget to head back to the game.

I very rarely go afk completely... Usually its because I'm fixing some trigger, or get distracted looking at something online. But the rare time I do step away I find some task that will keep me busy like inkmilling or stand somewhere with some guards even then it never for long

you go afk moar! hahaha!

Rarely goes afk

Normally I find somewhere that is non-prismable or sorts 

Burrowing :D

It's very nice, even though in Imperian they made phase combat possible.

I either journal or hide in a bed, I prefer that so I don't lose my defences

Pretty much the same, Journal/letter, Bed, or Ship. But only if it's a short while.  I don't really understand the people that sit in either of those for hours and overnight to save the what 100 gold in herbs.

Journaling to save gold is silly really.  If your that poor, you should probably not be using full defs.  longest I have ever journaled was like 20 minutesto check on food.  Journaling is definitately the best method to afk though.

Hiding in a book!

I usually don't go afk, but if I have to on a pinch. a ship or journal


I tend to go into a sort of pseudo-afkness, while I work on stuff and talk to people via various clans and such

People do get around TIMEOUT. It's rather simple too, you just grab the timeout line, and set up a trigger to QL, L, BLINK, or what-have-you whenever it shows up. I run to a manse, and hide if I know I'm going to be gone for a while, and usually LOTUS, or some other pose that describes meditation, as I'm an Illuminated.

hide in a private manse if I'm going to be away, and do not want to be asked rather much needed to do things as a test for a novice or even their questions in the spam of an area.

Indeed, I just go to a private manse that I'm affiliated with and linger there until I'm able to more actively play.

If I'm AFK it's usually because I'm debugging/writing new components of my system. I like to find a nice quiet place by a lake or on top of a mountain and pretend that I'm meditating or otherwise deep in thought.


Regarding the timeout, I've set mine quite short and triggered the timeout line to send a carriage return, in case my connection drops out. Then I'm not left standing around vulnerable.

Like a way to meditate even if I'm at full mana/willpower, so people can see it as a sort of visual cue that I'm not all there.

If it's a short while, I'll sit on  my ship with the commscreen raised. If I'm waiting on something that's being delivered by a dove, I'll lock myself in my bed. And if it's for an extended amount of time, I'll journal almost any where!

Is my most used journal page.

What does it say?

ship or bed.. or phased in guards if it's a quick trip.. though the clouds is often fun if no one is hunting you or has reason to kill you. 


I cast sandling

I'm getting that this is like a private room?

It burrows you underground.

I used to use the glade of isolation to AFK in haha found out later it was BAD!

Recently I got myself into huge trouble with my city... somehow instead of getting logged off I stayed logged in without realizing in my house in the subdivisions... When I got back to realize this the whole city was in arms and I had been robbed of over 120K worth of stuff. Just one of those days where everything went perfectly wrong. Anyway I use my journal to AFK in usually and if I inscribe my tarots then I use my dads bed hehe...


I wish non prism rooms cost less thanb 200 credits!

And it was scary.'s bed.  Well, thanks for that.  Heh.  8| 


afk = death

I hang with friends.



I earthmeld.



I also do this. It makes sense, in character, as well!

havens ftw!


I earthmeld or rest in my coffin

coffin  for long perionds of time bedroom for short

As far as MKO goes, I definitely attempt to be in the estate if I need to go AFK. I've had to watch my baby brother now and then, and sometimes it's at a moment's notice, and I just have to cross my fingers, and run back to the comp when possible.  If I'm in Elvandar, it's easier to handle I just zone out at the Oak, but lately I try to keep in the estate, at least if I KNOW I will need to be afk for one reason or another, for any significant length of time.

I cannot AFK, I died too many times. I have learnt the lesson well.

I sometimes think I am somewhere relatively safe like my estate or with guards when I am infact on a road somewhere and I could be just standing there for two to three hours while taking notes from AB files and what not. I'll tab out for something random and end up staying there.

I try not to afk for too long. I have a bad habbit of returning and not checking tells or messages, and then people see me walking around after I return and assume I was ignoring them >_<

I log off when I have to be away. My laptop batteries don't last very long.

Using tintin++ in a linux terminal (i.e without the GUI) I've found that I can extend a one hour battery life to about 8 hours (if not longer. I've never really desired to play much longer than eight hours straight).

<3 tintin++, but Mudlet is better to code a system.

But Mudlet GUI sucks.

I try not to go completely afk.  I might be watching tv and playing at the same time, and if i know i'm going to step away for a second i'm usually in the city in a very populated area so that people are around.

We can enter the news from anywhere in Aetolia nyah nyah!

Good to know, didn't realize that actually.

Phasing! heh heh. And in a safe place. My character's Endurance regen > Phase drain. So it works for me!

When I'm away from the computer, it is very very brief, so usually where I am with shields up.

I usually phase in Hashan when I need to go AFK. I can keep up phase for something around four IRL hours, but I generally log out when I need to be away for more than a few minutes.


Hide in a manse. If I timeout too bad, but if not, saves putting up defences again. I'd be more inclined to properly log out of defences were persistent.

Doesn't happen too often, I usually qq.

I have found a ship is safe but I dont trust anything else. Once I ripped and took my time getting back. When I got back my gold was gone, half my rift was emptied, I was walked to kasmarkin so I suffered a double death upon returning, because kasmarkin was down, and so -- lesson learned-- never ever go afk, even for a short time, unless you are in a place that others cannot come. By the way for all of you burrowers out there, a shovel can dig you up unless you are several layers deep, which only a wolverine can do. 

Burrowing is usually not so bad, though. Esp for short periods of time. Unless you're really unlucky, I suppose.

I pretty much just log out every time now

Only time I really ever go afk is if I take a slight snooze IRL. Some people are known to catch me during a nap, and poke me... alot >.>

agreed, I do the same


for loading bowls and outside cigs only.  If the 2 year old need food he's on his own.

I'll AFK if I have some type of manly task to do around the house. Like the dishes. Or cleaning. And I don't want to log out and lose all of my defs. Depending on how short notice, I might just go AFK in some "safe" place (which usually isn't safe at all) or I might bust out a journal or something.

I go afk way to much. Usually in a house or a gaurd stack or somwhere with people or traffic. With selfishness and triggers, theft isn't much of a problem

I try not to be afk. Mhaldor doesn't like it very mcuh. If I am, I'll burrow, so that no one can do anything to me.

If I must, I journal. However, if I'm going to be busy for any length of time I just log out.

I often semi-AFK quite a bit for up to a minute at a time. I rarely do more than that.  It's not worth it, especially since it takes so little time to def up, compared to redoing an hour of hunting for xp or something.  When I do, I sometimes rely on deepshroud, but usually hang out with city guards.  There aren't too many people who want me dead.

Normally, I'm just away for a few minutes, so I'll just leave my character where he is and hope for the best.  Any longer and I always return to city/guild to wait someplace out the way.


Which, given how many times I've forgotten to qq before going to bed, is a very good thing. -_-

oh it scares me so much forgetting to qq and coming back naked~!

Manse. Shielded. I know some people do Orgblix room.

if i've gotta go afk, i'll either follow a friend that i know i can trust, or i'll go sit phased on some guards.  my other character can fly or burrow, so when i'm on her, i'll do either of those, or go hide in a bed.

If it's a few minutes I hide in my manse, but more likely I'm not really afk but am playing on my phone and have lost the connection.

Real men stay logged in, get killed and lose millions of experience when they afk


I never feel safe in my house but my ship is my haven! Just me and the bait tank.. oh wait and the sailors. My journal works out there on the mainland.





used to be phased, now it's either stacks or journals

I do, regardless of what's going on in-game, alt-tab at random for up to 5+mins at a time, cook dinner, etc... but my keyboard is always nearby, even if I'm not attentive!

I should also admit, before one of many who know me call me out on it... the closes to true 'afking' I do is the exact opposite! I have a delightful habit of becoming all-too familiar with my keyboard-pillow... and it's hard to guess what I'll be doing when that happens.


As for a more serious answer, I tend towards a hidden, locked, room inside an estate when I absolutely must be incoherent for a bit, and barring that trip, deepshroud on a rooftop in a lesser-traveled corner of wherever I am...

We all know what happens when Kalidas AFKs... he tends to sell things on the Market Channel.

And this is why I added that note about my keyboard-pillow... too many people know me far too well to get away with that initial claim of mine...

This is kind of what I do. More like I have so much other work to do on my laptop that I just tab out and leave my character staring blankly at a wall. But recently got a book so I can write in that if I need to! Yay, books.

Often when I am sleeping or meditating (need to get that level 80!), I'll code or open a browser window, though.  When in doubt, log out.

I afk in the house on my ship


Wait till my Aethermanse is a ship..


Burrow to avoid trouble, burrow to sneak up on someone, and burrow to go afk. Oh yeah and leave half or all the fauna of Aalen in Conor's grove before I burrow :) I also burrow to travel around when I wanna holobomb ;)

I love Lusternia's manses because it's a nice place to afk: people can't see you normally and you can just lounge around pseudo-logged off, but you can still be there whenever something important happens.

I tend to be near the guards or in the news rooms when I AFK

I love AFK. Especially when my friends do it. Force can be so much fun!

Yeah, forcing actions is awesome. I dragged someone who was AFK for hours into the haunted mansion during Mayaween. For teaching purposes, of course.

I was there for that! On another case though, a certain somebody asked me to prank an obviously AFK person. Makeup, clothes, the lot. It probably wasn't pretty when the poor dear noticed what happened to him...

That happened to me ICly once, or similar, by the sounds of it.... I shouldn't likely admit that I wasn't at all AFK for it... should I? Amazingly fun RP for the poor guy to've missed out on...

I don't think I've seen/tried RP with a pretend AFK person, but should be fun to try!

I'm super paranoid about being afk, because it's still not allowed in Lusternia. I even bring my laptop into the bathroom sometimes. >_> When I'm not doing anything in game I tend to sit in my office in the guildhall so people know I'm around if they need anything. I'll just alt+tab between the game and my browser until something interesting happens.

hahah, +1 to bathroom mudding!

Because of studies, I afk for half the time I manage to be around. I usually idle in my temple or on a ship with plank up. Hardly anyone I know comes around to use the ship anymore, so it practically becomes a shared ship with the owner. Temples because I always like to mess around with the things inside when I come back from afk.

Seems easier to AFK in MKO since cities are quite safer ... I am often AFK when having a quick breakfast, often in my city, sometimes hidden somewhere. I've never died because of AFKing, I think

Lusternia's manses are a good place to hide. People usually won't know you're around unless they scry you, and they usually 'get' that you're AFK if they find you're in a manse. Permissions can be set, so you're not going to get jumped while sitting around there. 



Great Hunt. Only three or four hours were actually AFK. :C


That's insane Nicholo. Was it worth it? 

Oh my dear.

I just stand in Bloodloch near guards, or go into the Bouchard House as it has a magic entrance and hide =^^=


Coffin dwelling is where it's at

Off planar Aethermanse dwelling

Normally it isn't intentional I'm just standing in a safe place and forget I'm logged in.  Intentional AFK I'll either just log out or use a letter/journal/org scroll.

<<<<----Luv's to stabbity-stab AFK'ers

AFK is not something I do, I've been robbed once or twice while afk, so that made me stop that rather quickly

Afking to preserve priesty blessings received as an Ashtani before they got stricter about Ashtani having blessings was my favourite sin! (and very naughty too, oops).


Nowadays I can't be bothered (although I still struggle to get blessings even being Shallamese!) so I just qq! I don't worry so much about being robbed blind, more about friendly deaths whilst idling in the city. (Hi Shunsui, thanks for that voyria axe to the head!)

I usually only AFK when using the DIR system (I LOVE that system) or sleeping. I have never been stolen from, beaten up, or dressed in women's clothing so far. I also sometimes AFK in the halls.

If I need to afk I'll usually make sure i'm somewhere safe like on a harboured ship or in a journal

I get distracted sometimes... gets me killed.

I'm completely untouchable while there, and still privy to all of those useful tidbits of information and communication that go on.





Also, time for more useless tags!


STEVE JOBS!  Nude Celebrities.  Twilight: Breaking Dawn!  Skyrim!

errrrm? tags?

Tags are certain words like MMORPG or free-to-play that are used to increase Google exposure. It's a truly effective marketing technique if done right, I hope IRE starts to see loads of new players

For quick emergencies, burrowing or editing.

I usually try and find a place in the city that I feel safe enough to step away for a minute or two but most of the time once I log in I am right there so I don't get stolen from or whacked.


Nothing much is safe in such zones


I have AFK'd in different ways since actually starting to play years ago. Journals, standing in guard stacks, bed, ship, etc.


I will admit to a few times of idling, and falling asleep, a few times i've woken up and didn't miss anything, on the other hand I've woken up and character was dead and there had been a raid and I was asleep for it...whoops.


So from now on, if I start to get sleepy at all, I just log out.

I usually journal unless I am hunting with a friend who I ask to watch my back a moment. I tend to not log out once logged in for the day - yes that does mean on a few occasions I have experienced a 12 hour login time where my presence has been half that. haha

relax in my manse

Only way to do it.

if im only gonna be gone a minute or two ill just shield/rebound/close door in a room with a guard stack outside the door. If im gonna afk for more than that, I'll journal.

Journaling seems to be the safest in my opinion mine has a lot of dates and nonsensical entries for that reason.

I rarely afk. The only time I'd do that is if I'm taking care of my cats

is a good reason though!

Its rare I go afk, but if I do I'll either journal or logout

but never outside the city.

As long as it's in siege, indoors, with selfishness up, and while shielded and massed

If it's going to be for less than five minutes, or if I'm still at my computer and just alt+tab'ing between a bunch of different things (while writing up ghelp scrolls, designing, or just giving another mud some attention), I just stay at our nexus or in the orgbix room. For anything else, I just hop into my manse, or log out altogether. Nothing to gain from being afk.

I don't afk, Total lies.

I afk to get more time online to keep my monolith.

I don't always go AFK, but when I do, I prefer to use rooms where no violence can be done, like the aetherplex, portal of fate, Avechna's Peak, or Cave of Chaos.

I can only imagine the evil grinning of our beloved nimble fingered friends as they read this so I'm not going to say anything other than AFK is a god awful thing and anyone who does it deserves to be robbed in my opinion, including myself.


when nature calls perhaps?

definitely :)

People care about afk these days?

nonsupramortals with a "don't timeout" trigger doing a nexus afk and starving to death. Always a shame when it happens, especially if there's no one around to forcefeed them.



Never seen that happen, but I'd say if they're AFK long enough to starve to death then they deserve it.

they don't stave though, they simple start being noisy.


I tend to use journal, less because of defenses than because I have to manually re-import all my aliases and triggers every time I log out and log back in. Gotta love Flash.

Beds may be more secure...but Blu is just so cuddly.

ncie avatar.


i journal or shadow a friend if im going to be gone a couple min, if its any longer i usually qq


I'm the type who just leaves the room to get something to eat real quick, use the restroom, etc., then come back to find that someone talked to me, like, fifteen minutes before. Durr. I only ever go afk in my home city, though. I'd be afraid to go afk out in the deadly, dangerous world. I get enough theft attempts on my person when I'm alert already.


mainly when sleeping IC, only for drinks, bathroom, smoke.. snacks.


anything major I quit or hide myself in letter editor

same here


If I have to to bathroom or walk my dog outside I do it in my manse stock room but, I'm usualy back in like 10/15 minutes depending on how long it takes the  dog.


I just AFK anywhere.  I like a breeze.

I tend not to go AFK for any real reason, and usually when I do it's because I've passed out at the keyboard. I can't honestly remember how many times I've slept in the middle of nowhere or flying above Fish Street in Shallam for 15-30 minute spurts before waking up just before I idle out.

I feel like I should log out rather than AFK for 30 minutes, but then I have to redef and man what a huge effort that is (not really).

I will AFK constantly. Just about the only time I won't randomly wander away for 5-10 mins at a time is bashing, influencing, or doing a guild exam for someone. Then I limit it to 1-2 mins afk. I'll walk away even during conversations.


What I don't do is AFK for long periods of time. if I'm going to be intentionally gone for a long time, I will just qq and be done with it.

In Lusternia I just sit in my Manse quietly

I really like breezes.

Burrowing is the best - you're totally safe, but can still see deathsights, which is nice because if something exciting happens I can notice and return.

is this possible across all games?

 I used to afk it flying style on one of my flying mounts. People couldn't see me who were just walking through ( like those wonderful, persistant thieves! ) Then I got a ship, where I can limit access to me. I now primarily afk it on my ship.  I can still see deathsights and things that are important that grab my attention, and still be able to keep my dinner from burning away. Yay for afk!



I usually go afk in Lusternia in my character's family's manse. Safe there, since no one but family can enter, and I don't have to reset all my defenses because I need to take care of something for a little while. Life does happen, and sometimes thiings do come up, luckily in Lusternia all I have to do is 'teleport nexus, up, in, portal enter eli'silar, meditate.'

I like colours too.

I'd usually either go to the News Room, or to the House Hall then into my journal from there. If it's going to be more than 10 minutes it would be better just to qq!

I have an started off just walking away from the screen at 4C in enorian, and I'd be back in a minute.  But it wasn't long before I'd walk away and bake a cake, or work a shift at work, and with the addition of a Haven, now Its hard not too just be afk all day every day, 24/7.... I don't think I can stop myself..

Admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery. We're here to help you through this!!!



Usually journaling or hanging out with friends when I accidentally distract myself with facebook. Umm, oops? Did I just admit that?

I'm almost always sitting on my ship. I even fell asleep once while out in the deep ocean, luckily no pirates or monsters happened upon me as six hours later all was well and calm.

I usually just 'daydream' for a few moments whereever I happen to be, if I need less than five minutes. If I need more, I log out. Occasionally the daydreaming has consequences but usually they're fun to play with.

Daydreamers are loved by the thieves


As I don't have a haven yet I'll AFK in my coffin mostly - it's quiet and doesn't put everything on hold like the news/editor systems.

It's the safest bet if you have to go afk

Manses are the best place to do that, if you have one. I don't, so I sometimes afk a bit in the guildhall.

I ship return if my ship's docked at a mainland port, raise my plank and lock myself in my special little cabin - but if on mainland and I have to leave suddenly (phone, house on fire, dog's chewing items they shouldn't) i have an AFK alias that sips me to full and journals me. Journals ftw :)



idling is more common.

I go to the town center and go about my real life buisness, or I go to my room in my momma's manse..



manse man! Every time.


I don't often AFK, but when I do, I do so in my coffin, off plane or underground in Aetolia, Lusternia or Achaea respectively.

I AFK wherever I am. I don't normally have to worry about theft because, to be honest, no one steals from another person in Lusternia, and I'm not usually attacked if not by a city guard. I also have a timer set to check CW and GW every 10 minutes so that I avoid the timeout

Sounds good to not worry about theft. I often AFK, but in safe places.


Theft is possible in Achaea, but not really prevalent (sp?) because of all the "easy" / accessable ways to prevent it. I guess it's better than no theft at all, but I've never played an IRE game w/o it, so.

Pretty sure that it was intended, until later, that you not go AFK at all, they just didn't enforce it strictly.

this is

So is this. It's too bad I can't do afk credit commenting.



the words outta my mouth Toot!

Nirvana if I'm making dinner, a journal if I need a drink! :D

I usually just burrow for small amounts of time, journal or log off if I'll be more than 30 minutes to an hour. I'm paranoid someone will dig me up, hehe.


If I'm going to be gone for more than a couple of seconds, I usually edit a project or journal. On occasion, however, if I get a phone call, or someone around the house needs me for something while I'm hunting with someone, or in the middle of a meeting, I'll just AFK for a few seconds and hope I don't come back to a disaster. 

Like everyone else, journal for me!