IRE Asks: What Type of AFKer Are You?

Ninja Class

Many of us are logged into our favourite Iron Realms games for hours on end, sometimes racking up a full 24 hours of play time (or more) per week! However, can you honestly say that all of that time is spent actively playing the game, paying attention to what is happening? The truth is, it's kind of a pain to completely log off whenever you need to step away from the screen.


Going AFK in any Iron Realms game can be exceptionally dangerous, as leaving your character unattended opens yourself to theft, or worse, your friends putting you in silly woman's clothing. What's interesting is that Iron Realms' policies on AFKness have changed or varied as the years go by, as can be seen from this timeline of announce news from Achaea:




While most people have gone AFK at some point in their life for one reason or another, people have preferred methods of going AFK; some might AFK the day away standing next to city guards, while others might start writing an entry in their journal. Or maybe you have a bed, or some other private room? No matter how, comment below and tell us your favourite way to AFK!


I just sit with guards, with selfishness up.



Most of the time I simply make sure I have selfishness up. Usually I go to less populated areas. My timeout is at 20 minutes..but I never get timed out hehe.

Anyway, I don't like  logging out because then I have to get all my defences back heh. 

I usually dont do the whole AFK thing but if I have to step away for a couple of minutes I use a journal to daydream, if I am going to be longer than that, I log out. There have been occassions I would use my bed for the same thing, it just depends on where I am at as what I will use.

Haven, chameleoned, with one of many kajillion techniques employed to keep me off of relevant WHO lists, bits of scrying, etc.

Of course if I'm going to be AFK for a year and a half, I just log off the damn game like a responsible person and stop getting people's hopes up.

Till I found out we ar enot allowed to go AFK in the glade of isolation :0

Till I found out we ar enot allowed to go AFK in the glade of isolation :0

Or in my trusty journal


The phasing kind. 

I wonder how many of those dying to phasing were this.


some out of the way place...


I definitely go hide in my bedroom if I'm not with someone else. Otherwise, I just follow 'em and hope I don't die doing somethin stupid! Not usually gone for very long, though. Mostly bathroom breaks and the like.

I used to AFK in a particular spot in the Parthren Gare when there were only a couple dozen dragons and a long list of rules to follow. Unfortunately those times are long gone!

I either log out, or go afk right where I stand because there's an urgent reason for me leaving.

Depends on the time I have to be afk, sleeping in a safe place helps with endurance if Im going to afk for not more than 1/2 minutes or if Im tabbed out shortly. Journal for a bit longer. Quit as well if im going to be away more than 5 minutes.


If you're going to be gone any longer than a minute or so quitting seems to be the best way to do it otherwise you are just going to get warned that it is going to boot you anyway.

I'll usually just log off. It's a pain to put up defenses but I never know just how long I'll be afk

Sandling in my grove.

In the end i just walk away if it wont be more then a minute of daydreaming, Otherwise i Quit out.

Use to be phase. Now it's qq.

I generally just AFK wherever I happen to be standing. I don't usually worry too much about it. generally speaking I'm either at my nexus or standing in some hunting area or another that I recently cleared. my system keeps me alert if someone attacks or anything and I spare the screen a glance every couple of minutes, so there's not a whole lot of opportunity for something to go wrong. xD

I generally just AFK wherever I happen to be standing. I don't usually worry too much about it. generally speaking I'm either at my nexus or standing in some hunting area or another that I recently cleared. my system keeps me alert if someone attacks or anything and I spare the screen a glance every couple of minutes, so there's not a whole lot of opportunity for something to go wrong. xD

I used to think I was the only one possibly exploiting a bug... But I hear a lot of people do it? I usually go AFK for up to 15 minutes in my journal, any longer and I'll quit. I just really don't like going away for 10 seconds, and coming back and having to defense up again. Especially as my defense list is quite long...

Ignore this, Accidentally posted twice, so I've deleted the contents of this one.

It is interesting to see all previous policies

It's a good evolution I'd say.

If I'm seriously stepping away, I journal. If I'm like making food and talking to someone ICly and not doing something where I might die (raiding, hunting) I'll probably just sit on guards. If I'm not actively doing something ICly I'll probably phase sit on guards...


I like guards.

Unless, of course, you're suddenly overcome by a strong desire to kick the guard. :)

hehe, guard stacks!

I'm the afk kind of afker.

I would be shrubbed so often if there was a no afk rule still.

Always try to avoid it.....too much aggrivation specially from Achea with obcessive thieves....I really despise even when i carry less then 20 gold there aggressive even when you're active to try take everything you have.  One person was so annoying in ashtan one time i was attacked by him when i kept running around, then got banned from the area BECAUSE I was defending myself ~.~  I just was depressed ashtan took the understandings of a liar because I was being robbed from someone over my own word.  However we move on.  Thems the breaks...there's little you can do when you live life of a rogue in a grove with no home or clan to really back you're side.  Just serve me right not to waste my time trying to protect myself inside of a city.


Insane concept right? :P

Stationary box means never ending supply of letters, I prefer lettering to logging out because blessings can sometimes be a pain in the ass to get, and I get a sick satisfaction out of prolonging how long I've had a single set of blessings for. 

I'd be around so much just to trans Wildarrane!

I tend to alt tab while running scripts for things like ylem finding.

Does that even exist!?

I asked someone if they were afk, they never answered. Obviously they weren't since if they were, why wouldn't they just say 'yes'?


Running out of ideas for forum topics?

Nope. I am out of time to write them.

i try to do my other things when I'm not logged into the game.  More efficient al around that-a-way.


I honestly tend to log more times then not... but journal is a smart move, I'll have to keep that in mind!

I'm a 'read the news' AFK-er if that counts as AFK than anything!

Whenever I'm on Achaea, I'm either trying out a new idea while waiting for stuff to happen, I set up reflexes to beep and highlight so I know where to look. If it's not pressing, I go back to my ideas. If I'm AFK, I log out, and if I don't do stuff in the 10 minutes auto-logout (it happens a lot) I log out.


I sit at Centre Crossing in Cyrene if I'm going AFK for long periods of time. Sometimes I go AFK while following a friend.

I mudsex while afk

Does that mean your character just lies there passively?

Just like a woman.

poor women.



Afk shielded, phased, in guards. Pretty damn safe.

Nael lies, we afk mudsex together. And no, Dys, automatic mudsex via the wonders of Cmud!

Most of the time when I go afk I try to keep it running to the bathroom while I'm out hunting I do sandling. When I know I'll be 10-20 minutes if not more I'll hide on my ship... I have a VERY short boarding list and captain list and most of the captains know I don't care if they take it out while i'm aboard...then there are the I am bored smoke breaks which typically happens with ship return.


AFK methods used:




House/ Bed (when I had access to a bed)

Following a Friend

Sitting in a crowd.

Grove Seal/ sandling


and probally many more but I try not too often, if I have to be gone longer than 30 minutes I log out.

good thing i don't smoke

what if someone uses more matches?


Ship. Safest place for me to hide, really.

Earthmelding works for me or haven

Earthmelding works for me or haven


i usually ship return or burrow/journal, but only if it's brief. I just log out if i'm going to be away long.

The very brief and paranoid type of AFKer.

I'm watching you!

I've also recently started using journal if I need to go AFK during raids.

sometimes I AFK at random times when I need to do stuff in real life, so either I sit on a guard stack, or go to Nirvana. That way, at least I'm still "around" if my Housemates need me!

I just go hide, normally.

At the guard clot, in phase, under shield, with automassing triggers running and the logger going JUST IN CASE.


I'm only a little paranoid.  I promise.

I enjoy finding secret rooms that not all people know their existance and head back to one of them when I have to daydream.

In the street, sometimes sleeping. DGAF

In the Serenguard lodge, I'll sleep or meditate to regain endurance or willpower, while I AFK for a bit. I try not to do it in the world at large unless absolutely neccessary (which it can sometimes be!) 

I just qq

When I'm afk I'm usually smoking. So I used to set Subu to smoke, with a series of timmers. Been a while since I've done that.

Htm I just go Afk in the city where I am to be safest

I mudsex afk

have my wolf rat for me


Manses are the best!

For the skillflex/power defs.


I go AFK all the time. All the time. I get distracted by school work and other things and forget I'm even playing. Then I come back and realize I was in the middle of bashing. Just went afk in the middle of an open area.

I usually go to a ship if I go AFK. I don't really understand why anyone would want a bed when they could have a ship. If my ship is unavailable I use my journal but it just doesn't feel as safe for some reason.


Normally I just afk anywhere any time, while raiding, mid sentence, talking to someone, anytime yeah anywhere.

I AFK standing by a couple of Dragons. No one is going to mess with Dragons. Or I journal. Generally in the middle of an area I've been bashing in so when I come back, I get NPC jumped.

Today I found out that passing out from hunger stops qq from finishing.

afking in bad places has resulted in some bad things for me. That's why journaling is the best.

I tend to afk to do writing...but with a big screen, I can sorta just keep it open and keep track of things while I do.

A non-AFKer.

Same here. Its not worth the risk!

I'm one of the permanently logged in ones.

Now that househalls are noprism, I go there.

A very limited AFKer that checks constantly even when AFK.

Haven't been jumped in ages, I think I'm good.


It took me a long time to get used to not AFKing in Iron Realms games. Thank god for the journal option now, especially with a two-month old daughter. The only way I can really play is in chunks of 5 or 10 minutes at a time before getting up most days.

Yep, I have an elder I have to take care of. You hear a thud 15 times a day and you're not going to bother to log back in if you keep logging out everytime you have to check something.


IRE can have whatever rules it wants, but if they think I'm going to stand around redeffing x times an hour then I'll just go play some game where being afk isn't an issue. For those who do not understand, Lusternia is particularlly bad in that I can have 40+ deffs on a character some of which use power.

but if I do, I use a journal or a letter!

I believe in practicing safe AFKing. *sagenod*

Still haven't died horribly from it.

but death is pretty nothing. I mean if you died everytime then sure. But I'm not going to go afk because I might died every once in a while.

Never having enough stuiff to worry about being robbed helps!

I just don't do it


At least, I don't idle on Prime for hours so that my traps will still fire.

Traps got nerfed now, so they only fire when you're in the local area. We've hardly heard from certain AFK'ers since!

Traps got nerfed now, so they only fire when you're in the local area. We've hardly heard from certain AFK'ers since!

Sandling, FTW.  Unless I'm with someone, then I'll probably just daydream for a few minutes.

Lusternina manses greatly enhance my love for the game. It's great having a place where you can  relax and not worry about getting jumped and leisurely read/code/design/plot/step away from the keyboard. And since you don't show up on any WHO list on the planes people are playing on, you tend to not get bothered and treated as if off-line.

Manses <3 You do show as online through the website though, which means people can find out if you are there or not. Settings tells to off can get the message through if need be.

Try not to go afk. Maybe 10 seconds to get a drink or something.

I now journal to afk if I have to


i'm a "Run to the bathroom" AFKer. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

the NSTAT kind of AFker, lately. been hard to get a decent amount of playing time.

Today I am using you again so I can have a smoke. Sorry. I will never share any of my deepest feelings with you.





If I only have to go AFK for a little bit, I'll just hang out somewhere safe enough. If I have to go away for longer than 5 or so minutes, though, I'll usually just log off. :s Maybe I should hide in my journal, though! 

I try to play off being unresponsive as 'lost in my thoughts' but its rare I'll ever be completely AFK unless I make a mad dash to the kitchen to grab a snack. Most of the time I have multiple windows up, is all so I'm doing a bunch of stuff. If I intend to be gone like 5 mins (i time out pretty quick), I'll go into my journal.

I'm afk as I write this, without guards, without defs and sitting in the middle of a random forest room.... 


Quick come find me!

...just stand around.

My journal!


stand around yo



letter when I'm feeling adventurous.

I make a generous effort not to go AFK at all in Midkemia. If I really must, I'll find myself a spot where I won't be disturbed. I log in to interact with the player base, do quests etc. If I'm logged in I try to keep an eye on the screen. One of the great things about MKO is that deffing up doesn't require a pocket full of herbs.

Simple, safe


Journal ftw

The journaling kind

Yup thought this said morons.


Liked it better with morons.

Yup thought this said morons.


Liked it better with morons.

I should just set "You will timeout in" to trigger journal now with how much I AFK.


I'm betting you wouldn't be the first.

Wherever my character currently is. Nobody steals anymore, nobody ever attacks.

Sometimes phased, to avoid receiving tells.

I make sure I don't keep anything of value on Hawke or if I do it resets so  that way I can afk anywhere I like.

I try my hardest, unless nature calls or the kids/animals/hubby have need of something that just can't wait, not to be AFK at all. When I was in Achaea I would sandling or be on my ship. In Aetolia I go to my coffin. It makes me crazy the sheer amount of AFK people that just hang out in Aetolia, especially the various leaders. They come in and then sit in the same place or their Havens for hours and hours... what's the point of being here if you don't actually -do- anything?!

Why play when you can sit around and do nothing!

Crying babies mean its pot luck when I go and where I am - hopefully never too dangerous


Ha, definitely. Can't leave the poor things to cry whilst playing a game.

journal, burrow if I want to keep vibes and won't be gone too long.

only out of mistake

A lot of times when I am "AFK" I'm working on stuff like writing up ideas or reports or logging stuff or mind mapping. Other times I am really AFK mostly these days because I'm helping take care of my very ill stepdad. Usually he sleeps  so I play a bit but I need to jump to when he needs me to check his blood pressure or bring him his meds or make something to eat. When that happens I usually head up to the manse and sit at my desk working on papers or lounging on the couch. For me logging out and back in for short simple tasks is weird for in game purposes and a real waste when using power defs. I know some persist but I think surge still doesn't.


the paranoid kind

I tend to go AFK while I'm chilling in my commune. Usually when I've been called away from the computer suddenly, or when I need to work on stuff that is game related.

getting a manse has made going afk much more tempting... but I'm usually just in a different window with the game off to the side.

yeah manses are great!

In Hashan, great afk/daydream place. I multitask a lot in achaea

I still like guards.

And having access to a house now.

But mostly I still like guards.

There was a couple of occasions where I thought I had logged out when in fact I had clean forgotten to do so and ended up sitting idle for quite some time.

Never afk!

I'll generally AFK in a safe-ish area (cities by guards, bashing areas in spots where denizens don't repop), but if I'm gonna be gone for longer than 15 minutes or so I'll just log off.

Me too!

oops! i'm still on!

I prefer to be in secret rooms when afk. always in the look for more unknown places

I'm just working on another app, websurfing, reading emails etc.  Sometimes I'll forget and not check Achaea for 10+ minutes.  

The human type


I don't AFK much, but when it becomes neccessary, I usually do it when my health is low. I tend to sleep in the Lyceum or Minia. I soon won't be able to do the latter, but I'll just find really uneventful places to sleep. And when I sleep, I run as fast as I can to do what I need to do.





who sometimes forgets he's logged in for 30 minutes.

I'm switching to serpent so i can steal all your lewts

But I try not to often.

Sit in safe place on guardstack. Alt tab. Watch video. Tab back. Anything interesting? Yes -> Go be interesting! No -> Return to Youtubes.

I usually just log off for the ten minutes or so it takes me to do something like have a smoke. I hate doing it because it wastes herbs and stuff to redef, but... yeah. I never thought about using a journal...

I am not too afraid of AFKing, but when I do need to AFK properly I make use of a journal...

I go somewhere private, phase, put up a shield, and put up my cloak/ghost.  I dunno why I do this instead of popping into my journal, but I just do.

Just so I cant afk for more than 10 minutes.


Mostly I use places like the Junction, as long as I'm going to be AFK for a half hour or less. All those guards and the campground that chills there makes it hard (Though not impossible) for me to be killed. If I am, then so be it, AFK in Dis is about the safest you can be. If I'm going to be any longer than a half an hour, though, I just log out. It's easier than trying to cach up.

Sadly, other than convoluted world events generally undertaken only by the strongest characters the game has to offer (generally those who excel in combat and their various alts), nothing really happens in game anyways. People ask questions, but they can be answered when you return. Other than that, there's never really a whole lot going on.

So going AFK for half an hour (Take the dogs out, make dinner, answer the door or the phone, even just to navigate away from the game cause you're bored out of your skull waiting for someone or something) can often result in coming back to find that there's not really a whole lot to scroll back TO.


I try not to AFK at all. Constant daydreamers make me crazy.

I afk alot. sorry :(

get back the old policy NO AFK Allowed or the 10 min rule. So annoying having people go AFK in journal to avoid losing their deffs, sure you can go into there for 10 mins if you gotta run fast, but not always to avoid losing deffs.

Why would you even care? How does that possibly ruin your enjoyment of the game?


Ther type of AFKer that goes POOF

Haven't really been around long enough to be an active 'AFKer' but if I know I'm gonna be gone for a decent time I'll generally log out.

I've actually tuned down on my afk'ing. Being bored on a textmud doesn't help, if I can be bored anywhere else as well.

who reads articles like this whilst still logged in.

Afk while updating house scrolls and projects

The best kind!


Projects are better and don't require journals to be in my inventory!

I am the type who wants free credits

the sexy kind!


ooh credit!

who logs in to daydream anyway?

I don't! nope not at all :)

a smart one

are you sure?

really I just AFK by going to somthing else and forgetting to go back

Lusternia needs to update their policy.


People do have things to do. Hardly anyone is going to log off to take a phone call, use the bathroom, or answer the door. Yet this is Lusternia's policy:


15.10 AFK

Lusternia has a simple, easy-to-understand policy on being AFK: It's not
allowed. AFK, which stands for Away From Keyboard also includes, to us, a
player who may be at his or her keyboard, but who isn't doing anything, or
a player who is at his keyboard, but just has an auto-response (also called
a trigger) entering commands for himself regularly.

Depending on how we view the situation, you may receive none, one, or multiple
warnings before being punished for being afk. Punishments might include
zapping, removal of lessons, and, in extreme cases, deletion.

In some cases, if you lose or cut your connection to Lusternia, your character
might stay on-line. Due to the vagaries of the internet, there is no way for
Lusternia to always know that your internet connection is no longer up and
going. This is, however, not a valid excuse, as the existence of the TIMEOUT
command can prevent this from _ever_ happening to you.


I don't really AFK, but when I do, it is one of two things. "teleport nexus" and then walk off, or "burrow below" then walk off.

The relative safety of an estate or temple!!

AFK is for noobs

oh poop I forgot the game on! AFKer?

haven or coffin

I hop into my journal if I need to go AFK.

even if IRE has no policy, Mhaldor does

Now that theft is gone, I usually just stand around


I had a habit of falling asleep regularly and forgetting I was logged in.


I try to be around - when IRL gets in the way, I just log out. IRL always, always come first - the only people who don't understand that don't have very much of a life to go back to. :(




Burrow in some place a few places down so only other burrows can yank me.


If you're going AFK for a long period of time and you're someone people need on a regular basis, it's good policy to AFK somewhere hidden like a manse.


I AFK to to look at porn.

Why not? :D

I AFK in a bed


I keep my pipes lit, so it's like I'm always there! I'll usually hide in the news room if I'm not actually at my computer.

The type who wants free credits

I afk off plane in my manse so I can upkeep when I need to

I'm the kind that reads the IRE boards while afk.



could very well be a taco party.

still got room destruction xp

Manses are the best

I don't have a journal, though I am thinking of getting one. I usually sit myself in my city in a busy safe place where I appoint somone to watch me.

I just log out personally

Badger badger badger

I read.

busy place





Not that there is much threat with thieves these days, but a journal entry is good.



I journal when I afk. Most of the time.


Journal ftw












I always journal if I'm going to be afk for more than a couple of minutes. I would probably use a bed pretty often if I could afford such a thing.

and lots of people... so yeah places like Crossroads in Hashan, Fish Street in Shallam, Stygian Crossroads in Mhaldor, Centre Crossing in Cyrene... don't really hang out in Eleusis, and well to be honest don't feel like AFK-ing in Ashtan


is a good way to rip.

I'm the forgetful afker!



use to stay logged in while afk to get free lessons.




I need a beer, so...

Journal is sometimes, otherwise I usually logout or stand inside the city.


one that likes credits


The kind that hides out in a manse.





Not very often, and usually with the Mush window at least somewhat visible.


Never enough people on Midkemia for it to be a worry

that forgets to logout





I'm the kind of guy who AFK's whenever something happens to distract me, which can be bad, since it can actually grab me in the middle of a conversation..but then again, if lag gets terrible, I can't help but get distracted because I'm waiting at that point.

I'm the kind of AFKer who goes afk to comment on newsposts for a credit.


To write a lot of letters which take me quite a bit of time to compose. Stems from my early days when I did not want to have to def up again, using up all those herbs and elixirs. I think I was doing 13 entire defenses then.

Imagine in Lusternia where people can have 40+ defenses.


I usually just cast sandling and hide in the ground.

a not-AFKer, thankyouverymuch



I'm the kind of afker that afks to get past this 20 days snazz.


Good change to no AFK rules.



the pretty kind!

nuf said

Are you sure?


I find this comment is below par.


oh heck I forgot I was still connected! type.

I like it the way it is now.

If I'm going to be away for longer than it takes my character to sleep I usually just log off.

guard stack kind



credit comment

Credit comment.

Flying in a friendly city.  

usually purposely go afk. Usually it's the hubby or friggin kids distracting me then I turn back to realize the thing I was hunting wasn't actually dead, but now I am :,( .

either go or stay

saves time and resources on redeffing