IRE Asks: What unique artefact would you own?

Dwarf Priest

A set of fully customized artefacts is a dream for many players, but what if you could possess your own unique artefact that no one else could use? Such rare items can be found around artefact auction time, but what if you had the chance to create one from scratch?


It’s natural to want an advantage over the competition, and why not be creative about it? A hot air balloon from which to lob concussion bombs at your enemies while flying overhead? Or maybe you merchants would like your own personal garden from which to harvest? An artefact that grants skills from another class, or perhaps the ability to instantly traverse to a location accessible only to you?


Go on, comment below and tell us your wildest desire for unimaginable power!



Lamp of Mookie:


Every time you rub it, a female 18 year old novice is created, ready and willing to "learn."

Seconding lamp of mookie



My own aethership!

Is something I wouldn't mind having.

Mulligan. Redeemable for one do-over. Resets.

Senses ripped soul and transports you immediately into a safe location.

Pendant of Psychometry. Sense the history of any item. Where it came from, who held it last, past owners...

The Lucretian Index. The book of books.

A ring that allows a Shaman to Curse right through cursewards. 


Mandala of Circadian Might. Alter the time of day in your room, area, continent, or plane.

Some kind of lobster-gun, or something. Aim it at someone to turn points of their physiology into a crustacean carapace. Hitting their legs would weaken them obviously but if you hit their arms by mistake, those claws could be trouble.

Giant fireworks. Like, giant.

A portrait of profound perfection, to take damage in my place.

I think that making my own artefact would be great


I am working on custom spectacles for Vayne,

Something that lets me phase while in the room with other people, and dash while phased, and open doors.

A crystal-powered magnetic wand. Polarity reversable. Comes with spring-propelled chain attachment.

A fear sponge. Absorbs fear. Can be squeezed out into small, otherwise harmless critters to make them giant and monstrous before sending them on rampages through cityscapes.

The Bow of Ill-Timed Badassery


Only hits people when the timing is right - when you need to show off, or earn cool points. When you're roleplaying about how great a shot you are, it will bullseye a womp rat and everyone will be appropriately jealous.


But when you're actually fighting for your life, it will miss. Consistently.

Eye of the Timestorm.

Activate it to pause time, for everyone else in the game. The server stops sending out prompts, other people's input stops being registered. Everyone and everything is frozen but you. You can walk around and interact with things, but as the molecules of rivers are halted, you'll be walking over any large bodies of water, some doors may not open, and generating inertia may result in minor fracturing of space.

I'm not sure how this would be useful to me.

Something that lets you hear the whole of the say/tell/orgtell any time a person says your name, anywhere in the game.

That'd be interesting.

contacts that let me see serpents

Something cooler than any special artefact that Agrias currently has.

Artefact armour.

A shard of the Mirror King's crown. Lets you create "reflections" of yourself that appear just as you do in QL/glance/squint. Location abilities have a 50/50 chance to show the location of you, or the reflection. Fool your friends, destroy your enemies.

Something cool and customizable! A pretty pet?

Achaea has those though they're way expensive.

Something that would allow me to return to a spot where i've temporarily dropped said artifact. Much like a raido rune or hermit  tarot, but work from anywhere (as long as in the same plane or even between planes if of etheric nature and open a vortex of sorts).

I want this, too.

something overpowered

A fishing pole that improves your chances of reeling in the bigger fish. Would be espically useful for deepseafishing.

gloves that allow vodun dolls to not lose their fashions after an hour. Maybe double or triple the time if not remove it completely.

A "portable vibes" artefact would be pretty cool. Vibes just follow me around, don't have to focus.

I'd like an artifact that allows you to give individual blessings in the name of your chosen deity. They would, of course, have to allow you into their congregation for it to work.

A golden mustache that allows you to do mustache things.

Something similar to grove isolation, just with a set of maybe five or so exits leading to whatever place you had set them to. You could change the exits once overy few hours or a day. Would be very useful when I'm lazy or in a hurry. Even exits to towns in the wilderness would be nice.

Eye of All-seeing. The ability to look anywhere on any plane at any time without requiring a physical presence.

That would be neat. Could scope out hunting grounds before making the trip.

Is there an artie blowdart for Predators in Imperian?

An artefact that allows you to travel between different realms.

allows user to pull 1 unique item out of bag, temporarily stuns target, and makes either free hits or insta-escape possible

Artifact that lets you drag your demense around while automatically stripping protection thus making you a mobile deathfortress.

I suppose it is possible to customize a staff? Can sylvanic staffs be customised or artied?

I want to keep all defenses through logout and death, unless I decide to drop them. Make it a protective aura or cloak.

That would be wonderful.

I like the all-seing eye idea... But there seriously needs to be an artie that allows travel between planes...

I want an Artie that grants Dragons a second specialized skill based on their colour. (Something more than just their breath)

A mount that digs underground.

Ring of IMMORTALITY! and it has to display like that. When you stroke the ring you can't be killed for 10 mins with an hour cool down.

eh, i like all the custom artifacts I already see! though if I had to create one it'd be somethin that negates all endurance costs :P if ya ever play MKO you'll undestand one day

Make my rapiers non decyaing and resetting.

Probably something that generated Kai on it's own.

And now that I've changed class, something that makes Hypnosis snaps a bit more reliable.  Not the sealing, but, the time activation of the various suggestions.  If that were stable, it'd be awesome.

So when they try to pickpocket you, they get the message "Sadly, your attempt is a dismal failure."

credit comment

To be exact, an anklet that gives me back tripblock.

1 idea, though I'd come up with something better if I could just choose one, would be: an artefact that stops the decay of all items in your possession.

Credit comment.

That doubles my synthesizing output

Some sort of cool magic scabbard to go with the cool magic sword, with some simple, mostly-for-show enchantment. Maybe increased striking speed for those rare times that I want to strike without slashing first, or a permanent fist sigil effect, or the ability to be summoned, or preventing anyone else but me from drawing the sword contained within.

Old school gaming had artifacts that were REAL artifacts. They had a down side of some sort. Some of them were possessed by intelligence and could even speak to you. Some required time to rest after used and some of them had side effects like stink or ugly or some such. Personally I like an artifact with character not just something that only gives you an ability or a skill.


For example: What if there were a crown that when worn one could channel their emotions into it and then project that emotion upon someone else. Its basically a good artifact and so love is easier to channel than hate. Groups of people around you could even be effected but not as much as one person would be effected. The artifact would actually amplify whatever emotion you channeled into it in order for greater projection but Beware!!! (here is the afforementioned downside) If you use it too much or too often you run the risk of being carried away by your own emotions. You also feel the emotions that you channel at an amplified level. Perhaps once you realise that you have lost control you feel fear , which is then amplified upon yourself and now you are fearful of everyone all the time and you cannot stop being fearful all of the time untill you remove the artifact and spend some time shivering in a corner and jumping at every sound.

Now lets give this artifact a cool name like"The crown of the heart" or some such and turn it loose upon the world. This artifact cannot be owned and it is not resetable. It simply is found in some dungeon somewhere, circulated throughout the world for a time, and then probably reclaimed by whatever God created it. 


Now that is a REAL artifact.


My favorite part of AD&D are the magic items. Oh, sure, D&D 3e had basically the same concept at face value, but it systemized it, removed the magic, and even gave a rules-y way to make new magic items. In AD&D, even though there were basic and common magic items like greatsword +3s or whatnot, they still feel more magical somehow - like, exceptions to the rules, rather than rules themselves.

And artifacts were (even in 3e, to be fair) just more magical magic items. An axe might have one or two effects, but an artifact received entire paragraphs, explaining its functions, history, etc. A magic axe might let you hit better, and might return if you throw it, but an artifact axe could do that and more.

Achaea's artefacts (and presumably other IRE games as well, but I think I heard of combining effects into a single artefact, so maybe not) usually only have a single effect. Although they share the unbreakable nature that AD&D artefacts typically had (the way to destroy them was almost never described, and almost involved an entire adventure if not campaign, ala LotR), they don't share the power otherwise.

Therefore, I don't consider Achaea artefacts to be the same as D&D-style artifacts. I consider them magic items, and they're often the same general power level that D&D-style magic items are. A cloak that lets you go invisible, a ring that grants regeneration, or a sword that just hits harder and faster than any other. When you think of it like that, it makes a bit more sense that the more legendary (read: well established) adventurers have a dozen or so artefacts on hand.

'Course, lesser magical trinkets exist too, like shoes of waterwalking or rings of resistance. I kind of wish they could be made permanent, or that there were artefact versions or something. I think I heard of someone putting enchantments on artefacts though, so maybe they can be? 

something that allows me to use a damn magi instant kill...or a fully moveable Babel action figure that sings dirty deeds


doesn't even need to be an arti. Would allow a friend to ride on you in dragonform instead of being hoisted

Too lazy to be creative about this.

I know the feeling

Did this get registered? We'll see.

There are some good ideas here.

An artifact liver. So that I can start RPing a dwarf stereotype.

I'd get my own personal Thousandth door!

glasses that would beep or change colour when in an area with rooms I havent explored yet. It would also give vague directions towards it and beep louder when closer. Also it would make secret exits visible as normal ones, yes I'd love that artefact!

I would love something similar to this as well.

remote DSLs please

this is a much more interesteresting question then most, Ill have to think about it

Some sort of Astral Form clone - it's such a cool spell.

That breaks shields

artie dwarf beard that never ever needs maintaining. perfectly buff, clean, and smelling of sweet sweet ale.

I'd like something that allows you to double the rate of growth of plant rooms, even just the one's in your house.

an unhindered movement belt.  Allows swimming/scaling/climbing and other movement without balance loss.

A projective weapon.

with Returning, to make it not-useless.


Cloak of Lightwind so I can actually infiltrate a city without dying 5 times.

An artie chalk to make a raido for the owner would be cool!

None right now, but if I could I'd get something to tell me when ice larva are back/

I want the pick of destiny!


none :(

probably somthing making my enchantments more effective

I want an artifact of random artifact switching. Once per hour it just switches to some other artifact.

pauldrons of shrugging and veil of phasing.






A fire that never goes out. Undying Flame and whatnot.

A pied piper flute that summons and/or freezes rats thatworked only twice a day and use 100% of your mana. (Ratting would be so much easier)