IRE Asks: What video game should have IRE themed downloadable content?

Sarapis Achaea

While some predicted the death of PC gaming during the Console Wars, game modifications and downloadable content are as popular as ever, especially as Bethesda's single-player juggernaut Skyrim prepares to release its devkit this week. The Steam Workshop will be fully integrated so players can just browse and download mods right from Steam, without having to hunt through mod sites like ModDB or TesNexus for hours. Who wouldn't love to see a fully modelled Azdun dungeon put into the game by a toolkit-savvy IRE fan?


Many other games also support fan-made creations, and would be just as awesome. Hey, is that an Aetolia t-shirt Niko Bellic is sporting in Grand Theft Auto? And I could've sworn the fighter jet that flew by in BattleField 3 had the Iron Realms logo stamped on its side. And it seems almost a shame that you can't headhunt zombies with a Lupine bow in Left 4 Dead. I guess the only place for an Iron Realms addict to get their fix is from the source. If you could have IRE themed content in any video game, what would it be?


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I agree.

Yes! :D

any Elder Scrolls game please. Maybe Fallout too

I'd rather see it in an Elder Scrolls game, but... the thought of having a nondecay weapon in Fallout is tempting as well.


ah yes, nondecay :D

Dooo it

Would be rather strange o_o

Unless, of course, it led to Lusternia!

based on Lusternia would be DOPE.

Skyrim has them. Lusternia has them. Possibilities.



I know you're here just for the free credit, most of us are, but please try to at least saying -something- worth reading other than just "Yes" and "Agreeeed". I mean, you took the time to create a profile picture for your account and then make meaningless posts like this. Seems a bit silly.

It would pretty neat to see an IRE shoutout in a film. Someone playing MkO on the computer! :P






Considered just leaving it at that, but I actually do agree with your second point. If they can show someone playing WOW to indicate that they are a geek, then MUD's are at least 50% geekier. It'd be fun to see the "scrolling screens of code" that they tend to put in front of these characters replaced with the output of one of the IRE games.

I.....agree. :D

I agree.

How would they know it's MkO, though?



Uh huh!

yes yes yes!


already skyrimish.


I agree, Skyrim! That would be amazing!

To see an IRE in the Starcraft world. Or maybe just a little spoof fan made game. Mhaldor is zerg, Hashan protoss, Cyrene, Terran. Shallam Raynor, and Ashtan...I dunno.

Sarapis Stormcrown, whose breath is long winter.

Any of the elder scrolls games would be awesome. Being able to really walk around in all the cities and forests would be pretty awesome..

I'm pretty sure my head would explode if Achaea was implemented well in 3D.

me too! mind-blasting!

Dragon Age would be pretty awesome as well!


ZERG in the UNDERVAULT! It could be kind of like in the campaign of Wings of Liberty!

Aint Glom zergish enough!?

Obviously, the most fun you can have is making castles and killing everyone you know.

I would play the sims if it had IRE additions.

+1 That would be awesome



I just imagined a hobgoblin family using computers and playing games on the tv... it was really odd... but awesome.

I loved Makin' Magic, an IRE one? Hell yes.

You beat me to it!  Definitely The Sims!

Makes me wish I had skyrim on PC, instead of Xbox!

Though only tenuously related i want other stories from other ire games to be found in achaea and the other way round.

or a merger among the games

that would be nice, I agree with you Stuart

Why would you want that?

the old amiga one, not the lame PC one.

Fun times.

Skyward Sword


Win! Have Link become a Runewarden! And Make Ganondorf an Infernal! And watch them spend hours and hours at a forge to try and make the better Fullplate! XP


Or Better yet, OOT, and have Link start out in Eleusis! Hahah! Can you imagine what Eleusis would be like if all the citizens were Kokiri!


Hey... ok, that just gave me some freaky ideas. Integrate the Legend of Zelda OOT races into Achaea.

Just imagine how much faster the bashing would be...  (But seriously Skyrim or Age of Empires)

IRE themed stuff for Team Fortess 2? All the 'cool' games seem to be doing it. Or maybe some heroes for League of Legends, since lots of people at least in Lusternia seem to play that :)

THIS. Many of the IRE classes are unique, and would make for great League of Legends characters. For example, the Runewarden class can make for a pretty good support or tanky DPS; the Apostate a CC-focused class; there's already a Druid in Udyr, too.


And I'd bet there are way more ideas in the other IRE games!

I wonder how retardation would work in LoL, hm..

Negative CDR? That sounds OP though. XD


Well, nah, maybe it'll just be an attack-speed debuff, or all abilities requiring channel time. That's interesting, though!


That would be epic. I loved Diablo.

To right :)

would be interesting! 

Yes!! Diablo III mods would be awesome!

That would be great! Sneaking through the Azdun dungeon in Diablo.

wow, that would be cool

World of Warcraft!





a recreation of a location of an iron realms game through the skyrim mod would be pretty neat to see

Now that would be cool. There are some amazing area decriptions that could be turned into Skyrim areas, though would they live up to the text?

I'd get the floating prison from morrowind and turn it into Moons spawn from the Malazan books and ride around in my own floating castle

Only if there are a couple of sweary soldiers hanging about.


at least, it's CALLED Moon's Spawn.

Meteor arrow to the knee?

Why can't I escape that qoute.. please..

I can dig it

Then there wouldn't even be any knee left to guard with.

But then my shield tattoo ran out.


Have a cheat to spawn mounts from achaea! Hahaha imagine riding around in a flame-charred chariot or a chimera and killing pedestrians. Oooh the Witcher 2 would also be perfect for IRE themed things the possibilities there are quite endless.


Woudlnt it be possible to already have IRE themed clothing in Sims? I mean I am sure it is possible to customize your own.

Then they should add an arean so you can hold FFA's

Then they should add an arean so you can hold FFA's

Yeah would be nice


combat sounds pretty good

Immortal combat!

From mortal combat!

Beaten both to GTA and Diablo!

How about Borderlands?




No idea..... maybe a sapience map for CS:S

Great Idea Me!

Your awsome


Your awsomer

Wonder how far we can take this

...because you're the same person! o:

You obviously have a lot to learn about Kurios.

His most notable accomplishment is snubbing an entire faction.


Oh, you said person not personality.

very intuitive of you!

If theres a point where it just stops tabbing the comments



We're limited to 5 comment levels deep

Good test...


You sure? I saw that one thread on book culture...

I think you could convert Aetolia to a Dizzy-esque adventure game quite comfortably...

God, haven't heard about that game in years.  I'm still stunned that I actually beat it once.

Game was -tough-.

It'd be cool to model Creville Asylum in 3D.

DoTA 2, yo. DoTA 2. D:

Came here to post this!

I might play Midkemia again just for that.

A nerd outfit in GTA V! There was a nerd in Sanadreas, he was awsome, as far as I remember. Maybe a T-Shirt with "Ironic Realms Enterainment" in a GTA style.

CTF for real.

But the original version

to sims I have like the whole series 

It looks pretty cool.

Someone should build MKO in the Oblivion creation kit.

No one said Minecraft yet?


In fairness, if you wanted to see an IRE location in Minecraft you could build it yourself.

Sounds like a project :)

I just started doing that recently...Time for me to work at it harder!

post a youtube video :)

Ooh yes, Minecraft ftw.



Sounds  cool.


I used soul calibre's custom character creation to make my Aetolian character into a toon in the game. It was quite fun to fight my RL friends as Moirean!

This is cool. I am a great fan of the SC series.


Since we would probably have to wait as long for this as for the original game...




A Minecraft Sar-Sargoth (MKO) was already built by someone :P

I think seeing Skyrim or Fable or some such with some MKO recognizable content would be awesome. Like a new patch with Krondor or Crydee, or the Valheru Blade as a weapon in the game

Fable or Oblivion would be pretty cool, with MKO. Oh yeah.


Hello Kitty Dreamland

But I had really rather see warcraft's cool stuff come to us rather than see ironrealm's cool stuff go to them.

Well, except for the tattoo system. Orcs are ugly enough...

Elderscrolls and Fable-type games, for sure.

I think it'd be neat if there were nods to the IRE games, rather than perhaps direct visual representation. An IRE tabletop or something like that would be really fun I think!

I'd love to see tabletop IRE as well. Perhaps a wargame set in the Taint Wars?


I really don't play vid games for obvious reasons.  so not sure what I could add to this but, it would be cool to see avatars (graphical pictures) in vid games of ir content.  especialy lusternias


I wonder how it would work though.

Some of the IRE crafting things would be cool to see

Final fantasy VII

<3 <3 <3 <3

Little Big Planet!

... no.


Every videogame ever made, and ever to be made. You can FUS ROH DAH at a rampaging Infernal, then switch games and let Pac-man be chased by some chaos beasties. It's also possibly the only thing that could redeem Duke Nukem' Forever. Aliens? Forget aliens. DRAGONS!

Ooh what about no yalls taken all the ideas

Mario brothers.  I play that constantly when I can and not on Achaea.  I'd love to see Mario get some sort of skill like the occultist's Enervate ability.  Super Mario, literally

Replace the fire flower with a magi staff?

Like Elder Scrolls or Neverwinter Nights

Throw a few things on the wow server, see how fast our population starts to get newbs playing again.


I didn't realize there were other games than this one.

Then we would have the IRE gods as pantheon choices, specialty units and soldiers, and stuff. Send a golden dragon to rampage, recruit sirens to seduce the enemies men, send in the simply awesome priests we get in Midkemia, get greater path mages, get a Valheru (god power ability I suspect), and such. Would take a lot of balancing on their part though, and programming in general.

Age of Mythology with Occultist pit

Kethuru is breaking free, we must repeair the seals. It's...Age of Ascension?

A desktop theme for Windows 7 please. And Oblivion. And Chess. And the Colonists of Catan. And Tarot.

I think Skyrim would be an excellent choice.

finally, a devkit

Years ago, you deleted my comment asking for help on using the Morrowind engine to make Mhaldor and island. I eventually scrapped my feeble attempt in frustration.


Now you want to KNOW?




Fine. Morrowind is what I've got to work with because even though I HAVE Oblivion, it's not nice to me, and I'm waiting for the price to go down on Skyrim before I buy it.

I'm waiting for it to drop too.


could be alot of fun, would love to see final fantasy there, as thats what I usually play when I'm not on achaea!

of them

quick, someone do this.

I look forward most to see the depictions of places like Tenwat, Creville, and Clockwork they just scream creapy detail

Meh, I like PC gaming best

Uh huh!

Haven't played much of Skyrim, but from what I've seen... I wouldn't mind seeing IRE dungeons built with that devkit.

Halo custom edition. Hrm...the memories.

I just realized the char on the right in the pic is Sarapis, lol.



I'd download Achaea themed maps for sure.



Where's my Street Fighter x Achaea?

Instead of IRE themed stuff. Make an IRE game of its own. Just not furry heaven again.


I'm ok with it actually



seems reasonable


rather make an IRE game

IRE-themed TRON.

oh yeah


Skyrim hands down

Once Diablo III comes out I'd love to see a MKO mod for it.  I really enjoyed the ones people made for Diablo II.

Does Diablo III allow any modding?

I actually wouldn't mind seeing more art from IRE's artists. I like their style, especially whoever did the Lusternia race pictures.



Because it's open source and a lot of fun to build levels/models.


New DLC for the Assassin's Creed franchise:  The Naga Strike Back.

Done, and done

Make it so!



Dragon Age :D

Nuff said


All of them


I'm not sure how IRE content elsewhere would benefit anyone, except as some free advertising, perhaps

impossible to narrow down to one. so a short list? umm... final fantasy (just about any of em.) skyrim actually would be cool. GTA saints row, assasins creed, soul caliber, god of war, etc etc, my list keeps going somethin like that. lol

...sounds like an awesome idea.



Could work.

Any Bioware game would make a cool vessel for an IRE theme. Perhaps a Jade Empire add-on or something!




So for all my wanting to think of something more original, I have to say that for me the best choice would be Skyrim. Imagine a lush, three dimensional Serenwilde or Cyrene. It'd be nuts. Other than that, an RTS could be cool with the different cities as factions.

A bit old, but Overlord would have been nice


3D versions of Achaea areas would be cool. What about Prin? Prin is cool.


What about a 3D version of Arcadia?

Duke Nukem.

the real question is which games shouldn't have IRE themed dlc.


of them



I would love to see the maps of just about any of the cities in this style. The skyline would be pretty cool. They have a hookblade, why not a jakari? Heck we even have Templars, though the templars are closer to assassins ideals, I think. Hallifax is Abstergo for sure.


League of Legends :D

Seconding this.

Useful to contribute

I know it's an older game but since I am playing it at the moment, I would have to give my vote to Dragon Age



and all!

hello kitty world, adventures of shallah

Minecraft. Build your own world.

Let's get Delphinus to work immediately. CHOP CHOP, CAP'N

Super Mario, or whatever its reincarnation is now. Yoshi should have a collar!

ToP woulda been great for Starcraft.

I agree, Skyrim

Skyrim! Hell, even Diablo!

I don't really pay much attention to video games anymore, but it'd be cool to see a game with Achaean content in it.

ha, yeah

A Civilizations mod. Probably Civ 4, since it had unit stacking and customizable unit advancement, which fits right in with how war in Achaea basically works. It'd probably be weird though, with each city-state only having one major city if you went for 100% accuracy. :x

All of them ... obviously. :D

I definitely want to see a Final Fantasy 3 ROM hacked to be Achaean!

Oblivion, because I just started playing it again :P

A mod designed for mount and blade. I agree, in Final Fantasy it would be fun!

Has anything like this ever been done for any game, actually?


I don't like the guy, but he's got those Winged Sandals of Haste, eh?

A fighting game such as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat would be awesome.  You could integrate the class types and moves.  Maybe play as gods?

Dark Souls.

Diablo 3!

Neptunia is the only answer.

Fighting games :D

something something, blah blah credit?

Minecraft. *sage*

Katamari Damacy. Roll up all the things!

To the floor bound to the credit!


bound to the floor!

Nice idea

I might like abilities like cataclysm. Now that would be rediculous in MW2



Vampire the Masquerade? Oooh, or a whole Sims world dedicated to Imperian? I always imagine Predators swathed as Altair.... Though I think that'd make Desmond's head explode.


achaea themed Skryim would be awesome. maybe knights can finally use a shield and sword :D

If you could go to each city much like desmond does in assassins creed that would be cool. Lay the whole game out like Achaea with roads and everything. 

Mortal Kombat


Saints Row, fo sho