IRE Asks: What was your favourite promo item?

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Iron Realms makes the habit of running monthly promos as encouragement and incentive to both new and existing players. One of the wonderful things about promotions is that it gives players something to look forward to, just for logging into their favourite game. The rewards vary from each game, but are consistent with the roleplay of the specific realm. For example, Achaea recently gave magical flasks to players who participated in a Logosmas event.


Speaking of promotions, Iron Realms games are continuously being listed on modern video game websites. Only crazy people think MUDs are "dying". All cool fads make a comeback. Or end up as a witty phrase on some hipster's t-shirt. So put that skullcap in your pipe and smoke it!


I would have to say either the 10 lessons per day or the 1 credit per day has to be my favorite.

free credit, please. ^_^




Glad to amuse you.




I'm only doing this for the credit. More news!

Also for the credit.

...but I agree. Personally, I'd rather the 10 lessons. Credits I can get easier, but I've less an idea what to spend them on other than lessons.

Me too. I miss those lessons.

More lessons please!

+1, love lessons!

Gotta get myself to omni

I bet you would do anything if the price was right ;)

Who wouldn't?









I have one, but it's on what I meant to be my main at the time...

The only time I was overjoyed to get socks for Christmas.

you poor sap

His stance is wide open. He looks like he's about to be trip'd and stab'd.

Everyong should just get a lump of coal for xmas.




Wish it gave random expensive arties though




I heard stockings are great.


They could definately give out some good stuff. Like a big lottery.

I hope they give out more of those... I love those too!

Love the stocking on MKO, so gotta go with that... the number of times it's given lengths of silk or rope in front of people after the wrong comment on my part, or various food ingredients after a terribly inappropriate 'back to the kitchen' remark... I almost question how 'random' it is at times, but I can't complain as it always helps me get myself in trouble when I'm not doing a good enough job myself!

anything this year?

I should get you a stocking this year and fill it with rope and silk commodities.

I'll cross my fingers there are stockings we can purchase and fill.

So, I gave my level eleven daughter a pull from the stocking and know what she got? Level twenty seven!

Chech please.

Stockings! :)

No credit for you!

that was great indeed


hell yes


I've exhausted everything relevant I have to say on the matter.


My characters prefer 10 lessons to 1 credit (it seems like more, has more obvious benefits) but I know that some people are already omnitrans.

In Lusternia we have skillflexing which costs 25 lessons a pop so lessons are always useful, even if you're omnitrans.


That said, I still prefer the credits because I'm not, and artifacts are more nifty!

And I find credits are always needed


I use all of my credits on lessons, anyway. Heh. And will for the next thousand or so.

I thought it was 50 to skillflex.


I hear stockings are wonderful, unfortunately I was not able to get one. They'll never be back? :(

Yum yum yum.

That's what brings me here.

True, one credit per day for little to no effort is quite an awesome promo.


Anything that gives credits is good...

snow globe and stocking :P

Mine as well.

Wheel of Fortune has been my favorite, whenever it has been available.

Anything that gives out free crowns is much loved by me!

One crown alone is pretty useless, if you already have a stationery kit.

They add up though.

...but I am starting to wonder how long I'm gonna have this crown in my inventory!


I concur. By far the best.

I agree. Even spinning death has been funny.

Never got anything good from it.

Wheel of Fortune is amazing.

I do enjoy the wheel, I must say.

While lessons and credits are ever-useful, I like the excitement of getting a little mini-artifact flask/stocking/compass/whatever.  Promotions where you need to actually do something in-game (visit a shop, find the ranger, etc.) are also preferable to ones that just require logging in for X minutes.

The stocking has got to me my favourite by far.

Same for me. Well, except that I've only pulled out awesome things maybe...once. And that was 2% experience. The rest has been stuff I can make myself.


And sweaters and socks. Grandma! I TOLD you I wanted a Wii this year!


And of course credits daily for commenting :P.

same here

I second this.


I don't like the promotions that require work

Minimal effort.

agreed! though i absolutely love the XP stacking promo this month.

I like the mini artifacts

Along with with little artifacts  that makes one life a bit simpler, like artifact glass working runes (makes vials perm. and reset)

When did they give these out? WANT o.O

Like what?

i love the artifacts...pipes, vials, stockings etc that keeps giving all year

you and me both!

I dunno! I think I like all sorts of promos except that wheel coz it wouldn't give me anything shiny...

Credits and lessons were really useful, but my favourites are the artefact promotions. I really liked the vial, pipe and especially the stocking from last Logosmas. What I did not like that much are the limited use artefacts, like the double xp orb (that one wasn't an artefact, it decayed. Sadly, I still had about five charges left when it poofed) or the clover with only four uses. I only used one leaf so far and then decided to save the remaining ones. Same with the compass, though I didn't even use it once so far, and I'll probably keep telling myself that the right time to use it is still ahead. Another aspect I like is that those playing since a long time are rewarded with a wide array of exotic items.


Of course, this Logosmas promotion was great as well, the Alehouse is a great place to explore, even without finding something. I'm already looking forward to the next promotion!


it's hard to choose. The wheel was defineitely awesome, but the ten lessons a day promo helped alot, as well as the credits. Honestly, I haven't found one I dislike. Everything ends up helpful in someway or other.

For 21 days we had to go and find Stian in the most random and hard-to-find places I mean at one point he would be all the way in Orilla (A whole continent away) and I thought well damn this present is gonna be so worth it... when we got the compasses I was highly disappointed. It's so pointless and only has 10 uses? People to this day still don't even know what it's uses are. If I had known that this would be the promo gift I would not have bothered finding stian and although i did learn more from the experience... NOT WORTH IT! Anyway I must say I do enjoy the 10 lessons a day most and the credits... but the silver stocking artefact is one of the bestest ever! I am liking this new magical flagon too! It's like doing a quest and there is a chance of finding something all the time... very original and worth having... it could serve more than one purpose too! You could use it once a month as a free portal to the mainland... say now you are stuck at sea on someone elses ship with nowhere to go... you could use your flagon I bet! All in all I remember a time when there were no promos at all! So I am very grateful that we get free stuff or else I might have lost interest a while back...



The flagon only works from the main continent


Cos that was a really good idea

There is an object that saves you if you're trapped somewhere on sea... token of charybdis. No need for an artefact that brings you back to mainland.


Well said, Lupe.

The uses of the compass, I'm told, are equivalent to the use of a lifestone.


Which is really not bad, but any time I need a lifestone I'm sure I'm not going to remember in time how to use that darn compass before I die! I think most people take it as just a keepsake.

I went up three ranks in explorers during that; it's a great way to help newer players find their way around the huge world.  I found that more worthwhile than the item itself.  Going to the same denizen shop everyday and ferrying a present to Thera, however, doesn't necessarily add much to the game.

I never did

The wheel is almost always best...though i imagine now that i'm 100, xp and xp boon will both be pretty worthless, as will chalices, though thats like 20 cr a wheel...

I guess I missed out on the stocking?



It's alot more fun in aetolia then imperian.

daily lessons or daily credits

The coolest one by far was the artefact vial themed around a different divine each time you emptied it. That was really quite neat. But I can hardly claim it's my favourite, since in a fit of utter crass pragmatism I traded it in for the 30 credits, and don't really regret it either.

I was going to say my ironbeard vial, but yes I like the divine changing one too!

My black glass vial has been Makali for years now.

I think it has to be the wheel,well the first one anyways,the second one was.. let's say less rewarding.It would be awesome if we could get one like the one in aetolia where you can get artefact vials or permanent tattoos!Even with it's negative spins it still rocks.

... spits out artefacts too. Saw someone get an artie pack, which was nice.

I got a mayan crown and an artie pipe from the wheel. My favorite item has to be the stocking though.


The stockings are nice, but didn't mind the wheels on any IRE game either. Aetolia's can be...interesting. Dangerous, gender changing, etc..

Daily credits are probably the most useful, but that's like giving someone a giftcard for christmas. They can get what they want, mostly they won't complain (Unless they're married to you or something) but it is still really boring.


I really wish I kept the stocking I got last year, but it was on a newbie character who I found really boring. The wheel of chaos was probably my favourite promo, but I couldn't be bothered to collect curios (The limited edition promo items winnable from Lusternia's wheel) so that doesn't really answer the question about favourite promo items. So in reality, the only promo item I've got so far that I'm likely to keep (other than credits) is the transplanar snowglobe from the most recent promo. I don't really have any reason to spend a lot of time at the tree of trees though, so I mostly just use it to get to the aetherplex really quickly. (I don't have any other transplanar artifacts)

I would have enjoyed the free Language Permit, if I were already playing at that time !

I just want 3000 lessons so more lesson promotions please



Gotta say, I love the wheel the best. Random things for the whole month. It's pretty awesome. And the unique items!


I love anything. :D

The riftkey that Midkemians just got is cool. Could be tweaked a bit, though.

teleport device would be cooler

The stocking is amazing, though I really like the snowglobe. I've never explored aetherspace but this is inspiration to get a ship.

Now the snowglobe is my favourite. I can get to the Aetherplex in an instant from anywhere on Prime. Hooray!

I like those 21 day promos where you end up getting something interesting and unique.

you got a special flagon!

I experienced the lessons, the credit and the wheel of fortune. I liked them all, but I am a newbie so I do not know that much. I skipped the stocking, though.

The first time we had the wheel and the silver stocking have been the best so far. Though the free lessons and credits did help to.

I've missed all the mentioned promos. I loved hunting the gnomes recently though.

The stocking. It's great to see someone else get an empty vial and you pull out a token of creator. :D

I loved/Hated the Wheel! I died a few times and the worse was being teleported away because someone else spun the Wheel, but I did get some great shinies! I hated the 21 day promo where I had to hunt wompus's. I dies so many times and then the item only has a 10 use limit and it only restores endurance and wisdom which is hardly ever an issue for me. I wouldn't have done it exspaielly since the other 2 chores where much, much, much easier to accomplish that the reanimation one!

I do likethe credit for a post and the 10 lessons a day where nice too!

The double experiance orb was quite helpful. It is hard to gain experiance at high levels and that orb helped alot. Also you could activate it whenever you wanted to, within the 30 days, therefore it was possible to hunt when your schedule permitted and all the good hunting spots were not always hunted out.

So hard to choose! I love them all! The wheel is probably my favorite though!

I'd have to say my fav item was the solstis stocking. neat idea.

on the heals of the stocking theam I'd love to see a item just like it but it be a santa hat.  pull stuff from a santa hat.  really cute! lets do it!

I'd not want another hat... I'm already wearing a captain's hat and a tophat. Adding a third one to that would look silly.

I think my favorite promotion was the Globes. They always gave you the most random of things, credits, gold, artefact pets, artefact vials, Mayan crowns, friendship permits etc. I loved them so much.

free credits

free credits and lessons



lessons or free credit

I currently have only taken part in the Stian hunt and havent found a use for the compass yet but the wheel is quite good

I talked to someone that got a Logosmas stocking that you can pull something from once a year. That sounds like a pretty cool thing.


All of the above, enjoying the mix

Wheel of Fortune!

out of all the promotions they have gone through the stocking was likely the most lucrative being it's a free time every time you pull.

wheel of fortune and the stocking

I like the snowglobe we got for December, simply because I could trade in my emerald leaf and have 300 dingbats to spend on other, more useful, items!

Why did you have one? What goes on at the Tree of Trees that made getting there without a ship super important?

Some people just have too many credits/dingbats and need to complete sets. There are rooms I still haven't figured out how to reach, though...


The credit per day

Most beautiful: black glass vial

Most useful: artefact pipe

Most fun: silver stocking

Always nice: credits, lessons.


Least fun, but still appreciated: clover, compass


And I was hoping Stian would be in a different location every month... same locations, same riddles was a bit disappointing.




True, the riddles were rather repetitive.

I agree completely with the first three points. The artefact vial is still my favourite, although I'm sure the pipe is way more useful.


I would continue to play without the incentive of free stuff, to be honest, though. It's the interactions, the lore, and the players that keep me into this game.

Silver stocking and the wheel of fortune are my favourites.

Credits for sure

I'm in love with the 10 lessons a day as well as the Wheel. 

the stocking, for sure

I have loved my artie vials, myself

the stocking is awsome, credits and lessos are the best when they're happening, though

I liked the $5 mystery orbs.

I still want one.

^ Is where it's at as a Mhun with racial digging.

I liked the credits and lessons too

I loved the wheel. I got an arte pipe and a couple crowns from it last time.

The giftbags from buying credits were great - too bad Ironbeard doesn't give THOSE out. Speaking of that fat dwarf, he's my least favorite promo. So much idling...


Also, this article was a bit weird... What's with the second half of it randomly justifying the existence of MUDs?

So Ironbeard came. 5k gold... :/

Black glass vial yo.

I didn't even know about the globe promotion :)

Like this free credit I am about to get!

Yeah, actually I didn't find out about the December login promotion until December 15th! :/

I enjoy the interactive style promotions requiring something done each day. Don't get me wrong though, the credits each day is quite nice!

Aye, those are great!

for anything I get!

And down with artifact drop days. Death to arti drops.


Agreed. Temporary artifacts are such a tease..

10 lessons / day, or the Wheel.

Riftkey is neat, particularly if it gets expanded upon in the future!

The snowglobe is a nice little convenient way to get back to my manse after a long day of bashing, so I really do love that. The stocking from last year was probably second best, since it gives free stuff every now and again.



ten lessons / credits per day

Mostly agree with Oceana's thoughts, but I appreciate the clover and compass will not decay.  I, too, will hang onto them until, "I really need 'em!"


The black glass vial is definitely inspiring given that we will see the visages of divinities that are no longer part of Achaea.


Idea: at some point, a promotional critter.  Purely decorative and without function beyond having another bauble to claim!



well I was hoping to get arties from the ironbeard promo, but I've seen him in one place for three hours doing nothing...he even gave me a gift that was empty

While I can say that I haven't always "liked" the promotions that have been given, I do appreciate any promotion from IRE. I was particularly fond of the shimmering clover, but disappointed that it only have 4 uses (which I found out after using 3 of it's leaves!) The wheel was interesting ... I got lessons that were unusable for me (and still are) and sometimes got some gold. Luckily  I didn't die to it, as it seems others have. -phew- The artefact pipe also was another one I wasn't fond of due to the fact I already had three of them and didn't have the choice to get full refund of the credits for it. I am quite fond of the stocking which gives random items once a year, I'd like to see more of promotions like this one. I wasn't able to participate in the compass so I've not a clue what it's purpose is. The flagon this go round is neat, although my character doesn't drink alcohol at all, it was a neat place to visit and explore. So far my favorite probably would have been the orbs, which I didn't get to participate in as well, but they seemed like they were quite a neat item to obtain.

I like the wheel and everyone's favorite drunken dwarf!

I like lessons/credits but I love the current month in Midkemia with an increased percent increase in exp gained per day up to a double exp bonus after day 7

Exp bonus is way cool!

wish us younger ones could have gotten festival stockings this year though. those are fun.


The wheel of fortune is great.  I just wish the Wheel in achaea didnt suck so much.

Aetolia Wheel - Far more superior

Lusternia Wheel - Still more Superior


-dont know about the others...

Achaean wheel is disappointing though.

I just found out that the free artefact pipe we received could be traded in for credits... I totally traded it in and it is so worth the lessons rather! Either have 3 arte pipes or it would be pointless right?

No. :( One is still useful. Particularly for elm.



The stocking!

I wasn't around for it!

The current one is pretty awesome, actually!


pet hate, xp bonus :(

Mayan Crowns, always. I need a honeycomb :<

Honestly never bought one, but would try one out in the future

Honestly never bought one, but would try one out in the future

to finding out what the next month's promo will be!


I liked the exp boosts also while I was learning veneration and before that when trying to become a demigod.

Is better than nothing, which is what we've had lately.

is best promo

^ worth logging into the website every day heh.

Loved credits and lessons and I enjoyed the wheel too. 

I'd have to say that I enjoyed the Wheel of Fortune the most out of any promo I've seen. I was able to get arties, lessons, exp, mayan crowns, and gold. That's better than alot of the common promos combine!

wheel it is for me too!

Imperian had token as best price, which if you got one was nice though.

weekrank was awesome too

Anyone know what this month's promo is?

Give me the Wheel of Awesomeness! I like dying, I like artefact tattoo tokens, I like unleashing the sandman on Delos! Bring it on! BIIIIIG MONEY!

... I also really like weekly Iron Lotteries. They are a blast, even though I never win anything! I like gambling, you see...


Free credits and lessons are always good to me.

always needed 

I've changed my mind, this current promo is most awesome.

Free Credits.

This December's promo item is kind of nice. Not that useful to me, but very neat, and for a lower-level character the few hundred gold you can get there many days would be a pretty good return on the time.

What was the december promo actually? Seem to have missed it and wanna know what it is I missed

It was a flagon that takes you to Ironbeard's house where you can search for treasure.   It gets old very quickly :)

Aha ok, thank you! :)

Any nice rewards those treasures?

So far it has been about 700 gold and I only found it twice.  Most of the time I fail at finding treasure

I like the wheel, free credits, free mini-arties, anything :) Thanks a bunch!

^, especially the mini-arties like stockings.

I actually enjoyed the Stian promotion a great deal as well, thinking on it now. Though it was repetitive at some point, I enjoyed having something new to do!

The wheel was nice, I enjoyed it too.

more free stuff please

Current one

Yeah, definitely liking this xp one!

I like free stuff too!


I love this xp promo. 30% right now plus my membership giving me 25% <333333333333 (And it's only going to get better! <3 )



I liked the Giving Tree, even if it gave me an overabundance of absolutely useles (to me) things. And this promo for a credit-per-post is kinda nice. But, honestly, who could forget about xp bonuses? They're not tangible, but they make starting the game at the right time that much more exciting. 

I missed the stocking. Sob

more free stuff!



see im with lupe on this one the flagon was by far a better item to have than that compass

So much love to the wheel of fates. Arti vials and pipes for free bound credit tradeins? Whole level ups? Hells yes.

is always nice

credits, lessons, crowns, artie pipe/vial were the ones I liked best

because eventually it would be nice to have like, 30 of them

Definately the wheel :)


The wheel remains a favourite as well, obviously

I only like the wheel best when it gives me experiance. The current promo is better.

My favorite was the year we got the pendant that you turned to give you a month of double xp! Was it a pendant? whatever I loved it.


could really use one of those!!!

I'm already aspect and I have no desire to buy any perks with exp so its not very useful.

I loved the Wheel.

The wheel is indeed a favorite. Something about the anticipation of the day's prize, and also being able to cheer (or groan) at other adventurers' luck, or lack thereof.

Lately they've been all about those damned quest promos...just annoying.

I loved the Wheel of Fate in Aetolia because of the artifacts that would drop sometimes.  My second favorite has to be the 10 lessons/credit per day.. followed by the presents given in Lusternia by the gnomes and the Giving Tree gifts. 

currently i am enjoying the daily exp increse bonus

Helped me with skills :D



I am a collector of things, so my favorite promos are the stocking, the snow globe, random arti vials, the clover was cute, and I love the hearts of darkness events. And the Wheel of fortune, for it's potential of stuff.

cool deck please

how about special fishing items

The wheel is neat and I also like the mayan crowns one since i'm curious to see what new items come to the Shop of wonders. Auctions are fun for that matter as well. Last month's flagon was pretty great! Also made up for the fact that I couldn't find any pristine snowflakes anywhere or get even one visit from Ironbeard.

would be lessons or credits

Free credits are always great - I also think granting a free language (or 76 free language lessons at no charge, to be spent however you want) or access to one of the "dead" languages (like Vertani) through a quest like the Tsol'dasi language would be max cool! 

Was by far my favorite promotion.  It got me really excited to log in everyday to see which prize I would win, and I'd hope for the experience boost everytime.  Although I wouldn't be disappointed with the other prizes either!

That was very cool. I went up a level and a half!


Credits :)


Hated the gnomes - it sucks so badly, watching someone pull out 500cr artifacts while the only gnome you manage to find gives you poisons you can't use, and Ironbeard gives you coal (guess I was a bad girl this year!). I like the free lessons, and the gambler in me loved the Wheel. Sometimes it sucked, but even on a bad day you came away with something.

My favourite is probably the Wheel, not just because the prizes were bigger (than, say, gnomes) but also because I liked that the prizes were varied.


One of the issues with gnomes is that they overfill your rift, so if you outrift something that you are overcapacity on, you can't put the extra back in the rift.

The iron ticket lotos were kinda cool.  not as garinteed as a  credit perday but still fun.

Snowglobe by far.



I did not experience any :(

Except we only got it once so I want another one please So I can actually use them? KKthnxbai

Love the stocking.  Always forget to use it but when I do, excited to know which mostly useless thing I will be getting.  Fill gaps in the rift - 10 rope this month

Well, rope is not entirely useless, but logosmas cake, logosmas sweater, logosmas socks, logosmas socks, logosmas socks five years in a row is sort of amusingly useless, one can't wear more than one pair of socks at the time.



I think my number one favorite was the Wheel, followed very closely by the Stocking, and I only say the stocking second because I hate getting the heavy piece of, and thirdly I really enjoyed going and looking for the magical snowflakes that melted into something nifty

I like lessons, because of the skills get good close to trans.. and i'm nerver able to buy my own credits or i always die when I get a to a certain level..

free credits

Nice start to a collection.  thanks!

Personally, I preferred the xp bonus and truefavor promotions!

Snowglobe. Snowglobe+Orgbix means never having to walk to Seren portal room. :D

I'm really enjoying this experience promo

How about cookies that keep you full and remove the need for sleep for a whole week

As a non dragon, any exp event.

This whole XP month... pity I dont hunt! Bring back the wheel or credits... been a while since we got free lessons n credits.

Would be my very first promo item ever yes.

Works as a parafilament purse and has a few cool thingies with it, I guess.

I'm enjoying the current bonus exp! Though I am still gaining extremely slowly it would seem, to me :( At least it must be faster than usual

the artefact vial is nice but so are free credits

had to be the best. But I wouldn't mind more crit clovers!

I am enjoying the xp gains right now.

Gotta love the bonus to purchased credits!

Wheel of chance.


I rather enjoyed getting the artefact pipe a while back.

snowglobe, snowglobe. If it were applicable only orgbixes would beat it.

I love the Ishapmas stockings we got last year.  so far that whas the only somewhat useful item for me.

Wheel of Fate/the black diamond snowglobe.

The snowglobe is pretty cool.

oh and the wheel of fortune.... for xp gain

This thing rocks. The only thing I would change is stopping the wights from running after every hit *mutter*

The stocking and the Ivory pipe

My favorite promo was the facebook promo, I transcended 3 skills and got an artifact with that...I miss it :(


I think the wheel of chaos is my favourite, just for that excitement. I keep getting boned with gold, bah.

Best. Present. Ever.

Can I have last month back?


My favorite promo item is still the heart of darkness rings and the event surrounding it.

Every Realm! Always awesome...though my Consanguine in Aetolia seems to have faaar more luck than any of my other chars :<

I think my new fave has gotta be the 100% XP days, those were sweetness

Good stuff.

I always like the mayan crown promos and seeing what they come up with next, for the shop of wonders.

Yes, credits would have to be the winning promo for me, though I got a stocking once, w00t!