IRE Asks: What was your favourite promo item?

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Iron Realms makes the habit of running monthly promos as encouragement and incentive to both new and existing players. One of the wonderful things about promotions is that it gives players something to look forward to, just for logging into their favourite game. The rewards vary from each game, but are consistent with the roleplay of the specific realm. For example, Achaea recently gave magical flasks to players who participated in a Logosmas event.


Speaking of promotions, Iron Realms games are continuously being listed on modern video game websites. Only crazy people think MUDs are "dying". All cool fads make a comeback. Or end up as a witty phrase on some hipster's t-shirt. So put that skullcap in your pipe and smoke it!


The Wheel of Tzaraziko!

I would have to say the Wheel is truly exciting!


I would have to say the Wheel is truly exciting!


I still :(:(:(:(:( over not having been around to get a stocking.

Either the crystal clover, which I do not have, just because of the looks, or the black glass vial because of the trade-in value. The flagon had no trade-in value at all, sadly.

I got a pair of harvesting gloves off the free wheel spin promo. However, I think I like the artie vial promo the best (it changes to show all the different gods). Most utility, stocking and artie pipe.

Would love a stocking

One dignity, request credit.

Don't know what all these other promo items do, I just have a pipe and a vial. The vial I use for storing absinthe, the pipe I use for smoking myrrh and tabac.

is the stocking, which i love

They were kind of cool. But then so are all those login and get either exp boost or credits/lessons bonuses!

Otherwise...haven't really seen many promo items myself.

Is the best

Lately the promotions have become rather dull... we have to work for free credits now :(

Like this!

Never get anything good in there.

I haven't met a promo that wasn't nifty....however pulling a logosmas sweater out of season is just kinda silly, I missed the clover, compass and flagon.  But I do prefer the ones you have to work for over the ones you sit and do nothing. Its more engaging and doesn't seem so lazy.

Have to be the snow globe so far or the xmas stocking.

I like this promo, muha!

Stocking is nice, though I don't have one on Hasar :( - Wheel was exciting, and any exp bonus days / greathunt x2 exp, were really nice


The Achaean one couldn't randomly kill you. Didn't get a chance to spin the Aetolian wheel yet.

I am Bill Nighy, and I love the stockings!

up to now... Lessons

I'm grateful for whatever I get, but at the moment, experience, credits and lessons are the things I need most, so that sort of colours my thoughts on this question.

Bound credits for comments.

Wait, so I just do something like reply to a comment about commenting for credits and I get a credit? Imagine someone doing that.

I want a riftkey :(

They are nice!!


The silver stocking and the mini-flagon, though I certainly don't mind the credit promotions.


More double exp items please.

Daily credits.

I wish they'd return the staggered exp increase.

Perfect excuse to log in each day.

Dingbats this month remind me that those are quite excellent too, because they're 'rarer' than credits. Got to save for that nose.


Free credit a day is nice.

True that!

Mayan Crown.

Festive holiday stocking was awesome, when tokens could be sold. Then again that five token month was insane too, would have been better if they could be sold also though.


Otherwise the wheel.

The Aetolian snowglobe is a really nice one. Basically free artie pipes, can't beat that.

Never had any real promo items yet but I am quite liking the free credit for posting a comment to the website each day.

The first Achaean promotion ever was a black glass vial that would change to show each god every time something new was poured in. Very cool.


credits please and thank you. A girl has to get tri trans sometime

Critical hit clover.

Haven't been around long enough for a good promo yet.  Other than placing in the Great Hunt that is.

I like the stocking the best... it gives you something to look forward to each IG year!

I concur. Stocking never runs out, and I like the random-chance aspect too.

The free credits and the spin the wheel are great.

I want more promos. The things you get when you buy the credits are nice, but they still require me to pay. And the compass and flagon-on-a-chain were a bit lacking (alright, the flagon was cool, but the compass wasn't worth it)

Bound mayan crown promos are pretty nice, but I guess bound credits tend to be the best as they're more versatile.

Free stuff.

I currently hate the lottery promo, though.

I quite liked the flask. Booze that nobody else can get is nice :)

The vial that changed to a different god or godess, was so nice.

gimme more

Any free promo item is a good free promo item.

Mayan crown

A free ten lessons per day might be a bit boring but it's useful to me, even if you can sometimes get nicer things from roulettes and such.

It's a hard call, really. I'd like to know what's in the Iron Realms grab Bag. 

But some kind of artefact package or more lessons/credits sounds the best IMO


I'd say the stocking (got it in Achaea), but I"m having some fun with the messenger bat at the moment!

I prefer the credit/day. The stocking is nice so long as I get herbs.

This latest promo with having to find Stian in Meropis was worth it. I just wish the firefly reset quicker and delivered items

i didn't get to try for MkO's July promo, how sad...

I need the lessons, also need someone to teach me hypnosis. <.< So stingy.

I like 'em all though. Vial, pipe, stocking, credits, lessons, that one thing that took people to that secret room wasn't all that great of one, the firefly is okay. Like another pet -petpet-.

The Snowglobe has so far been the best. Coupled with the stocking of course.

Wheel of power.

wheel of fortune, credits/lessons per day, and this months one(experience bonuses) are all great. the artefact discount would've been nice LAST month when I actually bought one. Gotta love fate's sense of humour.

I loved the firefly until they made it unable to be dropped and made it wearable.  Yep, you read that right - they made it possible to wear a live creature.

Totally XP days... Some items are useful for the game setting but XP beats that even though I know it's not an item :P

I bought tons of credits last month during the credit sale. Spent almost 5,000 credits on artifacts last week.


Then, today  they drop artifact prices with 30%. Even though it's meant as a promotion, it sort of felt like a slap in the face.


I like Ironbeard

No, -I- like Ironbeard

Stocking and flagon


Barring the firefly, I have to say the same thing - the stocking and the mini-flagon.  The flagon would be a lot cooler if it didn't kick you out of the pub so soon, though.

I like the stocking too. Its the gift that keeps on giving!

the cube is cool

i like the monthly promos that do -not- send credit market prices sky-rocketing.  Easily doubled the average credit price overnight with these newfangled curios and the artifact sale... *grumblegrumblegrumble*

Experience bonus or the wheel have to be my favourite - things I just can't earn at that rate ICly are much more exciting then say a free credit a day when anyone ANYONE should be able to earn the gold with a little effort to buy -1- credit.

 That little orb that we recieved once that let you have double  experiance for an hour upon  activation about ten times or untill 30 days were up was awesome.

I liked the companion cube Midkemia Got. Of course, that's not the official name, but it's the only promotion aside from credits I've received.

i can't enjoy the xp stack this month. how sad.

These comment credits are pretty awesome too.  Not sure if that's technically a promotion though.

It increases the traffic to the sight, I think it's a promotion to promote people coming to the sight thus increasing traffic :P


Sounds good to me.  A promotion it is, then.


Free credit.


I enjoy the 10 lessons, I certainly need them at this point lol. Though right now I am abusing the 30% off artifacts this month /love.

Snowglobe is surprisingly useful, even if you have an orgbix.

LOVED the wheel cause you had a chance to get credits, crowns, arties, lessons,'s fun!

Is definitely a good one. I still think the daily credit is a bit better in the long run though.


I like the silver stocking o course and this firefly is pretty cool too!

i'd love it if a sarcat would be on sale on christmas. pretty please, Ishap?

The firefly was pretty cool.

can we please not have a month when the only promo is buying something in RL currency? coz i really really want to participate, but i lack funds :(


Come on people. Hydras and Pumpkins for the win!

id say the stocking but its been givin me less good stuff lately, so maybe the artie vial


meh, nothing on this char when it comes to promotionals sadly, greatest one I've ever seen? a tie between a stocking and a pipe I'd think, since I've only gotten a crown, a stocking, and a pipe..

since when did we get promo items?? My favorite and only one was the arte vial we got that i got to trade in for credits :)

Favorite is free sofa at Estarras where you free meals, free internet, and free credits and a bit of spending cash.

Definitely the Christmas stocking!




surfing pikachu card.

the stocking. It needs to stop giving my sweaters and socks, though!

So far the only thing I've been around for is the clockwork bat which is pretty neat.

I love my stocking!

would be nice if they brought the wheel back.

what are these promo items you speak of?

credits and crowns always the best, but I must say I really made use of the XP bonuses

Credit comment.

I want a promo item. Other than scrag plushies, though scrag plushies are pretty cool. Actually, plushies in general are pretty cool. D:

Is awesome though!

Free credit promos are best promos. Nice first taste is always free approach.

The only promotions I've seen since I've been playing are for bonuses when you buy credits. I'd like to see more of the nifty items I've seen mentioned for spending  time logged in and things like that!

Yah, definitely experience days. With the possible exception of credits/lessons/tokens for free.



Haven't won an iron lottery, evne turning in over 30 tickets each time. That's definitely not my favorite yet, so maybe the stocking.. but honestly, in a year I can buy so much more than it could ever give. But its nice to get free stuff. Umm. Yeh, I'll go with credits, want a bow, or quiver.. or dirk. And of course I don't get paid credits to buy stuff with.

On second thought, the snowball aetherplex cubix in Lusternia's pretty damn nice, too.

The object of the game for many is to get ahead of everyone else. More artifacts, better weapons, more experiance, more gold, more more, more.


Promo items give us more of something and so they make us feel like we have bettered ourselves, however if everyone else is getting the same thing we just got have we really bettered ourselves?

Its alot like inflation really. If I can sell my chickens for more than I used to I think I am doing well but if everyone else is selling their things that I buy for more too I haven't moved forward at all.

So the only way promo items really "help" me is in the fact that some people don't show up to get them and I get a leg up on them.

Now you can say that the object of the game isn't to get ahead of everyone else for you , it is just to get better so that you can enjoy your "extra stuff" more and be able to do more things, and I see your point, but if you are honest with yourself you will also  admit that , there is little point in having a level 1 item of anything if everyone else in the game has a level three item of the same thing.

Wait promo? I thought it said something else.

The title of the thread asks,"What is your favorite "promo" item.

Stocking was nice

Oh, p...R...O...M...o.

This months isn't too bad. I just hope I don't get stuck with another clan slot thing. absolutely useless to me. WAsted 5 bucks, heh. a pet sea lion would be awesome though.

I would say the stocking... but I couldn't get it... from the ones I have? well i got an artie pipe from a Mayan Wheel so wheee!

I hope it is going to be this winter's item in Lusternia. If not I'm going to bitch about the 50-75 hours needed to get it for as long as I play.

free credits are nice

and it is yet another item I wasn't here to claim, I got the flagon....

but I usually like the spins most.  RIP Hermes.


Maybe the one coming this Logosmas

on the same line, not a fan of Lusternias, turn in these things every day for 5 days to get one point towards a 100 point goal or start over promoish dailies. So if you do them everyday for 500 days you get some credits, if you mess up occasionally, how many years is it going to take?

How about doing a promo mini skillset?

favepromo item

For the free credit.

This months item had best be worth wandering all over the known world.

is the free credit everyday for commenting :D

looking forward to whatever the prize is for this 21-day quest event.

I personally liked when they gave free artifact or pipe vials.