IRE Asks: When was your last MMO meltdown?

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If you grew up on video games, you might've heard the phrase "if the game makes you so mad, then stop playing it!" from parental figures. Not that we ever took their advice, but indeed, video games have the alarming power to kick our nerdrage from 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds. You might even punch your laptop. Naturally we don't advocate laptop punching, but we acknowledge every gamer's right to break their own $#!%. Pics or it didn't happen.


These sudden cataclysms can be caused by, but not limited to; poor user interface,  rubber band AI, or forcing you to restart a long mission after dying. Fortunately, MUDs don't typically experience those video game annoyances, but we are emotional creatures afterall. After spending a few hours in front of the monitor, we become a little crankier towards these things, and all it takes is being disconnected and finding yourself dead upon relogging..


So when was your last MMO meltdown? What caused it, and how did you handle it? Was anything broken during the tantrum? Did you count to 10 and take a deep breath? Tell us below!


A certain person who shall remain nameless told me I was a "voice of division" in our organization and that was the reason why I would not be receiving the promised secretary position in return for my vote of confidence.   I should probably mention that my affection for opinion had been considered beneficial and admirable during the election, but all that changed once the candidate had been voted into office.   


Since that time I've learned that secretaries are glorified babysitters and surrogate mommies, not a job I'll miss any time soon! 

This is the problem with voting....rejoin Mhaldor *laughs* Just kidding...but it's kind of true, right? A lot of the other cities feel like giant popularity contests.

Election manipulation happens all the time (I've witnessed several) and can easily be fixed:

Minimum age / level to vote

1 vote per ACCOUNT (no voting in same election with 3 characters from same city)

Even if they meet the age/level requirement, they must be active in the game for X amount of hours prior to voting. (to prevent old player X from logging in, casting vote for his friend, then disappearing into inactivity).


Off the top of my head I know of atleast 3 city elections that were rigged using alts and MSN buddy lists, for a fact. It's always happened like this, and elections aren't so much of a popularity contest as they are a "who knows the most alts" contest. It's really sad that this has never been addressed in-game, as it's been going on since...well since the concept of IG elections

So,that doesn't fall under HELP MULTIPLAYING?

Unfortunately, admins can't watch every character, all the time. And I'm 99% positive they don't go through the votes when an election is over and say hmmm, this character's IP is registered to 3 other voters.

They really would be worth the trouble to ensure some sense of trustworthiness in the voting process.

Depressing that it's even necessary in the first place.

it happens



Alot of people on Midkemia have complained about vote manipulation and from what I am aware 100% of the time the admin have come back to say that no, there was no manipulation. What bothers me on this topic is the fact that people whom never play can control a guild.

Interesting, at least it could be confined to 1 vote per org.

In lusternia thre is a weight to your char that affects voting.  it's activity level based so your comment about old timers sleeping waking to vote and sleeping again  there weight would be 1 for example while my char active  every day logger and active while logged would be a 10.  my vote would have more weight than that oldtimer say. 




I didn't know that was Lusternia only. It's a really good system, especially if you're new but active.

It is Lusternia only, though it does have its draw backs to it as well, but is generally a bit more fair

Is it based on activity or login time? (i.e. do characters who AFK in their manse 24/7 get higher or lower weight?)

My guess is login time. Activity would be a better measure, although you could always write a script to randomly do an emote from a list to make it seem like you're 'active' when in fact you're AFK.

Very cool. That would be interesting to see implemented in Achaea.

It's a good system.

that's a good deal!

It really is.



Completely Agree:






I think they're talking about voting just like this.

less than fun?

The category (standard enough to be mentioned in your article) was being disconnected and finding yourself dead on logging back in.


What made it unsual (and far more rage-inducing than otherwise) is that the disconnection was minor enough that normally I could have logged back in in time to avoid dying (it was a lower-level area than is usual for me, and there were no enemies there at the time I got disconnected.)  The problem was that because I got disconnected from the university network (it wasn't during class, but it was on campus), I first had to log in to that, and in order to do that I had to put in my ID and password, wait a substantial fraction of a minute for it to respond, then put in my ID and password a second time; I forget if that was one of the times it worked, or one of the times that it failed and I had to repeat the whole process over again.


As for what I did about it, essentially nothing; sometime I probably should go over to the relevant offices and inform them that the system needs to be fixed, but working out the timing might not be so easy, so for now I just try to avoid going into dangerous areas when playing in that location (other locations have better connectivity, so even if it's not always possible to get on it doesn't drop you once you do.)

I remember when I was so addicted that I used to go on campus JUST to play Lusternia.

I don't play during lectures... -_-

Neither do I, but I'm tempted to start.

I totally feel you - although my problem originated more from people accidentally pulling out the router's power or knocking it over. So instead I struggle with my school's not so fast but relatively more stable connection.


It still freaks me out though when the connection freezes up for 10-or so seconds.

man, that was a bitch.

Phew! Thanks for the update.

it made me feel very sad for a few weeks, but nothing comes to mind with me getting really angry over a game >.>


I dont thik I have ever been angry over a game...If it makes you mad, you shouldnt play.

I tend to agree with you. I try to avoid playing games that cause unhealthy levels of frustration.

It was while I was trying to get dragon. I was at around lvl 97 and halfway to 98. I died to something ridiculously stupid and sat there as a soul, waiting for my partner to rez me. Well I ended up not getting a rez, and I prayed on 0 mana, which made me lose a huge chunk of the day's work. Praying on 0 mana used to be the biggest bull$%^& and I'm so glad they changed it. It was like having entire hours of your life erased.

I haven't had a meltdown in a long time, actually. I think the last one I had was dealing with administration after a soul rip and time warp issue. For about 10 minutes after the time warp I was unable to log into the game. And, to boot, I had just pulled 50k sovereigns from my pack that when ripped I dropped. These sovereigns were not mine, they were my city's. So, I issued myself figuring "hey, no big deal, they'll be able to see it in the back logs before the crash." No such luck...most bitter 50k sovereigns I ever had to earn.

I am particuarly well known in my household for ranting for hours on end to my household about something in Achaea that made me especially angry. My household knows more about my Achaea peeves than probably most Achaeans...

One time when Phaestus was angry at Mayapple, I got so upset that I almost quit the game. I was having some bad times OOC though, so it carried over.


Haven't had any meltdowns since, but I -would- if the admins ruin my Xorani lore before I'm finished restructuring the clan and publishing all my "lore" stories. I've been working on these things for years. 

I was trying out some MMORPG and one of the people in my team was being so unreasonable and mean that I logged out and haven't played it since. Normally that wouldn't matter, but the game was very team oriented and that isn't my style. I guess that doesn't sound like a meltdown, but that's as bad as it gets.

usually i have enough sense to stop before that point

That causes more of a flash of irritation than full blown rage though. I don't really do rage. I'm dead inside. :'(

The seren epic almost killed me, now I have the arti, I don't play much


My few, meagre attempts at combat. Not on this char. I've given up there.

I can sympathize with that. I remember wanting to punch Miagorme in the face after a couple of spars...

This week when the postman delivered SWTOR late and the 2 day grace period on early access wore off...

Yay, the box came!

Now I just need family to leave so I can play...

Raids are a cause of meltdown sometimes...I hate it when they come right when your getting ready to go to bed or do something.

There are only two things that really can get me angry in Achaea. First is technical trouble, the dreaded Aeon- I once had to watch while a gnoll killed me because the connection broke down, that was pretty bad. Just as frustrating is frequent time-warping, although that only happened to me once so far and was somewhat entertaining- I had accepted a protege, we went hunting, time warp. I accepted him again, we went hunting, time warp. Had that like... four or five times in a row.


The second thing is extreme stupidity. Someone running into the wyrm lord, praying, running back to the wyrm lord and repeating this procedure up to five times would be a good example for that, especially if people expect you to run for this person. I could name many more examples, most from novices who tried to screw rp in order to look cool.


In single-player games the main source of frustration is again in the game mechanics. I really like RPGs, but sometimes it appears to be cursed- enemies score (almost) lethal critical hits against your party in 90% of the cases while your group seems to miss everytime for no apparent reason. Or in RPGs that allow you to have a party of NPCs you can't control and that constantly get stuck in small obstacles or at corners and whatnot.

Drama queens can make me angry, but then I decide they are not worth my time so I go hunt :)

They a big waste of time.


Yes, quite.

I melt down quite a lot :-/ ...  I try to keep them reasonable and internal. It's usually because I die and lose exactly the same amount of experience that I just spent two hours accumulating...

Fishing's safer than hunting :)

Fishing might be safer, but it doesn't give experience (at least not in Achaea). You'll get incredibly rich, but you can't reach dragon with just fishing.


We fish up hydras.. they destroy you.

my meltdowns are barely noticed...

Free week Vayne tells me Nunu is terrible on Dominion (wrong) and won't work in bot lane (so wrong), then they themselves proceed to play utterly terribly. Harsh words followed.

The first time I remember getting really frustrated in Achaea and having to walk away from my keyboard was the first time I remember dying in PK. During the Moghedu/Mhaldor war, I was running around alone in Moghedu, despite having no idea what I was doing in terms of PK or any reason to be there. I sent a mistell to Coran, a rogue Mhaldorian mage at the time, saying something like "Coran's in (whatever room he was in)". I then spent several seconds wondering what the hell palpitation and dissonance meant as I died to a roomful of vibes. I'd died before but I'd never been killed before, and it was such an injustice, so unfair, so cruel, so mean, I didn't even know how to react. Ah, memories.

Hmm...can't remember.

Can I.

If the lag monster kills my char, I usually have a fit, like yesterday!

Lagkenstein makes me QQ quick.


yep. When lag rears its head and I get killed, I grump about it for hours. But hey, thats when I come up with the best death threats for my computer.

hmm meltdowns usually come either after more than one exp death or when it takes three people to kill me in realms, it angers me greatly but usually I just shout then hit the table (try not to break expensive things)

Towards higher levels an XP death can cause me to take a break. Not sure I'd call it a meltdown, but it can be a bit frustrating.

... trying to get me stuck on that site all day...

About the only thing that gets me going is random PK with no reason. (People abusing the old one death = no problems rule) but that was a while ago.

Aeon is the only true contributing factor to my loss of hair while playing Achaea... but no Achaea does not make me so extremely angry like the other game I play where I once got so frustrated I literally ripped my keyboard out of my pc and smashed it on the floor... very embarassing to admit, but yeah I promise I don;t take games that seriously anymore. That was in the midst of my teenage angst. :P




I agree with this statement.

Why, thank you for asking! The last time would have been a few weeks ago when Achaea/Iron Realms decided to permanently shrub my character for something ridiculous (and in-character) and then the senior administrator refusing to discuss it with me further and the game's producer telling me he didn't have the time to deal with it. Then after days of trying to work it out and get a response they finally decided to review the situation and gave me only a slightly ridiculous (yet finitive punishment) and purposely ignored the correspondence I sent after that.


Achaea isn't the same without Bonko!

Should be upvoted to #1.

Too bad can't do that here!

And second the motion.


And I don't even get a credit for this comment.



I want Bonko back! :(

When are you unshrubbed?

Note: 'permanently shrubbed'

That really matters? Just means a few RL months is all..

hah. i meltdown on a weekly basis


You gotta let out the rage sometimes.

Heard that Gryth



It's been a while, but usually I blow up because of stupid mod rules more than anything else


Not too long ago, I was experiencing major jag, and kept dying. I ended up losing 25% of my level, and I was furious, and near the verge of throwing my laptop. I restrained myself, but there are now a few cracks in the screen from me rough haldling it. The purple/black lines are rather lovely though.

I can get pretty annoyed but never to the extent of damaging anything!

I never got really angry playing a game!

Meltdowns, as we're calling them, usually result in me staying awake ALL night thinking about them, or me just becoming scarce for few weeks, popping in for maybe 30 minutes a day to check in on things.


Though there WAS quite the shouting match with the folks a few months ago from a combination of a very engaging and very frustrating in-game event, and the constant repetition of the question, "Are you coming or not?"


Needless to say, they were not happy about the volume of my response when I finally got my point across.

Aeon, freezes or disconnects are the biggest frustrations. I ask my friends on MSN "Have I died yet?" until I can log in or move again, and usually find myself dead. I've never punched my laptop though.

What's the comic featured in the article?

For me it's all those times when I'm forced to take unexpected hiatuses! And the inevitable return — only to find myself naked.



I can't think of any..



Just players being idiots

I've gotten mad, but never broken anything.

But I remember some wytch pre-vodun nerf taking lowbie Dras and stealing his axes. I then proceeded to buy arti axes. The rest is history :/

I don't play MMOs long enough to meltdown. Most of them are just boring.


Some people's meltdowns can be fairly intense though...

MMOs don't cause me to meltdown, silly.

I can't bash on my home internet connection because it keeps dropping and I die so much that it's just treading water. Grrr.

haven't had one with Achaea, I know when Halo 3 came out on  live one time, my power went out when I was in a ranking match and I threw the controller and broke it


Shooters'll do that

I can't say I really meltdown when playing games.


I walk away!

A hole sawed offs


I haven't had a text-game meltdown since I started playing, though the first time this character got robbed sucked pretty hard. Stupid, terrible internet connection. :(


when i got stolen from a long, long time ago and lost all the gold i had earned since the flame.

When I got 760 rosehips from a Christmas gnome. RAAAGE.

You say in a slightly raspy voice, "But every time I start thinking about why I hate Mudlet, I get so steamed."

You say in a slightly raspy voice, "Like..fist through the monitor."

You say in a slightly raspy voice, "I suppose the best thing I can do is remain a loyal and hard-core proponent of MUSHClient."


In short, please do not get me started on Mudlet. I probably won't be able to convince YOU that it's the worst client design I've ever seen, but I'll never turn. You'll never make me turn. NOOO it's not true! You're not my faatherrr!!!!

1.) During the Great Hunt when this guy was killing me since he wanted someone below me to win, due to OOC creeper motives. He jumped me twice, second one with a companion. I was level 99, a Prime Death sucks so bad. I got so mad I scratched my face and actually started bleeding from a wound on the bridge of my nose.



Some people don't, unless someone else finds one for them.


And yes, don't glare at me and say 'you got a paintbrush'.


To answer the question, though, the worst gamerrage I've had was when Stratas took Nicholo to meet his fathers and was accused of treachery, deceit, and malfeasance. And then Nicholo was called a poison viper. And then I was told he could only marry in to the family if he cut off all ties with HIS family. And then I went on an OOC rant and threatened to ragequit forever, so they gave me an option, and I took it, and they haven't let me live it down or let up on me and let me enjoy my game. SERIOSULY GUYS GIVE IT A REST.

Those two seriously need to let up on it. Like seriously, let up on it. It's making things annoying and is just counterproductive with them hounding on every action the two take. But, yes, proceed with LOLTALKTOTHEHAND unless it's necessary for formalities and guild stuff, etc.

I also sense that they really must just be bored and didn't get anything for Christmas. 

I was just getting a little ragey then, but cooling off and going to beat it. Run on the spot my ass. Heh

No breaking of material, just disappointments.

no meltdowns yet

for me to have had a meltdown


It's a game!

didn't break anything but was a work and screamed out a certain word that rhymns with duck when I forged a 70/118/239 rapier yesterday -_- so clsoe

It's just a game. No need to be so high strung.

If i'm not having fun i take a break. I really don't have time to do things I don't enjoy.

Merry Christamas!

Probably the time Tecton permanently shrubbed a good friend of mine for a breaking a rule that didn't exist. Then created a rule after the fact to justify that shrubbing. Then covered up for a player who broke that same rule, only in a more public forum.

Either that or the time Pentharian wordlessly zapped me for having the audacity to walk into the same room as him.


Lord Pentharian...I've heard some stories...sounds a lot like Lord Arian before He went dormant




Every freaking day.

I usually don't give a damn about what people do to me, but when I see friends get griefed, I usually get pretty pissed and try to help them get some kind of revenge. But I would only really 'meltdown' if the person does it frequently, always gets away, and I can't do anything about it. The obvious response is to just not care that much, but some people make it their job to be obnoxious while doing it, so it no longer becomes "I did that because it's a game and it's fun" but rather "I did that because it would piss you off".

worked for several hours on a quest, then, during a fight, lagged out of the game. When I was able to come back, I died and all the progress was lost.

I don't remember having a hair-pulling-teeth-gnashing-keyboard-smashing meltdown at all.

On another game and I deleted my character.

still none so far


I actually can't remember the details of my last meltdown. I don't have very many, I do remember that it had something to do with my dying more than one time. I truely am enjoying not losing as much experiance upon a death as we once did.

My last meltdown was quite a while ago when Mosr lost archon in Ashan. I threw a hissy fit and nearly punched my screen before storming out of my house in a blind rage and drank myself silly at the bar.


Yes, I was that caught up with it. I've since taken about ten minutes each day to evaluate my priorities. If I feel that I am becoming too connected to Achaea (angry for more than 5 minutes over something that happens), I stop playing for a little while or I play much less.

Usually though, these days I don't get angry at all because I simply tell myself that it's just a game. :)

What rage? Huh? Not me.... The last time I raged ooc at Achaea was when dealing with the crafter's union.... I try not to let it get to me, but that is an area in game that has a fine ooc/ic line. The best advice I can give is to try breathing techniques, time away, punching bags.... ahem, emphasis on time away.

I just had my first meltdown figuring it out

Everytime I die to aeon, I curse out loud and my roommates will look at me funny.

Dying multiple times in a day definitely gets me upset, but I don't think it's ever been so bad that I've wanted to break my computer or anything.  I have had a few instances of IC drama that upset me too but not lately.  On another note, I do find myself wanting to throw my hubby's computer out the window because he spends so much time on WoW or Star Wars online.  I think that counts as having an mmo meltdown.

I am not good enough to

90% of my meltdowns are due to some form of lag or another, whether it kills me, or just makes me look like an arse.




Everyone hates these!

No to meltdowns!

I wish I could say I have never melted down over a game but if I did I would not only be a meltdowner but a liar as well. I strive to become less angry when things go awry and more easy going.

Aeon you say? HAHA!

People who treat you badly? HOHO.

It is a goal. :)

I've never gotten so mad that I broke anything but there have definately been times when the aeon strikes at just the wrong time and can turn a win into a horrible loss in a very big hurry. I was fighting one of my first duels in the arena and was pretty proud of myself, I was doing really good with the manual cures. The super web went all wonky on me for only about 17 seconds and by the time I got back in control I was so far behind I couldn't do anything to get back in the game.

Eighth grade, right before I took a long break from the game. 




I think lagging out is the only thing that makes me angry, but even that isn't proper rage, I don't really get too angry and smash stuff though. So i geuss it is relative.


Before i got new computer, everytime that trample was used in a raid, with lots of prone people, it would cause me to crash and that got very very irratating.


I think lagging out is the only thing that makes me angry, but even that isn't proper rage, I don't really get too angry and smash stuff though. So i geuss it is relative.


Before i got new computer, everytime that trample was used in a raid, with lots of prone people, it would cause me to crash and that got very very irratating.

Trample IG would cause a computer crash? Some very powerful trample.

Losses due to factors outside of your control always annoy me, like a power drop in the house causing you to DC and be left behind vulnerable.


Poorly thought out game changes can grind my gears too.

Yeah, powercuts peave me off to no end, that or the wind blows too hard and affects my connection

Never had a rage fit from the least not one that carried over into OOC. My character tends to have a bit more of a temper (good way to blow off steam from OOC stuff) and she gets irritated with stuff. Doesn't carry into the real world though, I stopped doing that when I got out of puberty. 

I wouldn't say meltdown. Burned out on hunting or influencing, sure, but not really a freak out. Just a "Alright, that's enough hunting for one day," sorta thing.

Causes nerdrage

never experienced it

I was fighting a particular paladin that I did not get along with.  We had fought a couple of times and he was getting the better of me.  He ended up killing me twice in a row and I prayed for salvation then walked away from the computer.  I didn't come back for another hour or so.  Good thing grace wasn't automatically removed back then.  It made it easier to rage and walk away.

is all it takes. It means that you had your pants down, and were caught. Ultimately, you can only blame yourself, and qq for a few days

There are quite a few to mention so I'll name the rest a bit later lol!

The first time I wasn't really angry, I was more devoutly sad and frusterated. My best friend and brother (no bloodline) Lyris suicided right in front of me because he got tired of hunting for gold and thought PK was retarded. Nothing seemed to go his way and it was no longer fun. So when he did that I literally got so sad I cried and was extremely afraid I'd never see him or talk to him again. Back then he was one of the two reasons I ever kept playing because I was so far behind and stuck in such a hole it seemed like there was nothing I could do. So I invited our mentor who was like a mother to us, and our friend from the house to have a small mourning service for him where I placed a letter on the floor of his hut as a memorial along with over 50 different flowers. Our mentor and our friend contributed to the pile of floral decor bringing the total to over 100.

not long after I lost my brother, my mentor, who treated me as her own son, fell victim to robbery. everything she had worked her whole life on in her shop was gone in a flash. I did my best to be there for her as well as did the rest of the city and house. We all did what we could to restock her shop with her only to be rewarded with her shop being wiped out the very next ooc day. So feeling that she had alot to learn and that she had become far too attached to the game, she left the realms for 30 in game years. I was left alone and fragile but that moment changed my life forever.

To this very day I strive to prove myself and strengthen my willpower abilities and strategy in hopes that upon her return she will look upon me with a proud beaming smile. I vow to do my part in protecting the people and shops of my city as best I possibly can and one day maybe shall make a difference, no matter how small, in all the realms.

Hasn't happened to me. You have to be coool.

I guess the closest I've come is when I was doing celest epic and someone (don't know who)  lit the last becon when I had to log out due to exhostion.  But, I just started over with little drama really.  it's just a game.

I had logged on and had just read that my city had a "people auction", which had never been done before to the best of my knowledge. So I asked over the city mindlink whether it was still going on. Then someone replied that yes it was, and I was in it, and Radakail had purchased my soul, over the city mindlink with a dozen other citizens online. I replied that there must have been some mistake, but that person and a friend of his kept insisting that my soul had been purchased. They tracked me down and trapped me in a room in Jonril. I threatened that I could annhilate us all if they didn't let me go. They didn't. So I tried to scare them by summoning 30 demons, but they were not impressed and the demons killed me. Then I returned from the halls to three disfavors and a ban on using magic inside the walls, and a ban on summoning demons anywhere, when what I did didn't even break any Krondorian laws! So selling a citizen into slavery is fine, but trying to stop someone from selling you into slavery by a show of force is not?!? If they were really scared of me they would run away. Furthermore, one of these same people tried to murder me in the city square with a fireball barrage, but got away with it due to the lack of non-AFK witnesses. And the orphans throw stones at me because they are "scared of me". And one of my old friends now fights for Sar-Sargoth. It later turns out they were joking, but those are not the things you joke about, and after nearly being killed in my own square by a citizen and seeing one of my friends turn to an enemy I think I am justified in being paraniod (especially since he said that I was a slave of Radakail many times over the mindlink, and even in shouts). Since then I have taken all of my gold out of the city bank, and started living in Natal, stopped doing village raids (which was one of my favorite activities before, but now I refuse to fight for a city which I now see as so misguided), investigated switching to Sar-Sargoth, and then stopped playing with him or any of my alts, and I doubt I will return except to wreak horrible revenge on those responsible. I doubt I could calmly play any of my alts with this great injustice in the back of my mind. Any city where defending one's freedom is punished, I want no part of. This is certainly the latest and worst meltdown so far.

My most recently melt down was when I was when someone, who shall remain nameless, was giving a few of my friends a rough time in the game. They were killing my friend as well as saying mean things to them and I through a ranting tantrum for a few hours. 

almost had one when a newbie from the guild received an artifact from Ironbeard worth 800 credits at least *grumble*



I haven't had any melt downs but I have certainly had times where I have had to walk away from the computer to stop me saying things that wouldn't really be appropriate for my position... because there are a couple of people that literaly drive my character bat %@~! insane with how much they iritate me.

There was a time when my city on one of my characters flamed me for suggesting something. I took insult after insult. A few days later, some leader came up with the SAME idea and it got put into place. Not really a meltdown but yeah. My character was ready to punch some faces in.

I may end up rage quitting my current relationship, does that count?

Is completely normal.

Never I one, since I keep in mind it's only a game. Although sometimes I get upset when I hit hard by Lord Aeon or time warps then I qq take a walk to around and have a few drinks only to remind myself it's a game


Thanks been a while yalls run outta things to talk about?


there is a small meltdown! ;P




Never really got that emotionally into it. Trying to now though

cant remember myself. Would have been from WoW most likely

Achaea has its quirks, but none have made me really get angry

Ironbeard gave me a was empty *rageee*

Ironbeard never even bothered to give me a present at all whether it was nothing or not.

Me neither, I only saw him giving presents to others, but of course in Mhaldor you are greatful for little disappointments like that.  :)

would have my babies

When I first started to play Achaea I think I got into alot of meltdowns... I don't remember any of them so they couldn't have been that bad. I think one of my biggest meltdowns was when I was level 91 and was trying to hunt towards dragon.. Instead I would earn 20% then lose it all in a single death.. And this continued a few more times.. I finally told myself that level 91 was good enough for me and I wouldn't try harder anymore. About a week later I was told by a Goddess to get scaley and fast.. So on the dieing game I went!


I think the best way to avoid meltdowns is just to leave the realms all together. Go play something else that would calm you.. LIke me it is Facebook games or finding a book I still need to read.

Losing crown to a 4 vs 9 group. That made me rage so much, heh.

when my city chose alchemy over nature



Haern magically respawning all the animals needed to affect the totem in that event because we had it past the point of no return....and somehow they kept bringin in animal corpses, when there was a limited amount that Should have been available.

Crafting Rage is a good one.



Definitely lagging, and because I'm in France on an ADSL connection that must have been invented by sadists, it happens a lot, resulting in stupid deaths (like to low-level mobs, but if you don't sip... you're dead after 10 seconds of lag) and stupid PK-related deaths/decisions/lack of ability to react sufficiently quickly. Is it sad I'm looking forward to returning to the US for my internet connection? :P

Lag and disconnects are annoying. Not enough to make me rage but it's depressing to lose what you've gained bashing. At least in Lusternia the new autocure saves you sometimes, or conglutinate or other resurrection abilities can take some of the sting out.

What's a meltdown - don't take things seriously

havent had one yet!

Don't worry , sooner or later you'll have one. It's kinda part of the game.

It's not really a meltdown, but some classleads really get me close to rage quitting for a moment, especially if the intention is clearly nerfing a class to the point of unplayability.


My last meltdown was when I fell in a river of lava.


Sometimes I get frustrated at PK deaths that are entirely my own fault / dumb mistake, or when I show leniency in PK, then get none back.


Then I just get the exp back. :D

.. nerdrage. It just doesn't pay.

Sadly the other day. Or happily, I'm not sure which. I seem to have caused the chaotic meltdown of Krondor and the abandonment of the Gods. Because a guy killed me unfairly. I guess I should watch who and how I rage to next time, though so far the outcome has been really interesting!

Some newbie killed my pony :(

Being ganked over and over because my character had a close spelling to someone they hated.

Can't remember which day it was, but trying to log in with a migraine was a bad idea.Trying to participate in raid defense with a migraine was truly stupid. It was a long defense, too, with no leader staying in realms for more than 10 minutes.

In the end, I lost a level and hated everyone.


These are actually fun to watch when you get the pleasure of witnessing them. I don't think that I've had too terribly of a meltdown or I'd remember it. As far as breaking things due to said meltdowns ....  I still have everything in tact so I spose nothing has ever been broken due ot a meltdown. If I ever get a little miffed at Achaea however, I{ just go play Runescape or something where I don't -have- to interact with others if I just don't feel like it and can do my own thing. I'd say the thing that probably would cause a meltdown more so than anything else would be changes that go in IG that we the player have absolutely no say so about hardly ever. They just happen and we either deal with the changes or stop playing. Those can be quite frustrating at times for sure!

I think Logistics bears the brunt of many of my venting sessions. For that I sincerely adore him


Ravien doesn't really curse but sometimes the air can be blue when offloading on AIM

pray xp loss was stupid.

just recently I went into a rage because of my char being betrayed, but it ended pretty happily, or at will...shortly...

a year ago when I quit smoking cigarettes.

Dying 3 times in a raid defence after spending all day hunting. Good ragequit material right there :( Dying isn't a huge deal, but it still messes with me for some reason.

It's more of a personal thing, but losing a level because of Aeon is temporarily irksome since experience is re-gainable; that doesn't make me ragequit. People's behaviour, however, sets me off constantly.


My last 'meltdown' was when I spent about an irl day hunting and getting a good 50-60%.  Then Belladona and Sarranda invaded Ashtan, and that night I went from 70-something% into 78, to 54% into 77.  I was quite frustrated.

No major meltdown to brag about

I haven't ever had a public meltdown, but I sure do get uncomfortable sometimes when other people do so publicly, like on a channel.

Getting into combat is always a good source of frustration and profanity.

FAELING AS A FAELING with so itty-bitty Constitution I can't hunt anything. :C

My last meltdown was actually IC... I was in a relationship and the girl was very... emotional... and after the final straw, we broke up and I was pissed... so my character went on a drinking bing... coincidentally, so did I :-P

Ok, it was during the last time Ashtan was Warring against Cyrene. Standard Tanris Affair, we all know it. But this time was different. To this day, I am not sure how the Ashtani raiders pulled it off, but I do remember this. I was part of the raid defence, and let's face it, I kinda suck. But we had a nice big group, ready to defend against Tanris and his buddies... aaaand Tanris shows up with like... half the population of Ashtan. We were outnumbered and outgunned in our own city. Against my (admittedly not so better) judgement, the defence leaders pull the whole group out and back to the Muurn after Tanris and his little Army hole up in the Lyceum Gardens. Sure, we tried different tactics, dropping in a deliverance bomb did some damage, but not enough.... and next thing I know, this voice is shouting and BOOOM! Half of Cyrene is up in flames!!!! Here I am, around later mid-levels, not very smart, running around with my citymates trying to put out the flames! I raged so hard that day that I marched my unhappy butt damn near to the gates of Ashtan and GLARED at that city so hard.... and then some Ashtani Monk punk comes up and has the nerve to ask what I was doing there. I told him what Ashtan just did, how pissed I was, and that I was debating making a solo suicide run into Ashtan. He promptly kills me. I remember taking a baseball bat to my mattress after that happened.

I'm melting down and burning out right now. Decided to retire from champion for the third time, give someone younger and more ambitious a chance.

First Wobou, now you too? D: The coders be disappearing! D:


That's sweet of you.

I, unfortunately, have to resort to using gnome mud right now. The main problem is that when you right click, the first option is to 'close.' So if I lean forward while my laptop is in my lap, and I accidentally right click, it almost always disconnects. That's really the only time I get angry when I play.

I haven't had a meltdown in some time. Hurrah.







Friday. >_>

I've seen more than a few which remind me of the adage, "Early and often" in reference to voting. In Achaea it is also amazing how many folks "wake up" just in time to vote, before disappearing back into the woodwork.


As for meltdowns, I once saw a character allow themselves to be killed by a denizen over and over and over and over..... The constant deathsights, of this one character, were the talk of the (then) GT for days - real days, not Achaean days.

since I have melteddown

Lol client kept on crashing in game, so was reported over and over. Yet kept on starting new games for some reason. Now I'm banned :(

ouch :/


I don't meltdown easily, if ever.

Elections in Gaudiguch used to be pretty messy it is now, people just pop in out of nowhere to try and get free spots. Annoying, but in the end at least generally speaking, the people who want it and get it, are willing to work for it.

When I quit an MMO that had succesfully devoured 6 years of my life.

I don't look back upon that day with any regret (except how I should have done it sooner) 

deep breaths, instead

I normally hurl a few obsceneties the way of my computer when I'm hunting and all the usual places are hunted to extinction.

Haven't had one yet but reading the comments I can definitely see myself having them in the future.

I almost never get terribly angry playing video games. I just see it as futile.

Have never had an MMO melt down. Sorry :P

When I played GW, however, my group did have several melt downs. Drama = kinda fun when you're watching it!


I forgot :O may be never (:

Entire game broke down through admin abuse, favoritism, and unfair perma bannings.  I rage quit and never looked back.


Game is actually empty now.  Except for the admin.

Need to get more into this do that I can have a meltdown

i don't think i ever did. pissed off, yes, meltdown, no.

I haven't eveen been angry that I could recall.   I get annoyed and I stop playing.  It's pretty simple.

am I the only one to break 2 laptop screens :D though, i'm naturally already angry at most times. Society sucks! hence the Ire realms for me

Lag is what kills me. Literally.

I've not had anything like that in Aetolia, but there's been a few people on Achaea who've gotten on my nerves a bit

I could not believe this mmo I played on. I was a general leading a multi guild pve expedition by ship and some griefer recruit decides to despawn the ship 2 seconds before the captain despawns it after leaving the helm. He then runs off and banks said ship for his own profit.  Two minutes later captain is like OMG where is the ship!? It should be in my inventory! Some noob friend of the recruit spams us tells saying he hax our ship away and everyone is like report! Then he shows up and everyone spawn camps him forever I mean I went to sleep and when I woke next morning  they were still camping him. Admin was like if your noob asses can't figure out how to dock a ship its not our fault besides your recruit there has it I see it in his bank. We were the laughing stock of our entire Alliance.

....cause of a starburst tattoo. Ugh.


So I suck at combat. Not a big secret. In my younger days it was bad. I remember I slammed my old acer laptop shut after someone killed me during an event and it broke the hinge. For about 2 months, I had to lean the screen back and keep it anchored up with duct tape. Since then, I have learned to zen out....err I mean log out. 

If I've really experienced it with Achaea, but I know that SC II and DoTA 2 can make me rage so easily lol

It's been a while since I had a true meltdown, but I've had a few over the years. The last truly memorable one was where I nearly quit Achaea over stuff that had been building up over a couple real months of time. Ultimately I got contested in the House because a handful of people thought they could do a better job, I won the election by a single vote over a tie, people were telling him he should contest again (though he didn't), people rage quit the House, those that didn't continued to cause problems (nasty posts, etc). But the thing that really pushed me over the edge was finding out that the buggers had an ooc msn group they were using to collect 'dirt' on me and share as they plotted along with totally going off on my RP on the forums (thanks for being one of the main reasons I avoid the forums like the plague!). I mean seriously?! How far do you have to go to kill someone's love of a game but to plot stuff oocly to screw them over? Yeah, I raged for a while.

I had a little one recently when my Mudlet Mapper decided to bug out on me and caused my client to crash duting hunting and made me die my Murphy's hand again!

No meltdown.

Actually, mjore often than not it's the people that cause the meltdown, though I have to say being disconnected is equally irritating when it comes about too frequently. More often than not it's the complete lack of logic in a debate opponent, the complete recklessness of an ally putting my character in a place I don't want to be, or the hypocritical maneuverings of those in power. Or worst, the lame excuses that are completely devoid of roleplay for those with enough power to know better to slaughter those young ones that float across their view.


More often than not, though, if I get pushed to that point, (Like I did today, as a matter of fact) I end up logging off, taking the dogs out, playing in the sun for a while, and finding something else to do for the remainder of the day, or at least until my heart rate and the hues of the natural world return to normal.




ah, sou desu

Every time I experience lag.

So. Freaking. Much

It was annoying to work on this project for my house. I kept getting this run around from people. I was literally in tears a few times over it.



I don't remember what exactly set me off, but I was playing World of Warcraft and the game literally spawned three ogres within my line of sight, forcing them to kill me. This happened to me all the time. I also hated PvP, because it was broken. Forget about crafting, because it is the most tedious thing possible. I hate the people because they can't shut up or speak clearly, opting instead to speak in code or something equally stupid.

In essence I melted down because I realized there were no redeeming qualities to it, so I escaped while I still could. In a maddened frenzy, of course, but I survived. Two years and counting, I am celebrating my escape.


Never had a real meltdown on Ereshka. Got really freaking angry for like a 2 OOC day span because of consistent drama, but I never threw things or cursed anyone out - was just pissed because of lying etc. and it took little to no time to get over - so while it was annoying I feel it was far from a meltdown.

IRL last night, when my isp croaked even before i could log in.

but I am new, so I guess there will be much to come.

I'm actually relatively calm about MMO type things, and even games in general. I might get frustrated and stop playing to do something more fun, and I might never pick it up again if I associate the game with "not fun." I can get mad at people, though. D:



when I didn't get a credit.


I haven't had an actual meltdown in quite a while. However, it seems like lots of melting down going on around me lately!

Every day.

And yesterday



right now

I feel your pain all to well

Having a meltdown right now, with being told by admins I did something and them yet to present the evidence. That said, I fully expect support to take the correct actions.

Because I've never heard of you. 

I got a bit mad once when I nearly dropped some of my gold, but then I thought maybe someone else will need it more than me, so I dropped it anyway! :)

Been in a state of a meltdown since Ultima Online got outdated. not one single mmo has compared. I still play old school servers every once in awhile.

A new surname I have on some game. Bleh.

IG, hypocritical trolls - you know who you are!

Best decision I've made in a long time is to stop playing.

(You're welcome.)

But I might be getting close >.> Maybe not a meltdown, but perhaps a burnout. I've been seriously playing this game too much these days haha