IRE Asks: When was your last noob mistake?

An MMO Elf Bard

When you were a bright-eyed newbie with this new world in front of you, you undoubtedly made some honest mistakes. Maybe you kicked someone's camel, or hit a room trap. It's perfectly fine to make those mistakes as they offer a learning experience and we move on, vowing never to repeat them. Of course, sometimes we make a mistake so ridiculous that even a novice would probably know better. This is called a "noob moment", that brief moment in time when you thought it'd be a good idea to have your shop keys out in the open as you explored the undead catacombs.


Rage towards a Death Knight can turn inwards when you realize you never put defences up, and just who the heck remembers their crystal tattoo? We thought they were a myth. Instead of crying about it, try laughing it off and sharing your dunderhead moment with us. We promise we'll be laughing with you!


Comment below!


The REPLY command gets me all the time. I'll be having a private conversation with a friend, when someone slips me a tell right before I send my reply. Gah! Mis.

Worst moment was when I was talking about the current political standing in my city, accidently forgot the l in tell, sent it to a completly different person instead. It still happens to me alot as well.

I do the opposite - I don't use REPLY but TELL SUCHANDSO and still occasionally mis-send tells to the enemy I was talking about rather than the person I was talking to! So embarassing.

Happened to me too

Same for me, I never use reply or just the person's name for a tell, but quite a few times I've been talking about someone to someone else and end up sending a tell to the person I'm talking about.. always extremely awkward.

Thinking confusion is cured by focusing.


Yeah, I usually get those from people confusing me for Amanru or someone else who has Ama for the first half of their names.

tupac, eh?

it is a great way to meet new people though :-)

You can config tells so that can't happen.

And I always do. I just don't wanna get caught with the mis-tell, at least not like THAT.

Not only on  the tell/reply mistake but all with the channels such as city/commune/clans. Once Lehki (forgive me but I have to say it) was having an intimate moment with his wife and he accidently sent the text as a commune channel rather than in  an emote. Blind...


ho ho ho

Accidental mischannels are the worst!

That awkward moment when you're not sure if you should explain it, or not...



Psh not noob mistake.

I would be pretty hard pressed to believe someone whose played a decent amount of time and said they -hadn't- done this.

I don't use reply, but I'm always TELLing people the wrong things. I very often tell AMEroth (enemy) something I mean to tell AMEthyst (ally)...

I tell enemies stuff all the time. Oops.

This is why you should always use the full name.

Or 'Use the full name, fool!"

True.  I make this mistake constantly.

I stopped using the reply command after it got me the first (and only) time, and I'm always glad I did.


it is a hard habbit to break.


I can't say I've ever done that, but I've had HUNDREDS of people send me things they meant to SAY, on accident, and more than once have they been rather embarassing. In the mean time, I constantly send things to people who's names start with B, as I use BW instead of QW and am sometimes quick with the spacebar.



aye, reply just got me again last night. Though in this case, I was complaining about something to a friend and forgot to put reply in front of the tells. It started with so, and I mistelled to Sohl hehe.


Giving my key to a mob on accident. it literally ran away with it and I had to chase it down to get it back.

x-mas quest with the "free slave" part?

happened to me a couple of times with other items. Always frustrating

At least in Lusternia you have a chance you can beg for it back.

Walking into Cyrene Gates and the guards there, when I meant to exit from the other side..(OUT exits on both sides.)

Used GOTO SHALLAM and warped into Hashan, died to city guards. Prayed and as soon as I was alive did GOTO SHALLAM again without thinking.

morphed into wyvern, did WHO, tracked to a person I know and ended up in Mhaldor, wondered why I was being attacked. Lucky I did not die


Yeah, that was hilarious. Helped me gather a ton of essence, too. Mind repeating it a few more times?


You told me about that, never quite knew the whole story till now.

I have done the goto from gare and the mapper decided to go through Mhaldor :)  luckily I just hit totem and managed to gare right after

Exiting to a mountain elevation without checking I was riding my stag. The only way I can scale. Ow.

forgetting levitation while exploring :)

So happy to be able to float naturally.

Coming back after, oh, 5 RL years to switch classes, I was in New Thera learning my first couple of class skills, lagged, and Profit took everything I had. 

Okay, fine, it was only 9k gold and a journal with two written pages, but still.

Login -> selfishness -> play. :)

A thief who uses fiery portals

To get the property of mortals.

When around his ankles he finds his pants,

the mortal does the Profit dance.


Wait what?

That was silly.

Similar time gap for me.  Certain habits have degraded over time, but luckily I still have a reflex devoted to selfishness.

died several times that way. forgetful am I not?

not deffing and strolling in the blasted lands.. Damn gravediggers..

Or sandworms in the desert. Fear all piles of dirt.

I died twice recently trying to get back to Glom ... PATH WALK GLOMDORING is not always the best option.  Thanks to a couple helpful Magnagorans I managed to find my alive way home.  I'll be cutting through the city now...

give key 12345 to humgii

Notice the space?  they used to be that it gave the first key in my inv instead of the key i wanted

I got robbed while testing a client fora tablet in a regular dungeon

Buying 10 potions of restoration from the shop instead of empty potion bottles


I did that recently as well in lusty but different type of potion.

yeah i've done things like that before

I've done that

I think everyone has at least once.


hunting in a area I was not used to, started attacking a bear and the damn thing was very powerfull.  and then OOPS got a message that this was a divines pet.  Stopped what I was doing, I exited real quick from the area and hoped that I did not piss off that divine.  I was lucky..probe <animal>

...I, uh, forgot to touch my mindseye tattoo again after bursting, once, and so had no idea that the Divine standing in front of me was talking to me until he rolled his eyes and walked away.

Back when there was that finding Stian promotion, I had a rather similar noob moment. Before heading out, I was hunting some fire wyrm in the Nuskuwe caves, and didn't bother curing deafness. The next day I wanted to just enter, find Stian and head out again, so I only put up selfishness (never go anywhere without it).  The first part of the task was going to the inn in Thera to get a hint, so I went there and asked about him, just to get no response. I tried it again and again and was almost about to file a bug report when someone entered and said something. For some reasons, there is no deafness message if a denizen says something to you... I was so embarrassed because I thought someone might have seen me spamming "Stian".


I ignore so many people because I forget to touch mindseye sometimes.

I too often walk around blind or deaf without touching my mindseye only to get poked or hugged and realize my foolish ways.

Half the things I do are mistakes. Duanatharing into a full Mhaldor raid team... heh.

Good thing you lived!


Thanks for the gust! <3

forgetting to apply mending and thinking it was sip back when I first started playing.

I installed the Mudlet mapper and wanted it to walk me to the lighthouse in Sea Lion Cove, but instead it started walking to the lighthouse in Cyrene. I was (and am) enemied to Cyrene, but I didn't know the command to stop the script, and so I helplessly walked right into a guard stack.

I don't use a mapper.

That is precisely why I do not use mapper for going anywhere except to GO HOME

sit! Azor sit! Good boy!

always and forever mistyping my shortcut keys, so I think my system as died and raging at it, only to work out I typed rg instead of rh


I do that all the time...forget a shortcut I made....then think that i never made it so I go to make it only to find out that it's already made and that i was just typing it wrong every time...

Having the keys closer than two inches apart is my greatest weakness.

Typing YELL instead of TELL. Glad most either don't hear or or want to respond…but it does make me giggle when I yell "<x person> I'M FARING WELL TODAY HOW ARE YOU?" in the middle of the forest while sitting in the trees on my lonesome instead of a tell.

I got fussed at in Cyrene for accidentally doing yell instead of tell... It was an accident, people!!! yes, all three times, SORRY! I am a spaz who cannot type, we all know this!

Otherwise my big thing is trying to Spy a track...but while in dragonform, not wyvern. Oops

OR trying to harvest while still in dragonform.

Haha, this cracked me up.

Most things that people do crack you up.

Having read this, I'm now utterly astonished that I -haven't- done it.

I'm supprised I never have but, think it's because 't' and 'y' are on different hands that makes it so easy to avoid. 

I did this too, with a semi-personal message. Oops!

I've been known to do that.


If you yell in a forest and no-one's listening, does it make a sound?

I connected to, typed 2, then Mosr.


So.. addicting.

Every log-in is measured in how few mistakes I make! I'm constantly checking city privs, guild privs, and now order privs before doing anything, to quintuple check a syntax before typing it out.

Going through my regular bashing cycle without putting up anyd efences or enchantments, then wondering why I was taking so much damage. First thing that came into my mind was the divine were upping the level of the denizens because of the greathunt or annual ascension event. >.>

I had a mapper set up to use and get around more quickly. Well, one day i became enemied to Hashan, and my mapper decided to take me through the city because it was quickest. Needless to say, I walked right into a totem and 3 swami guard types... Ultra dead.

Lost my sword twice from daydreaming in the same week. Was so lucky I got it back both times. I haven't lost it since.  Thank goodness I no longer have to worry about losing it.


When I was a noob I didn't realize people owned pets and that I shouldn't kill them, so I attacked a pet cat which killed me.

I feel like that happens to everyone who first starts playing, any of these IRE games. :D

Yeah, I suppose that's the reason nobody owns a pet rat...


owned by Finchy.


And he wasn't the first pet rat.

I remember when I was a noob, everyone was killing Squeakers. I may have done it once, I don't remember.


Poor rat

I feel like a noob anytime I get commands backwards...usually it's something that can go both ways though, so I guess it's understandable.

I will never live that one down... that was very noob of me... got robbed of over 140K worth of stuff... my city suddenly hated me and I just dunno what I was thinking or how I got so distracted, but yeah for many hours I remained AFK in my subdivision house. I have also accidentally killed kittens and instead of sending a tell to my dad about my boyfriend at the time sent it to my boyfriend instead XD stuff like that... I do seem to have quite alot of those blonde moments.

I did something similar in the Reliquary. Tema got killed trying to stop a theft... 

lost many primes that way...

I can't recall, but I am sure there are many

Not carrying enough Jecis :<

Instead of selling my corpses for 1200 gold I accidentally offered them to lady Keresis while I was a Cyrenian! PHAIL!

good job!

I once entered Manara on level 21, with only alchemist robes and Warden trait as protection. Note: I'm Grook.


The gnolls HURT. I only realized after battling out with two sentinels that I didn't have any armor or shield at all!


I also had the same thing on previous alts. Forgot armor, forgot toughness, barkskin, etc etc etc.

Taking the Mhaldor gare exit thinking it was the Aalen. Painful mistake, but survived it.

Not paying attention while bashing 2 hours ago.

Mistells are my biggest thing.

When i sip any potions, if I forget the "p" then I send a tell to sidd saying what potion I was trying to sip..

Autosipper is your friend :)


Mistelling. I greeted a new member of the city on CT... only to find I'd written CLT and spoken over the House's OOC clan. :/


At least they all knew what I was talking about.

Yep, getting confused between CLT, CT, PT, WT, COT and OT leads to such fun.

Make an alias, if it happens too much. I think most people do that, if they find it a problem.

When I was fighting Eigen I thought Servanda's brother was jumping in and attacking her too and said, "Stop Cobault" and then Eigen was like, "Not here" and I was like "Oh." ....

it was about an hour ago, dying to what I knew was gonna be lag


Got a bit too ambitious exploring, decided to kill a wolf. Next thing I knew, there was 5 and I was prone and dead.


Happens sometimes...I've always been lucky with hunting at least...tackled abominations that can eat world shattering crits repeatedly, and won. Yeesh.

I died in Azun like a newbie. Spiders where coming up from everywhere, what a noob I am. Fact is I am level 70, I should be able to slay decent denizes besides gnolls; even Goblins are extraordinarly dangerous when they pack.

I have to grind, I know, but hell!


I miss on the wrong clans like a nub constantly

First day of playing Aetolia back in 2002, someone taught me survival because I'd drowned - I then turned around and asked if I could teach him anything in return.

Logging on my Enorian alt and typing CT Lets get x and impale his head at the westgate!!

tsk tsk tsk! :P

Meet new person.

Forget to look at them.

Say something like "Hello, miss!"

Realise it is a man.

Chuckle to myself at their silly name.

Every single time

Did this yesterday.

Couldn't figure out why  I could no longer wield more than 1 item. Thought it was a bug so Issued myself describing in detail the problem, every command I'd entered to make sure I was definitely definitely definitely bugged.

Got a message back from a God.

"Yeah, you have a broken arm. Try mending salve."


I had this happen to me in my early years as well man did I feel stupid. I have a good system now otherwise I would probably still do it.

I had this exact situation too. May I join the club?

That rocks!

THat sort of thing happens to the best of us.

That is funny


Ouch nonetheless

Did this yesterday.

Couldn't figure out why  I could no longer wield more than 1 item. Thought it was a bug so Issued myself describing in detail the problem, every command I'd entered to make sure I was definitely definitely definitely bugged.

Got a message back from a God.

"Yeah, you have a broken arm. Try mending salve."


Speaking of embarassing things to have bugged...


Once I was trying to make a salve that requires you to put diamond dust in the concoctions pot. It kept failing, telling me that wasn't an appropriate component to put in the pot. I bugged it only to find out the problem was due to a random DUSTbomb in my inventory.

Forgetting to put up lich seed despite being a Necromancer yourself and being forced to pray. That's shameful both in character, as well as ouch in terms of time lost out of character.


Know the feeling! Especially after ensuring everyone else has a lich seed, but forgetting to check yourself.


Also, I am the queen of confusing my clans thanks to quitting/changing them, so all my numbers are messed up. Only embarrasing when blatant ooc things are said on the council clan >.>

Happens all the time - the old foot in mouth problem

Made very few other than forgetting to def up

forgetting to ask the denizen for the key to the locked door and wondering why I couldn't get in...for about a day.



I forgot about the time I walked into Sar-Sargoth while enemied and was insta-killed by guards, and the times I got killed by salamanders (I still think those are overpowered).

they are giant salamanders with huge fangs like this......^^


Think my system has lost its connection when I can't attack a denizen only to realize I never entered all the targets the alias requires. Wind up standing there like an idiot blaming my perfectly good connection for getting beat up while I do nothing. Actually I dont think that was really me that did that, hehe

simple code on my mudlet attack alias:


if target1 == nil then

cecho("<cyan>Nil target.") else

send("attack "..target1) end


just replace 'attack' with your hunting/bashing attack (but leave the space after, before the closing ") and target1 should be your hunting/bashing target variable.

Starting PvP without venoms as a bard...

While I was standing over a warp that goes indoors.

Fled from certain death - twice. Which is to say that after successfully escaping, I ran right back in like a panicking headless chicken, where the stationary mob of angry pantathians squished me the moment I re-entered.


So very many of them. 

Mistells between clans is my common one. I think the worst one was me bemoaning the fact that people kept giving my pet monkey panties. Instead of bemoaning on the right clan, I mistelled it to the Mhaldorian council clan.. when the then Tyrannus Wulfen was around.. bah

probaly do a couple ever time i log on


hitting av instead of ab.. all .. the.. time.

I know how you feel. Also: AMP instead of MAP. So many times...

I've done it, and designed clothes for it, but I didn't realize just how horribly ridiculous it is to roleplay pregnancy until I was called upon to help deliver triplets (complete with complicated birth) then summon seven demons from the inferno to "baptise" the xorani-rajamala infants.  


I wonder if this was the ritual which convinced Indrani to "renovate" the Temple for the past 150+ years.  If it was, I'm sorry, and it will never happen again. 

This made me giggle a whole lot.

One time I inadvertantly dropped a key that I had put a flame sigil on for anti-theft. (I meant to drop a quest key, though why that seemed necessary to me at the time I have no idea.) I had to go back to the spot to try and pick it up every day until the flame sigil decayed several RL months later, because this was before you could tell how many months a flame sigil had left on it.

That sounds like a nightmare!

Mis tells is my biggest thing. Or occasionally saying LOL on a clan channel...BAD! Very bad!

Without a doubt sending tells to the wrong person via reply.  Especially when talking all naughty!  But the less said about that the better!  Sometimes not realizing what clan I am in and saying something naughty there or sending something naughty to a clan when it was meant for a tell.  I've done it all at one time another.  I think I have mostly put the kabosh to this habit now though!


And I make noob mistakes every day. Nobody ever stops.

When I wander Northern Ithmia, I seem to always find myself falling into Forest Watch.  It took me forever to figure out how to walk out of there.  I would always rely on a friend picking me up to prism to.

... the slugbeast has a hard time digesting me these days ;)

sending tells to a different person!

You're going to laugh. When Rean's family decided to raid Hashan when I was Seneschal, I am ashamed to say that I tried to call the guards over to their room via YELL FOR HELP instead of CALL FOR HELP. Suffice to say that I sounded like a fool when it shows: Ruth yells, "For help." Bahahahahah.

Or better still, when I had that meeting with Sabiru about Mhaldor-BL hostilities, I sat on his chair which he was on. <.< Should have seen carefully which seat I was supposed to take.

all the time

whenever someone manages to rob me.

i always send mistells or go to the wrong place when i wanna go somewhere else. I also tend to enter in the wrong commands 

while completly sloshed.

Noticed it is harder to influence then to bash while heavily intoxicated?

to a defense party when I was meant to target him. I felt my party members stare at me...

turn of healing to ink a tattoo, get decapitated by an orc because I forgot to turn healing back on

I was fighting the undead side at a focal point...and I thought maybe we had a chance, stupid newb mistake, forgot they have 6 ways to make you writhe.

Miscommunication, be it over channels or in tells/'s a constant for me, and pretty embarrassing at times.



I still have to learn the regex. My reflexes do not work as they should, and I do not want to buy a system. I just died yesterday by the hand of Tanris because of that, died like a noob!

I had an error with my mapper that didn't save my blacklisted areas and I ended up running into Glomdoring by accident. I managed to get out of there, but someone attacked me while I was in and that gave them avenger-free rights to kill me. The system I was running had no curing to speak of, so I pretty much just keeled over and died to them. It was so embarrasing :(

I was meditating on flame to get spark back and had all my triggers turned off. A lesser went up and I barrelled in, settings still off... :(

As long as you did not cause a untrapped error it is fine ;)



As for mine it would have to be when I started playing Aetolia, just after it came out and telling people, "This f-ing game has broke my graphics card. How the hell do I play it now with all this stupid text flooding my screen!".

Untrapped Errors usually come from AWESOME mistakes. It takes a lot of skill to get them!

Normally more of mistells

Heh, last night I forgot to set vadi's dor to my attack and just unpaused the system, then sat there for five minutes wondering why that shark wasn't dead yet and i was bleeding for 500...

that one more than once

Having just started, more or less, on serpent class and thieving I find that I make a lot of these n00b mistakes. One that I did a couple of times, in the heat of the moment, is forgetting to suggest people remove items before giving them to me...but I mean, starting off thieving do you really expect perfection?

The other problem is that I have to take breaks occasionally (because I'm a graduate student) and I tend to forget aspects of my skills. Deridius pointed out to me one day that you could envenom weapons by secreting onto them with transecretion...I felt like an idiot.

I KNOW you've got a jucier one. :)

Serpents like nicia used to cause me alot of trouble.

I walk into statues a lot. Not really paying attention to where I'm walking. :/

and then you find out that you miss just the right herb..

standing mindless near Thera thinking I had QQ'd and having Jarrel almost walk away with my pocketbelts.  Luckily I returned just in time :)

I make no noob mistakes.

getting lost again and again and again in the newbie bash zone.. which is like 10 rooms.... *sigh*

just standing there and not doing anything when you're being attacked by another player because it's the first time in a week that you logged in

Deciding to go on a stroll through Manara without checking to see if I had health vials, FML.

I keep forgetting to switch back to the common tongue, so keep speaking to people in languages they don't understand.

I have witnessed one in reverse quite often:

Name begins with A? Get lots of odd mistells.

All forms of it, since an event had an area wide uncurable one so I was just... FUUU, WHY AM I GETTING PWNED SO EASY? But then, yeah...

Instead of giving a quest vial to one of the denizens, giving one of my own, and then repeating the former another 14 times wondering why it didn't work. Didn't get 'em back..

I posted to public news instead of city news.

is that you had the amount of gold necessary for a public post outside your backpack

Anything sensitive? Post it here and let us judge.

Accidentally killing the good kelpie instead of the evil one. Whyyyyyy.

Losing an influence battle because I forgot to exclude certain mobs ><

I accidentally handed my magic tome to a nymph instead of one of the junk textbooks I had on me. Had to switch trades back to Bookbinding and pay the price to make a new tome and then start bashing to charge it up again...

Mistells that are meant for clans and accidentally sent to City. The last terrible one I did had to do something about Pokemon. Quite embarrassing.

So I was the guy who suggested the %5 health leech arti power in Varian offers me the power for free...but at the time the only arti sword i had was a rapier...I should have bought something better to put it on, cause let me tell you 5% of ...almost nothing, is basically nothing....ended up trading it in at least for creds


mistelling, so many mistells at first, if it wasn't a simple reply to the wrong person it was trying to check for a helpfile and somehow it being the shortcut for someones name.

I was misspelling eat a lot in my pre-lvl 80 days.. Yeah,  And your boy did enjoy a nice variety of treats.  Longstory/short,  Earionduil should be my personal ingame chef.

I died to the ogre's in Bellas switching playlists..  CMON!  


Also died to Malifuus.

Is Mali that bad?

typos typoes type os

Type O's!

reboarding a ship that had the sinking message, hull was fully repaired, thought we were ok!


I forget that I'm fighting and find myself watching World's Dumbest Brawlers 45 or Tosh.0 reruns....

I don't know


for reference check HONOURS KACHAN

Kachan changed her motto- 

I appointed her to the Position of Kachan ages ago. 

so many mistells.. but my system walking me to The sauntuary in Ashtan rather than Eleusis takes the cake... no, I didn't just walk in then track out like I should have.. I walked in ... then lagged out, it was fantastic, I had to be standing who knows where in Ashtan for a good 5 minutes before getting back on and walking out... still not enemied!!


Ashtan doesn't enemy for visiting?

I hope it wasn't 2 minutes ago when I quit a guild I loved being in.

have done mistells and attacked a commune loyal once on accident

Kitarel has a son named Ideation.


One time he was gone for something like 6 IRL months. I saw him pop on and was like:




- Thank you! Your idea has been submitted. -


... Oh, ffs.


That's hilarious.

Yes, that is funny :)

But I love it when people forget what alt they're on:


(Ashtan): Example says, "Hihi Shallam!"


(Shallam): Example says, "Hail, Mhaldor."


These crack me up.

This is why alts are bad. 

One time I was hunting in Azdun and found some key, used it to open a door, and found a talking statue thing. It told me to give it the key and I would get something. Thinking it was a quest or something, I did so, and it..ate it. The door locked behind me :(

I manage a mistell at least once per login

so do I

A thumbrule is to never use the first 3 letters -> FULL NAME!

Mistells are terrible. I also keep making the mistake of thinking that spending time on Achaea "won't take that long."

I was so distracted during a raid that I veildelivered my wings to the raider rather than the citizen who wanted to borrow them. Awkward!

I skipped out on a museum tour for the Terra Cotta warriors because I thought an event was today.

Stopped hunting because I ran out of health.  Went to do something else and forgot to refill.  Went back to hunting.  Whoops.

I don't make noob mistakes, oh no. Well, I mischan'd once, but it was a slip from CT to CLT which is pretty easy. And that problem has been fix'd.

Talked about sonar over city. That was shameful. Oh, and putting a present full or kirigami into the Flame. Whoops.

Mine was pretty bad. I had somewhere around 200k+ in my pack but it was about to decay so I'd gotten another one. I didn't notice that I accidently put my gold back in the one I was about to feed to a humgii.. and... well. Goodbye gold, goodbye pack. Still can't believe I did that. Been on Aet since 2003! You'd think I'd have learned!

No such thing as a last mistake! I'm always doing noob things. I suppose the one that sticks out in my mind is using eagle's wings to escape after I had just gotten away from being proned by a totem and then getting proned again. Old habits die hard. Luckily the guy was not paying attention to finish me off. Whew! I hate totems :(

yep my noobie mistake was embracing the alchemist class now i only have 300 lessons for monk at level 50


and still happening





To be fair - I'm an Aetolia noob.

But I had no idea that there was such a thing as nametell.  Not a clue.  So I set up a few of my standard two-three letter aliases, and when I use them, suddenly I'm talking to people!

I've since turned the thing off.  I can take the time to "tell <person>" when in a non-stressful situation much easier than I can afford to relearn aliases that I'll need to use quickly in combat, thanks.

Also, deffing up selfishness off burst. WHY DID I DO THAT? tells alwys get me >.<

Not exactly a noob mistake, but probably a noob moment... Miscalculated the amount of goods I had to buy in Shastaan and noticed my mistake when I had already done most of the trade route- I was short of one armament. Next month, I bought another bunch of sandstone, sailed to Tasur'ke, traded, sailed to Karbaz, sailed to Minos, noticed I forgot to trade, facepalmed, sailed back to Karbaz... Curse you, shiptrade. Curse you!


Narrowly surviving Jeramun when I was a monk and then getting excited to get away and finger hitting the wrong key to move on the numpad. I got annihilated :( One hit wonder that time! hah!

smelting a rapier I bought as a present for my protege-gone-bard while forging for myself STUPID STUPID STUPID

A minute ago forgeting to keep up clarity.

AFK-Kill, I guess, it was.

I've messaged a person named "Rea" with "d ###", while trying to read a message :(

Trying to delete a message:

msg del 12

-you have sent the following message to Del: 12.


Happened two or three times, but I got it now.


Heh, nice. I've messaged someone while trying to read before.

stupidly going afk for long periods of time because I switch screens and forget that I'm logged in

I didn't know a shift was a piece of clothing.

Look-ed at a dryad to see her wearing a shift. Submitted a bug report thinking it was a spelling mistake.


When I was told otherwise, I submitted another saying "I REALLY think you missed the R key and hit F instead."


Next message back was just "HELP SHIFT". I think I squeaked IRL that day.

I didn't know a shift was a piece of clothing.

Look-ed at a dryad to see her wearing a shift. Submitted a bug report thinking it was a spelling mistake.


When I was told otherwise, I submitted another saying "I REALLY think you missed the R key and hit F instead."


Next message back was just "HELP SHIFT". I think I squeaked IRL that day.

I've had quite a bit of mischan mistakes. I've tried to tone it down, but it still happens. One of my favorites was during a Vengeance game, mistelling to CTELL(city aether) instead of VTELL(assassin aether). Whoops! Fortunately it was a hidden name game, so no one could take advantage of it, and the assassins ended up winning ^_^

the biggest mistake I ever make is when sitting at Entry to Merchants in Ashtan, someone walks by and, being nice, I greet them, and ask "how're you doing, ma'am/sir" ... half the time I say the wrong pronoun and they either laugh ... or they slap, cuff, thump, hop, wield/throw useless item, etc.  Quite amusing, but it's a mistake I constantly make

I bought a scroll and used it, not realizing it wasn't fully charged. It poofed in my hands :(



I fell into the pit at forestwatch.


Doesn't sound that nooby, but I've hunted there every day since I've been level 30ish, maybe. Forgetting to drink levitation is just insulting.

Having at least two conversations via housetell/ tells while also being distracted IRL and not noticing some weak denizen walking in and killing me.


logged off while in a lockable room and now being unable to leave cos the ones with the key aint about,

Zylo, Vanko let me out pleeease

After 2-1/2 RL days and about 20 IG days locked in a room (still no-one knows who did it) im finally out...about damned time.

Thanks to Astalon who tepeported me out

Same old miss different day


Took a worm warp with led to kasmarkin. Kasmarkin was down. Instant death. Toyed with the idea of snapping an enemy into doing the same thing but dismissed the idea after I realized I don't have any enemies that can also worm warp.

they are not newb mistakes...they are ADVENTURES!!

I've accidently killed my hunting party back when I was an occultist and tried to fling cards at them to cure them. Sorry!

Every once in a while I forget you are supposed to apply sileris, not eat it, then wonder what happened.


I really need to not log in until I have at least one cup of coffee in the mornings.

Was walking around exploring Arcadia aimlessly and walked up some tower.  Saw a healer and was spamming the greet command when she proceeded to absolutely annihlate me.

With almost every other tell I send, it somehow manages to be in the only tongue the recipient won't understand.

Forgetting to use my chameleon tattoo while doing sneaky things...FML.

I died to Arcturus because I let him hit rebounding

speaking in another IG language and wondering why noone understood me

The 100s of times I've left a raid in Mhaldor to go get refills somewhere else because... well its Mhaldor and lolrefills to immediately wings and be like oh yeah that's the whole enemy raid group, hi. This was maybe acceptable when I was Infernal and had no other way to get back that quick, but really Hat? As a magi? Come now self what the heck.

The one time I sold a bunch of credits at 4500 instead of 5400... LUCKILY... My best friend happened to buy them hehe! So being so awesome as she is she sold them back to me.

by not rifting them... it hurt me.


And its owner was standing right there! Of course he talked me down and told me to PROBE anything first before bashing.


It's something I do to this day, even though it's obvious it's a pet.

I was absent for a while so my latest noob mistake was yesterday, trying to craft I accidently removed the description for a sword sketch, replacing it with one for a hurt a little

Hitting rebounding with Voyria, and realizing that I wasn't carrying an immunity vial.

When I bought my first new set of armor I forgot to wear it and thought it was a piece of junk I picked up. I fed it to a humgii.

Board newb mistake - double post. 




Prythe is 283 years old and keeps venturing into Eleusis with a repeat "kill" in mind, and has attacked an Eagle (sorry, Eagle!) which doubles as a "Giant" as well as the Gatekeeper, who happens to be a "Man." 


Targetting is nice, but sometimes, less so.


On a side note, when I was a newbie, that type of "mistake" would not have been handled so pleasantly. Thankfully folks have become more forgiving, even without the RP environment.






Forgot to put the name of the person I was TELLing and ended up telling someone whose name started with the first letter of my message. Whoops.

Setting up a trigger for curing, eat 100 pennyroyal by accident. Derp.


Needed to buy a shimmering orb. Accidently bought an orb sigil because I just did 'buy orb' instead of looking at ID number.

I've done that so many times... sometimes I wonder if shopkeepers bin the orb sigils first on purpose.

I think the last noob mistake I made, I forgot to recharge my enchantments and found myself quite irritated when all my charges ran out leaving me with no enchants. on top of that I couldn't find an enchanter for almost a week so I had to suffer for my noobness . lol

I embedded retardation after we propped and a huge group hit us, I did some things, flew, then landed back down to do more melee things..then remembered that we were on enemy defendable and there was a totem :( I didn't die, but I wasted time tumbling bc of those out of room already recovered and shooting, etc.

Last time I mudsexed, I forgot to check if it was a dude or not first.


Man, was I disappointed and ashamed. I had to apologize to her.


some of these are pretty funny.  Recommend reading through them if you're bored.

I'm pretty new to Aetolia, so I still make a lot of blunders syntax-wise - just not knowing what command does what.

I tend to type 'where' thinking I'll get a list of players in my zone, but I end up doing a social instead. Herp derp.

Today I became distracted by the telly, and kept hitting the up arrow and enter, thinking i was repeatedly hitting clotting, when in reality I was turning my kill attack on and off, and wondering why the creatures weren't dead yet/

Most of mine have to do with dying to mobs that I shouldn't. ..Except for the mis-tells...

I am perfect.... no just kidding I make mistakes I am sure... like walk around with torturous metal panties and forget to wear anything over them?

I wasn't standing up automatically anymore, was following my Fiance around and next thing Lord Kemnast killed me three times in a row... Ouch

I had a rogue, he was transed in fencing, subtlety, tailoring and smithing. I wanted to soldier, so I quit all four and used the lessons to go soldier, transed my newsoldier skillet and realised whoops, wrong state build. You are now useless, a dex\con soldier. So I once again quit class only to have a rogue with only half his skills and no crafting abilities. I should have just coughed up for the stat reset. Best thing about it was one week later, stats were changed and I got a free reset lol. 

It seriously just happened!

Was wandering around trying to find my group in Icewynd, got kidnapped and eaten by ice diggers. Whoops. Should have just teleported.

I ate a noob.  That was a mistake.  

I ran around forever trying to find a desk and chair so that I could write. It turns out they were in multiple places I checked repeatedly, but I didn't notice because I had verbose room descriptions and furniture was the same colour.

Getting myself enemied to the spider queen, then walking into her room. Then thinking I could chance it to walk in there again to quickly snatch the corpses. Could have avoided both deaths if I had been using my brain that day. Now I just need to get unenemied *mutter*

Last night I forgot I didn't have heatsight and saw only one enemy on squint and charged our team in. Suffice to say...there were a LOT of hidden people. :/