IRE Asks: When was your last noob mistake?

An MMO Elf Bard

When you were a bright-eyed newbie with this new world in front of you, you undoubtedly made some honest mistakes. Maybe you kicked someone's camel, or hit a room trap. It's perfectly fine to make those mistakes as they offer a learning experience and we move on, vowing never to repeat them. Of course, sometimes we make a mistake so ridiculous that even a novice would probably know better. This is called a "noob moment", that brief moment in time when you thought it'd be a good idea to have your shop keys out in the open as you explored the undead catacombs.


Rage towards a Death Knight can turn inwards when you realize you never put defences up, and just who the heck remembers their crystal tattoo? We thought they were a myth. Instead of crying about it, try laughing it off and sharing your dunderhead moment with us. We promise we'll be laughing with you!


Comment below!


Considering that I do keep being a noob and will be so for a long time, I manage to fly in Merophis after everyone told me at least 5 times not to do that for any reason. And if you are minding, yes, the eagle was there waiting

This is something that happens me a lot: attacking a mob stronger than me and not running away, getting killed and resurrected because I drank elixir vitae or being lichseeded; killed again by the same mob; prayed for salvation (with the considerable XP lose) and going back to where that mob was, to try to kill it and again getting killed as before.


Spice the vicious circle with forgeting to cast waterbreathe after being killed by a shark and resurrected by vitae/lichseed, with the consecuently drowning.


My life sucks!

..happened to me as well... died to a horde of water hydras and squids (probably only united in their hatred towards me), bursted, forgot that it strips all defenses including waterbreathing, died again. And everyone saw it thanks to deathsight.


Mistells and such are common practice for me. But what really gets me often are the BAD Noob mistakes. Like forgetting to pack my 20k gold before rushing to defend my city. Or, more recently...

Heh... taking my non-com fiance hunting with me. She's my Bloodsworn and I figured with full runes, blessings, and Bloodsworn up, we'd roll face on pretty much anything. Come to find out, she has no curatives whatsoever, no curing system, of any kind, and not even health elixir! And of course, durhur me decides we'd take on the vampire spiders in Sea Lion cove.


Pride cometh before the fall... and fall we did. Talk about embarassing.

I noob it up on a daily basis, in all honesty. You can slide the term Derp into any of my titles and it'd fit like a charm. Most of my favorite noobmoments involve my sad, sorry excuse for an autobasher.


Hit 'A' and it'd target and hit everything with no chance of my being able to run. Got to level 100, though! :D




Bearhugging the little cubs in Estelbar before remembering that tae'dae bearhugs do damage. They called out for help on CT...whoops!

Was talking to someone about a message they received and typed 'msg write to person' instead of 'say' before I thought about it. They heard me anyway, but still.

Hah, sometimes on fb chat I'll type "say blah blah blah"...and sometimes, I use ct instead of gt.

I still havent got levitation....

Not too long ago.  Sent a tell to someone when I meant to enter a command.

Kill a loyal puppy instead of a mangry dog

Accidentally sent some commands to the conversation I was in.

Killed myself thru autotargetting after a battle while I was hunting, started attacking myself when the earlier leader "targeted" me

Attacking a quest mob. Oops.

I feel foul to a rather embarassing newb mistake when writing my meteor protection code.


EVOKE PENTAGRA does NOT work! :p

I managed to defile a temple and I got killed almost immediately. The worst part of it...I was killed my house estate. They can reach you everywhere, What a noob I am!

Typed a prepended emote that began with an apostrophe (something along the lines of " 's face ++ A shadow of a smile crosses " or something like that) and forgot to type EMOTE. So, because of the apostrophe, it came across as "Jiraishin says, "s face ++ A shadow of a smile crosses."



More enemying, this time to Djeir. At least I've been now explained how to get unenemied. Seriously need to stop doing this though! It's costly.

Well, the good thing is that it's a fun thing to do!

Just made a noob mistake when I was working on a quest today. I was supposed to collapse this tunnel and I went off the wrong way, further into the tunnel than out of it. By the time I realized it I ran right into the falling rocks. Bam! I got the questions, " Wait, what was it you died to again?"

anytime playing while overly tired or drinking.  Mistakes of all kinds happen.

I'll go to say something, then change my mind, but forget to backspace on the " ' ", so when I next type in an emote, it some out as, Ilena says, "gan."

I recently accidentally drowned a newbie I was trying to take hunting with me for experience. I forgot he didn't have waterwalking and crossed over muurn lake and through the southern tunnel on the way to Khulhedra. Yeah... I didn't even see him die. I did manage to rezz him though!

Trying to combust an already burning area, repeatedly...

Keep using tell instead of say lately, not sure what is up with that.

accidental misstells when I see someones name probably qualify

I'm not sure I ever stopped making noob mistakes, tbh.


I just make them with style, now.

while still afflicted with recklessness

Walking into the room with all the bandits in the Aureliana when I knew that's what was there, yet for some reason decided I wanted to explore it again, anyway.

I do stuff like that a lot, especially if I haven't been to a place in a while. I think the most recent one that ended with me dying was in Istarion's spider warrens. Because walking into a nest of giant spiders is always such a good idea.


relive all those memories? :(

About 3 minutes ago, forgetting to buff myself before charging headfirst into another messy death.


I swear I'll remember that stuff one day..

There was that time I did that without putting lichseed back up and died in enemy territory and had to pray and ohgod so much experience lost. I nearly did it again a while back but the memory of that time kicked in timely.

Because I didn't have phlegmatic! :(


Should talk to a Tinkerer...

Lusternia doesn't have garrynbot?

maybe always

Going commando in a river.

No ginger against an alchemist.


What? o.o

I do not make noob mistakes, I am one!

Having been bashing 'vampire' as my last mob, go back to guildhall, accidentally hit the bash key. I've now made it a point to reset my target to 'none' before going back into Bloodloch.

Except my target was 'guard'. ><

I did this with 'guard' in Enorian today. Needless to say, and understandably, I was made to explain my actions.

Using in game autocuring.. getting jumped by Eldreth -weep-

I make them all the time

Farming essence on the Earth Plane and running out of Grubs I decide to try out Hallifax' elemental plane I'd been told about. Being neutral I could go over there and farm and get it all converted.

Note this is my 6th day and I wasn't quite certain of all the details but I was SURE that Hallifax was the water plane...

I got three essence before being warned I was not welcome there, and promptly chased out by a Calest Demigod. Ran like hell back to the Earth Realm while calling for help and just made it back in in time.


missing out on fun stuff happening in MkO.

Not that long ago.


Yep, pretty much all the time for me! I'm still a noob.


Never grow out of makeing noob mistakes.

Big noob mistake I have made: accidentally targeting a citymate in defense because I thought he was an enemy (side effect of someone calling him as a target for kai or something--don't do that). Need a coloring script for friendlies!

Sent an emote over my clan channel... luckily it was an OOC clan and they all just laughed it off.

Earlier today.  Rushing raiders.

Was my last noob mistake


...still making noob mistakes all the time.

Ran into Ashtan without phasing first -.-

transversed at a rift I didn't know last night.  Death ensued.

Well, letsee. Just yesterday I died because I had mass applied and auto-ran to a far off place while I wasn't paying close attention. I couldn't recall how to pause the mapper until it was too late.

ouch! I once got very close to death because of this also, but noticed just in time.

I'm constantly screwing up my CLT, or saying tells.


The other day, took it out hunting to level it up.

Decided I'd bash the Mount Zoaka Wyverns.. guess what got hit instead D: 

Not thinking things through.. yeah.

I remember playing as an Apostate before and all the hilarious noob moments that ensued repeatedly dying in the strangest of ways. I really don't want to spoil it for anyone else. The generally weird stuff that stalks mhaldor's streets at night or some of the quests in the area.

I do noob stuff.....every day. Not on purpose, I've just never been able to spend enough time to get a handle on things I should know, even if I am still relatively new with this character. Still makes me feel like a dork though, everytime.

I swear, I make this kind of mistake all the time


Always, noob mistakes always seem to pop up!

Often make the mistake of sending a tell in which I complain about how idiotic/rude/annoying someone is to the actual person in question. 

Very awkward.

ouch. awkward!

ha, very awkward, but at least you put it all out there.

I consider every class change to be a noob mistake, thankfully I don't do it often.

Ever getting drunk before playing Achaea is a baaad idea... leads to many Noob mistakes.

When I sucked as a combatant lol

I always forget when I am in the tops of trees. Worst time, I had no mending/renewal, fell out of the trees and into a river, and drowned. It was horrible. My mother came to the room and laughed at me. 'Twas terrible.

Oh damn, I'm sorry but I just laughed. That's some bad luck.

I got a protege killed by a cow in the Savannah once. It was hilarious.

When I had a 'mis' on housechat which was pretty funny..

I glance somewhere and then go AFK. then I think I'm in the room I glanced to

Metal Gear Solid 3. Nuff said.

My most memorable was in Achaea... it was totally one of those WTF was I thinking. I was sitting in EI (sorry Ravien, lol) and saw people dying to Pandemonium in the arena and for some reason thought it was a good idea to see what would happen if I tried to grove summon Him. Well, it didn't work, but it did. Next thing I know I have a God sitting in the grove...

"Oh my Gods...!"

"Indeed... busy yourself, mortal."

*EI bursts into flames*

Yeah, that was the one time I didn't call for help putting out a fire cause I was too embarrassed!


For Wisty, I'd have to say nothing big... language oopses, really, and LOTS of failed syntax from too many years in Achaea. OMG, WHY WON'T THIS WORK RIGHT?!?! Wrong realm... *facepalm*

I'm reflexively blind and deaf at all times. I do not reflexively activate mindseye tattoos. It is very common that I don't activate mindseye tattoos at all, until 2-3 minutes of awkward silence reminds me to. >_>

Last week, Dueled Akia and had her down to 243 health, flooded rooms and I had my stonewall up. If I hadn't put up that stonewall I would have won.... Noob to not move out of flooded room and kept up the stonewal

Just before finals. Lol

Joining a very high-level RP game and my name not being perfect for my race, because I picked the wrong race by mistake...

Accidently hitting bashing button at CC after I just finished bashing guards somewhere else...


I just had a noob mistake yesterday where after a story I made a rift, well my rift was stacked under anothers and I walked into the heart of an enemy city and got instakilled by about 50 guards.

Yeah, first time in a while hunting in the caverns, blindly ran into his lair while following a whelp, to say the least it ended badly for me.

Every time I log on, I'm like 5 days into Aetolia :<

Like logging into the middle of a large battle, right that moment when an AoE drops in the room, or found that somehow all my gear was broken/decayed and my financial investments in game had flunked. OoOoh lookie where I logged out last night after confidently bashing the hardest area I can handle at my level... and there are 10 mobs in the room looking for some revenge!

Misses aren't nub mistakes. But uogh, the misses I get. Almost as bad as those I send.

Everyday this month, when I logged on thinking I'd be able to make some gold hunting and perhaps some xp even though there is a double xp promotion

the market channel while drunk

Spoke out of turn in a senate meeting.  With a wall of text.  Because I hit enter instead of an apostrophe.

setting target to guard for bashing,... then hitting a guard when you go back to the city.


If I could change one thing - I would make the hug/snuggle/etc verbs default to no target if the target is missing or typoed - so that I wouldn't always be lamely hugging myself...and it could say You hug what? or I do not see that here. PLEASE!


Forgetting to shut off my system before I tzantza :(

Worst noob mistake was talking about an enemy during a raid and accidentally send him a tell instead of the person I was initially talking to that had a good portion of our attack plan.  I was embarassed and had to convince the leader to change plans.

had one last time i was on: i forgot to dismiss my wolf.

Buying a full stock of refills of the wrong kind.  IE I use alchemical.  I bought a crapton of forestal.  Because I'm a derp.

Probably 5 minutes ago.

Going to Annwyn without the insomnia ability.




I am too perfect to make mistakes... :P


I forgot I was in dragon and tried to mount jump instead of leap.  Died a bunch of arrows as a result.

I make them all the time. I am, after all, an eternal noob.

Telling someone that I wanted to take the name of another family before I dealt with a task that my toon needed from his mother due to being in the same house.


Crazy person gets all childish and c-blocks my toon from progressing in his house because she has a higher position and she is a you know what!


The funny part is I decided to put it all out before I dealt with the task which was in my eyes doing the "right" thing instead of the "sly and immature" thing which was doing the task and then dropping a bomb on her.


*shrug* Stopped playing for awhile and now I can't get back into the game.. haha i'll stop ranting now but yeah that's my updated noob mistake.

yeah reply sux

About every two minutes.

About every two minutes.

I'm still a noob soo.

Keeping all the cures straight. I should really try a system and learn from there...

things hurt a lot more when you do that


Too perfect to make mistakes, or mebe I just want free credits and dont know what else to say

who doesn't, eh?

Even when I hit some monk's guarding and survive the inevitable BBT, sometimes I'll STILL hit the same limb on the very next combo.

I didnt join the happyfuzzylovetime alliance to end all demons, so I don't get to watch IRE cutscenes. What a noob I am.

The feeling of forgetting enemies are attacking the city and still wake up to having a group of enemies in my grove while I'm holding 100k+ in gold which I got from selling credits. Surfice to say, never again do I log out while outside the city and I'm still pissed about losing that gold.

so many mistells...better than reply all on an email, but not much

I live life as a noob, think i got the curse.

Not reading the directions first.

I was giving an Orientation, and mixed up the class of the novice I was tutoring, so I gave him completely the wrong lesson plan!


Also, I forgot to check my health elixirs before hunting Khulhedra. Two hits from her and I am out of health and running like a frightened mouse, hoping that I won't die. I got her in the end though. I survived AND killed her.

today of course

This usually happens to me when a Divine is in the room and I'm trying to say something to someone and at the same time I go, oh right, curtsey to the Divine...So I either end up saying something to one that I ment to say to the other, or I end up bowing to the wrong person. ~facepalm~ I get laughed at so much.

I spat on my skullcap instead of splitting it last night

I bought the max amount not realizing that the first set gave you like 7 or whatever. Now I never have to worry about bins.

never noob!

Putting up 10 credits for sale at 2000 instead of 20000

Turning reflexes off to sleep and the forgetting to put them back on and wondering why nothing was working



Probably yesterday.

I am pro. Pro dun make mistakes.


Every day.

Forgetting to touch my starburst... 

but instead of sq s I typoed and entered s qs.  Walked into a group of ormyrr.  Bam, instant burst/death.

started to tell someone something then decided not to and ended up telling them "nstat".


Done that before!

Do you ever really stop?

It was about 5 minutes ago.


Credit comment.

Last time the gnomes dropped, I got so excited that I  accidentally hit one instead of influencing it. Luckily he just patted me on the head and I was able to get my present still!


morphing when my flame is still summoned... that -hurts-, i killed myself with it, heh

for reals, last one? buying 25 meteors for 2000, and in the next shop there were 50 for 2700, I almost cried

i think I've done all of these. I'm still a newb.

Typing mistakes. Always.

free credit

The only noob mistake I made was when I set shipreturn to another ship, and set sail on another ship. Had to gare to assist in raid defense, and then after realized.. how am I going to get back to the ship I left on an island? :C

Some little things probably. Sometimes I'll change my mantra to break paralysis faster and find out later that I've been using it for much longer than intended!



and them being confused on how to unwield them when I switched to combat

Credit comment.


beign new to achaea i feel like i have a nnob mistake every day

I once threw a lot of bombs in the adjacent room AT the targets. .. all they did was plonk off their heads and made them laugh :|

Forgot where I was on the road, walked into Gaudiguch, died.



Died to the pixie queen. Returned to pick up my stuff. Saw that she wasn't attacking me anymore and thought that's because I died. When my grace was removed, she killed me again.

I frequently storm through the garden area of Creville, one-shotting the animals there... then forget to switch from Arash stance (high damage, low defense) when I go inside to farm the inmates. If you see my deathsight in Creville, that's what happened.



Xli recently got killed by Lachesis because I hit my combo hotkey (+ on my numberpad) instead of the enter key, causing me to fire off another combo when on about 300 health, instead of leaving east.

I saw the message for what I now know is someone summoning Sh'fah the Kx'khrah warrior in Achaea. It's an honours-line quest. I got really excited thinking an event was happening, especially when the House tutor denizen spoke about it. Nope, just a quest. :(

never xd

borrowing lvl 3 arties from a friend, thinking myself to be invincible and not paying enough attention to the numbers. Oops!

I marched in and tried to kill a bunch of soldier ants way before I was ready.

Hitting rebounding constantly counts, right?

Credit comment.


use a bag of stasis to store my armour while off realms... yeah forgot to take it out and was wodering why was I getting so much damage

All the tiime


Preparing for a kill, pausing, failing and dying before I forgot to unpause.

It would have to be about a month ago or so, when I was still Serpent. Veteran serpents know to check where a warp leads too prior to jumping through it. I didn't, and I landed in a place that got me killed. Much like Bonko recently did:


"Gonna take a random warp, wish me luck."


Few seconds later, he dies to some city guards. Stuff like that is both noobish and hilarious at the same time.

I think the worst for me was accidentally discovering Prospero's well. I got my gold from my pack, stupidly using get gold from pack and went to throw a single gold coin in the well. Due to a syntax error on my part i threw something like 300,000 gold in the well.

Needless to say, I panicked and sent an issue and fortunately for me the gods are kind and have a sense of humor as i got the gold back.

One of my alts used to be a blade master in a Rather well known and well respected house in Ashtan. Well I was not aware that Lord Matsuhama was in the room that I blindly ran into and started shouting obscenities about another adventurer that irritated me. I couldn't belive my eyes when I looked and discovered that he was standing there. I about fell out of my chair

When Blademaster came out I was one of the first to take up the Arts. The last bonehead mistake I remember making (and I still sometimes do this) was using 'sword' as my sheathe alias instead of the sword id. This ended up with me in mid-fight sheating my sword in the wrong scabard and not being able to locate it, or not being able to sheathe it at all, which effectively renders half of the skillset moot. Doh!