IRE Asks: Which Class Would You Axe?

MMO Tank Class

The producer of your favourite Iron Realms game is stepping down, and you've been handed the reins! Even though it comes as a massive shock, you knew someone would notice your dedicated roleplay one of these days. After getting settled into your new role, you get a call from CEO Matt Mihaly, who says that your game has just too many classes. Wanting to impress the boss, you readily agree, and begin making plans to chop a class completely out of the game.


After carefully weighing things like the popularity of a class, artefact investments over a fixed period, and the fact that you could have a riot on your hands if the class is based in a particular faction. So, Mr/Ms. MMO Producer, which class gets the axe in your world? Is it one that's generally regarded as overpowered, or is it one that nobody plays? Tell us in the comments below!


I would nerf the Gods

that zap skill is OVERPOWERED

This, totally this! XD

Please don't kill Koe..... :(

Ephemerals are too OP!



Oh God, I think I would just leave all of them.

I agree. And all these people who are saying Blademasters don't fit in Achaea should read the lore! They got no idea what they're saying.


I like the blademaster so I agree they should stay.

I remember back in high school when I first made this character. I read the lore about Lucaine Pyramides, and from that point forward I had frickin' dreams about being a Blademaster!

hhahah yeaahhh

probably a class last used - ie: Jester (sorry to all you Jesters out there)

Jester's really quite good in combat with a couple buffs and a very resourceful player.  The real problem is the flavour text.

Does nerfing Jesters' flavour text count?  Because I'm all for that.

I'm for that too, actually I don't know too many people who are against that.  Although apparently Tecton hasn't made a firm decision on it (Source a Q&A a while ago).





The class could stay, the lame flavour text should go.

I think the jester class is quite fun, although I am still waiting for mice to be fixed......

That aside I think people would miss jesters. They may be a pain in combat, but they are also fun at parties!

No they aren't.  They try to hard.  Like an overly amorous teenager.  Fun to watch for two minutes then just try to look anywhere else

hehe. funny how everyone hates jesters in Achaea.

It is quite shocking how many outside of the CIJ are so down on Jesters.
Our goals are to have fun, get others to have fun, and entertain.


Personally, I spend my time helping younger adventurers, telling stories, and otherwise drawing adventurers into enjoying themselves, often through jokes or amusing illusions. 


Jesters, they were so lame back when they came out.


That would be my choice too.

You say axe the jesters but as soon as you do, you'll start missing the horrible jokes.

I'd axe the one nobody plays. Nothing -too- overpowered here!

i agree

That'd be easy to work into the story too - guild closes down due to low membership.

Sign reads, "Gone Fishing."

Yes? yes? yes.


With only four classes in Midkemia (though specializations are increasing), it's hard to imagine axing anything..That being said, there are some skills I'd like to see nerfed...mostly it's tweaking an open beta. The MKO people are doing wonderful, though!

Deepshroud for rogues need to be removed. Mages can't do anything near it, so this is OP.

Axe the sentinels. They'd be stunned.

sentinel axe stun got the nerf a while back :D

Not that I think they should be axed, but maybe at least changed in a similar way to how the Aetolian ones were. They're like slightly different druids.

People have been saying that for over 8 years.


LOL Bards jkjk


Bye bye bye bards. 

Bards. Useful in some ways but when an entire skill set can be stopped by deafness, it's almost useless expect for getting rid of gravehands and taking webbing off without losing regular balance.


Voicecraft is overpowered when added to any class...except for Bards.

Imperian and Lusternia got it handled a bit better

I think all of the classes have their place, but if I REALLY had to I think I'd axe melders. In group fights when one side has one and the other doesn't, it's noticable.

Seconded, though I'd be doing it with the goal of replacing them with a new shiny new class with it's own unique mechanic.


That still counts right?

Would it be better to just give everyone the ability to break melds, or an artifact that does so? Melds themselves are pretty hard to set up in enemy territory unless the defenders aren't paying attention.


I would rather axe the Monk class - I still don't find any real RP-integration for them. Maybe we can align them with the temple in the mountains instead as a kind of org-neutral or rogue class.


They're really cool! I agree, though, that they seem less integrated in the RP of the places in Lusternia.

Melders and monks! 

Felt like that's what they were trying with the chemantics things, but it just... didn't work. 


Id say druids or sylvans, they are petty non-unique


serpents. It will encourage artifact sales for people who still want to play them.


with enough arties, no one would notice the difference


Zap the bloodborn. Consanguine is enough! *wink*

We have a very active Guild and without us there would be no specialization of the Praenomen. We are the Consanguine.

Hands off the Bloodborn! Axe some lifers instead~

I would axe paladins

heh, I agree!

What are they *for*?

I would probably do away with the Blademasters...

I know jesters are good, but I would axe them

i agree.

They just don't really fit in that well in Achaea...

I came here to say this. Their existence confuses me, and I'm in a House that accepts them! :P

Specifically the bit about Lucaine Pyramides. Their existence shouldn't confuse anyone.

I think diversity is good and would hate to lose any class but if I had to lose one I would lose the least used class. However I also don't believe one class should be too powerful either. If there were an unbeatable class I would fix it so it could be beaten. I dont' encounter many shamen, why not axe them?

Shaman is too cool to get deleted There is a lot of RP potential there too. I agree with axing Jesters

But we do need a trickster of sorts..

You can RP a trickster without playing a Jester. I really don't know much about the class, though, so I don't feel confident passing judgement myself.

in Hashan it seems like. And I don't know why people don't play more Shamans though. They're seriously fun to play.

Axe the blademasters

Maybe one of the warrior classes, there are three of them...

Axe the occies!


Axe the Priests! I bet Gamden is a priest...



What is the point of Paladins when you have Blademasters and Runewardens which are cooler...

Paladins and Infernals both powerful classes still! - I would get rid of...blademasters, I guess.

Axe the Druids.... Sentinels and Sylvans are enough to take up the forestal population now with all the Alchemists running about the cities.

Forestal skills overlap too much. Give hydra to sentinels and get rid of druids.

I wouldn't mind this too much.

Yep, probably one of the forestal classes. I wouldn't go for druids, though, probably more for sylvans. I know serpents are rarely played, too, but I happen to play one, so that's the point where being the hypothetical producer of the game comes in handy.


They hunt too fast. TOO DAMN FAST.

axe monks

Least played, I think?

As a Sylvan, I feel that Sentinels and Sylvans cover the palette of forestal needs, Druids seem redundant.

...that the gestalt of the forestal classes springs from the Druids; more likely to get rid of Sylvans (redundancy in elementalism and groves as well as sharing concoctions).


Why get rid of Jesters?  Why not Shamen?


Otherwise, get rid of the Outcast class.

Thought Outcast class was already gone. o.O

After realizing that I wanted to impress the boss, I would suddenly realize that he would be most impressed by my moxie and guts, telling him not only where there not too many classes, there were too FEW, and spend the next several weeks at work secretly developing 12 new ones.  I smell a promotion.

Game's over losers, I've got all the moneys.  Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves.


I like your answer.

For no other reason than they give me the willies.


I'd say sylvans. There are Magi, there are Druids... Why do we need one that's just a mix of those two?

I'm leaning towards jester or blademaster

They enchroach on priest's duties.

Axe sylvans

Sylvan axe is an artefact dear sir

definitely the jesters

Grove preservation shouldbe nerfed so that the mighty Lothenshal may holobomb all groves at his leisure.

Axing the Serpents would, in effect, create the notion in the average player's mind that there are more players competing for the limited resources. Though I wouldn't really axe them, I would just put my heel into their head. Get it?

There were 4 houses based primarily on Serpents and 2 that are still exclusive, they are part of the Lore and history and you would delete them? A tad defensive yes, but I love Serpents!

Rather than an axe, and that's what we've seen recently.


I agree, instead of getting an axe, they should be reworked and the classes that share skills be made more unique.

They don't seem to be as loved as people hoped that they would be.  Plus, they are the newest class.  Newest class goes first!



Priest, Apostate, Druid, and Occultist are fundamental to four key "sides" in Achaea, so the only reasonable way to axe one of those would be to axe the whole side, which definitely should not be done through the actions of anyone Celani or higher.  Paladin and infernal aren't much better in that regard.

Magi are of course far too important to be axed due to Enchantment, and similarly Serpent due to Venoms.  Jesters are a bit better, but bombs are still pretty widely used at times, so I'd be reluctant to axe them.  (They also serve as a nice counterbalance to the usually serious and often dark nature of Achaean politics.)

Blademasters are a possibility, but they're really too recent to be axed without problems, and they have some nice flavor and history behind them.  Alchemists are likewise way too recent to be axed.

So it's down to Runewarden, shaman, sylvan, sentinel, monk, and bard.  I sort of like the bard class (not to mention that they help keep gravehands from being too powerful), so that's out.  The rarity of shamans means that removing Runewarden would make runelore people too hard to find, so I wouldn't want to remove them.  Ever since the nerf to Vodun a few years back (and in particular the resulting uselessness of Listen and Leech), shamans have been somewhat weak, so that's a possibility (ironic, since Werin is a shaman.)  Sylvans don't have any reason not to remove them, but not much reason to remove them either.  Sentinels seem to frequently use cheap tactics (such as permanent stunning before a change to the rules made that impossible), so that's another definite possibility.  Removing monks would force raid combat to be a lot more personal due to the lack of Choke; whether that's a good or a bad thing is unclear.  So I'd probably end up removing sentinels.

Sentinels are incredible in group combat having Woodlore as a unique skillset. I'd definitely do something with the knight classes. Having three of them makes each one rather bland.

three forgers, three chivalry... too much in my opinion. You could argue that the similarities between Occultism and Necromancy are too great, and would either need a ground up rework or axe a class

You can't really axe any of them, because then a major faction would  miss them. What they should  d o is let all three have chivalry, but have the other two be unique, or similar

What, no one is going to say we should axe Alchemist? Guess they did a good job with em..

Alchemists are too new for me to have a real opinion on yet.


Too new to have to worry about that. Don't pick on the kid!

Alchemists now rule all the cities except of course Eleusis... so Axeing them would just undo what has just been done? And seeing as you cannot undo history like the formation and destruction of planet Nurazar leading to the three rings and the massive anchors all over sapience, I think we are pretty stuck with Alchemists and everyone is already starting to depend on them for cures more than forestals, because it is cheaper and no offense to forestals but a far more popular choice of curing currently.

I'd chuck out the Sylvans if anything, they have no unique skills merely being a mash-up of magi and druid and they've just been restricted to a single city. Not saying I'd axe any class at all, I think all have their place in the game in one way or another, saying that if I really had to under threat of being killed or some such, it'd be the Sylvans for me.

I have no opinon on this! I like all the classes. I did not like how the Alchemist entered in the realms, though. If I really had to choose one it would be Alchemist.

I've seen very few bards, and even the ones who were well known changed class. I think thad says something

I wouldn't be able to pick one so I'd probably get fired. I would however propose to continue to try and make the classes that share skills, have more abiities that are that are limited to one class only, as to make them more unique. This is already done with the elementalism skill shared by magi and sylvan and evileye/curses of apostates and shamans. it wouldn't be a bad idea to apply to other shared skills like tarot and vodun/puppetry etc.

I'd track down every remaining Aetolian Priest and destroy their class.


Short of that? Probably Cabalists. They're one of the classes that people use to promote neutrality, which really grinds my gears.

Occultists. Just get rid of them. Pesky overpowered class.


No, they have not been nerfed enough. They need another strike or ten with the nerf baton!

MKO's Pyromaniacs can go die in a fire.

I see what you did there! :P


Most of them are fixable, no reason to get rid of them. Early Shamans in Achaea were pretty unfair, though Jesters had better ways to abuse that. Puppets/Vodun should have been ditched, but not the whole class.


But hey, hating Jesters is popular. Burn em!

Axe the Carnifex xD

They're all good. I suck at being a producer. Sorry, Mr. Mihaly. :(

Although I like their abilities, Sylvan makes sense as it's a mash-up class aligned with two other classes which share similar allegience to nature. On the other hand, Druid and Sentinal both use metamorphosis as a primary skillset which doesn't have the nature faction much variety. Maybe I'd alter Sentinel a bit so it fell more in line with a traditional Ranger class and didn't use meta.

I personally dislike the Monk/Blademaster style classes. They seem both over-powered and an awkward fit in a high fantasy setting. I realize several games have this style of character but it always feels out of place to me. The popularity of these classes would pose a problem, though.

I'd also try and do something to diversify the knight professions a bit more. I understand they want equal footing for the good and evil factions and all cities need forgers, however I'd love to at least see some other difference - possibly with weapon proficiency.

You definitely have to leave Serpent stealth/rogue type class in a game would be a travesty. I'd like to see a secondary one!

But I agree that there should be more difference between the forestal classes and maybe losing one wouldn't be so bad.

Templers OP as all hell :(




What would happen to those who currently play that class?

Achaea had no need for a class like Blademaster. Why does it exist?

Monks, but then again the awesomeness of the Nekotai can carry along whatever the rest of the monk guilds lack.

Just saying

Rock on Nekotai.

FIrst I wouldn't agree with him outright. I would ask him questions to see why he thought that way and then research the varuious classes before deciding what the best course of action is. If he wanted a Yes Man he wouldn't have put me in charge in the first place.

I saw several responses of why you couldn't nerf a class becausethey are part of the Mytho of the games. Big Deal! Things change and a big change like that could bring alot of excitement and bringback some older players who have gotten bored with the game.

As much as being a monk compliments my character (I love harmony and psychometabolism!), I'd get rid of them since I see a lot of complaints about them.

Illuminati. *flee*


They're a fine Guild, no hating :<

because parrying two limbs at once is just plain stupid

They are not the only ones that can do that. In fact, Occultists can do, too, iirc


I'd see if I could remove several classes that were too similar and then try to create another class or two that melded several of the axed classes skills.

So which classes and what would you create?

Though, its also possible it just creates a way stronger class.

I'm not sure what I'd axe in lusternia all the classes seem to have a place. change is always wanted but, I'm not sure about just axing any.

While a third guild skill makes nihilists and celestines unique both celestialism and nihilism are almost exact reflections of each other. just drawing on there respective planes.  I would try to with others and maybe a random population draw from each guild try to make each specialisation of cosmic unique kinda like harmonics and transmology are  now.

I'm not sure.

Jesters. They're stupid. It has always bothered me that in a game without gunpowder, jesters have rubber balloons.

Maybe they'd be cool if they were some type of harlequin assassins, masquerading as travelling troubadours and performers with skills to climb up on rooftops, maintain information networks, disguise themselves as others, and assassinate people (yes like Assassin's Creed). But no, they're daffy lunatics ruined by giant jack in the boxes and balloon giraffes and their bouncing castle guildhall. Stupid. Axed.

Fallout from this would be no more access to Tarot for any city but Ashtan, since it's restricted to occultists. Vodun becomes a unique skill. Banana peels are one less layer of room-wide hindering stacking with tentacles, gravehands, piety, wildgrowth, homunculi etc. No more grafitti - but that is a cool ability so maybe it can go to someone else. Also no more bombs. I'd probably cherry-pick and recycle the handful of cool assets, like bombs, from the Pranks skill.

For all of the above reasons

You can't really axe any class in Lusternia without messing up the whole socio-political structure. You could axe an archetype though, or a city/commune, but every group has its own distinct flavor and axing anything would upset the overall balance.

And there's supposed to be an unreleased archetype in the works....

I doubt until all cities got their bards and monks this will happen. And then we're already seeing guilds in orgs that are almost dead. No more archetypes or cities!



I'd put Bahkatu/Atabahi and Sciomancer/Ascendril together. Let there be multi-org guilds - they enrichen the political RP. Splitting them up just spreads the player-base thin.

Jesters really don't seem to fit well with the setting (not that the idea of Jesters doesn't make sense, but the implementation, as pointed out above, is jarring, with banana peel, balloon animals, and so on carrying far too much reference to modernity for a supposedly high fantasy world). Granted, this would restrict Tarot to Mhaldor and Hashan in the current state of politics, but that doesn't seem like too much of a problem. Tarot never made much sense to me as a Jester skill anyway, unless you're conflating it with playing cards more than I think it ought to be. On the other hand, Jesters are comparatively popular, so...

Bards seem to be rather uncommon, don't provide any essential utility skills, and are accepted across the board, so cutting them would be basically politically neutral (probably not completely so, but moreso than most, I think).

So if I were deciding purely on my own opinions, probably Jester. If I were trying to piss off the smallest number of players, probably Bard.

Always amuses me.


Fun fact: The guy who came up with the idea for the Jester class was a humongous fan of Insane Clown Posse, and owned a clan named The Dark Carnival.

Agree with the above

Its decided then. Let the jester axing begin :p

and just let players pick 3 skill sets :-)


That won't get grossly overpowered at all...:P

no probably not :->

Sounds almost like lusternia..

Hmmm... Whatever the least popular class is, I suppose.


Occultists >_< Or at least their Tarot skillset.

Are pretty pointless now

You are incorrect.



I mean we just added a class... anyway still feel priests should all be nerfed...



jesters I guess if I had to choose one


Nerf the priests... this is an obvious credit comment.


I'd get rid of blademasters. I've hated them since they were released. They never should have gotten all those serpent skills. :/

Got to be serpents.  Instead of downpowering them over and over again - with the incessant complaints from them - just get rid of them.  Give venoms to alchemists - everyone is happy.

:o You're forgetting about the serpents. We wouldn't be happy.

I don't think i would be ever able to pick one to axe, there are things in each class that I enjoy. Maybe enhance some to better differentiate them from others with similar skillsets.

Imperian: Diabolists.

Aetolia: Luminary. Or, well. Carnifex and Templar. I'd prefer Infernal and Paladin back.

Lusternia: Monks or Bards.



Blademasters essentially are Serpents with cutting damage instead of magical/poison. Delete one, buff/nerf the other as desired. I'd vote for Blademaster, though, I swear I haven't seen one BM newbie in my city RP at all.


Besides, BMs can't rob people or scout around in phase.


I just need them not to all be aed before i can use them

Jesters perhaps just to follow popular demand. I'd possibly run a poll and then pick the lowest one unless it was blademasters...

not real keen on either of them.

Kill them dead... except for my one friend who is a priest, don't axe him... but all the others you can.

Blademasters are rather useless for anything rather than hunting... no RP value.

Just because this conversation is silly.

Whole lotta people gonna be hatin' on me after this comment, but in Imperian we have a guild of assassins for the demonic, magickal, and anti-magickal circles. That's three guilds with almost the same skillsets, branching off the same history, in a world that just doesn't have a place for assassins anymore. Yes, it's cool to play a class that let's you make wormholes for instant transportation and you can have a bedside seat during RP sex being phased in other people's bedrooms....but really there's no need for them anymore. The old contracts for hire aren't allowed and now everyone can do toxins so the class is pretty much outdated now. Being sneaky may be cool, but it gets boring when you figure out nobody needs you for anything.

D: everyone is spelling Shaman wrong.

Then we fix Runelore

Very likely the most utterly boring class I have ever tried with such limited ways to fight as yet those means are inordinately powerful to compensate for it. Heh.


Sylvans fight?

Nerf redundancies! Having similar classes is fine and all, but do a bunch of them need to have the same abilities?

While I think Alchemist is currently the least viable class in Achaea I don't think its time yet to cry "axe" since... they changed way too much in-game RP for that anyway.


So Blademaster it is. Or bard. Screw bards. I do agree on a lot of the sentiments about repetativeness in the forestal classes though...

Axe the magicians. Silly jack of all trades.

I would axe whoever denied my sketch that was identical, minus white in place of black, to one that was approved yesterday, stating that it needed a comma.

Although out of the two I'd say blademaster purely because they haven't had such an roleplay effect on the world (the new planet and stuff) the blademaster just had somebody tell a story and teach a person a couple of skills to spread. And alchemist killed the forestal classes >.<

Really, I have not played achaea for a couple years. I had no idea the effect was so bad. How did they kill it?

Aside from the need for tweaking the individual abilities of alchemy itself, I think the class is a beneficial addition to the game. It sets the stage for better, more concentrated conflict instead of having organizations awkwardly be simultaneously fighting nature and being dependent upon it. If you mean that alchemy killed forestal gold production...well, that one is a bit of a wash since, as far as I understand, forestals were one of the better gold-making classes to begin with and still remains one of the best gold-saving classes. I could see with some tweakage to equalize the rarity of plants and minerals though to maintain price.


Damn those pirates!

Any class that uses venoms.


I hate them.


of the plethora of cogent reasons for the axing of one or another class (and speaking strictly from the standpoint of Achaea) . . .



Rework the classes, don't axe them! They all have their place.

They are stealing the business from Druids. Not to mention those Alchemists...


why axe a class? Lets add a new class instead!

Get rid of sylvans

Alchemists are the worst

I really wouldn't want any class to be axed, but if I had to choose it would be one of these two. Don't really fit in the Achaea world.

Although I started out as one.

Get rid of the Bard class.

What little experience I have with Jesters, I found them really fun to play. I think it's true that the flavor text needs some work, but it's a very fun class, with interesting and engaging skills.

I need to know more about all the classes before I can decide that

Replace bards by pirates so they can have proper swashbuckling.

alchemists, useless outside of their tonics and such >_>

But Achaea needs the tonics, so axing is the wrong choice.  Maybe change the class skills?

but make the gods killable.

They're just soooo boring!

I'd axe priest but replace with Chaplins

Mages, every single mage in MKO needs to get axed

Yea maybe because they are so utterly boring to play.

Yea maybe because they are so utterly boring to play.

The spam! My eyes!

we should change the classes up a bit more, I think. Some are just too similar

the dwarf class

Mages - would be nice to play a low magic game

i agree


That could work.

I'd rather re-imagine a class than axe it outright, although temporarily removing a class before re-introducing it, reimagined, would be cool if there was an effort to keep people from losing thousands of lessons, or whatnot.



Generally and from what I believe deep in my heart I would say the monk guilds I know everyone would hate me, but I've not played an IRE yet where the monks weren't Op and in case of lusternia they also make absolutely no sense to even exist also the fact that they call them ninjakari is lame.

Each class brings something special to the table, they all are cool in their own ways...


Polka dancers


Shaman and bloodborn...

All classes are Speshul and none need axeing as they each have their pros and cons, except Sylvan class only has Pros and no cons...


I just hate them lol. So lame to..

Druids... Just not a fan. It's practically a one skillset combatant

Rogues/Thieves - add nothing of value


Bard out of past bitter.

Do not axe the credits whatever you do!

Axe the axe

Axe the serpents, theft is already nerfed

None of them, they are all cool

Bards - are there even any of those left?

Oh wait Isis went bard. And I guess there's Cyrene...

Okay yeah still bards.

+1 Bards are annoying.

Last one in first one out.

This is always a poor arguement for getting rid of something - especially in a world like Achaea where they needed to neutralize the ability and access to basic cures.

Too many wizards - got to go

Credit comment.

Monks! All of them!

They're are nice, but I guess Bard if I had to cut something.

there is a knight class in all three factions of Imperian. If I have to cut one class from the game. I would choose the knight class, Templars, Runeguards, and Deathknights. Doing this would still maintain the balance in the game, and would stop the easy switch between factions for the knight profession, when there is nothing like that for any other profession.

that's crazy.

Goodbye Druid

Monk is one of those standard classes, people have so much trouble with them because they scale so well with arties, or no one knows how to fight them. If thats the case, druids are far worse. I don't like classes with the same skill, even if only but a couple abilities are different but it would be very difficult to come up with something new for Paladin/Infernal/Runewarden and then there's people wanting Chaos Knights!

Dragon seems gone for now, we'll see what happens with that.

I would axe thief.

That kinda happened with the introduction of pickpocketing...


Monks. Always monks.

Any class that uses axes, should be.

Lusternia is pretty balanced when it comes to classes and you'd have to axe a whole archtype if you wanted to axe a class.

Credit comment.

Runelore is shared with runewardens, vodun is a clone of puppetry, and curses are very similar to evileye. There's nothing really unique about their skillset.


Alternatively, get rid of Sylvans, as they're Druids with a minor skillset change.


Yeah, I can see that, but what if someone wants puppetry without all the jester silliness?


All classes are good. It just depends on the person playing the class. 




Credit comment

Axe bards, no wait...urrrrggg.



serpents : D

such an old article

fuck BM.

they such a MEH class :P

Since they won't ever get well it appears that they are being axed anyway. Oh wait thats a race not a class, DUH.

I like the jesters tho!

I'd rather see some variation in monk classes, much like the variants of knights. Keep the core skills of Tekura as common to all, then change up the other two skillsets. It would add a new dimension to monks.

bards. What's the point if everyone can defend against your singing?

on BMs... we rock! :P axe the jesters they are annoying and op



None, the class variety is part of the appeal for me to achaea



Why all the Jester hate, seems like a cool class




not take out jesters, at least take out slow lock it is kind of annoying to just stay there being able to do nothing not even heartstop

Neither one. I don't see any benefits of axing a class...

Axe them all, make it a classless game.

free credit



warrior archetype haha.

Blademaster gotta go