IRE Asks: Which IRE game has the best intro?

A dwarf warrior wielding an epic battleaxe.

As part of our plans for global MMO domination, we've been hawkishly tracking website statistics, and have compiled some for your viewing pleasure.

 Over the course of the past month (Dec. 4th - Jan. 3rd), Iron Realms enjoyed 18,791 unique visitors referred from other websites (out of 53,615 total visits). The largest percentage of new visits came from;

  • StumbleUpon = 3,977
  • = 2,178
  • TopMudSites = 1,459

Interestingly, while StumbleUpon sent the most traffic, it also had the lowest user engagement, with an average of 0:18 seconds spent on the front page. Visitors from TopMudSites spent an average of 9 minutes browsing the website. traffic actually becomes a little more interesting, since we are able to break it down specifically by which game's page they come through.

  • Lust = 00:09:25
  • Aet = 00:04:29
  • MKO = 00:04:19
  • Imp = 00:03:10
  • Ach = 00:02:32

 Of course, this only reflects the total average of all the visitors combined. We're pretty certain some of them stuck around for much longer than those numbers above! Each game has a unique newbie intro which not only teaches basic commands, but tells the story of how your character becomes an adventurer in the world, setting you apart from the common village NPC.


This leads to our question: If you have played more than one IRE game, or don't mind taking some time out of your life (we know you're just bashing), which game do you think has the best intro, and why?



I like certain aspects of the different newbie trials for different reasons, but I do know that I would like the Achaean trial a whole lot better if it allowed for interaction between the new adventurer and denizens.  Being burninated in the flame of Yggdrasil is exciting, and calls for an "ouch!", but being unable to emote or do commands outside of what is required comes across as much too rigid in a world that is so infinitely expansive.  


Constantly being told "you can't do that now" leaves me with the attitude of "then I don't want to do anything!", and we all know what a die-hard fan I am.  If that turns me off I imagine it turns off less-dedicated players as well. 


I'll weigh in on the others after I've refresh my memory of what they're like. 

This is a good point. It didn't really bother me because I figured they were just excessively hand-holding, but it does give you a weird and possibly bad impression of what the game is going to be like

Worse is when you know the command you need to make next (rolling an alt) and it says 'you can't do that yet.'


The whole learning to sip thing is like that in Aetolia's start zone.

Luckily Aetolia's intro has a graduate command so you can skip it if you want to. It does need to be changed for flavor, though; it's unrealistic that every adventurer in the realm was an escaped slave or slave-to-be.

I hear what yer saying, but it's soooo COOL. Really, Aetolia's intro is my favorite - it's by far the most engaging, IMO.

Achaea could really use a graduate option.  I'd say this applies to any game with a hand-holding tutorial.  Give me the option to skip it and get right into the thick of things.

It took me a while to know what was meant as I only have one character who is fairly old at this point.

Hi Grandpa!

Yeah going through that at the moment really wish I could skip it.

I'm not looking at any other ones, but yeah... then again, I've got a mudlet profile with reflexes to do most of Achaea's novice intro.


You must make a lotta characters, huh?


i used to do this for kicks. ended up creating a buttload of alts.

Nice point, but truthfully if I had to chose, I would chose Achaea's OLD trial. However, if I had to chose a present day trial, I'd probably pick Lusternia's. 


i miss the old trial! naomh will tell you she had a huge crush on the paladin.

I liked Achaea's old intro, too

I'd never gotten to see it.

Lusternia's my favourite by far. I love how you fight your own ghost and the cheesy line at the end about the journal and writing your own destiny or something, plus  the fates are awesome. My second favourite would probably be Midkemia's as it's race specific and gives a solid feel for how the race views the world. (Go goblins!)

What was Achaea's old trial like?

credit comment.  :(


Shameless self credit bump.  Hi Tekla!

Agreed. I like the part of the old intro far better.

...experienced any other completed introduction except the 'old Achaean' version (Loom Island style).  I tried Lusternia, Aetolia, and Imperian but the memories of each have not stuck with me.  I deeply crave to see whatever comes of Tears of Polaris -- I find that style and story far more compelling to me than any of the other games (but I'm devoted to Achaea).


I'll give a go at creating new characters again to get a sense of what's going on in the other IRE spots.

I thought Tears of Polaris was canned?


Temporarily shelved. Indefinitely.

Such a shame. I was looking forward to seeing how IRE handled sci-fi. I missed the preview play window, too.


It was nothing special really...Just people running around abusing the skills. The intro was the only good part. And the blasters...

you can't expect anything past that, really.

Me too. :(

about the actual story of Tears of Polaris, other than that it takes place in outer space?

I like Achaea's though it's the only one I've tried so far.. which brings me to go try them now

... through all of them except Lusiternia, and of them I like Imperian's the best.


+1 to Imperian.

I think Achaea's is the best. And all of them compared to other sites, like Aardwolf, are wonderful.


I agree, Achaea is best.  The others are good too though.


I remember the olddd trial of rebirth vaguely where newbies got journals too and such! I tried Lusternia once and one or two other IRE games and what I liked about Lusternias trial is it was to the point and sets you up for any RP environment as it is all about fate and destiny which applies to any new character starting out. What I like about Achaeas trial is that it is more fantasy-based with the flame and all the fundamentals are there. Yes the trial does stop a new player from being able to perform other tasks, but that is a good thing because then true new players are able to get a better grasp on things step by step. Being able to emote and such inbetween might just confuse them.

I miss that about the old trials. You used to get swords too.

While I certainly enjoy all of the introductions for all of the IRE games (save Aetolia's, which is really hard to work into your character), I think my favorite to go through was Midkemia's. Not only was it different based on race, it was much more realistic and much easier to place in your background. Plus, the sword-using classes get outfitted with things they need. It's hard to start a game without basic necessities like those in Aetolia or Achaea, in Houses that might not do it for their novices.


But yes. Midkemia was certainly my favorite.

Its nice to recognise it from the books as well

it's why i play!... mostly.


I like candy

Likewise! :D

they'd make a candy event.

i do too

Midkemia of course!

I think it'd be smart if they told elves about the age-thing and let them decide their age beforehand! Apparently I was a baby elf for the longest time. :C

I think it'd be smart if they told elves about the age-thing and let them decide their age beforehand! Apparently I was a baby elf for the longest time. :C

Imperian's was the most interesting. I felt like I was part of something exciting, fighting off a cataclysmic attack long in the past of a ruined present. Achaea's feels like a disconnected and irrelevant prelude.

The new websites are ugly and poorly laid out, so I'm not surprised people don't spend any time on them.

I have only seen Achaea but liked it a lot

I agree with Mortagona, have only played Achaea.  like it lots

it traps you and gets your soul, just from the pictures.

Only seen the Achaean one, but I think it contains everything you need, Achaea was my first mud ever, and after the intro I didn't feel completely lost anymore..

I've been through all of them, but the only one that managed to stick with me (AND keep me playing the game nonstop) would have to be Achaea. I haven't gone through the other ones quite recently to remember the details, same with the lore of the other games, but I like the fact that Achaea is quite fantasy-based, with the flame and the pool of water as portals, but also that it uses characters from the Mythos and historical figures. :)

I agree. I love how it uses characters from the mythos and historical figures

Especially when you start an alt, after you've started figuring out who the people are.

To answer the question, I like Lusternia's introduction.  Very engaging.

I must admit, Lusternia's website has some awesome reads, and of course I really like the actual intro into the game. And of course, it sets the standards of RP straight away.

Lusternia's website is good, especially with how it has IG stuff integrated in, and you can read your messages and stuff while at work.


Accessing messages has become vital when I dont have the means to enter the game, sheer brilliance :)



Always was weird getting messages from people not there though

I tried them all a while ago, but I can't remember all the details. I liked the Achaea intro because it didn't feel as rushed as the other ones (if my memory serves me well, one was breaking out of jail and one was sort of a raid). On the other hand, it really felt kind of disconnected to the game.


It is probably why I have so many alts heh

Lets start with the letter 'A'

I really liked the prison escape.

The prison escape is definitely fun and exciting (much more so than Achaea's very dry and boring introduction) but it does not seem to have any... Place in the rest of the game at all.  I would love to see Aet do something similarly exciting but a bit more on point... That everyone in Aetolia is basically a fleeing felon seems strange to me.

I tend to agree with the prison thing being a bit meh!


Was certainly a good twist from the others

Yay, Lusternia!

Maybe a little bias but I have to say that I do like Achaea's better. At one point in the past I have given life to a character in all of the others but have never stayed very long and always make my way back to Achaea.

I enjoyed Achaea's Intro and the way it contains historical figures. I'll Have to try the other ones sometime.

As a new player, I'd probably find Achaea's most informative and I love that they have violet robes instead of grey tunic/pants, but as a player I thought Lusternia's was really interesting, especially how it ties into the history of the game with the Fates and the Portal.


makes me want to try the intro of Lusternia now..

but since I am used to Achaea, I think I'll stick to prefer that.

Aetolia has the coolest intro.  But I just can't seem to make myself play it.

Tema's so smart!

but the thing that really got me hooked was how friendly and welcoming everyone was!

Exactly! That's something that the other Iron Realms games lacks, a decent welcome wagon. It's probably because the other games have smaller player bases. Hmm.

perhaps I was just lucky. I've started a few alts but never kept them going as I've not had the same instant connection with the houses I've joined. Or maybe I just joined the most awesome house!!

honestly I didn't like achaea's and loved the others but I just have a deep history with achaea playing off and on for several years on different characters so I guess I'm just too used to achaea to make a change or get into the others

When I consider all of the time I have spent in achaea.  Those first 30 minutes don't really  seem that important. However I realize that everything has to start somewhere. 


ewe intros.


one thing I hated is that you cannot skip the aetolia one..

I only did the intro for Lusternia and Achaea...I liked Lusternia's info better


Love Achaeas but it needs a skip button like most of the others! So you dont have to redo it a ton. Like when I make an alt to try something out I can do that trial by heart. Say Adrein. Fol crone. L ql l flame enter flame. stand out inv wear robes. etc. I wont bore you with the directions but yeah needs a skip button

Very dramatic (:


I want to see the old Achaean intro though if anyone can help me with that!

I tried them all and besides lusternia I liked imperian most Ithink.  it took time douring a pivital point in imperian histry.  achaea was ok I like that it mentioned  the strougle to become a dragon as the final level.

I've only ever seen the Lusternia one. Perhaps someday I'll do the others.

Imperian's is nice. It's also kind of eerie if you make more than one Imperian character, and I commend the writers for possibly taking that meta-experience into account. Aetolia's has been my favorite though.

I miss Loom island. I've tried all of them aside from Midkemia, but so long ago I don't remember all the details. My favourite I think would be the one where you relieve the massacre of that one city:P You don;t have to leave right away, and you can stay and see what happens.

I've Midkemia and Lusternia, and Lusty was a bit more engaging

I still think lusternia is the best.  it introduces you to the 3 fate sisters.  they're the very base of the hole game.  they weave everything there. the tapestry of life.

Each game has it's positive and negative points.


The Imperian intro was easy to guide with.

I only play Achaea, but after having tried Lusternia once or twice in the past I must say it clearly has the best intro.  Rather good at that...

I've only tried Achaea's and whichever game has you breaking out of jail. I liked Achaea's more, but it could really benefit from a skip button. It seems quite disconnected from the game, but it establishes the basics pretty well, wich is just as important as establishing RP. So, they got it half right.

It really would.

I second a skip button!

And I'd rate it a 3 or 4 out of 5.






-- ^

How do you even count how long a visitor stayed on your site :o I tend to open links in background tabs and don't really see them immediately.

Big (internet) Brother!

Always watching 0_0

I've never played any other IRE game's but Lusternia's was a little underwhelming. I suppose for a new comer, it's good not to feed them too much though.

I miss the old intro--the one I went through way back in 2001. It dropped newbies into the real Achaea. Confusing, sure, and subject to some disruption by more experienced players, but it hooked me, because even while I was having my hand held through the initial intro, I could see that the world I was about to join was much more complex.

My favourite thing about the Lusternian intro was the ** CLACK, CLACK, CLACKETY-CLACK ** at the end of it. It was so well timed and laid out, it really impressed me the first time I saw it. Great use of text.

I loved the **CLACK, CLACK, CLACKETY-CLACK** and Lusternia is my favourite story wise and how it connects to the mythos of the world. Also what they do with the shadow and the journal having nothing in it to read is pretty awesome. Although... I never want to write in my journal as a result. It should always hold the promise of blank pages waiting to be filled.

Imperian though I think would be best for introducing someone to IRE MUDs. You get to run around a bit experimenting and do the tasks in the order you want to do them in.

Aetolia's has always stuck with me.

I will have to try out the others to see but as Bluj said, our webpage is terrible and doesn't even load fully on my computer so some things I can't even access.  It was better the way that it used to be. It looks cheap and nasty at the minute. No offense to its creator.

I tried them all except Aetolia at the end of November. Imperian has the best overall novice experience, by a lot. As for simply the introductory sequence, I like Imperian and Achaea I guess. The Lusty one was a bit confusing at one point.


Maybe I will try some of the others

that I can remember anyway.  Lusternia and Achaea.


I liked lusternia's model better.  Its a shame that it feels like a ghost town.

I feel the same way.

Lusternia's newbie experience is the best - the engaging tasks teach you about the org you have chosen and the newbie area is an epic adventure, complete with an honors line to earn!

I've actually created alts just to go back and look at Newton's lore more carefully.

Newton's an interesting place, definitely.

I miss the old achaea intro. The one where you felt like the creepy knight dude.was.going to molest you, right before he got disembowled by a goblin.

Everyone started with a shortsword.

Delete autoclass please?


Cease your blasphemy, lest they hear you

I like Midkemia's intro

I always enjoyed Achaea's Loom Island back when they had that one. That's probably my favorite.  Honestly, MKO's is a bit more simple than Achaea's current one and I think it's probably better for new players.  I love MKO's, too.  I think Loom Island wins it for me. I've tried the other three. Lusty was cool, if I remember aright. Don't really remember Impy or Aetolia.

I only vaguely remember the other MUDs' intros, but I still find Aetolia's the most straightforward. 

Out of all of them, I have to say I like the Lusternian intro the best. Very detailed, multiple tasks and the invasion at the end makes me want to go 'ACK! No I want to SAVE everybody!'

I like that Lusternia's is relatively short, and as I was new to MUDS when I started, it introduced me to the basics, then opened the door wide on all the possibilities for my character.

than 1 game

Me either.

Why mess with what works?

Same. I don't have enough time / don't feel like learning new cures, etc. I would have to make my own system again :(

The others are too long I reakon, make it as short as possible. No need to cover any story or plot related stuff, just cover the basics and into the game.

I tried the other games, I think all of them have a rather long and wordy intro at parts

Only game I've tried, though, in 10 years.

I've only tried the Achaean intro and had my girlfriend run through it.  She made it through the intro with flying colors but afterward really struggled to make her way through the world.  The idea of text gaming to her was definitely novel.

Midkemia has a good intro


I forgot MKO!  Its intro does a good job recreating the Choosing, for those who have read the books.  It is a neat way to introduce the gaming side of Midkemia.

Lusternia > MKO > Achaea > Aetolia > Imperian imo, from what I can remember of them (admittedly not a whole lot :P)


I have to say I like Lusty's the best, but then, what about Lusty don't I like the best? That said, when I first started the intro was longer, and I think better. They shortened it and made it less... epic, I guess.

I hate Aetolia's. Not that there's anything mechanically wrong with it, but it's so underwhelming from a lore point. In Achaea you get burnt in the flame, in Lusty there's the Portal of Fate, I forget why you're in that war in Imperian but you are and ther's some reason... in Aetolia you were just kidnapped by slavers. Woo? How does this set you apart from the denizens? why does it make you ccapable of being awesome? And that everyone has to acknowledge it (ie novice scrolls - "now that you've escaped Slaver's Isle") what, can no one want to be a bloodborn without being kidnapped by slavers first?


Agreed, Aetolia's is really generic and does nothing to highlight the great dark, semi-gothic, semi-steampunk, etc RP that Aetolia can have.

I liked them all myself..

i've only played aetolia but i enjoyed the intro a lot. 

hear hear







Imperian, naturally

though honestly fresh out of the intro in achaea in my mind was the hardest to adjust to

Achaea rocks


I like Aetolia's best!

Big fan of Aetolia



i think all of the intro's could be shortened

Muds i've played for the newbie tutorials. Its a tough call. I say Lusternia beats out both of them, followed by Midkemia, and Aetolia along with Imperian getting a draw. Both Aetolia and Imperian where engaging, but wasn't... all that exciting to me. Midkemia offers different start up varitys and I enjoyed the troll, and spitting in the guards face when I walked out. Lusternia is just well... rather awsome in my opinion fighting your own shadow and what not. 



Come now it's been a while

I was not a huge fan of the Achaea intro, which is the only one I've done, but I think it gets the job done.

Personally, I liked Lusternia's and Imperian's intro. The Achaean intro is also good, but now I can't get the map before visiting Severian for the first time.


I like Lusternia's intro because it emphasises on how there are countless possibilities for a character's evolution. 


On the other hand, Imperian's dramatic reenactment of a historical moment is by far the best intro - although it only offers a glimpse of it. IMHO

I do like Achaea better



I went and did Aetolia's intro again because of this post. I'm glad the game is nothing like it!

It's not as exciting as Imperians or Aetolias intros, but I feel like Lusternia's intro introduces the main elements of the game better. Achaeas intro introduces the gameplay, but almost no history or rp info to give you the context for the early character choices you're making.

I've tried the Aetolia intro twice and ran into a bug twice. That is probably the worst newbie experience you can have. Being told to do something in an intro, and not being able to.

Those should have been fixed by now.

Yep, seems okay right now...

I think the intro is not all that important in and of itself, but I understand the point of your question.  For me, it was the interaction between helpful players and guides.  Most people play these games for the RP, so the earlier RP can be experienced in the intro the more likely you will have the type of player that sticks around.

Some players are just plain unhelpful (Malapardis) towards newbies, and actually serve to turn these newbies away from the game.  Way to go Mal.

Although I prefer Achaea, I like Imperian's opening a lot more than Achaea's.

On second thought, I also liked Lusternia's quite a bit. Not so much Aetolia. :(



Would you not play a game if you didn't like the intro?


I think they should redo Achaea's, even though I'd say it's the best, it's gotten pretty old.

Lusternia's is pretty decent. :)

I think I liked Aetolia's fast paced intro, we broke out! Whoo!

what's that?

I've done Lusternia's and Achaea's, and Lusternia's is nice and straightforward then leads into Newton, which is an amazing area to learn the basics of questing.

loom island will forever be a nostalgic memory


I don't remember the intro, but I sure remember the awesome welcome I got from my city and house.


That is what hooked me. 

While I've done the Achaean intro so many times I could do it with my eyes closed (Yes I've had to try each class over the years), I do find it nice as intro's go. I should try the other games...hmmm..

only tried one

I love the old woman who asks for your name. 

Achaea's Loom Island intro was interesting, way back when they used it. But I'm a die-hard Lusternian now (many alts). I'd say that Lusternia's intro has been watered down a lot.

Achaea's Loom Island intro was interesting, way back when they used it. But I'm a die-hard Lusternian now (many alts). I'd say that Lusternia's intro has been watered down a lot.


achaea one is best, though should have a skip option somewhere

The one that allows you to skip the intro!

I enjoy that Midkemia Online's introductions are based on one's race. Adds a personal feel to each introduction. :)

I have read the intro for Lusternia several times, and personally find it quite engaging


Achaea is probably my favorite. I also really like Lusternia's. I can't vouch for many of the others since I haven't played them all yet... Should probably go do that...

Played them all, didn't like any of them. Really none of them immerse you in that games lore properly.

Played them all, didn't like any of them. Really none of them immerse you in that games lore properly.

Although Achaea does feature characters from its mythos, it does not give any clue upon the historical background of the entire game (and you're condemned into reading the entire mythos instead). It basically teaches the player most essential commands like moving, tells, says, buying, and an introduction to brawling and preset emotes (which is woefully inadequate. They should have referred to HELP EMOTELIST at least).

Imperian's, however, improves upon this by placing the character into what may have been the intended roleplay atmosphere in the actual game: that of war, chaos, and terror. It also improves upon the teaching of most commands, and the entire atmosphere of the tutorial area looks more authentic and open than that of linear Ceylon in Achaea.

I might even have stayed in Imperian if not for the woefully small population I experienced when I first played it (which was around two years ago).

1.Read article. 2. View some comments. 3. ???? 4.PROFIT!!!

Achaea's website used to be more interesting, it certainly appealed to me and made me stay with its promises of dreams and legends.  Now it is rather boring and more like an advertisement for a comic strip than an invitation to play a fantasy game.  Therefore I'm not surprised that viewers from websites like StumbleUpon are not overly impressed and don't linger a bit longer to find its magic.


First impressions make it or break it.

I agree with this


I liked Achaea's intro and Lusternia was not bad.  Aetolia I didn't like and I haven't tried the others.

... was awesome, but I don't think that is too helpful, really.

I like the new Achaea intro, even though I speed it up to maximum whenever I create an Alt. Who usually don't make it very long.


I like the new Achaea intro, too, but I still miss Loom Island. I wish I could see it again, though...

If I remember right, I really liked the Aetolia intro. It was dramatic and engaging right off the bat, which really helps throw me into a game.

i'l say it again....Midkemia

Midkemia is great, but lacks polish




Seriously. They all suck

has the best intro

Don't know.

It's quite short and just to teach the basics.

I think I've played all of them except MKO at this point... and Aetolia's is the only one that was really underwhelming, even though i thought it did a good job as a tutorial. I just don't think it did a good job at setting the mood, or defining the player as 'special' like th Portal of Fate or that fire thing in Achaea

Aetolia's intro is rpetty engaging...I like that it's not just hey, do this and then that, it's here s a kinda neat adventure!

I'll grant that it is a pretty neat -adventure-... but it's the same adventure as everyone else who starts up. So everyone in the game has, from an IC standpoint, been kidnapped by slavers, and was busted out by an imp and... whatever the other one was. Why?


In Lusty, yes, everyone does the same little thing... but it makes sense, lorewise. They're entering the Portal of Fate, they're going to an alternate reality where only the Fates may go, and they're being tested to see if they can overcome themselves. And on the other side, they are in charge of their own destiny. Aetolia doesn't give that. It doesn't give -any- reason why players are more special than denizens.

Don't know that intro, but a little adventure to start the game is great, that's why I like Achaea's intro.


But I loved the Lusternia intro!

Probably Achaea's intro, honestly. It gives you a reason why you're so damn special.


It also did so prior to Lusternia, so I have to vote for it, though I like Lusternia much more as a whole.

Lusternia's inro doesn't shoebox you into any specific history or such. In fact, they make a point about spinning a whole bunch of threads of who you could be, in any one way or another. I feel that helps it be more open; yes, we all pop through a Portal, but the Portal in itself does not determine who you are. It's just the door.


Lusternia. Honors lines!

Recently went and explored Aetolia only because there are no vampire adventurers in Achaea and me loves vampires...I quite liked starting out as a prisoner who has to escape, but I feel there should be more of a chosen path threaded in here with regards to becoming undead or staying alive... there needs to be a choice very early on, not simply oh well here you go you're undead now! Tada!

...or at least, it was, back in the day.  The last time I went through the intro, and when my lady-friend went through it, it kept spamming with what to do next.  It was so bad that she had to scroll up, even with the speed turned all the way down, to finish reading what the npcs were saying.  This made the experience so stressful and frustrating for her that she ended up quiting the game before she ever even graduated the tour.

Only seen Achaea's, so I'll just say I like the new Trial better than the old Loom Island.

say lusternia

Shorter the better.  Give me basic run down of all basic commands like old mega man so i know what the rest game will be like. 

personally think MKO has the best, simply because of its originality. it's the only one that isn't the same for every character (unless achaea's has changed in the years since I've played it)

I've only played through one intro.

It varies depending on your character and explains all you need to know.




Prison one right?

Midkemia and Aetolia were my favourites

You choose your class in a coming-of-age ceremony adapted to suit whichever of the three cities you start from. You only realise you are different and special from the masses the first time you die and the Goddess of Death Lims-Kragma tells you she won't be sending you to the afterlife where all the others go. 

No, really. I've not tried any other but Lusternia recently, but I do like how they customize the introductions by race, that's actually really neat.

I liked Aetolia's intro, running from the guards and escaping in a boat but once you get started, it was very lonely. No one really helps you much. In Achaea the people were friendlier.

You all should try Imperian.


There is something to be said about entering the world screaming, an orc invasion close on your heels.

I tried Imperian and the intro sucked, in my opinion. I like Achaea's

I think Achaea has the best intro, tried Aetolia and didn't care much for it



I've never played any of the other Iron Realms games, but I know all but three of the friends I convinced to try Achaea gave up during the tutorial.

that, sir, is a given.



I liked the escape prison scenario in Aetolia. 

Have unique intros

I've only completed Achaea and Aetolia's newbie tours but they were both so long ago that I don't really remember either of them.

achaea's is fine, though I can't say I really have experience with the others

Achaea's is nice, but from what I remember of it I think that Imp's was a bit more intresting

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I've done Lusternia's and Achaea's, and Lusternia's was massively better.


I liked Lusternia's more.

Lusternia's is dope, and even more than the best intro, it has my absolute favorite newbie area! Though honestly, Aetolia's intro, the escape from prison, is pretty frickin' sweet. If we're talking strictly intros, that one may be favorite. Achaea's, I haven't done for years, so who knows.

I've only done two and I have to say, Achaea's explained things better.

I like Achaea's intro but I will have to try Lusternia's since it seems so popular.

Only tried Achaea and Aetolia, but I liked Achaea's better.

I liked the Imperuim and Aetolia one. Although the Aetolia one is a bit old school if you ask me.

I've only played Lusternia and Achaea.  Though, I vastly prefered the Lusternia one if we're going by atmosphere - the Achaea one was a bit more intuitive I think.

MKO hands down

I guess there's a good reason to have an automated tutorial in a game with 100+ players online at any given time, but it'd probably be cool if Achaea's tour wasn't so impersonal and automated. I'd suggest something like a tour guide system, but that's kinda what houses seem to be for.

...which House has the best intro?


I think I like Midkemia's the most, or Imperian's. There is something about having to escape something

I enjoyed both Imperian and Midkemia's. Midkemia's changes based on race, which is also nice.

Achaean's new trial, but I've read a log of the old trial and it looked pretty sweet.

I've tried them all and I have to give it to Aetolia or Midkemia


Aetolia's had me more amused than anything else. Imperian is best overall for getting people used to the game but Lusternia feels much more immersive.

..but I liked Achaea better than Aetolia, and Lusternia

Midkemia. It's quick, easy to follow, and changes to be RP appropriate depending on which race the player chooses.

I would like to say Midkemia but Imperium does have an awesome intro...

achaea has the worst, probably.

I have no idea. It's been so long ago I can hardly remember them.

way to get bound credits

The old Achaean intro....

I'd have to say I prefer the Aetolia one.




but I think aetolia was fun

People complain about it, but I still like Imperian's intro the best. None of the IRE games really have that great of an intro. Aetolia's is probably the worst, since it is an unrelated pirate adventure. Achaea likely has the most appropriate one, but Achaea is silly.

probably Achaea's, though I did like the 'old trial' before the current Rebirth as well. Honestly, I'd have to go back through my logs to remember what Aetolia's was like and I don't at all remember Lusty's.

Achaea's. It's thorough and not too long. Some people complain that you can't just skip it, but there were too many newbs doing that and then they were completely lost on how to do things.

i kinda like imperians

In flavor, I prefer Aetolia's. It's also skippable , or it used to be.

New Lusternia intro




I would have to say Midkemia has the best.