IRE Asks: Who would win a divine rumble?


So this question has been burning in the back of our minds for a while, and we're hoping to settle the dispute once and for all. There are a lot of mythological Gods and Goddesses in the IRE games, each representing a certain aspect of the realms. Of course, each IRE game is distinctly different, leading to a grand total of.. too many Immortal beings to count. There's a lot of them, we know that. We could probably give some religions a run for their money.


If you're a long (long) time player, you might remember the historical showdown between Sartan, God of Evil and Aegis, God of War. While the fighting began on the ground,so many players crowded around to witness the two Gods had no choice but to take their epic brawl to the skies, where the whole world continued watching!


So what would happen if all of the IRE divine were locked inside a steel cage, until only one victor remained? Would your God come out on top? Tell us below!


Shikky has tattoos. He must be manly, and therefore a top competitor.


Also solo hunting in the Void.

 Now when I think of this, I think of the Greek gods vs. Titans scene in Immortals, though the Titans were..weird looking. But still!

like they were on drugs, right?!

Aeon gets my vote. He beats me every time, that's for sure.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

Can't beat Death

Well the Logos would win hands down, read the mythos and that is all that is needed to know!

Gerolith, duh

He's awesome!

Guis-Wan. Dude's messed up.

Time and all will fall to the Void, sorry folks. Babel wins the only round!



Dance battles are level one break sauce with job.


they all have super sayan powers so





Either a time god or a chaos god, the rest have no chance..



Dunno why, though.


Lady Ourania, who else?


Stop naming pussy gods

Viravain or Shikari, but Morgfyre got the tentacles going on..

So that would leave them a fair chance! 

I agree with Ulrich though

That the gods of Evil would win... cmon they super scary!

Lord Banath, surely.

Banath will leave the other gods lost in a web of deceit, they'll never realise the fight's begun, let alone finished.


none of the gods I like would have a chance, I fear

Twilight would when before the first fight. Just sayin' he's too good with words.

what, talk and bore the other gods to death?

The guy consumes other Gods for a living, who else is best tasked to slay ALL THE THINGS?

Lusternia: Between Fain and Morgfyre.

Aetolia: Probably between Severn and Ivoln.

The idea.

Good picks.

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior

Point taken.

Awkward insert of RL religion there.


Shaitan, he always wins

None, cause if they all died most of our worlds would crumble!

i have a feeling Shikari would do well

Morgfyre isn't a god if you knew lusty lore! once you eat a soulless you are soulless!

Also I think everyone here knows for an absolute fact pre taint Viravain would win..

No question about it.

I still say Banath ^_^

I say Lady Melantha but only cause im bias, otherwise my choice would have to be aeon, ive died to that more times than i care to count as im sure everyone has.  i dont think the divine are exempt from aeon *grin*

as far as the others go, no clue.

Lord Phaestus from Achaea, probably.

of Phaestus and Tecton and Lady Keresis. But from what I've seen, Phaestus seems like a likely outcome.

Mainly because he could probably kick your ass IRL too.

I really want to endorse my patron here, but I can't imagine her coming out on top in a brawl between the divine. Probably have to vote for Morgfyre here.

Guis-Wan would win

Go Phaestus! Ra Ra Ra!

Go Phaestus! Ra Ra Ra! He would win because he would give his opponent much rum before the fight.

None of them, They would be too afraid that someone would leap into their place and steal all their essence..

The God of lag



Lord Sarapis would win, I have fought Shaitan and Sarapis and Sarapis went fast against Shaitan I actually got in a few attacks.



Shaitan and Apollyon would lose by not being there :D

matsuhama, ofc

idk, i think aegis would put up a p good fight

Original Neraeos or Clem.

Hands down. If I have to pick someone from the current? Phaestus.

Matsuhama would surely be the victor of this glorious battle.

But divine can't die any more.

Lord Thoth, obviously, because of His army of souls.

If he were included. Otherwise.... Phaestus or Babel. I'm undecided on those particular two.

Tagg the god of ships will win

Lord Phaestus, for sure


Cahin would probably win.

Let's go with Hermes. He got the luck, mon.

sarapis, now that he's back.

Phaestus would just drop a planet on the others

Aeon, he would just freeze time and kill everyone! Lag spikes ftw.

Disconnected from server.

credit comment

Old School Sartan

that credit God.

No idea, but I'd love to see it.

I'll give it to one of the Gods of Evil... BUT! Babel has true vengence. I mean seriously, you can't beat impending oblivion

Apparently Imperian is learning part the answer to this as we speak...

The one we can't speak of.



Fury of the Land all that. Think she'd just Cataclysm everyone else in the eyeballs.

he can strip the immortality of other Gods for starters.


Logos uses sploits.

just IP ban them, win.


Metagaming FTW


That whole "God of Death," thing. Death comes to all things, even Gods.


I haven't a clue.

Boundies for the win!

Pizza pie!

Sarapis or Shaitan

Apparently, in Imperian, no one would win it anymore...

Apparently no one. At least, no one Imperian.

the divine in imperian won't win, that's for sure.

depends on the date.

Credit Comment.

As long as we get to see it.

Shikari, the Predator. One scary *** that one is!

hey ho!

Eep! run away!

well, serapis is finally back, so I think we have a winner

well, serapis is finally back, so I think we have a winner

Hrm, to what degree can Thoth's power work?

well, if the Nihilists are right , then Babel beats everyone, I guess

This would be hard, as all have different strengths and weaknesses.


(Hmmm... Hopefully this post'll nab me some free credits. *squints paranoidly this way and that*)

one would think Matsuhama would.



hrm.. in 1vs1 or 1vs2 Bal'met, for sure. He's too boosted up right now.. 

I am looking forward for when is Bal'met time to fall..


That will no doubt be a very good event

Bal'met it would seem.

Good read.




no one woul win. they would all end up dead. I have proof, it happened in imperian not long ago.

So far Sarapis, but in the end Babel will win )

+1 to Babel



Not Mastuhama.


Too soon?

He's dead already.. Too bad

He too shall pass. I just hope that when Balmet does pass the rest of the world doesn't forget the hand Mhaldor played in all of this.  I don't mean to sound vengeful, but if you have a cancer the only senseable thing to do is cut it off.


Pentharian :)



no explanation required


yep, sea god

Who is that?

haven't interacted with many lusternian divine this go-around.  I mean, Estarra is the Creatrix, but apparently Morgfyre eats everything.



he's already killed more than everyone else combined AFAIK

well, not the shallam gods, it seems so far

Penth killed Apollyon in pretty epic fashion.  Got something in your eye?  I'll get it for you.

The late Matsuhama of course.





In Achaea

Dunno given her track record.

The hammer is far too awesome.

Sometimes I just write credit because it's easier than actually commenting.

he can just delete the others

Aurora looks pretty fierce, so far.

Obviousy Papa Sarapis would win all, especially if he's been drinkin'.