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We have a very simple system we are testing to replace our current TMS ( voting system. Players do not really like the TMS vote reminders because they are pretty harassing, we can not reward you, and it has to be done very 12 to 24 hours.

Our new system will only have to be done every couple of days (whenever we add a new article to the system) and we can dish out some in game bonuses.

Participation is easy, just follow these steps.

  1. Create a Digg account at and login.
  2. Make sure you are logged into the Iron Realms website.
  3. Go to

Presto, you are done and everyone is happy! We will change the article once or twice a week for your enjoyment. If people like this better, we will remove the TMS voting.


Basically enough Diggs on one of our articles will help get us exposed to new players in new places.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask!

Comment Credits

You can earn a free credit for leaving a comment on the article as well. (The comment goes on the Iron Realms site, NOT the Digg site). Keep in mind that we want a comment that adds to the article. If you are just going to leave pointless comments just to get a credit, we will ban your character from participating.


If you have any questions feel free to ask them here.


This seems like a really good idea! It was easy to sign up for and if it gets rid of the constant, obnoxious reminders to vote, that'd be even better!

No more constant vote reminders despite the config option off? Wonderful.

Finally! I hated the popup advertisement to vote! I always voted and watched as my house started having new members!

isn't it a good thing to watch your house grow?  Not sure about Achaea, but would love to see more ur'Guard

I found the popup reminders in Lusternia to be somewhat amusing. I tihnk you should continue to remind people to vote on topmud, and use digg, as it will reach a larger audience that way.

Sounds like a great new way to help get the word out, without constant harassment

I think this is a good idea - but yes, keep topmud too, the little reminders to vote I usually found amusing, and it does help reach more people that way.

I hope it gets the word out more so player base will grow in all games!

I loved this, even though I don't mind the topmud popup. Keeping both seems like a nice idea.

I think this is a great idea! I like that you've decided to diversify how you're reaching out to get to potential new players. I never really minded the in game reminders as it didn't break the immersion into the game for me, but I understand that it did do that for many players and so now I'm happy that they'll be more happy. As I like to say, the happier the role player, the more engaged roleplay you will get out of that player :)

The in-game reminders are funny, but definitely a bit jarring, especially if you're new. First few times I thought I was getting a Zot for a second.
Will you expand to other SNS sites as well? FB or Twitter perhaps?  

I always wondered how effective TMS actually was, given the limited amount of real movement of games in their top 10.  I am hopeful that this will raise the IRE profile more, bringing in quality new players to all the games.

Along with other commenters, I do find some of the in-game reminders amusing even if they are a little irritating when you're trying to read something and they pop up mid-helpfile.

I'm going to miss some of the reminders, but not all of them. Yea I'll admit its a bit annoying, and usually the last thing I want to see when I get on in a bad day. I appreciate your listining to our naggings, if this works, then I'd get new novices to torture, help, and get to know. Please keep up the good work and ideas!

Actually, I'd say you should use both topmudsites *and* digg. Not change one for the other. The reminders aren't half as bothersome as some would you have you believe.

Also, hello strange people from the lands of Lusternia, heh

I personally didn't mind the topmudsite ads, though I admit I often forget to do it. Incentives do help heh. But I never thought topmudsite was a terribly great means of exposure anyway? So yeah, this sounds like a fairly good idea.

Like Rivius, I didn't mind the ads reminding us to vote - granted, perhaps I've just played so long that I automatically filter them out (sorry!) but there was a greater chance to get me to vote from those than from having to create a new account for things like these.

Regardless, new players are (usually) a good thing, so full steam ahead!

I'm pretty serious about voting, but I've never been that sure how much TopMuds drives people to the site.  I always just vote and then leave, and imagine most do the same, so... seems like you'd have a somewhat narrow base of newbies from there. Hopefully Digg will draw more newbies.

Great Idea, very pleased to see this happening :)

It's nice that IRE has different means to promote itself. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of our office firewall blocking TMS.


That being said, I'm off to go bash again! Keep it up, IRE!

The reminders never bothered me, really. Not to mention I've always been rooting for IRE games to stay on top of TMS.

I didn't mind the TMS reminders, honestly. Once a day, couple of minutes. It's nice that there's this too as a small thank you, but I'm quite content to keep voting for MKO to stay afloat on TMS if it means our game specifically (much as I love IRE as a whole) will keep attracting new players.

I always voted also and didn't mind doing it to help more people discover such a great game but if this works better I game for it.

I am of the opinion that more exposure is better than less. Especially when it comes to MUDs. Keep up the good work.

I like the idea! However, I don't mind voting on TMS as well (and I do so every day).

I like this Idea, But I didn't mind the tms either

So I'll be asking the question everyone's thinking about, but too shy to ask to appear greedy.


The purpose of this is to "digg" the IRE featured article, but a credit is given to everyone who comments on the featured article, and the article is found by clicking on the

link. Correct?

You get a credit for commenting on the article and another credit for doing the :)

Loving this idea so much. Do we comment on every articale or just new ones from now on?

It rarely ever bothered me to get the TMS message but I did kinda feel bad if I forgot to go and vote though, I think this might work better.  In any event MKO is where it's at  Keep up the good work IRE!

Wait a minute...


No more "vote for this site and enter"? No more voting every 24h?


Sure, I digg it :P

Great idea, I think TMS is preaching to the converted, we need new people!

I really enjoy seeing new ideas from the IRE peeps.


Thank you for all your hard work

Great idea. Thank you all for your hard work!

The more the merrier, but I hope we get quality players (or players who can be turned quality!).

Aww man, I just made my Lua system vote for me last night, and now TMS is going away? (in a few hours I'll know if my system votes count or not) How sad. I think TopMuds isn't that great though in the first place, so no hard feelings there!

What you could also consider is giving credits in exchange for site content. Site content can mean organic search traffic (especially if you take a few minutes to edit content for proper SEO).


Just a suggestion.

Actually, that is how we get our content. Players submit it and we are giving them credits id we use it. You can contact me ( if you are interested.

Digg is a great site, this is a good idea.

im enjoying the double XP


somehow i think im in love with a game should i be worried about this??