Midkemia Online, Legends of the Riftwar

Troll Warrior

Dare to enter the vast, sprawling and richly detailed world of Midkemia, based on the New York Times bestselling Riftwar Cycle series by acclaimed fantasy author Raymond E. Feist. Set in the time immediately following A Darkness At Sethanon, the Great Uprising and the prophesied moredhel sorcerer-king Murmandamus have been crushed by the armies of the Kingdom of the Isles, but the drums of war still beat in the North...

  • Hundreds of detailed quests with multiple endings and story-driven choices.
  • Intense, fast-paced PvP with live ladder rankings.
  • Massive, group-based siege battlegrounds.
  • Advanced roleplaying features allowing unparalleled customization.
  • The most advanced and detailed crafting and design systems around!
  • Ability to create and customize your own organizations, including religious Orders.

Dive into one of three great nations: the bustling port city of Krondor, capital of the Western Kingdom, that thrives on the untamed shores of the Bitter Sea; the secluded and magical forest of Elvandar, serene home of the immortal eledhel; or the great fortress-city of Sar-Sargoth in the North, where the Dark Brotherhood gathers its hosts and calls the banners of the scattered and honor-bound moredhel clans to reclaim the ancestral lands from which they have been driven.

Design your own character from the ground-up: choose one of six unique races, and one of four classes: Soldiers, masters of weaponry and battlefield tactics; Rogues, skilled in fencing and the hidden arts of subtlety, Priests, wielders of the holy powers of righteousness and faith, or a Greater Path Magician, masters of the elements, space and time as they shape the raw arcane magic of the cosmos. Then, choose one of over a dozen specializations, dictating the path of your study and advanced skills, spells and abilities, ranging from a Warlock Demonologist, a Pyromaniac Priest of Prandur, the God of Fire, a Swordmaster Queen's Guard who imbues sacred magic into her blade, a Thanatologist Priest of Lims-Kragma, the Goddess of Death, a cunning Thief, and many more!

Discover a home in one of our guilds or clans! In Krondor: the Mockers who rule the criminal underworld from the shadows, or the Pathfinders who are the most elite scouts and rangers of the Army of the West. In Elvandar: the Spellweavers, the masters of magical lore and keepers of the ancient arts, or the Queen's Guard, the unmatched wardens of the ethereal forest and the Queen of the Eledhel. In Sar-Sargoth: Clan Raven, honor-bound and cunning, and Clan Dragon, who carry the legacy of Murmandamus and seek to destroy their enemies with raw power. In the distant south on an isle in the Lake of the Stars, Stardock Academy trains magicians from around the world, embroiled in their internal politics and maneuvering. Or, hidden in the deepest darkness, the Nighthawks, a forbidden and deadly guild of assassins who serve a darker power.

Explore our immersive, intensely roleplay-driven environment and create your own fate, fame and fortune!


Ascend as a Valheru Lord
Vast, Multiplanar Universe
Serve the Gods
Gain Mastery Over Magic
Over 1,000 Abilities
Design your own Estate
Siege Castles and Towns
Rise as a Merchant Prince
Join the Nighthawks