Why People Try Dating in MMORPGs

rpg game wardancer

Don't waste your hard-earned cash on internet dating websites! Iron Realm Entertainment offers the perfect environment to have fun while getting to know your new friends!

Oh, My Gods! Inter-sect Conflict in Midkemia!

Midkemia Feist

Read about one of the most nuanced conflicts in text games today in this article about sects in the Midkemia Online MUD!

How To Survive Zombie Outbreaks in MMORPGs


There's a lot of talk amongst the zombie apocalypse, but text zombie apocalypse preparation never gets any attention... until now.

Online Text-Based Games and Inflation: Gold Versus Dollar

text game money

Ever wondered about how the real-world economy affects a text game economy? Read on to find out more.

Text Games: Worst Roleplay Ideas in MMORPGs

wicked jester

An entertaining overview of some of the most controversial things to roleplay!

Dragons of Achaea


Lets face it, in the MMORPG Achaea you can become a dragon, and what the heck is better than that? This amazing piece of fantasy dragon art comes from Chris Bourassa.

Text Adventure Games: The Fun of Being Free

Free Text Adventure Games

It's long been a misconception that F2P or free-to-play games are only free to play... because nobody would be willing to pay to play them. Read on to dispel this myth!

The Elfen Race from Lusternia

RPG Elf Girl

This image come from the text based rpg game Lusternia. It is a depiction of a female Elfen.

Dwarf of Lusternia

RPG Dwarf Warrior

Straight from the text game world of Lusternia, here is a dwarf, from the the master, Chris Bourassa.

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