Five Potential MMO Movies

mmo movie

More and more games and comics are making it to television and cinema. This article discusses the topic and explores a possible movie based on a popular Iron Realms MMORPG.

Player Housing in MMORPGs - Is it here yet?

player housing

Player housing is important to many online gamers - but it's something developers keep putting on the "to-do" list. Read this article and share your comments!

Tearing Down Language Barriers in MMO Games

captain planet

Alex Carlson offers his opinion on the seperation of gamers into region-specific servers, and how developers should tear down language barriers.

All MMORPGs are just 1's and 0's

Bjarne Stroustrup

This informational article looks at how our favourite online games were made possible through the invention of the C++ programming language, which powers the Rapture engine.

What if the MMO Item Mall Was Never Invented?

Item Mall

In this opinion piece, Tony Celentano wonders what the MMO industry would be like if the pioneers of the pay-for-perks model launched with a subscription fee.

Why True F2P Sandbox MMOs are a Niche Market

themepark game

More and more gamers are demanding MMOs with sandbox gameplay, but run screaming from the best toolkit of all - their brains.

Achaea Promises Deepest PvP Mechanics of any MMO

gamer death

Iron Realms flagship text game Achaea brought combat mechanics unseen or unheard of in any other game, 3d or text. This article breaks down one of the most in-depth PvP systems in existence.

MMORPGs: The Controversy of the 'F' Word (Free)

rpg game artwork

Many indie game developers are struggling to maintain their pay-for-perks models, so what keeps Iron Realms successful while offering a free platform? Ben Bridged gives us his opinion.

Top 5 Console Gamers' Excuses for Not Trying Sandbox MMOs

rpg artwork

It's difficult getting someone to try text role playing games - see if you've heard any of these common excuses to not play!

Why People Try Dating in MMORPGs

rpg game wardancer

Don't waste your hard-earned cash on internet dating websites! Iron Realm Entertainment offers the perfect environment to have fun while getting to know your new friends!

Bard of Imperian

RPG Elven Bard

This is an Elven Bard from the fantasy RPG text game world of Imperian and is one of my personal favorites. Art by Chris Bourassa.

RPG Games: A Deeper Look at Midkemia Online Combat

rpg game pvp midkemia online

Midkemia Online offers a unique combat system for the die-hard RPG fan, one definitely worth checking out!

Oh, My Gods! Inter-sect Conflict in Midkemia!

Midkemia Feist

Read about one of the most nuanced conflicts in text games today in this article about sects in the Midkemia Online MUD!

How To Survive Zombie Outbreaks in MMORPGs


There's a lot of talk amongst the zombie apocalypse, but text zombie apocalypse preparation never gets any attention... until now.

Online Text-Based Games and Inflation: Gold Versus Dollar

text game money

Ever wondered about how the real-world economy affects a text game economy? Read on to find out more.

Text Games: Worst Roleplay Ideas in MMORPGs

wicked jester

An entertaining overview of some of the most controversial things to roleplay!

Text Games: 5 Tips to an Awesome Gaming Experience - Part One

text game tips

For those of you out there who love gaming, especially Massively Multiplayer Online text games, here are a few tips and tricks to enhancing your gaming experience.

Text Adventure Games: The Fun of Being Free

Free Text Adventure Games

It's long been a misconception that F2P or free-to-play games are only free to play... because nobody would be willing to pay to play them. Read on to dispel this myth!

Gemadek from the Tears of Polaris MUD

The chiroptera Gemadek of Tears of Polaris

Straight from the sci-fi MMORPG world of Tears of Polaris, this Gemadek is one of the races you can choose to play from in the MUD.

Sci Fi Human from Tears of Polaris

Sci-Fi RPG Human

More game art from Chris Bourassa. This time an image of a human female from the sci-fi text game, Tears of Polaris.

Demon Battle

Demon Battle Boss Fight MMORPG

The Demon Battle image was created by Chris Bourassa for the MMORPG, Midkemia Online.

Midkemia Online Goblin

Goblin artwork concept art

The final art for the goblin of the MMORPG Midkemia Online. Created by Chris Bourassa.

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