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Iron Realms is building our first mobile application on the Android platform. If you have an Android phone and are in need of a client to play your favorite MUDs, please help us out.

You can check out the app here:

You can also find the app directly from your phone by visiting the Marketplace by doing a search for "Iron Realms".

Currently the app has the following features:

  • Stores character data for one-click login
  • Map window
  • Alias
  • Triggers
  • Timers
  • Buttons
  • Settings are stored on our servers

We will be slowly adding some new features over the next few weeks so please leave all your bugs, suggestions, and comments right here so we can have a fantasic client. 


What would be even more helpful than a client (a number exist, including the wonderful blowtorch), would be a message/news center. One tht used notifications (buzz for android, push for iOS) to alert users of new messages, logs, and news. On a phone, this is much more practical than outright trying to play the game fully. When on any phone client, this is about the limit anyhow, due to speed (internet and typing) and display limitations.


---Lynara, a Blowtorch user and dedicated gamer

Agreed, I would like to create something like this as well and is on the list for something we will eventually do.

I've found that using the iron-realms site on a smartphone to check messages and stuff works well enough for me. A client would be nice, but it's not that hard as it is at the moment..

Neat! Great client. One nitpick: it's annoying how it automatically scrolls down to the bottom whenever a new message appears -- makes it very hard to read the backscroll. Better if the bottom edge of the screen glowed or something.

Ooh yeah that would be very nice. I like that idea!

Automatic screen-scroll INSANELY annoying. No text select, also very annoying. This thing will never been good for combat, but I at least need to be able to see a full room description. One thing that would make it EXCEPTIONALLY better than any other android client availabe would be the ability to script. This is probably really difficult since nobody has done it yet... (I'm sure my android phone has more memory than my Windows 95 and I scripted on that, so I'm not worried about resources).


Also, when you make a new trigger/alias it just adds (new).... it should probably bring up a dialog or something.


Another thing, maybe I want to edit more than my login information when I'm not connected. Such as my aliases and triggers. (I actually have no idea why you would have it bring up a dialog to connect, edit, cancel when all you need is a long press to edit.)

One more idea, you could make a widget that will do the messaging thing that Lynara suggested.

BUG: If you are blind, you don't get a blank map, understandable. The problem is that there is nowhere to click to get rid of it, you have to hit the back button. Minor but slightly irritating.


I hope I made some useful suggestions. Thanks for this awesome project! We love you IRE.

Thanks for the suggestions. We will work on adding some of these.

I really like this app.  My only problem is that it force closes when I try to access the triggers tab. besides that, works great for non combat things.


I have been having the same issue with it.  Also, the app sometimes does not close completely upon log out and instead goes to a blank (black) screen.  I often have to use my app killer to close it correctly.

Make sure that you have the latest version of the client (1.5) - we've had issues with triggers in the early versions, but they should be all fixed now.

I got 1.5 and everytime I try to create a new trigger the client crashes on me. I use a HTC Hero if that helps

It's actually everytime I press 'add' for new triggers/aliases/buttons/etc. It would also be nifty if you could program your own scripts on the computer and then transfer them to the phone/app

same thing with mine too except i use a Mytouch three G


Wow for the truely addicted. Now get your fix any place any time! LOL

This app actually works fairly well for the day to day maintenance of ones character.  Its easy to use.

I use it for spending lessons, reading lore, chatting with IG friends, organizing my pack, crafting and refilling commodities.

I am an avid user of Blowtorch, I think I would make the full switch if you were able to add buttons like you are on on blowtorch(simply press and hold on the screen and it makes a programmable button, press and slide to move it around).  This would make it more functional for stuff such as hunting.  

Also, I may jus tnot where to find it but it would be nice to have some sort of reference guide with sample trigers, aliases and the such so that I could see examples.  I have made a few triggers but it still does not make full on sense to me.

Other than that, looks great, I love the one-click login(maybe add the ability to one-click login and automatically execute certain commands or alias's)

Buttons, including automatic creation upon touching the screen for a while, are already implemented in the client. Be sure that you have the latest version (1.5, with 1.6 coming soon).

My droid client seems to be sending whatever I type twice. Not too big a deal, except that it maked it very hard to navigate around.

Just downloaded on my Atrix.  Sweet!

I use the IRE app frequently, but never for very long, because use for more than a few minutes always ends up the same way. Eventually (and usually after a large amount of text is displayed), the screen will kind of freeze up. It will get 'stuck' on whatever text was last displayed, but the app will still accept commands, which often cause the color of the frozen text to change color. It's very annoying, but I don't seem to read any similar problems here, so I'm wondering if it's related to my phone?

Freezing might result with mud clients because you are using some sort of scroll back or highlighting feature by accident, but it sounds like its not handling connection loss properly.

The Best Android App

Hands down

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell if & how to do wait commands, it would be appreciated. Or even a link to a site about different scripting commands for the client, thanks.

I agree. Is this scripted like Nexus? A quick tutorial overview of scripting commands etc would be very helpful.

Just downloaded the app. Very useful for checking messages and news.

I just bought a 1.2ghz android tablet for like $40 been modding it up. I don't got half the fancy features as the other ones. I usually play with a gamepad in most games might try for mudding too. They have those fancy laser keyboards, you can shine them onto a surface.

I might cross compile tinyfugue nothing like beating a dead horse with a hammer. Then there's a good ol' mudbot proxy. I want to work on syncing some of my old mudlet logs to evernote, to chronicle every social interaction and the epic journey of RP. There are some devs working on maintaining a mumble app for android, voip support would be great for keeping up with my gamer clans. I already got sms support going.


There are alternative keyboard software to use:,17088.html 

Cant wait for iPAD client. Its much more suited for playing MUDs then smartphones