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This is a very simple alias you can use to pump up your ego when you are feeling a bit low. 

You can either import the XML file or cut and paste the following directly into the CMUD command line:

#alias irock {#SEND {say I Rock!}}
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I use Nexus client and I can't make it work.


Please, be clear for us, programming illiterates.

Yeah, sorry, this one only works in CMUD. It was my test script to make sure this whole thing works. As soon as we get a few Nexus ones I will make a separate list for them.

This script is for another client called Cmud. In Nexus, you can do the same thing by typing SETALIAS IROCK SAY I ROCK!

That command is an Achaean alias... You can use it in any client, it doesn't set a specific nexus alias. In nexus, you would create a new alias, named it 'irock' and have the script as 'say I ROCK!'

Ah, that's what I should have done. I thought it was more complicated.


Anyway, we programing illiterates need help!

"Would". Not "should". My English is not as good as I thought.


I like it.


Nice, haha.


A bit funny. It wouldn't pump my ego any personally, I think.


yay to basic alias


nice! There should be more of these, would be pretty helpful


thank god I am beyond this level!

I realise I am too when it said you can not have more than 100 aliases.  Now I have to find something else

alias: ^irock$

script(the big box thingy)

send("say I rock")


soo much better anyways.

alias ^(?:K|k)(?:U|u)(?:R|r)(?:I|i)(?:O|o)(?:S|s)$


script in big box:


sendAll("tell Kurios you rock!","say Kurios rocks", "credits transfer 1 to Kurios for 0 gold")


okay, maybe not the credits part... but still. :P



Awww. I like the credits part. Ill split it with you too!




this sounds like the equivalent of "hello world"

One of the first things I always do when I start a new MUD is set up aliases for sipping healht/mana/bromides, and then getting/putting gold from/into my pack. It's nice to have those in-game, so I won't ever try to play on Nexus or something and die because I couldn't sip. Stupid. Haha.

I don't really use a sipping alias anymore. I still have the alias I set up when I was a newbie, but it's easy to set up a simple auto-sipper even with little to no coding knowledge, and the few minutes put into such a system are well spent.

Lusternia has an autosipper as a skill, yay!

/alias irock say i rock

I rock harder

c'mon folks...

Everyone forgets MM2K, just because it's dated as hell, heh.


/alias {irock} {say I Rock!}

you say forget, I say deleted.

we all rock!!


ok will try it :)


So this is a great start for those using CMud! Achaean alias system is passable, too, for those who use plain telnet or nexus. It's also much easier to use.

I need to learn how to code this

Basic Aliases are awesome, specially when you use them to hunt with. makes things alot easier!

Better when you learn to script to handle small things like standing after being knocked down.

Oh yes, doing that manually gets tedious.


this is kinda funny

clever use of aliases start with knowing how. I remember using this one way back when on another client... in another syntax





Why not make a alias to give yourself a little ego boost?

I feel better already.

where the gibberish I call my reflexes begun


Now all I need is one that delivers monologues just before I kill someone

Fun times

It works!

CMud looks interesting.



it is better! :)

Amen to that. Simple(ish) to script, a helpful in-game clan (in Achaea), lots of external support, highly configurable

almost everybody went mudlet nowadays. I guess this article is a year or more old though.

I switched to mudlet after my first day. There are so many useful little hints and tips that can be found that it didn't make sense for me not to. However I was able to fiddle with this one a bit just to try it out and did get one working in Mudlet that does the same thing.