Aliases to embed/dampen vibes

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This alias set lets you embed and dampen vibes with only a couple of aliases.


e <vibe> - to embed a matching vibe

d <vibe> - to dampen a matching vibe

portal <name> - to embed a sonicportal to somebody

The embedding alias will outrift and spin the correct crystals before embedding. It will also inrift those crystals after embedding just in case you're in the arena or if those crystals are already spun. For the Cataclysm vibe it will only outrift and spin the crystals for you, you'll have to embed it manually. You can also specify partial names for vibes; like, 'e sil' will work for the Silence vibe.

Right click on the link and click 'Save link as...' to download. You'll want to IMPORT this file from File > Import... > Import from: File... and select the file where you've downloaded it. To uninstall, hit Ctrl+I to open the Immediate execution dialog and write DeleteGroup("Crystalism") and click Run (assuming you have no other groups called 'Crystalism' of your own). It's written in Lua. Enjoy!

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How come I don't get any credits for posting a script D:

you got from posting that question :D

It seems to me that there are more and more scripts for MUSH.

Makes me almost sorry that I switched to MUDLET.

There are many more scripts for Mudlet. There is even a Mudlet clan. Ask on TEF to get inducted.

There are scripts for almost everthing in Mudlet.  Just gotta know where to look, or who to ask.  

or make your own for mudlet.

I'm waiting!


An alias that spins them in the preferred order all at the same time would be nice. I took quite a bit of time making my own. Unfortunatly you can't have two spinning crystals of the same type in the same room, so a bit of planning is needed .




mush :(

Mudlet aliases are not that hard to make.


good vibes!

All you people complaining about scripts only being for one program and not another... look at some of the scripts for the program you use, work out what they're doing, then write your own, it's really not that tough!

Anyhoo, thanks for the idea for a script :)

It's just a bunch of aliases. You can simply copy the match text, which are regular expressions, and the Lua script to make it work on Mudlet. Make sure to change all instances of Note("...") and Send(...) to echo("\n...") and send(...) and you're good to go.


Also, this comment for credit ^^

... good work!

I can't do anything complicated yet, but I believe there is a way to ask a script to see if a vibe already exists, to creat it if it does not, or move to the next in the chain if it does.


(This is the way I have always programmed - X command must exist, find it.)

If I ever get the ability to dampen or create a vibration I will have to get it.

Yet another nice script!!

So gonna use this for my magi

i can't seem to get this one to import properly. is this outdated?