Aliases to embed/dampen vibes

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This alias set lets you embed and dampen vibes with only a couple of aliases.


e <vibe> - to embed a matching vibe

d <vibe> - to dampen a matching vibe

The embedding alias will outrift and spin the correct crystals before embedding. It will also inrift those crystals after embedding just in case you're in the arena or if those crystals are already spun. For the Cataclysm vibe it will only outrift and spin the crystals for you, you'll have to embed it manually. You can also specify partial names for vibes; like, 'e sil' will work for the Silence vibe.


e ala  -- will embed the 'Alarm' vibe

e portal Ada -- will embed the 'Sonicportal' for Ada

Just import this package and you're good to go! Enjoy!

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