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tired of having to figure out where to ink that tattoo? Simplify your life with this script. simply "ink <tattoo>" and it will grab the proper inks and ink the tattoo in the first available slot.


It will automatically touch to activate boar, moon, moss, ox, and megalith tattoos.


Updated 9-8-11

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i just got mudlet and haven't started learning any lua

A convenient script. It performs as described, and can target either you or another person.

It finds the first available tattoo slot by sequentially trying every bodypart, which is foolproof but not elegant. The code could also be simplified a bit by using a bodypart table, I believe.

Overall, a good choice if looking for inking scripts.

Iocun has a nice one on the Achaean forums that does this!

Mudlet has a lot of scripts for it.

I'd go for it, if I were inclined to learn tattooing.. x.x

Very cool script, this will be very useful!


That would be useful and quite simple actually thanks.


4955h, 3661m, 23675e, 20825w, 73% ex-ink moon

You remove 1 blue ink, bringing the total in the Rift to 6.


Then nothing after that




Fixed the bug that was preventing it from touching tattoos on some occasions.


and recommend!


I am pretty ignorant on most all things coding, so bear with me. I'm unable to download the file, and when I open it, it just shows me all the codes. is there someway I'm supposed to copy and paste it into something?

look for the import. Either open the package icon and open the file, or from within the editor pick the green arrow that has an import tooltip.

one of the first things I did when I switched to mudlet


Mudlet.. mmmm

Helpful, but one could just touch them manual, heh heh.

You could do anything manual - but some people like to log in watch films for three hours and then leave 3 levels higher


this is pretty handy, thanks



looks interesting, I'll check it out.

I tried scripting once and it didn't work. That stuff is hard.

It really is hard, but very rewarding once your script works and does what you want.


Definitely. Scripts can save a lot of tedious repetitive action. It's worth learning as a bit of programming is handy in lots of real jobs. Office based ones anyway.

That's awesome!!

Much nicer than my own shoddy version of the same function.

That is nice.

Thanks. I fight change but darn it this is nice!


Do the other IRE games have static tattoos only? I kind of vaguely remember that but in Lusternia you can design anything you want. Only monks can ink though.

I prefer being able to target a body part as well as a person. My moss alias is basically:

^moss (ll|rl|la|ra|t|h|b) (\w+)$

I don't know how to pull data from tables and stuff yet, so I have a different alias for each tattoo that outrifts the right inks and starts the inking process.

Makes emergency inking fast. In raids, you don't have time to look at someone's body and see where to put the web/brazier/starburst that your main defender/raider needs!


Great piece of code. I wish I could ink tattoos to use it, heh!

I haven't been in a raid yet where it gave someone enough time to safely find a spot to tattoo without being in a lot of danger.


You've made my life so much easier. <3

Everything that makes once life easier is good!

Depends on whose life we are talking about.

Very useful

I am trying this!


autotouch. hahaha.

This is nice!

Works pretty well for me.


Awesome, thank you!

I want mango tattoo


also for imperian/cmud I have been using this if anyone wanted

(make an alias that does)

#local $inks
#switch %1
  (boar) {$inks="2 red|purple"}
  (brazier) {$inks="2 red|2 yellow"}
  (chameleon) {$inks="gold|purple|yellow"}
  (cloak) {$inks="3 blue"}
  (hammer) {$inks="2 red|purple"}
  (mindseye) {$inks="green|2 blue"}
  (moon) {$inks="red|yellow|blue"}
  (moss) {$inks="red|yellow|blue"}
  (owl) {$inks="2 gold|2 green"}
  (stag) {$inks="purple|red"}
  (firefly) {$inks="yellow"}
  (prism) {$inks="red|blue|yellow|green|purple"}
  (crystal) {$inks="green|yellow|purple"}
  (star) {$inks="blue|yellow"}
  (starburst) {$inks="red|blue|purple|gold|yellow|green"}
  (tentacle) {$inks="purple|2 green"}
  (torch) {$inks="gold|2 green|2 yellow"}
  (tree) {$inks="5 green"}
  (shield) {$inks="2 red|green"}
  (web) {$inks="yellow|green"}
#forall $inks {outr %i"ink"}
~ink %1 on any of %if(%2,%2,me)


for tattooing yourself you can just do ink <tattoo name>, for someone else just do ink <tattoo name> <person>

need a mango tattoo :)


What would it do?






useful, auto-inkers are.

I need to write one of these for tintin++ someday.

Extremely useful.

might try this if I ever invest into tattoos.

fun fun!





Now if only you could get temp tattoos like these in lusternia on top of the enchantment ones.

I am going to download it right now. It sounds like a wonderfully helpful script.

it can be simplyfied nowadays since there is no need to specify body part to ink it on.

Yep. This just needs to be updated when the inking the second tattoo on torso is fixed




Seems useful. I need to learn tattoos.

We've thought of automated everything!

Can I remove the inker part and just keep the autotouch part?

mudlet for me. <3 Zmud.

No mudlet for me.