Balance/Equilibrium Recovery Time Calculator

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This trigger set calculates the recovery time for balance and equilibrium in Achaea. The time difference is shown as soon as you recover balance or equilibrium. It can probably be adopted for other IRE games too with little modifications.

Sample output:

You begin to writhe helplessly, throwing your body off balance.
2853h, 2675m cekdb-
You have recovered balance on all limbs. -> 0.92 seconds
2853h, 2675m cexkdb-

Right click on the link and click 'Save link as...' to download. You'll want to IMPORT this file from File > Import... > Import from: File... and select the file where you've downloaded it.

To uninstall, hit Ctrl+I to open the Immediate execution dialog and write DeleteGroup("TimeCalc") and click Run (assuming you have no other groups called 'TimeCalc' of your own). It's written in Lua. Enjoy!

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This is excellent! Always good to know how long these things take for comparison! Never a bad thing to have tons of data for optimization!

Awesome and really useful



Helps to diagnose things that extend your normal balance times.  I'll have to translate into not mushclient.

very helpful

Can this not be done with timestamps?

Yes, but this gets rid of the need to do the calculation yourself...


Very nice

Excellent work!

Cool beans


love svo