Blademaster rotating kelp stack

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Use kelp to hit your target with a kelp affliction - it will cycle through the 3 possible ones each time you use the alias.

This is more of a demonstrating than anything, so please mod it to your own use!

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The joy of kelp-stacking!

I admit...I've never had the pleasure.

vadi does it again.

Vadi does wonderful things

he does, now if it only made sense and didn't spam so much.

Seeing as not all IRE games have a blademaster class, the game shouldn't be listed as all IRE games.

I like it. Has given me some ideas.

what's kelp stacking?

I can only assume it's when you crush your enemies under a giant mound of seaweed.


Nobutsrsly. A small description of the skill?

Kelp is a cure for multiple afflictions (Sensitivity, Asthma, Hypochondria, Health Leech, Clumsiness, Weariness) and by stacking the afflictions and by stacking the afflictions you can force them off herb balance and try to stick certain afflictions

The kelp never stop.

Evil kelp stack! Bloodboil bloodboil bloodboil!

This sounds like something you'd hear about on latenite Achaea TV infomercials. "Tired of stacking your kelp the old fashioned way? Try Vadi's NEW AMAZING --ROTATATING-- KELP STACK."

Have you ever tried stacking your kelp yourself? Such flimsy leaves are nigh impossible to neatly stack.


This script will tidy up anybody's messy kelp heaps!

Stack your kelp twice as high, twice as fast--and easier than ever before! But don't take my word for it, here are some Blademaster testimonials:

"My kelp used to fall over with a salty flop. Not any more - thanks Vadi!"

Oh god :)


Neat little script.

Is always nice to see how other people code things.


I feel the same way! I find it very interesting seeing how other people think and structure their code. I wonder if you could discern something about their psyche from examining their code.

i want to try a blademaster character

what does this do?

such an evil thing


can you eat it or kill someone with it? otherwise not interested

But this sure sounds usefull...

Oh, interesting. Cured Blademasters!

Hope I get to put it to good use!

need to adapt this for knight



need to see if this could be adapted

this is a cool idea

how is this different then just picking the afflictions?

you don't actually pick them?




can they think of something else to call blademaster? it's so stereotypical.

too late, i guess.

Kelp me Rhonda, Kelp, Kelp, me Rhonda.

Used something similar to this, thanks for the cool idea!

..This post makes me want to learn how to kelp-lock. :x

Kelp stacking...?

void fist is so awesome



oh the kelp

What is a kelp stack?

A set of kelp-only curable afflictions