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Using the alias bless me in mudlet will initiate all the priest blessings to bless yourself using temp timers. Needs to be upto blessed word in faith to use.

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Gonne try this on my priest.

I need to have a look at this at some point.


Thanks for sharing

Indeed. Thank you for sharing!


very nice

I've said it before. Always nice to lessen the tedium of doing the same thing over and over by shortening the time and effort.

Good job

Did something similar for Achaean priest blessings.

Mudlet has a function that echos your lag, which you can add to timers to make sure that lagging doesn't make them fire too soon. I'd suggest this as an improvement to the alias.

Looks like it'd be pretty useful to have

Something I will never need but looks useful!


bless the occie! :-P

It has been known to happen.

WTB priest