Bundle of tabbed chat, harvester, influencer, chaser, and calendar for Lusternia

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Bundle of most of my stuff for lusternia. Include the tabbed chat module, a calendar widget, balance/eq action queueing, herb harvesting (assumed trans herbs atm), influencer (will autodetect what skills are available), and provides the tables demonnic.skills and demonnic.roomItems . demonnic.skills contains all of your skills as found in AB, and demonnic.roomItems contains.. well, everything you'd see in IH. 


Original forum post can be found here: http://forums.lusternia.com/index.php?showtopic=19966

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I play with Nexus. Does this work there?

Umm it says Mudlet, so that would be a no.

Of course.

Why aren't scripts for Nexus?

It's scripting capabilities aren't great, and it had a tendency to mess with your data.

^ listen to that guy.

Mudlet is free and the recent release seems pretty stable. Could give that a try.

I tried as soon as I posted my comments. What I saw is ugly, akward and uncomfortable. No thanks, I stay with Nexus.

I thought the same, then I realized I'd downloaded a much older version off the main website. The new, sleek / sexy version is uh.. somewhere

There's a package that will make mudlet look exactly like nexus.



Your loss.

it is VERY stable and of course free

Maybe I should try this.

I can't get any of your aliases/things to work



I'll try it out, and see how it goes.

woo, i was looking for an influencing script :)

Two thumbs up for Demonnic's fantastic work :)

that function to get gmcp IH things is so useful!

looks like a nice little package. Very thorough.

quite the bundle. kewl

I use this on my Lusty char. I love it. Thanks