Corpse Essence Calculator (outdated)

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A simple Zmud script to calculate the essence worth of your corpses.Type ESSENCE to calculate your corpses essence worth.

If you are an Order member who can check essence logs, use LISTOFFERINGS NORMAL OGRE etc. Then #Addkey Essencelist {Ogre} {Essence value}

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you know i have always wondered how much essence things are worthi will be using this very very soon thanks aktillum

Yeah, even with a list this is much easier for a quick check.  Thanks.

Very nice simple essence calulator, been wanting something like this for a while.

Yay, finally something for Zmud.

Zmud is.. old



Thanks so much!!




I am Bill Nighy, and I approve of this software.


Cool. Too bad I don't use zMUD

Too bad someone doesn't just convert the code to lua... it wouldn't be that hard tbh

I agree, I would like it.

Aww. I wish we had something like that for mudlet.

So do I. I'm very curious to know what my corpses are worth. How would one go about figuring it out without this script?

At one point there was a website you could go to that had a list of all the essence certain creatures had. It was quite a large list too. Ashura or something was her name.

Like that huge Denizen Project site?

go Ashura!



....... Say what?

that would be very useful


Mudlet version?

Was about to ask for this!


yay!  Thanks


Bahnity. Doesn't everyone use mudlet these days?

You would think so


I use tintin++ >_> Dunno if there's an incredibly easier way to make triggers and stuff in mudlet, but doing it via GUI is waaayyyy too much of a pain for me. I prefer text editors.


I just have to say...this is a really fast and efficient script. Well done!

i want...

a mudlet version would be loved by many..

Will be helpful

Will have to strip and adapt for Mudlet


Nexus version please?

Very cool.

Neat script, even though ye know.. zmud, ew. Easy port to mudlet, jeez. Commenters need do work.

Thanks for sharing, guy!

I'm fine with work, I just have no idea where to start


Nice if I used zmud I'd probably use this script

time to try to learn how to port things. Weeeee

no mudlet version?

He can fix it!


Carmain probably could, too

Please! It'd be nice to know how much I'm offering (and if I have enough to pop a shrine).

Any chance we could get an update of the corpses for Meropis and the nother wilderness.

Will love you long time. make it happen

This one is added to the list!

Shenanigans requested

still no mudlet version, huh?

interesting. Too bad there isn't one for Mudlet




fine stuff

This seems interesting, but I don't see it's use that much. Then again, I've been able to see my essence standing for most of the time.


Thank you!


Wish it was for mudlet

Just what I needed thanks

Sure beats referencing a list.

does this work with the changes in corpse value?