Crit counter (CMUD)

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Contains triggers to count, and an alias for output.
Syntax: calccrits
Views your current crit rate and current normalized critical hit modifier.
Syntax: clearcrits
Resets crit and hit numbers to 0 (resetting the counter)

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Yay crits are nice and its fun to count them

yes they are I love them



I want one for mudlet!


I no longer have the original source, but I modified a crit counter from Achaea for Lusternia. Pretty sure the original was for Mudlet. May been MUSH though and that I converted it.

Pity, would be nice if you had the source. I d like to know how many crits my alt do..


Crit counter for Achaea on Mudlet. Of course, this is still a pretty good one here. Nice job! :D



good job

i guess if you like statistics


I just looked up CMUD, it's a client that costs about 30 dollars. Is it good?

is a resource eater, it'll be guaranteed to crash out in any group combat or if you happen to have more then one program running. I used to use it a lot and migrated to mudlet or mushclient both of which are free and run faster and smoother!

I didn't have the same experience you had, but given the way the creator played a bit fast and loose, I haven't looked back since I dropped cmud.

Nice to know often you're hitting crits