Dragon Talisman Tracking

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Works out the amounts you have of each Dragon talisman piece. Once imported, just use TALISMAN PIECES as usual, a neat table will be presented beneath your usual Talisman Pieces table. This works whether your Talisman pieces are split or combined. If you want to keep all of your pieces combined and still know exactly how many level 1 pieces are invested into each type without having to do math, this script is for you.

UPDATE: This has received a major overhaul, there were plenty of bugs in it previously. It is separated and colorized now in its display, gaps are also filled in to provide you with more of an idea of what exactly you are missing.

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For some reason, my gold dragon bone pieces do not show up on this script.  

All the issues you had previously should be sorted with the latest update, remove your previous package and import this new one. Sorry!

Added this today, but all I'm getting is:

*****[ Other Assorted Talisman Pieces ]***************************************

Obvs, my talismans aren't showing up. Any ideas?

All I see is this when I add it - did it today and also back when you first had it.


*****[ Other Assorted Talisman Pieces ]***************************************

Not sure if I need to restart but I wouldn't think so.