Elist2 - Vial management

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Script: elist2.xml

While ELIXLIST in Vision is of great utility in itself, a brief summary is often more useful than a raw list. This plugin rewrites the output from ELIXLIST and VENOMLIST and displays a short summary of vials in your inventory. Additionally it also automates the task of pouring old vials into new ones so you can safely feed empty vials to your favorite humgii with good conscience.

This plugin is written in Python, please see this page to setup Python on your computer: clickey

The following aliases are available:

  • Elist2 - Display a summary of all vials (except venoms) held in your inventory
  • Vlist2 - Display a summary of all venoms held in your inventory (Do Elist2 first to let it collect empty vials if you intend to 'repour')
  • Elist2:Repour - Pour contents of old and decaying vials into fresh empty vials

The algorithm in the 'repour' alias makes sure that vials with the longest lifespan have the most amount of any fluid available in them. This ensures you don't lose much even if you do end up with vials decaying before you've had a chance to buy new ones.

The aliases are not case sensitive, you could probably make your own aliases and Execute() these to make it shorter.

Please message me in-game for feedbacks and comments! Enjoy!

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I was going to extend Mosr's script but it's in Lua. Oh well :/

I'll improve output and add more features in later versions XD

great news!


Excellent and usefull


oh just for mush

Mosrs script in Lua should be extended

I looked at his code and realised I'd end up rewriting a lot of it given his choice of data structures and general approach. I figured I'm better off writing my own >_> I suppose he'll implement a repouring system when he has time and the inclination to do so himself ^_^

Mushclient love

Mosr is redoing a few of his scripts

Mosr is redoing a few of his scripts


Oh I use mudlet.

I find scripts interesting even when I use a different client.

I know what you mean - makes you think different

Yet another great script made by Ada

me like

But note that you must have the appropriate skills in Vision to use these scripts.

Cool script

Nifty little script, will work on a Mudlet version when I get elixlist!

This is one reason I really enjoy text games! Don't like something? Change it!

Looks like a nice script too bad I use mudlet.

good work

Too many vision lessons needed to use this.. from my perspective at least.


elixlist is a must