ElixSum/Vsum (by Mosr)

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Converted for MUSHclient. Mosr's version for Mudlet is here: http://www.ironrealms.com/mud-scripts/elixlist-and-venom-list-summary

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Thanks a bunch!

I used mudlet, but still an awesome package. Needed a bit of editing for me, though. Was made before Alchemy and all.

Reminds me - this version is updated for Alchemy and Cooking ingredients - those ingredients which can go into vials anyway!

this is nice

Its useful

Nice thanks!

mango list

want more mango!!


:) so much!


what's it do?

It behaves just like Mosr's Elix Sum but made for MUSHClient. It will total your vials and show a chart listing how many vials of each kind you have left and how many sips.

How is it better than elixlist in vision?

It helps to sort your elixirs and tell you definitively if you're out instead of looking at ELIST and deducing what you have no sips of left. Because of the printed chart, you can also see when you're getting low on sips instead of manually doing it. Like other plugins, it's for convenience.


I recommend that people look at Mosr's example output:



I had to kind of trawl for that a bit, so it may or may not be identical. I can post up my own output, but really, it's not that much different.

very nice!

I really need to get my vision skill up

I really need to get my skill in vision up

Knowledge is power.

What is this?

Wish I had this. Maybe I'll look into MUSHclient. I'm still on Nexus for now, anyway.



Very nice!

would be nice if there were things for nexus.

things like this make me really want elixsum

Does this work for Transmutation?

The newest version, which can be found on the old forums works for alchemy stuff. You'd have to convert it for MUSH though.



I wish I had enough working knowledge with these scripts to do some of this myself.

Very useful, thanks.

this ^

I love the mudlet script. So much prettier than the normal elixlist.

Well done mosr =)

I do not miss potions!  I miss the money from potions but do not miss potions


Hmm.... not sure what this thing's used for.

...something for MUSH too...

Good code. I made something like this for Lusternia once, though after liquidrift came out it's kind of hard to justify the need for it.

Liquid rift is why everyone should quit other IRE game and go to Lusternia.


 My system is gettng prety busy with extra xml script folders now. Is it possible to get so many other things going that you slow your system down? Or does it not make a difference if they are not running untill you activate them?


That is a good question.

It is!

it is possible but greatly depends on how the scripts are made. Triggers that only are checked when they can be used don't impact the system significantly. Short always on fire often triggers yes. If you're checking everyline against a list of 300 enemies you may be asking for trouble.



Always appreciate how readily available Mosr makes his scripting.

nice. This reminds me I need to spend some more lessons in Vision.

Very cool. There's a few things about MUSH I miss, but got something like this to work on Mudlet.

me too

Nice and useful work.

Thanks for fixing it!

isn't the same as the other one?


Reminds me I need a whole lot more cures still..

so it does

very useful script, saves from a lot of trouble. It doesnt inform of nearly decayed vials though.






don't remember if I said it before, but a script to do this without vision would be veryvery useful