Event Logging with pretty-print line breaks

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A logger which copies certain text to a MUSHClient notepad window and can subsequently save to a text file in a pre-defined location with the possibility of custom titling on the filename.

Detects say (and variants), yell, shout, tell, and other text based on certain colours. E/Tmotes are automatically logged if emote colour is set as 8 0 (dark grey on black) with CONFIG COLOUR EMOTES 8 0.

Also has a temporary flag to turn on/off white logging, though this is off by default as it will also catch inv, who, score, stat, weather, ambience, and all that other stuff that can prove spammy. Really, it is only useful if you care to match this stuff, OR if your RP includes NPC non-emote actions or illusions.

See EVENTLOG:HELP once installed for a full list of commands.

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I'll try this out, I've actually been triing to make something like it.


can i adapt this to mudlet?

fancy.  Will have to have a closer look.

That's a great idea. Saves a lot of clean up afterwards.